Tuesday, October 30, 2007



Well..Slacked the whole day..
Reading back my older post..
I realise that what Apple said was true..
Haha..My entries became shorter..
I'm impress myself at how long i could blog.. O.O
Blogger betul.. =P Sometimes its quite nice..
To read back.. on what had happen in my life so far..
Lotsa ups and downs..

And the people who were always there..
Standing by to catch me if i ever fall.
When u start working.. a week passes by faster than u realise it.
Actually.. honestly.. without ups and downs in our lifes..
Our lifes can be pretty boring ey?
And we'll know nth about pain and hurt..
That would make us in-human. haha..
As we go through our downs.. which also happens to be..
one of our challenges in life.. we learn..
and that makes us more mature in handling our daily life probs.
And also helping out ur friends as u've experienced it b4.

Sometimes things can be pretty unexpected..
People can act unexpectedly. ahaa..

Some people say.. nvr give our ur heart fully to someone coz in the end we'll end up hurt.. well.. for me.. although its a fact that most of us give our all to someone and end up hurt.. the beginings and middles of that relationship and friendship is worth that hurt in the end.. No? people change.. things change.. as time goes by..

two people can start as strangers to bestest of pals and then to total strangers in the end. I find it really hillarious though.. how it can actually turn out that way sometimes. it just makes no total sense.. ? No no i'm not in a sad sad mood.. just typing the words out as i think of em.. hehhh..
And i cant help but realise how much mis-conception of the word L.O.V.E has been going on in this world.. its just sooo stupid.. Some people havent really know someone and already say.. I love you.. or they ask the girl to be their gf or vice versa even before getting to know each other.

i once asked someone..

why are u so desperate for a bf?

=Because i want to be loved.

=.=....................... ur friends can love u. ur family can love u. it doenst mean u have to have a bf just to be loved. yes i know that kind of love with ur bf is different.. but then.. =.=.........wrong idea lar. Lol.. again i say.. u dun get into a relationship because u WANT to.

Guy: See a pretty girl and wants to know her.

Girl : Don't know me just coz of my looks.

Guy: Naah.. I can see that ur a nice person and thats why i'm attracted.

Girl: Really?

Guy: of course.. =) *sweet talk like shyt*

After a few days..

Guy: girl, i've really fallen for u..

Girl: Me too... ur so sweet..
Guy: Will u be my gf?

Girl: yes!

Celine's point of view?

B u l l s h i t.

Doesn't the H e a r t matter anymore in this world?


Kam Tong

Its 4am. heh. i can stay up till the next day..
just tht.. if my dad suddenly wake up i sure gg..
xD.. i keep listening to tht song over..
and over again.. feel very.. hmm touched? haha..
I will be..

Kam tong mood.

No Peace. =.=

Hmm.. when i work..
Of course i have breaktime mar.. right?
so like.. during my breaktime.. always got ppl disturb me..
And my breaktime becomes.. a Zzzz onee...
Like they say like.. "Gimme ur number lar.. Pls? pls pls? If not i wont give u ur food.."
You see.. my breaktime is damn precious coz i only get 45 minutes..
so if i'm pissed i'll be like.. "Finee.. dun give me.. waste ur food..I'm leaving.."
Then only they give.. =.=......................

Or either i sit down with my food at the table edy..
I usually break alone.. So suddenly this guy sits infront of me..
and starts trying to know me and all tht..
Waliaooo.. cant see ppl wanna eat mehhhhhh.........

Haha..And today i went to buy pop corn..
this guy was like.. Talking to me and all tht..
Saying alot of crap.. xD but he's ok lar..
not those jerk like. heh... then when i leaving edy..
he went.. "I miss u too!" xD hahaha..
U seriously meet ALL kinds of ppl when u work..

Moral of the story? I need a guy to teman me eat in order to have PEACE! ..=.=

Well.. thats all lar.. i off tmr. awesome. =D
Been FULL for dunno how many times d..
and my toe nail broke and it cut into my flesh..
one of my toe lar.. and when i walk now..
it hurts. Sniffx..

PS:I'm in love with this new song on my blog. I will Be by Avril.


There's nothing I could say to you
Nothing I could ever do to make you see
What you mean to me
All the pain, the tears I cried
Still you never said goodbye and now I know
How far you'd go

I know I let you down
But it's not like that now
This time I’ll never let you go

I will be, all that you want
And get myself together
Coz you keep me from falling apart
All my life, I’ll be with you forever
To get you through the day
And make everything okay

I thought that I had everything
I didn’t know what life could bring
But now I see, honestly
You're the one thing I got right
The only one I let inside
Now I can breathe, coz you're here with me

Coz without you I can sleep
I'm not gonna ever, ever let you leave
You're all I’ve got, you’re all I want
Yeah...And without you I don’t know what I’d do
I can never, ever live a day without you
Here with me, did you see,You're all I need.


Saturday, October 27, 2007


Heh.. i working right..
ALOT of ppl ask me.. Are you Malay or Chinese?

Some say they thought i malay coz i talk bahasa melayu very fluently with the malay slang.. (duhh.. i grew up in a sk school..)

Some say i look like malay.. coz i have malay face. *drops to the ground* zadaooo... c'monnn larrrr i look 100% chinese k! maybe a lil indian coz of the dot but but.. other than thttttt where gottttt???! T_T sniffx.. xD

Multi racial.. hahahahaha..

And today some ppl guessed i was 20 years old..
Nvm nvm.. used to it edy.. i walk with mel in the shoppin complex..
they say i'm her friend, why? they say i look like her age..
work today was alright.. super busy day..
which was real cool.. haha.. ^^
keeps u busy and time fly like waaaaa...
i finish slightly early today..
Alright lar.. i working super long hours tmr..
Nitex ppl! mwhs!

Wuyoh i tell u ar..

xD no reason for my topic.
ANYWAYS right.. I really got sumthing to tell u guys.
My phone has feelings and like wht apple said it has moodswings. =.=
HAHA.. I mean like.. just the other day..
i was trying to put in some songs i like..
coz i bored with the old ones already..
BUT nth could go in.. =(..
keep have error and everything..
only those i didn't like could go in..
then today! now! i try..
WAAAAAAa... Untill now still can masuk the song..
its like... Got good mood only everything can.. =.=

But i'm SUPER happy coz right now..
I have all da songs me like in my phone..
Mwhahahahahah! Work was alright.. 13hours straight..
haha.. but look at me.. its 1.20am and i'm still bouncing.. =P
Boink boink.. boink~ xD

Yesterday i was quite confuse..
coz my mum kept saying i started being uncheerful..
and not the cheerful me i used to be before my problem..
with sue mei..but i feel like as if i'm ok wert?
Haha.. I feel like i already let it go.. and i'm alrights..=D
But anyways.. Wht do u guys think?

Have i changed to uncheerful punya celine? =(

xD.. And i was abit sad yesterday ..
Thank you yi soon for cheerin me.. AGAIN..xD..
and no ur not a clown to me lar.. =)
Ur a good friend whose always there.
Hehs.. Me other fwneds.. I KNOW U CARE TOO! =D
hahahaha... dun feel baddd! no no! u shouldn't..
=) coz i say so.. Hehehehe..

I got work tmr leh..

I so gotta sleep. Mwhs! i miss everyone of my darlings.
ilu ilu ilu! ^^

Transfwomers! =D

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Words are empty without meaning. =D

Yooooo people... yo yo! xD..

It's 2am and i'm still concious?
xD.. Today work full day wei..
Phewh. my legs were .. uniquely pain today..
Hmmmsh.. after i finished work.. as i was walking..
walking my way to my dads car which is ALL the way.. one the other side...of Tebrau City..
My left leg was hurting like #@$! actually my toes felt as if they were broken..=.=
dunno why.. weird.. hmmshh..

ANYWAYS.. Conclusion for the day.
It was yesh.. superbly uniquely tiring today..
Hehs.. tmr i off again! or rather i should say i'm off today..
hehs.. and the following day i'm FULL AGAIN....=.=

Hehe..FINALLY got to camwhore at work today..
Which was of course illegal to do..
But some rules are meant to be broken. =P

Hehe? Erm.. Quiksilver ask me to advertise for them one. =P *whistles*

My superbly sexay fwend. =) SITI! she bought the cap for me. ^^

=D! Fitting room. =P

Waaahhh.. Celine nvr see surfing board before. =P! hahahaa..

Good Mornin. =)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Get On Da Dance Floor!

Hey Yo!

Well.. the days are passing by like the wind..
And this whole week i'll be workin in Quiksilver ..
Syiok ler.. whole day they blast techno..
no customer.. i bored.. nth to do..
i syiok sendiri go start dancing.. HAHA..
Therefore.. anything.. can go find me there! =)
Who knows later u get to catch me red handed..
shaking my butt.. =P
And i found out that the spot lights in quiks..
can give me sun burn..=.= za dao........
indoors also can become dark.. =.=

And wow.. wht do ya know..=)
School hols are just around the corner.. ^^
To all out there whose sitting for exams!
Jia you okay! u guys can do it! =)

I love it when it rains.. =)
the feeling u get when it rains..
The smell of the rain that makes u refreshed.. and it just totally relaxes u..
in a way it also keeps u thinking..
bout things that happened in ur life..
and the bad and good times.. hmm..
Its just peaceful in a way when its raining..
no? haha.. =)

And A shout Out to my Dear Apple. =)
Though we're so far apart.. you're always somehow close to me.. =) though we've been so busy with so much stuffs this year.. theres somehow tht little extra time there just for us to catch up.. I'm really amazed at how we started off as strangers and now close giler.. hahaha.. even other people are amazed lar.. =P

I love you!!
And i cant wait till we hang out again.! Hopin to spend this christmas with ya!
Looking forward to christmas. =)

It's a Promise!

PS: I m i s s y o u (:

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Though my world may fall , i'll nvr let go

Oik people! =) hewooo.. hahaha..

The days.. has been.. okay lar...
i mean.. got some downs.. lately..
but i'm okay.. already.. i think..
thank u kaw and yi soon for the cheerin.. =)
they so happen smsed. hahas..
anyways.. just like..
u say.. if theres anything.. speak our minds..
but then.. how u wan us to speak our mind..
if u keep.. making us scared of u..
or.. like.. if we do speak our mind u not happy.. bu xuang..
we might as well keep quiet.. isn't it?

i mean.. if u wan us to speak our mind then..
take it with an open mind lar..
u like that.. who wanna speak their mind wor.. =.=

Anyways.. forget abt that.

TODAY! i went to church.. coz i off day! wooot~! haha.. then had mighty kids.. during my free time.. thought Ting Li some Sejarah / History.. coz he exams comin up.. hahas.. thought her whtever i could rmb..=P STILL could rmb at least.. hahas.. Anyways .. after that went to Plaza Pelangi Mc D. I have some friends there.. so when i went there only.. my friend in the kitchen shouted.. Celine is here!!! xD then they intro me to the manager there.. Kak Ross.. the girl who i talked to.. when i was lookin for a job in mc d but in the end i went to roxy and quiks coz its nearer.. anyways i helped her find some workers to help them out.. so yesh.. when i went there.. she belanja me anything i wanted to eat. hahaha.. how nice of her.. =) had one whole meal.. and McFlurry Oreo for free.. Mwahahhaha.. =) its their last day there.. so went there to visit them..
K larhs.. i dont feel like bloggin much..
Just wanna say.. Happy Birthday to Ruskim Ong!
And i really super miss ,
Apple, Kimmy, HL, D ,KL fwends and ma Ipoh-ians peeps lor.. St. peters! super the Miss u guys..
I miss camps. COme quick AFC! =)
If anyone interested to join me pls let me know! =)

Friday, October 19, 2007

My Boyfriend. =)

Yeah yeah yeah.. i know my entry title caught ur attention. Anyways.. lets explain bout my title..haha.. hmmsh.. working.. in roxy.. u see couples walk in and out.. young and old.. and.. u just cant help but smile when u see them shop.. haha.. i mean.. how often do u get to see guys shoppin with their girlfriends happily? and willingly? without being forced? =) it just puts a smile on my face to see em together.. instead of the girls shoppin.. their guys are actually like.. shoppin for em.. haha.. AND my boyfriend better dont mind shoppin with me.. hahas.. sweet guys they are. =) not easy to find guys like that. ;)

To the peeps who asked me. I just feel neutral right now. hehs. =) seriously and honestly. no uniquely special feelings for no one. all equally special in my heart. ;) its like i forgotten totally abt how to be in tht kind of love. it fades after a while. and its been a while. Some peeps say their not loved, i tell u, u are loved. u may not realise, but in this world, theres always at least someone who loves u. its ur choice to believe or to not. =) And tht person who loves u doesnt have to be a 'special boyfriend' or whtever girlfriend. it can be just a normal friend. Why crave for relationships when u know, it wont work? when u know ur not ready.? Experiencing once is more than enough. Mistakes shouldn't be repeated. Mistakes happens for a good reason. for u to learn tht is. haha.. chill lar people.. everyone arnd havin bf and gf doesnt mean u HAVE or MUST have one too. relationships are when two people are in love and not just coz u WANT it. Nuh uh, it dont work like tht pal. =P and like wht D had mention in one of his entries b4, we teens may think at one moment we're so totally sure we understand the meanin of love, but actually, we dont fully understand heck wht love is all about till we're older. Its just the plain truth. =)

Well. work is work. normal.
and i'm spendin even before i earn.
stop it wei.. xD.. i gotta stop..! =X
Anyways, i love my bloggy song. =)
and yes.. i love changing songs frequently..hahas..
It just makes me feel.. relaxed. =)

PS: Happy Birthday Sue Mei. =)

Monday, October 15, 2007


BWHAHAHAHAHA..Yesh..Bloggin time!
Wheee~~~~ hehehe..Yday cant blog.. WORK work work..
Okay.. Honestly right..Few hours before my birthday..
I was having like.. a seriously bad mood lor.. =(
Coz everything was so unprepared ler..
I was working one day before my bday.. on the 11th..
so i couldnt get much things done..
Unlike last year.. everything was super prepared already..
so on tht day just sit back and relax..
So started cleaning here and there.. and it started to rain..=.= GREAT. slow down our cleaning process.. heh..

ANYWAYS! lets talk about the party.. hehe...
FIRST person to came was Jolisa..
And i was still cleaning up and not dressed..=.=
she came early lar.. she came at 3 sumthing.. but the party started at like 6pm.. haha..
Anyways nice of her to help out! THANKIEW JO! =)
And then..many many many people started coming..
hahaa.. makan.. ehh.. talk abt makan..
i hardly ate.. T_T coz about to take one bite..
people call me.. or mum call me.. or someone came.. then DRINK! my favourite punya punch juice.. wait.. izit spelled like tht? haha..Wudeva lar.. xD i only drank two cups and it was gone.. Sniffx.. We makan.. then we ambik manyak manyak banyak gambar.. and we potong the cake.. and we had a so called game prepared by me! idea by me,mum,sis! hehehe.. YESH! DANCING! but FIRST slow waltz dancin lar.. =) everyone HAD to participate.. MUahahahaha.. and after tht we heated things up and they guys went crazy.. xD we blasted some kind of bollywood songs and ruskim was like dancing like.. hahaha..funny lar..

To make things short.. I had an AWSOME time!
I shall let the pictures do the talking. ;)

Btw..i so totally love the last picture! =) I love u darlyn!
And lol.. i realise how red my cheeks were..
And no i did not put no blusher..xD..
I guess Beng doesnt call me tomato for no reason..=P

Oh yeshh.. so touched at the fact tht..

Xiu Ling,Mei Yun,Da Xiang,Xuang,Ping came..at like 10pm.. after work.. they rush to my party.. just to actually be there.. omg! like how nice is tht.. T_T sniffx.. i'm super the touched! =)
Omg..... i actually wanted to post up the pics of my presents..
But it took me hours to actually load all this pics up..
and arrange it and all..
and i am so totally tired and half dead right now..
its like.. 2.30am! and i have work in 12 hours..at 2.30pm!

Selamat Pagi lar ppl.. !

i shall post em next time.. tmr maybe..
i mean later..=.=

PS: to my family, this wouldn't have worked out without u guys! ILU! and THANK U!


NAH! heres the pics of my presents! haha..

Bryan got me my own basketball jersey wei!

I MEAN! look at it!!! its so.. so.. BEAUTIFUL! its.. PErfect!! And its got my name and one of my favourite number!!!!! haha.. yeah.. i really love it so so super the muchs! thank u so much bryan!!!! =)
And its Nike wei.. xD must have cost him a bom.. Sniffx.. so touched..! haha..
Aww.. This is a bunny from HL! all the way from Ipoh!! =)
Yup.. that was the thing tht was in the package.. hehe..
LOL! someone got me billionaire.. But i most probaly wont play it. xD c'mon.. i have monopoly at home and i dont touch it.. =P
Some of my presents! =)
And these are my bling blings yo! =P
Bwahhaa.. clothes! got one more body glove t-shirt.. but its in the wash..=P
WOOT~!!! i have the album wei! its CD plus DVD! how cool is tht.. =D
Well these are some of my presents.. batt went out.. and lazy to take liao.. so yeah..