Tuesday, April 28, 2009

C.H.A! =)

I was so hyper yesterday i couldn't sit still and study!
i kept walking around every 5 mins / 10 mins and kacau my brothers..
gave them hugs and stuffs. hahahaaa..
what to do? i've been so happy these pass 3 days. =)))

was super hyper especially yday when mummy called and when i saw the souveniers she got me from cherating! awwwwwwwww!! =)) i'll take pictures of it when i have the time. I felt so happy and awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! hahahahahaha.. I LOVE YOU TOO MUMMY!!!! =) i got two key chains and a bunch of shells picked by my very own mother.! =D imma buy a nice bottle and put them inside. ITS PRECIOUS STUFF! :) one key chain was written " Mummy Love Celine" but the paintings came off abit. =( and the other one was two hearts joined together made out of real shell and my name at the back. =D cant wait to take pictures of em! hehe. =D

And i had bio today.
and i rawked bio. =D yay! xD
at least my subjective rawked la. my objective dunno how. =/
and history! one word. PWNED. x)

last paper tmr. Chemistry baby! *oh nooo. =P *
and i cant wait for labour day! coz its when AFC restarts! WOOOT~! =)

Sweetest Ever! ♥
C.H.A! =)


  1. LOL
    pwned SJ!!!
    chem's gonna rawk cause i'm loving it XD
    aww ur mum so nice
    thank God for lovely parents aite?

    =chi wingS=

  2. LOL.. yesh yesh! u pwned us all la! and chem also la! lol..

    yesh. i thank God for them.. really really do. =)