Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wanna help someone?

Today i realized how short of a time we are actually given the opportunity to help someone.If u wanna help someone,dont think. Just do. Because by the time u've made up ur mind,the opportunity is already gone.

u noe wht made me realize this? a simple small thing. Ms jackie was walking up the stairs with a heavy box and her hands were full. i was very hungry and was going down to grab myself some bread to eat. so only the bread was in my mind. i passed by her n saw her bt didn't even ask if i could help. i just walked pass her. after i've passed her i realized tht she needed help. i turn behind to think if i shud run up to help coz she reaching the class edy. n by the time i decided.. she reached edy. =.= felt bad. =/ so yup. thts wht made me think of this. =)

its a good lesson to me really.
i really like how im able to observe such simple things bt actually, they bring an even more significant meaning to life. =) such an important lesson of life.

anyhoo sides that.. lemme share with you..
a stupid side of me. hahahaha..
manual cars, u have to obviously lock the doors manually.
and everytime i sit in my dad's manual car..
i would always remind myself repeatedly to rmb to lock the door whenever we are parking the car or about to arrive somewhere. so all tht play in my mind is.. "LOCK THE DOOR!" so i keep thinking.. yes yes i must lock the door.

i think of it sooo much.. TOO MUCH.. That when im about to get down the car. i'd lock the door and then try to open the door. and then shrugs and go.. "oh wow. u did it again miss smarty pants!" PFFFT! hahaha then i unlock and get out the door.

HAHAHAHHAA. I ALWAYS DO THAT! and its so annoying. hahahha. but i laugh at myself after i get down the car and think about it again. hahahahaha.. how silly. =P
but i guess things like these make life more interesting in a way. haha. =)

im starting to get better. =)))
but i still need to work on sleeping earlier.
hahahaa. Goodnight everyone.!


Its okay,its alright.
Time, thats all its ever been.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

If only you knew..

But You'd never know.

you'll probably not hear a word from me.


So can we just slow down,while you make this mistake
just slow down.. so my heart don't break..

coming undone and my seams unravel 

 you know that I love you but my heart won't tr

 but I'll still be yours.

coz i said i'll never leave. So did you. 
But where are you now..?

Monday, June 28, 2010

=/ . =S . =( ?

hewooooo... hmmm..
had such a rollercoaster day today.. =.=..
sick, so i didn't go for class..
brought my lil brother to go see TOY STORY 3 jst nw..
although i already watched it .. but brought him to watch again..
coz i had free pases to watch from 8tv.
it was nice watching it even for the second time.
good movie. great memories. =)

thennnn.. i went back and started doing my notes..
well. i've been doing my own notes for all 3 subs..
and so far it was okay but im starting to have the feeling that..
its pointless,useless and its just like me, copying the text book all over again. u noe.. tht kinda feeling? yeah and im starting to question myself if i should continue. =(
sighs.. i need some motivation..
im at the point where im starting to feel demotivated and all.. =(
and time isn't slowing down for me either..
3 months more till my As exams..
i cant afford to even waste a single day more..

and then just now few things happened that made me feel really crappy. =( siggghs.. and as i was feeling so crappy.. i was listening to the radio at the same time.. and hitz was giving out movie tickets again.. last time me and my lil bro super active go win one.. bt its been a while since i actually bothered or had time to do so.. and yeah i just simply try..

and to my suprise.. i actually won the tickets to watch THE PREMIER OF PREDATOR. and i was the first sms through. that kinda enlightened me.. but all these things can only do so much i guess?

and another thing..

doesn't it just sucks/hurts/makes u feel so sad when u care so much for someone close to u be it ur parents siblings friends boyfriend girlfriend but they dont realize how much they mean to u and how much u love them and how much u care for them? but they dont even bother?

one word. Pain.

i guess all these things are out of our control..
and all we can do is to either continue wht we're doing..even tho it hurts coz this is wht we call sincere love. without expecting back anything. (tho its hard)
or just stop caring and break tht relationship.

Oh dear life..
sometimes your just too confusing and complicated.

then again, whats life without all of these.

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Hello everyone!
yday i went to seremban to celebrate my grandma's 80th birthday! =)
my mum's side relative. AND ON THE WAY THERE!
THE MOON WAS SUPER HUGE! tho it wasn't full..
it was only like a C shaped moon but it was HUGE!
and it was REALLY ORANGE! AND! it was super LOW!
i tried to capture a good picture of it.. but phailed. D:
it was so low that everytime i wanted to snap either its blur..
coz i snap too fast n shaky and all.. or either the mountains would block em.
so yeah. this was wht i got. haha. i took videos of it..
but by the time i took a video of it , it wasn't as awesome edy.

see the orange dot there?! YEAH MAN! it was THAT LOW!
how cool is that? =)))

i took alot of pictures but not gonna blog em now. haha. i need to finish my study goals! =P so here are a few pictures to show u the BIRTHDAY LADY! hahaha.. and an idea of my mum's family side. =)

my Popo and Kungkung! =)
they're both still so healthy!

my mum's siblings and my grandparents CHILDREN! =)) theres one more uncle,the second son but he is in germany. BANYAK OR WHT?! HAHAHA.

and we the grandchildren!! =)))

I had super alot of fun! haha. i dont really get to meet up with my mum's side cousins and aunties and uncles much! but compared to dad's side, they are more to the english educated side! =) hahahaa we had karaoke and all! it was all good!! ^^ had so much fun getting to know my mum's side cousins better.. i think i havent seen most of em for like 2 years or at least a year plus. hahaha.. it was nice nice nice. =) i had fun!

and today!
well i had dinner alone.. coz i didn't wanna follow dad n lil bro to curve. coz it was 7pm.. and they would go gym and i had to have dinner alone anyways.. and at the same time wait for mum to finish work and therefore hang around alone. =.=! so yeah had dinner alone.. pretty failed dinner plan. if u dont already know, i dun really fancy having meals alone outside.. =( if i ate alone at home im fine with tht. but eating alone outside? i rather not eat. =P haha. so yeah called some friends but timings just clashed. =/ so yeah i decided to pack back food! and since im not feeling well.. and all i wanted to eat rice. so i drove all the way to Menjalara,MGF but guess wht?! i had to wait more than half an hour till i could get my food. so no way man. haha.. I WAS HUNGRY! xD

so in the end i went to the kuey teow kuan low stall near my hse and ended up sitting there.. and eating there alone. =.= kok sime could teman me at like 8.30pm but i was hungry and didn't wanna be out till so late so in the end i say nvm coz i tot i was gonna ta pao but i ended up reaching the kuey teow stall at 8.30pm, ate there alone. haha. aihh.. FAILED DINNER PLAN! bt nvm.. =/ i ate super fast. HAHA. no idea why. 2 reasons maybe!

1. i was hungry!
2. i didn't wanna be there long coz i feel awkward eating alone. =P

so yep. BUT ANYHOO! as i made the turning into the lane where my house is.. GUESS WHAT I SAW?!

YES! I SAW THIS! well it was bigger and more orangey than this ! i got this picture from google but but but! it was some what like the picture above! AND IMAGINE THE MOON BIGGER! yes! i saw A FULL ORANGE HUGE BIG MOON TONIGHT! hahaa.. ahh.. that totally made my day. =) i ran up to grab my camera. but by the time i came down it became smaller and got covered by the clouds slowly by slowly. =/


techonology and digi cams,dslr and whtever can never capture what the real eye can see and appreciate. =) u may capture something ALMOST similar..

but NEVER.. ever as beautiful and real like how the eye can see. =)

study goals to be finished now! =)

Think Positive.! :D

Friday, June 25, 2010

Siow Yee Siang!


see this lovely lovely drawing up here?!
yes its a drawing.. hahaa.. so chun right?!
Yee Siang drew this specially for me!!! =))))))

Thanks alot yee siang!
u made me happy.. =)))

I'm sho blessed. =)
How often do people spend their time and energy drawing something just for you?!
On special ocations like birthdays and all maybe larh..
BUT! he drew this for me.. just because he wanted to..
Awwwww.. =))



Dance partner.

I guess, the way i can really improve in dance more efficiently is to have a dance partner. thus, i wanna find a dance partner.. or partner(ssssssss)

someone i can train and practice with often,
someone i can choreograph dances with,
someone i can record videos of our choreography with,
someone i can get along with.. (duh)
someone who has the same passion for dance as i do.

i weaaaaaalllyyy wanna move forward in dancing..
i feel.. stuck. =.=!
but yeah.. serious, i am!


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Stop & Look

i realize how alot of people nowadays rush through almost everything. they keep looking and looking and wanting and wanting untill they forget or rather dont even notice what they've got. when actually they need not look or search for in the first place and it was actually right infront of them the whole time.

how ironic huh?

take a chill pill..
and just.. Stop.. for a moment.

and learn to realize whats around you..
and to just appreciate whats around you.


Strong imaginations..

i've nvr shared this with anyone before i think..
or maybe i have. haha bt yeah. about my imaginations..
actually, i have really strong imaginations.. =/
and really random ones too..

for example. the most recent one was today.
where we were in economics class and i suddenly felt the ground beneath me shake.. it happens quite alot.. but i'm not too sure if anyone actually realizes it. but anyhoo, the minute the ground shook.. i straight away went into my imaginations and mr.aria faded for just a minute.

i imagined, what if there really was an earth quake? what would everyone do?

1st scenario, everyone would go under their chairs and hope for it to stop.

2nd scenario, this person makes a run for it! he runs down to the 2nd floor,1st floor while everything else is falling apart.. and before he reached ground floor.. the stairs have already fallen apart and he then is stuck and sadly, dies at the stairway, crushed by bricks or parts of the stairs.

3rd scenario, the same thing, he makes a run for it.. but now he manage to reach ground floor fast enough before the stairs starts to collapse. he then runs out of the building without stopping and turns to look at the whole building collapse. being too terrified and shocked.. he unnoticingly looks at the building collapse in terror while walking and sadly, walks onto the busy road outside my college and gets knocked down by a car/lorry/whtever.

and then i came back to Mr.Aria's class. heh.
well.. my imaginations usually runs wild in topics and scenario's like wht would i do if this and that were to happen right now. but its kinda bad.. actually. its really negative. i've no idea why. most of these imaginations will definitely involve blood shed. like another example..

if me and my younger brother were in the back seat of the car. and infront of us was a lorry carrying sharp ended metal poles or smth. and suddenly smth happens that then causes the sharp metal poles to pierce through the windscreen of the car and then heads directly towards my lil brother.

what then would i do?

Scenario 1, find something to block it and hopefully it pierces only the object and stops there. i looked around and saw a bottle. i thought yeah, that could be used. but then again, obviously, it wouldn't be strong enough and my lil bro would get pierced in the end.

Scenario 2, i jump/move/go infront of my lil bro to save him n i getting pierced instead of him.

then i come back to reality. =.=
sighs yes yes i know it is really unhealthy and all..
but it just occurs naturally.. and in randomness..
any danger that i see may occur.. will trigger my wild imaginations..
to scenarios of what would i do? what would they do?
Sighs. sometimes it would even affect the me in reality.
like after all these short imaginations, i would then..
start to take precaution and just be really careful..
to ensure that whtever just went on in my mind..
dont really happen in reality.. =.=......
i feeel so totally like the final destination people sometimes.
Baahh... i dunno wht this is really..
whether its good? bad? ahh i really dunno.. D:

i dunno why i even shared about this but yeah.
another complicated hidden side of me revealed. =D
dunno, just felt like blogging about it. =)


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

loving it baby!

YESH! i went jogging again today right after i got home.
to be honest? i was EXHAUSTED! but i guess..
i feel more awake after i jog.. =D
feel better even.. hehe.. AND GUESS WHAT?!

i managed to run 3 rounds today AGAIN!
but this time! i managed to run 3 rounds non-stop!
yday i ran 2 rounds and stopped.. walked half round..
and decided to go for 2 and a half round..
but i ended up running another full round!
so i ran 3 in total. hehe. but TODAY!
i ran 3 rounds straight without stopping leh!

I felt super super much LESS TIRED compared to yday!
i could've ran another half round making it 3 and a half.
haha. but i decided to keep steady first and increase slowly.. =D

another 4.5km today! hahaha.. awesome! =)

and and and ps! i had a dream yday night. haha.
i dreamt that i went to this super huge house..
and like there were tonnes of people living it in.
and all of em were super super friendly and it was like..
the home of a lifetime! and the awesome-est family ever!
but then.. i realize tht anyone who tried to leave would be blacklisted..
and they'll hunt u down to get u back into their home.
so i tried to escaped one day.. was wearing full white..
ran outta the hse and from no where this dude in full white..
came with a super YENG sports motorbike! and i hoped on it..
and tht was my escape! haha and they kept hunting me down and all..
but yeah that was part of my dream.. hahaha maybe...
i think of TOY STORY 3 too much! even my dreams are influenced nw!
HAHA! but i loved my escape! I WAS SHO COOL! =D =D =D

hahaa so yea. =D thts all! gotta go finish my law assignment now.
i kinda love my daily routines nw. =)
College, Jogging,Online like 1 hour max and then studyyyyyy! =D
=) toodles people!

PS: i find looking at people dozing off in the ktm really fascinating! it made me smile and almost laughed even when i was dead tired. AHA! people infront of me thought i was craziee or smth. =P


Monday, June 21, 2010


yesh! okay i know i said i'll be missing for a while.
but i DID say MAYBE. =D

haha. anyhoo! just wanna say tht i finally went jogging again after 2 months of being oh-so-unactive! and and and i thought i would've lost my stamina by now but but but GUESS WHAT?! i finally broke the mindset that i could only run 2 rounds around that big big lake.. BUT NO! i finally overcomed it and ran 3 rounds! hahahaha.. took me a total of 18minutes to complete those 3 rounds tho.. =X

not too sure how far/ long one full round is..
still dunno.. but im assuming it to be about.. 1.5km?
or 2km? haha i dunno.. but its about there larh.. =D
so if its 1.5km means i jogged likeeeeee... 4.5km?! =D xD
yeh no biggy. but im happy i managed to overcome tht mindset.
now i just have to prac more and go up up up up and up! =D

hee. =D i really need to get myself a proper jogging shoe. =.=
i wore my retarded scouts shoe to jog just nw. xD
and yeah.. okay.. thts all i guess.
i was kinda down yday.. because of 2 people. D:

to one of you...
How can i spend time with you if you didn't want to spend time with me in the first place? sighs. and tbh.. u asked me many times if i missed you. truth is.. i dont. actually.. =/ i dunno.. ur starting to make me.. build a wall between us.. and.. i dunno how to react or.. layan you anymore.. =( sighs. whtever larh. ...

and you.. well you..
maybe i should stop sharing so much. =)
yeah.. and.. just stay away slowly by slowly?
i dunno... your just so confusing.

and im too soft!

u brought this upon urself softy. D:
life life life. and time!

Time is all its ever been.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Thousands of Pictures,Less Words.

Okay. i know. i must be craziee..
to do 3 long ass entries 3 days straight!
haha.. yeah man. i wonder why so rajin myself..
O.O and my problem? i cant just choose 1 picture out of an event. haha. ahh well. so! heres another long ass entry. but! more pictures. less words. =)

first day driving out of my housing area. first 2 friends i picked up from their houses to go breakfast. =)
it was a monday. and parents went jb to clear more stuffs from jb to be brought down. wasn't allowed to drive to college coz nvr drove there with someone or alone before so yep. skipped class.
Chi Wing n marilyn. =)
so yeah! had breakfast wit em.. =)

first time they eatin there. =P

and yesh! im usually the one doing this.. to other people. HAHA.
its my turn to be in the driver's seat i guess. =)

haha the two nutcases. =)

then after sending em home. Kim darling came.
she offered to supervise my driving!
so tht day was driving day. =)
drove to all the places i would be driving to and HAVE to drive to. =)
so firstly! went to mum's work place, Curve.
then we headed to my college in brickfields! =)
and we drove baaack to my hse!
and then we drove to church. St. Pauls PJ.
and rested and Amcorp mall for lunch because it was really hot tht day and we were really tired.. =(
yep. check out them tired faces! drove starting from 12.30pm!
then we headed to Tmn Connaught,Cheras. Coz thts where i would have to go every saturday for dance classes. =) celica's class! =D yep. my dance studio is in cheras. =)
then we went to Kim's place in Bukit Jalil!
and it started to rain..

from cheras we actually got lost for a while and ended up in desa petaling but managed to reach bukit jalil in the end. =)

and then we passed Puchong.. =)
and then my car broke down.. =.= .. but it managed to start again after kim let out all the hot air by opening the oil cap. and we were super the tired.

and we finally reached back home at 7.40pm. super. duper. tired.!
thanks alot Kim.. =) i appreciate it alot! she did nth but just sat with me in the car for abt 7 hours straight! ily kimberley ong jing ling!

and i ended the day with dinner.. at the famous kuan lou kuey teow show with fish and sime. =)

On wed, brought ban ho ,wan ching n janning to rock climb. =)
since im a member there edy. and i can belay, so i can bring them in as my guests. =D

bouldering a bit.
playing a game. ;)
i belayed the whole day. climbed only like.. 3 times?
belaying is really tiring when u over do it. D:
i prefer climbing. =D

everyone meet Jane! =) a climber in camp 5 as well. she climbs alot and now works there. =D met her during the ENDURO trainings. =)

yep. climbed from 3pm - 9.30pm. by the time there was someone to belay me, i could hardly climb already because i was really exhausted already. =(

i think this was on thursday. =)
camera shy people. pfft! =P

and i watched TOY STORY 3 on another day.. =D
with nick.. =)
i seriously have problems choosing pictures n making up my mind. =P
well they may all look the same coz we're just smiling but every picture is different to me. haha. =D
i somehow have auto memory..
where i can rmb wht we were saying and all at every shot tht was taken. ;)
Nick! this time his the one taking the pictures! =P
nt bad hey!

wht a beautiful lake.. =)


and i had to ciao. =(

=P F R O G. lolololol!

At night, it was Burger's bday. =)
i didn't like their services at all. customer service, -o.ooooooo

birthday girl here!

this is burger aka xiu yoong. =)

i love my camera. =)

then we went to desa parkcity.
to play freezbie. =.=! in the middle of the night at the parking lot. =.=
random much? =P

And today.
i drove to church. =D

and brought this two school boys on an outing for a movie in 1u before they go back to school tmr. =) last day of hollie. haha.
whtever joeeee! pfft!


laughing candid shots. i like. =) tho its blur. =P

Lala Zhais. haha.

we watched A-Team! good movieeeee!!! =D tho, i really really LOVED TOY STORY 3! =)))) it rawked sooooooo much! hahaha. toy story my childhood movie! had a good sad ending. im happy and satisfied really.. =) coz toy story 1 n 2 were really good movies. =) i laughed like craziee while watching it. hahahahahaa...

so yeah. my study goals are wayyyyy delayed.
so! imma be missing for a while. maybe. =P
hahahaa. but i should really start dedicating my weekdays to fully study.
and im serious. =)

Hopefully, this week bears fruits!