Saturday, February 05, 2011

Lets Just Talk, All through the Night.

Hello readers! =) my CNY this year.. is very quiet. =/
but i guess its good in a way coz i've been sleeping like a pig for the pass few days! hahaha gosh.. and my bio clock is so screwed. =S its like i keep taking long naps in the noon and evening that i sleep REALLY "early" and wake up only at noon.. HAHA. oh boyyyyy! so anyways! finally wore red today. =P and went to Sharon and Danny's place in Serdang! finally noe where they live. =)

And my plans to study have totally failed. =(
i did manage to finish up the econs assignment tho. =D
One down, 2 more to go. TORT assignments! 

and and and.. it has been decided! i'm gonna cut my long hair short either by this Monday or Tuesday. =X maaaaaan... i was so certain before this.. but now i'm actually feeling quite nervous yet excited to get myself a new hairstyle! ahhh.. i WILL NEED people to teman me go cut hair after class that day kay! hahaha.. if not i scared i chicken out half way. Gosh! =P

 Rachel Tey! Cherlyn Elina and Wan Ching! we go cut together on tuesday kkkk?! =D?  hahahaa...

And time is again, flying so fast, i cant catch up..i woke up today after my nap, looked at my phone and went. 
Yeah.. i know. we all get tht from time to time huh? Sighs. so fasttttttttt! anyhoo, im so excited! to get a new hairstyle. before i make a mistake. or if its even gonna be a mistake. SOME ADVICE PLEASE! LOL... or styles u think i should cut? tho i already sorta have a style in mind. =P

Hahaha its 3.30am.. and i'm blurring out already.. i dont even know if whtever i'm typing right now makes sense. =P Good morning anyways people. =)


Like Falling Stars.. 

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