Sunday, September 28, 2008

I'm Loveeeddd.. =P

Awww mannn! This two days have been awesomeee!
My saturday and sunday was definitely.. a chunted weekend. =)
hwahahahaha.. i've got so much to type! =P

On saturday.. went tuition as usual..
Went jusco after that and like..
i was cracking my head on thinking wht presents i should get for lyn yie and maggie. coz this wed we're gonna celebrate our birthday together with a bunch of ppl at sushi station or smth. x)
Walked around for so long but still couldn't think of wht i should get them.

So i headed home. was really really tired..
When i was passing by the mamak.. suddenly saw maggie and some scout juniors. =D she was like.. "ehhh.. i book the places for the sushi station d.. make sure u come!" hahaha.. =D


My phone rang.
Guess who was calling? MR SHAWN BECK!
x) I was like.. hmm .. hw come suddenly he call one..
he must be somewhere around.. xD
SURE ENOUGH.. he asked me to turn around..
and there they were.. PENYU and Shawn.. makaning..
hahahahhaa.. So nice to see them again weih..
after like SUPER DUPER long! and yeshh..
penyu was wearing PURPLE.. as always.. =P Pfft..

AT NIGHT! after dinner.. Went to Mid Valley..
with Ah Sun Jie and CHan Wan kor..
I fell in love with mid valley tht night! hahaha..
like really! u can get almost EVERYTHING there!!
i hardly go there.. so yup! i had fun. =D
and oh yes! i finally got to buy lyn yie and maggie's prezzie. =D
Felt so much more relaxed.. xD i was like.. FINALLY!
less one thing to worry about already.. mwahahaa..
U know.. i'm not gonna go to OU so much edy larh..
Now MV's gonna be my hang out place. =P bwahahahhaa..
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥.....!! =)

there were some performances going on too tht night.

The dudes were dancing cha-cha,mambo,jive and alot larh.. x) they were good yo! =D

After MV.. we went to Mont Kiara for Baskin Robbins!!
hahaha.. ah sun jie was craaaaaving for ice-cream! =P

T h e i r s. : ) The purple pink is Cotton candy flavoured. REALLY taste like cotton candy. x) Teh Green is ze Chocolate mint and Ze Chocolate is Teh So called "world class chocolate" hahaha.. really rich in chocolate tho. =D i guess thats why its called "world class" hahaha.. =P

M i n e! : ) Wheeee~!! I had Teh Double-Scoop Sundae and i chose Chocolate Cookie Dough or smth. hahaha. All i know is that it Tasted SHO NICEEEEEE! =DD my 2nd time eating Baskin Robbins. hahahaa..


After ice-cream, we headed to Cineleisure to catch a movie! haha.. we wanted to watch "I know who killed me" starring lindsay lohan. But then we were too late and the movie had already began. So we watched "Death Accuracy" ( i think) instead. its a Jap movie starring Takeshi!! That leng zhai. hahahaha.. =D its abt erm.. Death Angels doing their Job larh. but the story line is actually nt bad. =)


Daniel & Eunice came to pick me up to go to church. =)
The youth service today was good. =D
After church.. i actually was gonna have this youth gathering in ss2.. later on at 4.30pm.. so i was like thinking SO HARD.. wht to do in tht few hours..


He temaned me for a WHOLE 4 hours!!
awwwwwwwww... =) thankiew joseph. =D
We went to OU after church..
and wanted to catch a movie.. but there weren't any nice movies to watch..
So in the end.. we ended up doing BETTER and more FUN things rather than just watching movie.. hmm.. So first thing.. we were walking and talking.. and suddenly we ended up at starbucks old wing. then joseph was like

"Aiyoooooooo! Nooooooo... the Haegen-Daz closed down.. "

i was like O.o? U wanted ice cream zit?
And apparently he wanted to belanja me makan..
Awwwwwwwwwws ..! =) i've only ate haegen-daz like once and tht was idunnohowlongago. xD
then walk walk walk again.. and we ended up at Baskin Robbins!
And he was like. "Mm okay. CHoose. =D"

T_T snifx.. i feel so loveeed. xD
BASKIN ROBBINS LIKE TWICE IN 2 DAYS BERTURUT-TURUT WEIH! ahhhhh.. i'm truly truly blessed. =)

M i n e. : )! i got the one scoop one. hahaha.. too full edy.. tak boleh masuk banyak sangat makanan. =P i got Ze Chocolate Chip!! =D

H e ' s! =) He got Ze Mauwi Chocolate smth smth. x)

Thaaaaaaank you soo much Joseph! =)
After he bought he was like.. "Happy Birthday! =D" .

I was like all *smiles* haha.. =)

So we walk walk walk and makan and talk talk talk..
Then he brought me on a tour in OU weih!
hahaha.. i always go OU like.. for movie..
or.. u noe.. bowling.. foosball.. pool/snooker.
but i nvr actually explored OU before. hahaa..
aw man! it was so nice u noe.. Coz of Joseph..
i now noe that there were ALOT of shops and things tht exist in OU tht i nvr thought existed. hahahaha.. Sho niceeee. =D
then we decided to go check out the Batting Cage! =D

And suddenly he asked me.. "Wanna Try ? =D " mwahahahahaha.. so yeap! we went for it! hahaa .. my first time playing there.. xD.. i always thought that the Batting cage there would be super expensive.. but actually the price is quite okay! =)

See how important it is to explore? hahaha. =P

We played 3 rounds i think.. hahaha.. the first 2 rounds, we played the moderate speed.. 40 Mb smth. xD then the 3rd round we played at a faster speed. 50MB smth smth.. xD.. Man .. it wasnt easy! xD the ball came so fast.. and there was one time when i kena whacked by the ball! T_T nt i whack the ball but the ball whack me. so =.= la. hahahaha..

POSERS. =P mwahahaha..

SOFTBALL! tak soft pun! T_T hand pain. xD

Wheee~! =) finally tried the batting cage. Yays!

Oh yaaaaaaa! u know.. when we were at the Upper Roof. WE DISCOVERED SMTH SHO NICE!!! its like a tunnel way to go to the rainforest. =D but its lock. But but its really really pwetty! =) can be a cool hang out place man.. hahaa.. =) u seeeeee! such secretive but pwetty places like this exist in OU man!

Pwetty isnt it? =)

After that, we went to Burger King for a drink. =D
Then we went to the Rock Climbing place aka CAMP 5.
And we had a tour of the whole place..
It was just awesome larh. =) i finally got to find out more about that rock climbing place.. the prices and all.. i plan to go climb there oneday. =D
Its really funnn lerrr! i saw some really small and tiny kids climbing.
hahaha.. Now how cool is that? =D their so cuteee!
One day, one day. =D i'll go climb there. =D haha..

Then we walk walk walk and discover more new places..
U know. OU is so BIG that there are ALOT of shops..
and restaurants that i never knew existed. Haha..
I mean.. today was so cool larh..
I finally did something different in OU. Hahahaha..
And got to discover ALOT of things..
It was just F.U.N. =)

At 4pm.. we left OU.. and Joseph sent me to ss2.
The place where the youth gathering is held.
Btw. Its CANA youth. hehe. =D marilyn invited mua.
It was nicesh. =D and the best part was that!
I got to know more new people!
ESPECIALLY people around my age! wheeee~!
What could be more fun than knowing new friends? =D
BTW.. The youths there are sho talented. =D
especially the band. they were good! ^^


Franciska! =) met her again ! hahaa.. first met her in CHEER 2008. =D She was my date throughout the Youth gathering. =D hahas.

Amelia!! A cheerleader from BSD. =D met her during CHEER 2008 too. hahas.. sho nice seeing both of them again. =)

Brandon.Franciska.Celine. =D
BTW! Brandon's face really reminded me of Chris Brown larh! x) and he dances too! bwahaha.. another dancing kaki found. ^^

After makaning.. Brandon's mum fetched me,franciska and marilyn home. =) thanks auntie! ^^ hahaa.. yayy.. i found new friends that stay in my area d. Awesomeeenesss. =D

and Yesterday..
was just a m a i z i n g. =)
I so totally loved it. Haha..
I had so much fun. =)
and and i gotta start exercising like carazee la.. hahaha..
Coz u see! i makan-ed tht delicious cake tht day..
then baskin robbins twice already!
Sweet but fatty stuff also. hahaha.. =P

[ Fly me to the moon.. ~ ♥ ]

Saturday, September 27, 2008


UR FINALLY s i x t e e n!!!

Happy sweet sixteen..!!! =)

Sry i wasnt able to attend ur sixteen birthday bash this year.. but hey! at least i was the first to officially wish u on ur birthday. =) haha...

I still remember hw we got to know each other till here we are today. Besties. =)
I remember hw we were in the same class in form 1 but nvr knew each other.. till people in class started teasing us. x)

I even remembered hw suddenly even the TEACHERS started teasing us till we were in form 3. =.= hahahaa.. I wont forget hw we used to call each other and talk on the phone for IDUNNOHOWLONG in form 1 when we actually barely knew each other.. xDDD mann.. i really cant believe we called each other everyday last time after school.. =.= hahaha...

But hey.. i guess that was why we became besties. =)

I rmb hw u always came to my birthday party dripping with sweat coz u had to walk to my house from yours. x) u still came anyways. =)

I still rmb that first dance we had during my 13th birthday party when everyone forced us. x) it was definitely a memorable one indeed. =P

i rmb hw i got so pissed with you during form 2 because u got urself into some deep shyt.. but i'm glad u were okay after that. i rmb hw i always kena "ZAT" by you every single day i went to school.. =.= ur the KING of ZAT-ing people larh. hahahaa...
i miss the times..
during recess when we had to tugas together in the koperasi.. and just hang out and catch up.. =) but u always curi tulang. dunggu. Pffffft!
I super hate it sometimes how u always knock me with reality when i have problems or when i'm being all upset over something not worth being upset about. but i've gotta admit, daym were u right. hahahaha.. ur super.. straight forwardnesssss.. xD well wht do ya noe.. he's a straight forward person with no mercy. xD

Most importantly...
Thanks for being the best friend who was always there.. and who never left me alone especially when i needed a best friend the most coz of losing a 7 year best friend last year. U were always there. and u never once left me stranded alone.

iloveubestie! =) Happy birthday. ♥
Jia You in your badminton competitions and in studies as well okayyy!
jgn put aside ur studies coz of badminton. ur a smart guy. i'm sure u'd do well in both. =)
And i'm sure one day.. u'd be a famous badminton player for Malaysia or smth. x)
JIA YOUUU! ^^ and dun worry larh.. u will nvr be replaced with someone else lar. xD make sure i wont either! =P Of Course i will have other besties nw and in the future. but one things for sure. Everyone of my besties holds a spot in my heart. =)
Mwahaha. Await my arrival back to JB.=P
PS: I misssss u.

Friday, September 26, 2008


WOHOOOOO! one week holiday starting from today! wahahaha.. TGIF babehhhh! =P OMEEEGOSHH! this week is gonna be soooo FUN!!!! =DDD Since its a holiday would be celebrating mua sweet sixteen this week with friends.. tee hee! ^^ nt having some grand parteh .. but like gonna go makan with fwends.. or go out or smth.. HWAHAHHAHAA.. i Cant wait!! Yaayyyyy! x) i'm gonna turn sixteen but i sound like some small kid thats gonna turn six. =X haha.. Ahh wht the heck. =)

ANYHOO! today was shoo funnn! ^^ Pn.EVON came to our school to help us rehearse for the Exchange student day.. when the Japanese students.. well 60 of them would be coming to my school.. so yup. had the rehearsal of walking in and all. wahahaha.. so excited. =P and and she gave us a one hour japanese lesson class. x) was soooo fun weih! especially when everyone was pronouncing the sentences and words together. felt like i was in a japanese school all of a sudden. =P The Japanese students will be coming from "Oze High School." =D and yess.. its a girl to girl and guy to guy partnering up thingy.. BUT why stick to only ONE partner when u can make more friends right? =P wahahahahahahaha.. x)

Ahhh.. this week is gonna be GREAT. : )

And like.. after this one week hollie..
we have ta go back to school d.. for a week..
and then we have another whole week of hollies coz of pmr!=D
but. tht week cannot enjoy edy lorh.. have to like..
stay home and study man. =P
though final exams are not taken seriously like mid terms..
coz finals.. teachers dun really mark the papers..
or neither do students care much abt it..

but but... i must larh. lol..

early preparation for spm? =P
RAWR. i recall working in roxy and quiksilver like around this time of the year last year.. hehs.. oh mannn.. i cant believe its already been a year!! and also its soon gonna be a year since i had my 15th birthday bash. =) Now u tell me whether times flyin or not.=P

sadly there wont be any bootcamp for AFC this year.. =( was so looking forward to it though.. aihs.. how i miss camps and the people and all.. there'll be a MAD camp 2 though. but i wont be attending. blehhhs.. BUTTT! i'll be performing with teh AFC peeps during christmas at malls like last year. yayy! =) i miss performing too.. hahaa.. awesomeenessss! =)

On thursday, Ah sun jie and i went to wasbudi to buy some groceries.
and before going home we dropped by at "De Pastry" =D
yayyy! cake! hehehehe..

M i n e! :) Tassstyy delicioussss!
And the strawberry was just simply a m a i z i n g. =P

H e r s. =D she likes cheese. lawl.

Thanks for the treat Ah Sun Jie. =)

Mwahahahaha.. one of my bestie's gonna turn sixteen in 6 hours and 30 minutes. =D
Bestie darlyn, sweet sixteen already huh? =P
Thus, I shall be sleepin late again tonite.
but who cares?! its the howieee dayyyysss! =D
wheeee~! tuition tmr still tho.. Early summore. =X
Tak Pas. Its gonna be an awesome week. =)

Oh Hot Damnn, This is my Jam. Keep me partyin till the a.m! x))

I wanna swim. :)