Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Joshua Tan Jia Rong!

He brings Joy to everyone around him!

ahhhh~! he's so adorableeeeeee! and funny and cute and lovable and SMART! and he's only 1 year +! oh howw i wish he could stay longer! =(

Couldn't sleep yday coz he was just so funny! He heard my dad snoring and so he imitated my dad! and i tot he was already asleep.. but he scared me. i was like OH NOOOO JOSHUA SNORES?! and i looked at him.. his eyes were still open.. then he smiled at me.. and then both of us started laughing! hahahaha.. AND.. when i pat him so that he'd fall asleep.. he started patting me back! ahhhh...! cuteeeeeee! 

he imitates every single sound or word or action we do!!! right away! just do once. and he'll pick it up! and he talks and learn new words just like tht! and he's only 1 year plus! and he knows words like: 

 I wan iphone! i wan iphone! i wan gameeee! come here! go there go there! TSK! i wan sleep! i wan oioiiii~! car car! lets goooo~ ting tong (the lift) he makes car sounds.. like vrooooommmm mmmmmm Eeeeek~! *breaking the car sound* he changes gear when he *act like his driving* he keeps turning behind when he's in the car and says hello to the cars behind! ohhh maaaan! HOW CAN THAT NOT BE ADORABLE PLUS SUPER SMART?! 

and just now we kept sneaking up on my dad and laughed silently together. dad's shirt was up and so his tummy showed. and i said.. xiu xiu malu! and YOU KNOW WHAT HE DID?! he started trying to pull down my dad's shirt to cover his tummy coz very shame shame / xiu xiu malu.. but couldnt! hahahaha! SO YOU KNOW WHAT HE DID?!!! he tried to pull up my dad's pants instead! HAHAHAHAHAHA! =)))) and i got many goodnight kisses! which is rare from him towards other people except his mummy! awwwww! HE SHO LOVEEES ME! =P hahahaha.. 



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