Saturday, July 28, 2007

OMG..Celine is gonna be a Cheerleader?!

Haha..Hey hey..Well first of all..
Went to Mel's school..for the so called carnival..
SMK Dato Jaafar. Honestly...speaking..
The carnival was SO TOTALLY dead..=.=
Hardly anyone there.. AHAKZ..din even felt like..
it was a carnival..lolxx....

After that..went for the dance audition!
and the competition in KL would be based on..
TWO type of dance.. One is hip hop type..
another is called the "Parade Of School" (P.O.S)
And It would be during the EMERGE conference.
Which is in KL on the 29th of august till 31st August.
So anyways... P.O.S is like about cheerleading..
And..and..i NEVER cheerlead before! =X
So anyways..In cheerleading..there would be..
The Base person, Spotter and Flyer.
Base ppl are those who get step on..xD
Spotter are those who support the flyers..
and flyers are those who do the stunts in the air and all..
And like..just now..we practiced for P.O.S aka cheerleading.
And they chose me to be one of the flyers...OMG..
I nvr ever though Celine Yap Kah May would be a cheerleader..
LAGI PUN FLYER! xD so just now was really fun..
Some stunts hard to do..but practice makes perfect!!!
Anyways heres a vid on the Parade of schools.
They are from Ngee Ann.They have some real awesome stunts man!
They're REAL good..But they did not win though..

And the winner for POS was SIM SMU.!

Wow..Yeah..its THAT grand...
=X I'd be competing against this guys..
Ahhhh...! hahahahaa...I'm excited but nervous at the same time..
I mean..Cheerleading is a WHOLE new thing to me..
Haha..never cheerlead before yo..
Always breakdance, shuffle and hip hop. hahas..
And for the Hip Hop competition..heres a vid..
Of the winners for EMERGE ..
They call themselves the "Represent Crew"

Gaaaah..They all so Keng..So pro..xD..
Anyways.. This team I'm in..would be representing the whole of JOHOR!
Bwhahahaha...And now... Not forgetting..
I also have PMR to think about.. Haizz..
Trials next next week.. This wednesday i'd be having another prac..
For Cheerleading..gonna learn the whole dance..
That means more flying and all...=X
I gotta learn to handle both studies and this man..
hahaz..i cant let dancing affect my studies..
or my parents are sooo gonna kill me... Cool..means i'd be spending merdeka in KL this year..
Awesome..=) Can see my peeps there liao..hahaha..
Alright.. enough said. Gotta go watch some vids on cheerleadin.
Gotta learn more weih..hahaha..i'm like a NOOB in cheerleading. =P

U shall See the future cheerleader Celine soon..xD
Konon..hahahahah! NEVER EXPECTED THIS!
i guess Life is filled with suprises...=D


Friday, July 27, 2007

m i s s & l o v e m u c h.

Ahha..I just had to blog..
Mann...I'm addicted to bloggin lar..=.= tht bad or good? Zzz...
Ahhhhhh...I miss someone so much right now.. =X
Aku rindu dia.. =( I know i know its not wrong to miss someone..
Boo hoo...Cant wait to go out again..
Teddy Bear i miss u.. =(


A photo can say a thousand things
But it can't say the million things
I wanna say
A photo can capture the way we were
But it can't capture the way we are
Cause you're far away

What it's like to know you
What it's like to touch you

When you told me that you loved me
Were those just words?
You can't tell me you don't need me
And I know that hurts
Cause I'm looking at your picture
Cause it's all I've got
Maybe one day you and me will have
One more shot

Timing lost minutes and moments
Yeah, I might be lonely, girl
But I'm not afraid
In a second, it all comes right back to me
No, nothing's forgotten now
Yeah, everything's saved

What it's like to touch you
What it's like to know you

You were my life
You were my faith
You gave me hope everyday

When you told me that you loved me
Were those just words
You can't tell me you don't need me
And I know that hurts
Cause I'm looking at your picture
Cause it's all I've got
Maybe one day you and me will have
One more shot

Ryan Cabrera - P h o t o.
(Ahakz..U can find the vid in my friendster profile.)

Anyways, I L O V E my blog punya video..
Maybe that video and da song "Photo"
kinda reminded me of dia and made me miss dia..
Adui... Anyways! All the best for you shuffle performance tmr!
You'll do great.. =)

ps. i l o v e u. (:

Shuddup & Dance! <3

Ahoyy darlyns~! <3

Haha..Anyways..About my week of..exams..Zzz..
I tell uu...On wed had BM and Science and Geo.
Hahaha..All ok lar..i think? Zzz..
Thurs right..suppose to do the science paper 1 from kerajaan.
Stupid teachers mixed up the papers..
and gave us the one the SCHOOL prepared instead.
I went WTH. =D lol.. when i saw the paper felt like mati-ing.
Hehs. ALL bout chapter six aka minerals. damn minerals. =.=!
THANK GOD that we doing half way already..
my science teacher came in and gave us the RIGHT exam paper..
which was ALOT more easier. Yippee!!! :D
*celine was jumpin for Joy* xD! Maths..okayy lar...
not good not bad.? LOL. whats that suppose to mean? No idea.

xD then like yesterday..I was studying History..till 12.30am..suddenly phone rang.. it was Leah! Hmm..she asked me to come for this dance audition thingy. on saturday. and if i get through i'll be in dunno what team and we'll be going to KL for competition on the 29th of August! hahas..after that call.. i was like soooo excited and like..tak boleh concentrate on history alrdy. Coz i was more excited about the future then the pass. LOL. hahahaha...whole day i hyper giler today.. maybe coz KH was so dang easy..History was okay..hahaha..English was peanuts. Duh. =P *dance around* bwhahahaa...So hyper... Oh ya! its been raining so much lately.. i wonder why..xD! air.. :D! ooohhh... U know.. Like always. Me feel so loved. bwhahaha... Yee sweet of him to send me jokes just to make me laugh and not so stresss..haha...awww.. =) And jia jie..always so caring... Apple.. After coming back from doing maths exam.. my brain was practically half dead.. and i saw her sms.. =) I love you too apple dearest! HUGS!!!

Owh gosh..How i miss her...Cant wait to see her again..The amount of stupidity that comes out when we're together...xD! AppLe! Me mish u sho sho muchiex larhhhhh! Haha..I have our picture in my file...whenever i miss her.. got picture to look at.. in school.. bwahhaa.. =)

Wells..Sides that nothing much lorhh..
Tomorrow got dance audition..haha..
and also got Jie punya carnival..aka SDJ..
DUnno HOW i wanna go there...
coz got audition..hopefully when it finishes..
the carnival is still on.. hmmm.. yeshh...
And khoo mei's bday is just around the corner! =)
Hmm..i've one more week to study my butt off before trials are here.
SAYA BOLEH! xD hahahahaha....

We NEED to go out after my PMR and take more pictures!
ITS A MUST MUST! ;) Love u darl!

What happen..? I still dont know. Aihh.
Anyways. 3 words for ya. I miss u. =(

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Sniffx Sniffx*

Aww..I fell down this morning. =(
Was walking to the bus..
It was dark. I was carrying damn alot of books.
Din see tht dang rock on the road.
Step on it and lost balance therefore, i fell. T_T.
Skirt was like filled with mud and soil. =(
Leg was bruised and some flesh came out. hehs.
I fell on the road INFRONT of my house.
How stupid pathetic is that. =.=!!!
Haha..Anyways..When i went to school..
People of course realize my dirty skirt and ask wht happened.
I said. I fell down. And their eyes turn big @_@
and said. OMG! IS THAT YOUR BLOOD?!!!
Apparently that was the mud. but no lights.
they cant see well. Haha..I was like NO lar...
Anywayss..After they heard i fell.
They went round telling others. and during assembly.
one by one. alot of ppl came asking me, Hey! u okay?!
hahas..aww..i feel loved. xD! Hugsss~~! =)

Lately been studying my arse off lar.
Like, from Science test became Science Gerak gempur. =.=!
Just got the news yesterday. So what larh...Ishk.
So actually i only had to study chapter 6, form 3 for science.
Now i have to study ALL the chapters.Form 1,2,3.
How nicesh. =D Zzz...And teacher only teach till chap 7.!
And ALL coming out. WTH. Gotta self study. Oh wells.
Whats new? heh... unreliable they are. =.=! Some lar..not all.
Anyways..Tomorrow exams starting.
SO! Wish me the best! =D
And after this week exam. Got 1 week to study like shiate for Trials.!
Trails on the 6th next week. Ahhh! *runs and hide*
Hmm kays lar...Abt the situation between me and her in school.
Now, we talk. but only when we're force to.
for example, teacher ask me to ask her sumthing.
yeah that kinda stuff. Sad but true.
Oh wells. Somethings happen for a reason.
And sometimes its best to just learn to let go.
When one door closes. another opens.
I see many many many open doors waiting for me.
Bwhahaha. They ARE those who i love..
And is STILL by my side. =).


Sunday, July 22, 2007

Pics From Shoppin.!

Our new precious. bwhahahahaa... =D! AKU PUNYA GUCCI! =D

Woooh..My eyes. Tsk tsk. xD!

People were looking at us and wondering whats wrong with us. HAHA.

But we didn't care anyways. =P.


But its pretty though. =D

Mum was talking. I was listening. REALLY! =D hahaha..

After mighty kids today.
I was waiting and waiting for family to GET in the car.
so we could go home. But they just wouldnt budge.
Therefore, i camwhored. =P

Haha..The last picture.So cute. ! =P
Memang me. =D A tomato. Aww. LOL.
I know i know..I didn't use to camwhore.
Heyy..not my fault lar..
My sister's da camwhore queen.
Then..then she teach me to camwhore like her also.xD!
HAHAH...Ouch.* she whack me. Pain..=.=!
LOL..she's just beside me. Haaaahaaaa...
She giving me tht *squinted eye* punya look now. =P

Adios. =D

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Mr. Di Sheng. =)

Well what about this dude here?
He's just a really Great friend. =)
Somehow i dunno why..but he's always there at the right time. Haha..He sends me awesome songs and i love him to bits and pieces coz of tht. xD no him coz he's a bagus bagus BAGUS punya friend. =) MR.D! U OWE ME LIKE A HOMEMADE PIZZA OKAY! Jangan lupa! =P And yesh i still owe u your chocolates. =P

=.=! U AND YOUR HAND. Hahas..I'm not THAT short. But fine! I admit ur THAT tall. xD

Miss this guy lots! Heyyy U take care there.. =)

&&&! ONE whole entry just for you. Kamu mesti Ter-Honoured! xD hahaa...
SEE YOU SOON!!! Hopefully.. =D! Hugggssss!!!!


I'm blogging again. Oops? =P
Blarh. Today was a REAL REAL tiring day.
Morning go makan. Went Giant originally to buy Mel's school shoes.
But ended up shopping the whole day till..
we were left with a few cents. Hah.
So anyways..Mel spent the most.
Duh. She's loaded. xD and i'm PK till my.
pockets have holes. Anywaaaysss..
Went Tebrau City after that..Bought some exercise books.
Maths and History. Mel and Ben went for Band prac.
Therefore i was stuck there for dunno how many hours.
So dead tired man. And like....I was SO bored.
I bought a pencil from Harris and started doing the exercises and all.
Did maths at first. Do untill brain felt so dead.
Stop maths. Did history. Did untill the like 36th question.
And i realise i started checking the answers behind to answer
the following questions. HAHA. So stoped .
Went out of Harris coz bro wanted to play PS2.
Went sony, sat on the chair and like stone.
Looked half dead, felt dead. xD anywaaaysss..I realise sumthin.
For those who like REALLY observe my face before.
On the sides of my face, my veins are like so visible.
USually people would say, EH! wht happen? Fall down?
xD i dunno why but my veins show. So anyways.
If i dont sleep much, i'll have serious eye bags.
AND it'll connect with my veins. and my nose there right..
Also got one line of blue-ish + green-ish line..xD!
Like vein colour lar..So its something like this...

I'm SERIOUS. it's THAT bad. xD! I know the picture sucks.Who cares. Dun feel like drawing nicesh nicesh. Haha..Heyyyyy not bad wert this pic. =D!

So why my eyes looked like dat today?
Coz yesterday Kah V was kinda on the emo side.
Hurt and all. And he cant sleep. no mood mar..
THEREFORE! i stayed up with him and teman-ed him.
Till.. 3.30am or later..haha..cant rmb..xD
I know some ppl may say i'm crazy.
BUT i already say..If u need me,I'll be there.
SO i was there. =D ! hahaha...

ANYWAYS...enough blogging lar.
JUST wanna say..

JIA JIE! Thanks so much for really caring.
I can feel ur love as a friend.
So touched. =) thanks alot..
Haha..That sweet guy..after reading my blog..
He sent me this REAL long punya email..
asking how i was coz he didn't had his phone i think..
Then just now he smsed..haha..coz he got back his phone?
Anyways..I really appreciate it. LOTS!
He's a real awesome friend. =)
And hey, dont worry bout me. I'm alright. =)
I guess things change as time goes by.
People change. I guess thats just life.
So we just gotta accept it and hope for the better.
HUGS! to ya.. =)

Friday, July 20, 2007


Haha..Okaaay..Since i was writting a report for PBSM just now..
And i was using the com to do so..
Therefore..I decided to blog an entry to let everyone know..
what a week i've had. hehs.

Okaaay..Well..This week hasn't been
a really good one..Kinda broke me to pieces..
But not some people were my 'glue' to patch me up..
hahaha..Anywayss..Lets just say..
When i went to school on Monday..
I felt something was wrong..
Because whenever i talked to her..
She don't answer me like how she used to..
Or rather..She didn't even smiled at me once..
But there she was laughing and smiling away with others..
But i just didn't really want to believe it..
By the next day..I comfirmed it.
There was something wrong between us.
And so. I just like..didn't really do anything lor..
I've heard why she's behaving that way..
But i've not heard it from HER..
So i'm still not too sure why she's behaving the way she is..
Maybe i do know and i confirm thats the reason.
But i havent heard it from her mouth.
All i know is that she really HURT me like crap.
I dunno how we can be so close for 6 coming 7 years..
And she can just suddenly turn cold towards me..
Coz of stuff that is not worth breaking this friendship.
WITHOUT SAYING A WORD. thougtful of her.
Made me feel LOTS better. Zzz.
Actually..Come to think of it..
I've been always giving in to her..
ALWAYS being the one saying sorry for doing nth wrong..
Just to keep this friendship going on..
Thats just coz i treasure it so much.
But u know what..I've become sick. and tired.
of sucking up to ur behaviour and bs.
So sorry i'm talking like this but i'm really hurt.
PLUS dissapointed. On wednesday i came to you.
And asked you what was wrong..
Wht did u say? "I need to rest now.I'll let u know.But not now."
Hmm ya..Alright..Come back to me when u feel better and dont care of how i'm feeling. thats really alright..yeahh...awesomeee... =D .....
Dont she ever think of how hurt i'd be?
You know. U can go on talking to all our friends in school,
laugh with them,smile with them, and all that..
But i just CANT. I cant go round talking with my other friends when i'm having a prob with my B.friend. I just CANT. On Tuesday, i started becoming REAL anti-social. Thats just so NOT how i am. And i just sat at my desk the whole day. No smiles on my face. No words out of my mouth. I just sat there thinking so much and worrying about you. I couldn't focus in class while teacher was teaching. I just kept looking at you and just think and ask myself..Is she alright? is she okay? YEAH. I DIDN'T LISTEN TO A THING teacher was saying in class. I just kept thinking about how u were. And wowww..I feel so 'appreciated'.. really.. thats great.. thanks.. Good job. What do you take me for? I'm human too. Remember? Oh..So you're saying that when u feel better u'll come back to my side and talk to me like normal as if nothing hapened? I guess u dont care of how i felt while u just gave me the cold shoulder and all eh? So when ur okay. then u come back. hmm..yeah..its THAT easy yeah. hmm..right.. =.= I'd only be spending 3 more months with you and u just had to do this. Gosh. wow. I can't believe that u can even hate me for those reasons. haaaa...i feel so loved when i heard them reasons. wow..Hate. awesome-ness. =.= for 3 days...I was anti-social with everyone,i didn't smile much in school AND at home. I didn't eat much coz of no appetite. U dont wanna talk to me, Fine. its your life, your choice. But PLEASE DO NOT go round spreading stuff about me that isn't true. I DO NOT LIKE HIM. AND PLEASE do not make me sound like some player. It was just merely a picture of him and me who i treat as a good friend. Sometimes i cant believe how stupid i am to worry for someone who doesnt really cares. Thats just...Stupid larh. Sigh whatever lar... Wanna noe something ah? U really hurt and broke my heart.
For once, in this 7 years of friendship. I wonder if you'd say 'sorry' for the FIRST time ever to me.

Then, my mum keeps telling me.
Dont so close with anyone except ur family lar.
All are humans. Close or not close. Sure hurt u.
Bla bla bla... 2 times in a row.
People who i love so dearly hurt me so much.
In class my eyes just kept filling up with tears.
But i wouldn't let em flow.
first it was that guy. now is this girl.
Aku tak tau macam mana nak tahan kesakitan ini lagi lar.
It bores me out. SO DAMN SIENZ of this stuff..
Zzz. AppLe was always there.
She'd know when something was wrong.
Oh how i love her. Thanks so much apple. =)

To those who weren't there for me and didn't know bout this. PLEASE do not feel bad of not being there for me kay? If u knew abt this but u didn't care then memang u should feel bad. =P HAHA..xD jkjk..but u didn't know. So chill kay? Not your fault..=)

Anywaysh.. Today..I gettin used to the atmosphere alrdy.
=) haha..yeah..i'm okay already..Feel better..
Today damn funny. So stupid lar they all..
one group of form 4 guys..whenever they saw me.
They'd go.. "DA SAO!" =.=!!!!!! whats larrrrr....
There are reasons why they do that.
But those reasons are just crap lar. xD
So i shall say no more of this. hahaa..

And wow..Its friday. So fast larh time passing.
But I Hope for time to pass by FASTER. =).
Ouchhh...major headache now.. T_T
Stare at com to long jor..hahas...
Anyhow..Tonight i'd be going to CHC punya welcoming night.
The theme for the night is...*drumrolls*
bwhaahhahaa...What i wearing ahh..Pirate-ish. xD.
So yeshh..I hope it'll be a blast and i'll have a great time. =D.
Exams next week, followed by PMR Trials which is on the 6th of Aug.
Yes i've been studying..=P hahaha..ITS TRUE lar. xD
AND...Why suddenly i feel as if the WHOLE school knows..
That i'm shifting to KL next year. =.=!
Even some form 5 peeps whom i barely know..
Comes up to me and say.. "HEY! u shifting KL next year ar? Dont larr.."
Like..LOL? Hmm..I think i'd most probaly be going to..
SMK KEPONG BARU. padahal i wanna go to SMK DJ.
hehs..Oh wells..Kepong baru nearer to where i'd be staying.
DJ is like WHOA! So jauhhhh...hehhss...K larhs..
Enough for me. Head pain giler already.
WHOOOO~~~~ This saturday..
Harry potter 7th book is out!
Oh guess what? My brothers just HAD to spoil the book for me.=.=
They ran down after reading some spoilers on the internet..
and totally ruined it. Zzz!!!! Okay..SO i shall ruin it for u. =D
COmeee onnn.. I KNOW U CANT RESIST!!
Okay lar..I wont lar.. Joking lar..I where go to Bad onee... =)
Oh yeaaa... One more thing...

There u go. *grins* have a great time reading the book. xD


Saturday, July 14, 2007


Hmmsh..Let me start with Wednesday.
Aka 11th of July! Wells..
11th July happens to be DADDY, Jian Ming and Pei Shuang's bday!
Stayed up till 12am..and wished daddy! =)
Gave him a huggy and a kissy! hahahahax..
After school, went to Wc's hse to suprise Jian Ming!!
Bought a cake for Jian Ming..^^
He was happy..hahaha..I'm happy his happy! =)

Yan Bin And Me! =)
*He's a great friend! *

JIAN MING! The birthday boy..=) Aww..he looks sooo happy..

He's bestest friends..=)

Da Girls and Him. =)

Me and Dear JM. =)

After that..had dance prac..
And headed home. Took out Daddy's fav cake from the fridge..
Aka. Mango Delight from Secret Recipe!
And suprised him too! hahaha..OMgosh..I'm like..
So bored of cakes at the moment..Non-stop cake,cake,cake.

12th July. Did some experiment on eletricity durin science.
=.=! I kena electric shock..Syiok betul weih...
oL..So anyways, After school..
Had to perform dance..then perform..blar blar..
Some pictures~!

My Bestie.

Cynthia! Xuang Xuang~~! ^^

Rachel and Me!
Finish d..rush back home..Changed.
And went to Tebrau City to watch Harry potter!
Okaay..U know what...I think harry potter..
kinda like S U C K E D. coz like..
If i were to compare the 1st movie till the 5th movie.
I would say the 5th movie is like the WORSE.
SO SHORT lor the movie..summore they cut so much stuff..
from the book..Zzz... what weiiihhh..Anyways..
It was great seeing Sue,Preetz,Anand again..=)
Then while waiting for dad, i went to the electircal section.
They were blasting techno there.bwhahahaha..
So i started shufflin..then benson and benroy joined in.
After that..the workers there..*young malay guys*
Saw and all of em gathered there..xD and then..
They suddenly joined us and started shufflin.
HAHA...Funny..very funny..lolxxx...

Yesterday, FRIDAY.
School was okay larh.
Shu Xin came over in the evening.
Night, went for CG. =)
Met up with Joanne again!
This time got to catch up more then last time..^^
After CG went yam char..bwhahahaa..
Leo lost his way and so..Joanne couldn't join us..=(
Anyhow..It was a great night!

TODAY larr..Report card day..
Went to school just now..
Zzz.. Mum was like.."Better score straight A's ah u!"
Yesssssh larrrr.....I"M TRYING. =.=!
Anyways..I'm glad went quite well lar..
Coz me and Benson punya result..Improved.
So it was a quite okay day..LOL.
Okay larh..I guess after this no more online-ing for me no more.
No more bloggin and all. Till after PMR at least.
Time is passing REAL fast.
PMR is gettin nearer by the second.
"PMR not important one lar or PMR kacang putih lar"
You may say..BUT as for me..
JIA YOUUUUU! *xD i'm encouraging myself..xD*
Alrights y'all! U GUYS TAKE CARE AITES?!
NEED ME! JUST giv me a call or even just a sms. =)


Apple! I miss U so much.Love u so Much! U need Me. U know what to do! =) HUGS!

KIMMY darlyn! Misss uuu sooo Muchhh larrrhs!!! xXxPurpleSugaasxXx! LoVes. =)


And to Jia Jie aka Digimon!! =)
Haha..So sweet and nice of you to blog in english just for me to read. =P
Hugs hugs! If u need be i'll be here too..^^ All the best in ur PMR too!
JIA YOUUUU~~~!!! Thanks for being an awesome friend.. ;)

And Oh yeah..=)
My Darling Brudder aka Daniel is back from Russia. =)

I look bad in the picture.But who cares.
Daniel's in the pic. =D

Sunday, July 08, 2007


Aw yeah babeh!
I just came home from TESCo..Bwahaha..
Guess what i came home with?
YESH! Ur right..bwahhaa..I CAME HOME WITH..
Credits to my jie jie for lending me the money first..:D!
HEhe..Thanks lovey u! =))!
YESH..FINALLY..after sooo looong!
I've got a hp that has MP3,RECORDS vids, and etc..
Bwhahahahaha...In loveeeee...With the phone..=D
xD aiyar i'm just very happy..hehehe..yeah..
i guess thats pretty obvious..WOOH..hyper..lalalalalala~~!
And i'm just trying to figure out some stuff..hmmmsh..
LIKE..i realise i have to buy the usb cable..xD
but i think dont need bluetooth..hehe..=P
SORRY lar..I'm kinda jakon at the moment..
So bare with me! :D Wooot~~~ I'm soooo gonna..
fill ..nah..scratch tht..FLOOD my hp with SONGS..
:D! only sad thing is i cant get the pictures..
from my dads phone to my new one..T_T..
My dads phone suuuuuccckkks lar...=(
So many nice pics there..Boo Hoo...
Aih oh wellls..
Anyways..A picture of my phone..=)
On request by APPLE aka LIM KIEN BENG..xD..

Nokia 3110 aka Kepunyaan CELINE YAP KAH MAY!
*giler..=P* So yesh..It might not look very canggih..
But the functions fufill my wants..hehe..=D!

And i do realise something..
my "WANTS" list on the left side of my blog..
Is got ALMOST everything i listed out..
hahahaha..SO AWESOMEEE... =D
My eyes tired d lar..I shall go rest..In happiness..xD

Good Nights.

Saturday, July 07, 2007


Alrights..thursday night..
Everything just went wrong in my house..
Siggh..what a was just bad..
so we called off the plan to go watch transformers..

The next day.I came back from school..
And benroy really wanted to watch..
So anyways..we went..but only..
the four of us,mel,ben,benroy..
It was an awesome movie..=)

At night had cell group..
It was a combine cell group of ALL the cells..
So yesh..It was very cramp..
There i saw some old faces..
I saw Joanne..aka Janice and Jeremy's younger sister..
Then i saw Leo..aka sathish..xD.. it was nice lar..

This morning went to aunt lee and mr lee shop..
to makan..nice seeing them again..
it was great catching up again..
hmm..went to TESCO..and like..
found out about this really nice phone..
Nokia 3110..its a new model..but because its new..
the price is still very low..and it would increase like next week..
Its function got totally everything i wanted and needed..=P
And its price is like REALLY cheap compared to the other phones..
or rather to the phone i was saving up to buy..w810i..
I almost bought it but had no money with me..
So i'm gonna go buy me new hp later at night..=D
Whoa..Cant believe i found out bout this phone..
Awesome-ness...I'm gonna get a new hp!! wahaha!
FINALLY..! and i dont have to lend my dads HP edy!
My phone memang spoiled..but money buy new..
so lent my dads..awww yessshh! =))

Anyways..i gtg now.

To Calvin..
Thank you for everything..=)

Don't cry because its over,smile because it happened..=)

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Intelligent but not Nerds..=D

Yesh..We may be in the 1st class..But we're definitely not Nerds..=D

Haha..Got my class picture..FINALLY..
Can Spot me? xD..ANWAYS..I'm gonna be nice..
I'm Next to the teacher..Duh..xD..
The girl beside me is my BESTIE! SUE MEI!
And the Guy beside my teacher is my other bestie..
Mr.Kaw Meng Chung! hahaha..=) Love u boths!

My dad was alright..Was HYPER during science class..
No idea why..And Grace and Sue mei kept touching me..
I'Ve no IDEA WHY EITHER..=.=!!!!
lol..ANYHOO..After school went to Khoo's place ..
Makan..then meeting..
Then minum champaign..xD..
Yeah..basically thats all..Bwhahaa..

IS...*drumrolls~~~* KAH VEE's Birthday!
Haha..and!!! TOMORROW..I'll be watching TRANSFORMERS!
Woooot~~! Awesome-ness! hahaha...
And SATURDAY..I may be going out with cynthia..
and ping ping..and meet another whole bunch of ppl..
i've nvr talked to b4..hahaa..AND SUNDAY..
BWAHHAHAA...BBQ at chwee Ting's hse!
To celebrate something..=P ladidumm~~
Wows..I've been in this stupid school for 3 years already..
Stupid school but cool people..=D!
Ahha..And when i look back at all our class pictures..
I just simply....
LOL.....Oh well since we're talking about it..I might as well..
UPLOAD em..=P Bwahahahhahaa...

Okay..FORM 1 ..First class also..xD Wheres me? xD I'm like..wearing baju kurung..and sitting beside the dude whose sitting beside the teacher..xD and would u just look at kaw? OMG..hahaha..LOL..He's sitting beside the teacher..on the right side..Hahaha..Click on the pic for a bigger view if u want..HAHA..U can see some REALLY big changes in some peeps..=P

FORM 2! First Class..ME! Beside the teacher..SUE MEI beside me..and KAW beside the teacher..=) Yesh..Besties for life my buds! MWAHS! =))

As the years went by..
Alot of us looks..characters and all..
Hahaha..I'll be missing this bunch of peeps..=)
Alrights..I'm......Tired. LOL..
BUT..its time to studyyy....T_T...

PS: JIA JIE! I dont have ur blog link lar..Kindly sms me or leave a comment and giv me ur link..=D!

Adios pweeps!

Dey Mr.Calvin.! Misss Uuuuuu!!! =D