Saturday, February 19, 2011

Hello hello!

Hello readers! i'm so sorry for the lack of updates recently..
but i've been sick for the pass week and been really busy with college..

LETS SEE. hahaha..
2 days after my previous entry, i finally chopped my long hair!
so yes! i've short hair nowwww! =D =D =D and best part was..
i LIKE my haircut AND it cost me only RM10! how awesome is tht?! =D
hahaha.. so yep. unfortunately, my pictures aren't with me atm.
but yes! i took alot of pictures! even when i was cutting my hair. =P
besides that, i fell sick the whole of this week.. =/
but i'm better now.. but sadly..

i just got back from jogging and guess what?
my stamina have decreased incredibly.. =(
2 reasons. #1. I've not jogged intensely for one month plus.
#2. when i fell sick, my breathing problem came back and now my breathing rhythm is all over the place.

and so as i jogged, i only managed to jog like.. 2km if i'm not wrong..
yes i noe 2km is still okay. BUT. by the 2nd km i was like already really tired..
and thats really bad.. i was pushing myself to finish the 2km.
so thts why i said my stamina have decreased.
i used to be able to jog 3km or 3.7km around there..
BUT not anymore.. BLEH. GOSH. I FEEL SO UNFIT! =(
seriously..sighhhs.. i'm gonna get myself back on track weih.
this is baaaadddddd~! been bumming for too long already.
and also, i've been jogging indoors in my coll gym till i forgot..
how awesome and nice it is to jog outdoors. went to desa parkcity.
as usual. =P

and u know, going there on a weekend is just so..amusing?
if ur a dog lover, u should visit the park on weekends. =)
U can see a big variety of dogs..variety of breed..variety of size!
maaaan~! i saw this REAAAALLYYY HUGE dog just now!
i think it weigh like.. man, i dont even noe how heavy it is!
its just super big! so big i think if it pounce on me..
i'd not be able to breathe! and at least 2 or 3 people have to get it off me.
heh.. thats how big it was. and there were really tiny dogs..
from the ugliest dogs to the cutest prettiest dogs! =P
so yeah. =D go check it out if ur free..

and there were just TOO MANY PEOPLE!
got people jogging, flying kites, strolling, dating..
walking their dogs.. taking pictures..picnic..
roller blading, cycling, YOU NAME IT! hahaha..
and people dressed up! and some dressed down for exercising..
dunno, i found it.. suffocating. =.=! and very chor deng..
like.. so many people blocking the path..
u have to go zig zag.. tak xuang larh.. loll.. dun mind my language. =P
i AM a Malaysian after all. we mix everything together..
english malay chinese.. =P hahaha.. ANYWAAAAAYS.
i totally prefer jogging at places which are less crowded..
OOOOH! there were these bunch of kids, that dressed all Hip-Hop-Ish..
with their shoes and those hiphop caps..just sitting at a corner.. acting cool..
trying to show off with their skateboards which..... few of em ended up falling. =.=

kids these daaaayyyyss..... =P hahahahahahahaa..

For now, things i choose to focus on would be mainly..
Growing. Studying. Dancing. Exercising.
those 4. other than that, would have to be put on hold.
coz seriously, theres only 96 days left till my A-lvls finals.
I dont wanna move back in dancing but go forward..
and i want to become fit again with good stamina..
And of course i want to continue to grow in my walk with God.

And working part time is totally out of my options atm.
Not enough time to focus on so many things.. =/
And so.. Yes. =) that is all i guess. =)

recently, i've been really motivated.. because i have been getting replies from people who i really admire. 
Secondly, TYLER WARD.
Thirdly, CHACHI.

Been talking to them through Youtube and it has been really nice to get replies from people whom you really admire and especially to be able to communicate with them when they are like on the other side of the world. Just so happy that they're all famous and all now.. but they still took the initiative and effort to reply. so thats just really cool. =) 

Was especially Happy when i got a reply from Mari. She shared things with me that really motivated me and its just so .. it was a blessing. =) She shared with me things about how she started as a dancer, what brought her through, how she got to where she was.. and she's just such an inspiration!!
I am.. Blessed. =) really.. 

So yup! time for me to go back to my books.. I've been slacking. Baaad baaad baaaad.. =S so no more slacky and busy-ing with other things.. 


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