Monday, February 28, 2011

Movies and Plays!


On the 22nd of sept, i went to 1utama with Marilyn to redeem (initially) two tickets to watch the premier of the movie, "Black Swan".

But as we lined up, we ended up making friends..and a total new stranger decided to give me 3 more tickets coz she didnt need it! =D =D =D 

so i ended up calling My parents and benroy to come watch! =)

Hahaha.. so yes, thus, the 5 tickets to watch Black Swan instead of two. =) hahahaa u guys must be thinking why is it so that im always getting free movie tickets?! xD hahaha... this time i didnt win it through radio lah.. =P i got it from Malaysia Today's newspaper. So thats why we had to line up to redeem the tickets. =)

Like i've mentioned in facebook, Although Black Swan is not ur typical happy ending movie, or a movie to cheer u up, i actually think it was a really good movie and that the director did a good job. Because just by watching the movie, i felt confused, felt kinda depressed O.O , felt scared and freaked out.. Disturbed,ter-kena shocked several times which made me jump.. =P also, i was wow-ed towards the ending. and when the movie ended, i wanted to applaud!

Yes, most people view black swan as a negative movie and a movie we should keep our minds from. BUT. if u actually look at the movie in another way, there are actually plenty of moral lessons to be learnt. Basically, Black swan tells the tale of a dancer who seeks perfection and gets obsessed with the role that she wants to play so much! The Swan Queen. To get to role, she must be able to play both the role of the White AND the Black swan. The movie shows how she wanted to play both roles super perfectly till the search for perfection slowly eats her up inside. To get to the top, she did things tht she would never do,previously. And its just sad to see such a innocent white swan.. turns into a perfectly black swan. I guess, my fav part of the movie was when she danced as the Black Swan during the real performance. Her final performance. She danced so beautifully. You could really see the Black Swan just by watching her move. Yeah. i couldn't keep my mind off the movie for quite a while. kept thinking about it. And for me, if a movie could impact a person by feeling so many feelings and thinking of alot of other things AFTER the movie, JUST by watching, then i guess, it IS a good movie after all.

Matt! yessssss! hahaha.. i met up with him when he spent his few hours in malaysia before he headed back to Australia. He got back from England, reached Malaysia around 7am.. And we met up in the afternoon before he left for Australia. He's flight was at 10pm or 11pm like that. haahaha.. pro right? 3 countries in a day. x) and the best part was that, He would prolly reached Aus at 5am. And his FIRST DAY at Uni started on the very same day at 8am. I have no idea how he survived his first day at Uni. hahahaaha.. We met up at 1utama. =D

And after he left, Mum and I watched BURLESQUE! 
it wassssss HAWT HAWT HOT.!
And JACK IS SHOOOOOO CUTEEEEEE + Psssssssssttttt~!!
hahahaha.. im serious! and Christina's voice was just so SEXAY!
and not only her voice was sexaaaay.. =P *ahem*
the hype was up from beginning till the end! its those kind of movies where u hardly have time to breathe or blink for the matter! it was just so interestinggg! hahahaa i totally wouldn't mind watching it for a second time! =DDDDDDDDDDD 

On Saturday, Had dance as usual. =)
but our dance classes is at 11am nowadays. Sudah di-early-kan. xD
its good. =) means i've more time on my saturdays now.. =)
CLASS WAS GOOD! had so much fun with Celica! haha..
Dance is like a charger to me weih. seriously.. it refreshes me!
never fails never fails to.. =D

At night, Was invited to go watch a Play at The Actors Studio,Lot 10.

It was about Women and Child Abuse..
Jo and Jamie invited me to go.. =) Along with Qian Andrea Lilian Jovenne JJ..

They had waaayyyyy more than just 8 tickets tho! i think 16 seats went to waste. =S coz they suddenly had ALOT of extra tickets.

Inside! =D

*Smiles and Loves!* 

It was really not what i expected. I thought it was gonna be a play. an act. but it turned out to be more like a sharing of stories by representatives and the victims themselves. it was really saddening to hear what have happened to these people. But it was an experience. there were singing and dancing in the middle here and there too. but the bulk of the play was like sharings by these victims themselves. U could see the scars they carry still, even though it has been years since. And their anger and hurt. =( But there was a very cute doggy in the end tho! =D hahaa.. her name is DAWN! ;)

So yep. It was a new experience.

Today, or rather Sunday. its 3am edy. =S
Benroy and I visited ACTS church Subang. it was their 11th Anniversary. =) spent like the whole morning and afternoon with the youths there till it was 3pm plus. =S almost 4pm. then had to rush and fetch benroy to tuition. =.= he forgot he had tuition.

Had dinner with Grandma and Aunt. LOL. as we were ordering, suddenly this guy who worked at the restaurant, he was one of the bosses there. Yes, Quite old. =.= punya uncle. suddenly he came to the table and told my grandma in cantonese.

"OH MYY! This girl so leng lui! when i walked pass she just caught my attention! i just HAD to come over for a closer look"

Yessss! i was stunned! but my grandma ended up laughing and asked him how many sons he have. =.=''' then he said.. aiyoh.. im not married yet.. then grandma was like So? u wan kao my granddaughter ah? and laughedddd..

Uncle: Waaaa! if i was younger i totally kao her edy ! for sure!
Me: *awkward smile*

He ciao-ed. and suddenly kept coming back to my table to talk to me. =.=! He even asked me if my eyes were real. Meaning, if i wore contact lenses. coz he said girls nowadays kept using contact lense to make their eyes look nice and big and have colour and stuffs. LOL! This is the first time someone asked me if My eyes were Real. Lmaaooo..! then he came back after a while again and said.. "Sighs, how i wish i was born later." =.=! pfffffffffft..... Grandma found it so amusing.. hahaha.. ishhh! The boss guy actually looks handsome. But he's prolly like 50 years old edy. O.O hahaa.. Hmm hmmmmm~! not married quite good looking 50 year old uncle. May have been a choosy guy when he was young maybe.AND THUS...

 Just a thought. =P

At night, i got invited to ANOTHER play. this time, by my Aunt.

It was held in KL PAC. Title: Lets Love.
It was erm.. okay lah.. This DJ named Wei Kang from actually was the main person of the whole play. this was HIS play. his first drama or smth. There was acting and then singing and then he talked then acting singing and he talked again. all together there were a few scenes and parts. it wasn't a full play. it had stops in between. and he talked during those stops.all the scenes and parts had no link at all. it was like different scenarios kinda thing.but it was all about love though.

This girl could sing broadway-ish. not bad. =)

And the disco ball was fantastic. everyone went "waaaaaaa" when they used the disco ball. the room was so starry and niceeee =)))) Sorry no pic of it tho. I trieeeed! but my phone camera can only be 'that' good. hahahaha.. its good for a phone camera. but i guess, phone cameras will always be phone cameras. =P i didn't bring the new digi cam coz no batt. din charge. hahaah.. so sudden larh all these invitations! no time to charge. =P to be honest, benroy and i have not used the camera to take pictures since we got it till now. =S mainly coz we didnt have a memory card. but Jo gave me a 1GB one on sat. =D so can start using edy. Yay! ^^

Anyways, back to the play. I really loved the music! it was played live. A Grand Piano and a Violin.
During the singing and acting, whenever the violin was being played, That 16 year old girl caught most of my attention! she's just so talented.. really admire how well she can play the violin. It was once my goal. But i've no idea where that goal went.Its quite hard to learn the violin with just a chord book ler. Sighs. =/ Nvmmm.. i will.. one day. but not now. =) 

Another highlight? Got leng Zhai.. =DD One only tho. the guy on the left in white. ^.^ hahahahaa.. geez the girls were going crazy the minute he made his appearance on stage.

Macho and Handsome. Hahaha.. AND TALL!

Looked a lil mix to me tho.Like ang moh + chinese. 
or was it his make up? haha.. no idea.. Well, i've always found guys that are mix ang moh and Chinese really attractive. =)

And the ending when Wei Kang was calling out the crews and casts one by one.

Overall, it was again, a new experience of a play. Not really like how i saw it to be. But never the less, I really enjoyed the music. The pianist was really good.. AND the violin girl was EVEN better! hahaha actually they're both good. but i really liked the violin girl... punya playing. So graceful.. and.. niceeeee. =) heeeeee. dunno wht word to use to describe. it was beautiful.. the way she played.

So yeah. Been a great week of Movies and Plays! =)

But my BEST play thus far, is still..the GamarJobats! My first play ever, still the best play thus far. =) It was a present for my 16th Birthday.

Two Man Show. Rocked the whole stage. =D!
Comedians from Japan. And best part was, they didn't even need to utter a word during the play! and YET! they kept the crowd laughing non-stop throughout the play.

Jokers ! hahahaha...

Seee! so badddd.. hahaha.. was about to take picture.. "1.. 2.. 3.." And they both Jumped right infront of me. =.=! hahahaa.. ish.. jokers betul.. xD

Had alot of fun. =)

AND. it is time for me to sleep. hahahaha.. ooooh yeah! just before i end, My lecturer, Contract lecturer who is really talented in drawing published his own comic book about Ipoh, the place he grew up in.
*credits to Cherlyn for pictures! stole from her blog. hehe. =P*

Am i a good impersonator or AM I A GOOD IMPERSONATOR?! hahahahahaha! Exactly like the book right?! xDDD

hahaha. so yes! thats all! 3.30am!!! so faaaaast! hahahaha..
Good Morninggg Goood Morninggg!


Saturday, February 26, 2011

Coincidence? Doubt so. =)

Its funny how sometimes you're on the verge of losing hope and all of a sudden, things just start working out like how u wished it would. or sometimes, better.

And its too much to be a coincidence.
Personally, I really do believe that it is all part of the plans God has in store for me.

Just when i thought.....

Someone came home. =)


Friday, February 25, 2011


Oh It tears me up.
I tried to hold on but it hurts too much.
I tried to forgive but its not enough.
To Make it all Okay..

U cant play on broken strings,
U cant feel anything,
That your heart dont want to feel.

The truth hurts,
A lie is worse..
How can i give anymore?

Runnin back thru the fire,
when theres nth left to save.
Its like chasing the very last train,
when its too late..

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Come Home - One Republic

Hello world
Hope you're listening
Forgive me if I’m young
For speaking out of turn
There’s someone I’ve been missing
I think that they could be
The better half of me

They’re in the wrong place trying to make it right
But I’m tired of justifying
So i say to you..

Come home
Come home
Cause I’ve been waiting for you
For so long
For so long
And right now there's a war between the vanities
But all i see is you and me
The fight for you is all I’ve ever known
So come home

I get lost in the beauty
Of everything i see
The world ain’t as half as bad
As they paint it to be
If all the sons
If all the daughters
Stopped to take it in

Well hopefully the hate subsides and the love can begin
It might start now..Yeahh
Well maybe I’m just dreaming out loud
Until then

Come home
Come home
Cause I’ve been waiting for you
For so long
For so long
And right now there's a war between the vanities
But all i see is you and me
The fight for you is all I’ve ever known
Ever known
So come home.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Hello hello!

Hello readers! i'm so sorry for the lack of updates recently..
but i've been sick for the pass week and been really busy with college..

LETS SEE. hahaha..
2 days after my previous entry, i finally chopped my long hair!
so yes! i've short hair nowwww! =D =D =D and best part was..
i LIKE my haircut AND it cost me only RM10! how awesome is tht?! =D
hahaha.. so yep. unfortunately, my pictures aren't with me atm.
but yes! i took alot of pictures! even when i was cutting my hair. =P
besides that, i fell sick the whole of this week.. =/
but i'm better now.. but sadly..

i just got back from jogging and guess what?
my stamina have decreased incredibly.. =(
2 reasons. #1. I've not jogged intensely for one month plus.
#2. when i fell sick, my breathing problem came back and now my breathing rhythm is all over the place.

and so as i jogged, i only managed to jog like.. 2km if i'm not wrong..
yes i noe 2km is still okay. BUT. by the 2nd km i was like already really tired..
and thats really bad.. i was pushing myself to finish the 2km.
so thts why i said my stamina have decreased.
i used to be able to jog 3km or 3.7km around there..
BUT not anymore.. BLEH. GOSH. I FEEL SO UNFIT! =(
seriously..sighhhs.. i'm gonna get myself back on track weih.
this is baaaadddddd~! been bumming for too long already.
and also, i've been jogging indoors in my coll gym till i forgot..
how awesome and nice it is to jog outdoors. went to desa parkcity.
as usual. =P

and u know, going there on a weekend is just so..amusing?
if ur a dog lover, u should visit the park on weekends. =)
U can see a big variety of dogs..variety of breed..variety of size!
maaaan~! i saw this REAAAALLYYY HUGE dog just now!
i think it weigh like.. man, i dont even noe how heavy it is!
its just super big! so big i think if it pounce on me..
i'd not be able to breathe! and at least 2 or 3 people have to get it off me.
heh.. thats how big it was. and there were really tiny dogs..
from the ugliest dogs to the cutest prettiest dogs! =P
so yeah. =D go check it out if ur free..

and there were just TOO MANY PEOPLE!
got people jogging, flying kites, strolling, dating..
walking their dogs.. taking pictures..picnic..
roller blading, cycling, YOU NAME IT! hahaha..
and people dressed up! and some dressed down for exercising..
dunno, i found it.. suffocating. =.=! and very chor deng..
like.. so many people blocking the path..
u have to go zig zag.. tak xuang larh.. loll.. dun mind my language. =P
i AM a Malaysian after all. we mix everything together..
english malay chinese.. =P hahaha.. ANYWAAAAAYS.
i totally prefer jogging at places which are less crowded..
OOOOH! there were these bunch of kids, that dressed all Hip-Hop-Ish..
with their shoes and those hiphop caps..just sitting at a corner.. acting cool..
trying to show off with their skateboards which..... few of em ended up falling. =.=

kids these daaaayyyyss..... =P hahahahahahahaa..

For now, things i choose to focus on would be mainly..
Growing. Studying. Dancing. Exercising.
those 4. other than that, would have to be put on hold.
coz seriously, theres only 96 days left till my A-lvls finals.
I dont wanna move back in dancing but go forward..
and i want to become fit again with good stamina..
And of course i want to continue to grow in my walk with God.

And working part time is totally out of my options atm.
Not enough time to focus on so many things.. =/
And so.. Yes. =) that is all i guess. =)

recently, i've been really motivated.. because i have been getting replies from people who i really admire. 
Secondly, TYLER WARD.
Thirdly, CHACHI.

Been talking to them through Youtube and it has been really nice to get replies from people whom you really admire and especially to be able to communicate with them when they are like on the other side of the world. Just so happy that they're all famous and all now.. but they still took the initiative and effort to reply. so thats just really cool. =) 

Was especially Happy when i got a reply from Mari. She shared things with me that really motivated me and its just so .. it was a blessing. =) She shared with me things about how she started as a dancer, what brought her through, how she got to where she was.. and she's just such an inspiration!!
I am.. Blessed. =) really.. 

So yup! time for me to go back to my books.. I've been slacking. Baaad baaad baaaad.. =S so no more slacky and busy-ing with other things.. 


Monday, February 07, 2011

Shawn Beck. (:

Hello everyone! Yes yes yes.. Incase you didn't know, This is Shawn Beck. =) A friend that i've known since i was 11 or 12 years old! hahaha.. super long ago right? =P Anyways, Turtle and Shawn was always there to listen to my stories and stuffs eversince i was 12 till.. i dunno when.. now tak de edy tho. =P KEN WEI SUPER SOMBONG. lollll... but been keeping in touch with shawn on and off. =D So we finally met up today. again.. after quite a while.. =) And OBVIOUSLY i wouldn't leave without taking pictures. =P
And here's Shawn with his Famous Miang Look! LOL.
* he's so gonna kill me =P *

We went to the curve and just catch up,chill,had dinner and check out cool headphones weih! =D

Which.. i wish i never found out about.! T_T now i soooo feel like saving up for that paticular headphone! =X

And The EVEN MORE Miang Look. =P hahahahahaha.!
Although he complained alot about my loudness and bising-ness, I know he enjoys my Bising-ness! =P hhahahahahaaa.. Cant believe if what we acted out on the way back really happened. LMAO! we acted out a scene if i was those quiet quiet kinda person. HAHA. xD


Overall, I had a great time. =)
& Thanks for dinner Shawn! (:

PS: Dont complain bout the miang pictures larh.. i was SOOOOO tempted to put up that Justin Bieber one okay! =P hahahaa...


Sunday, February 06, 2011

Second Vlog. =D

I keep telling myself. You know what, JUST DO IT! JUST CUTTTTT!
but i've a feeling that theres still a part of me that is saying NOOOOHHH! not too short!!! LOL.
So yeah. Tuesday. We'll see! so comment comment comment! =D

And btw! i've created myself a new Youtube Channel. I'm going to choreograph more dances and upload em there..hopefully.. if i've the time.. =) So yeah.. you can check it out at..


Saturday, February 05, 2011

Lets Just Talk, All through the Night.

Hello readers! =) my CNY this year.. is very quiet. =/
but i guess its good in a way coz i've been sleeping like a pig for the pass few days! hahaha gosh.. and my bio clock is so screwed. =S its like i keep taking long naps in the noon and evening that i sleep REALLY "early" and wake up only at noon.. HAHA. oh boyyyyy! so anyways! finally wore red today. =P and went to Sharon and Danny's place in Serdang! finally noe where they live. =)

And my plans to study have totally failed. =(
i did manage to finish up the econs assignment tho. =D
One down, 2 more to go. TORT assignments! 

and and and.. it has been decided! i'm gonna cut my long hair short either by this Monday or Tuesday. =X maaaaaan... i was so certain before this.. but now i'm actually feeling quite nervous yet excited to get myself a new hairstyle! ahhh.. i WILL NEED people to teman me go cut hair after class that day kay! hahaha.. if not i scared i chicken out half way. Gosh! =P

 Rachel Tey! Cherlyn Elina and Wan Ching! we go cut together on tuesday kkkk?! =D?  hahahaa...

And time is again, flying so fast, i cant catch up..i woke up today after my nap, looked at my phone and went. 
Yeah.. i know. we all get tht from time to time huh? Sighs. so fasttttttttt! anyhoo, im so excited! to get a new hairstyle. before i make a mistake. or if its even gonna be a mistake. SOME ADVICE PLEASE! LOL... or styles u think i should cut? tho i already sorta have a style in mind. =P

Hahaha its 3.30am.. and i'm blurring out already.. i dont even know if whtever i'm typing right now makes sense. =P Good morning anyways people. =)


Like Falling Stars.. 

Friday, February 04, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! =)

Spent the first day of CNY bumming at home! hahaha..
and the first day is never complete without SIEW NGOR!!! <3 <3 <3
i got so bored at one point and decided to watch LOTR! LOL.
yesssshhh! i watched the 3rd Lord of the Rings. =D

was good.

then had vegetarian dinner as well.. and headed out for a movieee.! =) at least i did smth. hahaha.. watched the Green Hornet! it was funny! hahaha.. quite a nice show. =) had fun watching it..

but kinda felt disturbed when this girl infront with her bf.. she kept looking back at me and my aunt.. so annoyingggggggggggg! coz we got every joke in the movie and laughed non-stop. stupid one lorh.. ppl laugh also wanna stare ppl down untill like tht.. ish! ITS A MOVIE LAH! if suffering sad emo movie and we laugh, u stare i understand lah. but funny movie, we laugh u give tht super lan c stare..

im like.. omgosh stop turning back and staring! whats ur problem ladyy?!


but yes, other than that. it was a great movie. =)
my CNY has been really different this year and last year.
but i guess, things dont always stay the same.
and sometimes, for the better.



Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Oh boyy..

Just started the day , Emo edy.. Haihs..

Anyways its the eve of CNY. I've totally no plans for CNY this year.
No idea whats it gonna be like.
but i do have ONE plan thus far.
Study. catch up with all i've left behind.
tho its always usually tough to do so when its the festive season.

i miss Joshua so much already. =(

and emo about another issue. sighs..
I just dunno what to do lah...

And i feel as if im losing touch with the world..
U know that feeling.
if u get what i mean.


i'm gonna watch Hercules to cheer myself up.
C ya.

Ciao-ed =(

Yeah.. Baby ciao-ed edy... =( Sniffxx... And i regret not going out for breakfast with them now! T_T coz i was very tired and mum kept saying they eating nearby and for a short while ni then they ciao and so i was like so tired my tiredness over powered going out for a while. and plus, baby was sleeping. so.. 

noooooooooooooooo....! =(

somebody fetch me to Ikea nowwwww... D:

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Joshua Tan Jia Rong!

He brings Joy to everyone around him!

ahhhh~! he's so adorableeeeeee! and funny and cute and lovable and SMART! and he's only 1 year +! oh howw i wish he could stay longer! =(

Couldn't sleep yday coz he was just so funny! He heard my dad snoring and so he imitated my dad! and i tot he was already asleep.. but he scared me. i was like OH NOOOO JOSHUA SNORES?! and i looked at him.. his eyes were still open.. then he smiled at me.. and then both of us started laughing! hahahaha.. AND.. when i pat him so that he'd fall asleep.. he started patting me back! ahhhh...! cuteeeeeee! 

he imitates every single sound or word or action we do!!! right away! just do once. and he'll pick it up! and he talks and learn new words just like tht! and he's only 1 year plus! and he knows words like: 

 I wan iphone! i wan iphone! i wan gameeee! come here! go there go there! TSK! i wan sleep! i wan oioiiii~! car car! lets goooo~ ting tong (the lift) he makes car sounds.. like vrooooommmm mmmmmm Eeeeek~! *breaking the car sound* he changes gear when he *act like his driving* he keeps turning behind when he's in the car and says hello to the cars behind! ohhh maaaan! HOW CAN THAT NOT BE ADORABLE PLUS SUPER SMART?! 

and just now we kept sneaking up on my dad and laughed silently together. dad's shirt was up and so his tummy showed. and i said.. xiu xiu malu! and YOU KNOW WHAT HE DID?! he started trying to pull down my dad's shirt to cover his tummy coz very shame shame / xiu xiu malu.. but couldnt! hahahaha! SO YOU KNOW WHAT HE DID?!!! he tried to pull up my dad's pants instead! HAHAHAHAHAHA! =)))) and i got many goodnight kisses! which is rare from him towards other people except his mummy! awwwww! HE SHO LOVEEES ME! =P hahahaha..