Wednesday, June 09, 2010

The entertainment side of me?

Me leading the LU POS team in 2008

I used to perform alot and everywhere.
well, not like i dont do it anymore. but i've stopped for quite a while.
I used to be in POS in dance competitions dance performances..
every now and then! but i dont know..
i've been away for quite a while now..
i used to act even! in plays in malls and all..

Our Signature Move (Emerge KL 2008)

I just saw the video of the CHCKL's POS team at the Asia Conference in Spore 2010! they were great! its just such a shame i couldn't join them. i was supposed to but in the end i didn't/ couldn't. felt this feeling i couldn't explain after seeing the video. i guess it brought back alot of memories and made me realize a number of things. kinda makes me sad that i have put these sides of me aside for quite a while.. =( but i really wish to continue again tho.. really wish i was there with u guys! sighsss i miss those POS days really! D: its been a while now..

My Mates. =) Miss u guyss..
nononono.. i must go back.. asap!
really. its me. its part of me..

My first Perfect Baby Freeze 2006

Anyhoo, stop the emotioning part!
haha yes yes yday parents were in Ipoh..
and so i had the car to myself! mwahahahaha!
so i drove benroy to dinner! U OUGHTA BE HONORED U!
ur like the first person i drove! =P pfft! haha..
and he said he didn't feel scared when he sat in my car. *benroy: yes i was!!*
so i guess thats a good start? =D hehe. =D
im not allowed to drive long distance yet tho.
dad allows. but mum.. well.. she loves me too much. =D
hahaha thats to put it in a nicer way. HAHA.
so yeah! i'll be driving further than my housing area soon hopefully!
i really wanna go back for dance classes with celica on saturdays ASAP!

seriously. imma drive to cheras baby! hahaha.. =P
kay kay i have my study goals to finish!
gdnite everyone! =)

PS: i cant stop singing today! haha. weirdo me. =D