Friday, November 30, 2007


PEOPLE! i had a superb day today!
anyways abt my title.. haha..yesh..
Usually i like super tired.. or i bored or whetvr..
always start dancing.. and shuffle abit here and there..
or dance back my old dance steps..
ANYWAYS.. theres this handsome boy in British India..
who my friend siti really likes.. and.. she din know him..
at all.. at first.. but suddenly he msg her.
long story lar. but yesh he's really handsome. =D
so one day.. she went yam cha wit him..
and he was like..
"Hey.. theres..this Chinese girl working in Roxy right? "
"Haha..She like to dance and shuffle alot huh?"
"Caught her shuffling and dancing so many times when she was alone..Well at least she thought no one was looking.. =P she dance very cute huh.."
"LOL.. why u so kepoh one.. secretly go see wht people doing.."
"Allaaaa.. our shops are just opposite wht.. =P"
Me: OMggggggggg...=.=........
yeah.. i so totally thought no one was watching..
At least i THOUGHT. .....=.=.........
when siti told me tht i was like..O.O..........
and turn red. haha.. aiyerrrr...
Aiks.. dun care lar. =P at least he got my race right..
if he say i malay i'm gonna bish himmm! xDDD
C'mon! guess why! guess! =D
YESSHHHHHHHH! LAtif off day today so he din get to ruin my day! Muahahahahahahah! BESIDES THAT FACT! The radio fix d! so we play the roxy CD which is like filled with uber nice songs! WOHOOOOOOO! I was butt shaking the whole day and head banging. HAHA. =P *smiles innocently* Whtttt? =P I loveeeeee music! i can sit down of a chair and listen to music the WHOLE day. can ask my sibs. haha.. i can sit on the sofa and listen to the radio the whole day. xD! So as long as i got music i'm ok man! Kau tim ar! xDDDD.. so yesh.. i had a superb day! at least the radio din like.. arrive after i stop work. God's so nice to let me enjoy my last two days of work! I loveee uuuu my lord and God and my everything! =D Tmr last day worrr.. So fast i've been working for 2 months already. Wow. hahas.. YAYYYYY KL! CAMP! LAPTOP! ALL COMING NEARER TO ME! AW YESSSHHHh! YEAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!! MY APPLE! WOOOOOH! AWW YEAH!!! MY MY MY.. xDDDDDDD! So hyper. Why ler? I just ate chocolate. MUHAHAHAHAHAHA!
He was so nice.
he waited for me to online which was at like..
1.30am just to send me the song..
I mean like.. how'd he even noe i'd go on?
COZ COZ got friend sense. xDDD..
HAHAHA.. i sound so happy.. xDD..
Coz .. I AM! =D
okaaays...its 2.30am.
gtg! =D mwhs!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Eric Clapton - Change the World.

If I could reach the stars
Pull one down for you
Shine it on my heart
So you could see the truth
That this love I have inside
Is everything it seems
But for now I find
It's only in my dreams

That I can Change the world
I would be the sunlight in your universe
You would think my love was really something good
Baby, if i could change the world

If I could be king, even for a day
I'd take you as my queen
I'd have it no other way
And our love would rule
this kingdom we have made
Til' then i'll be a fool
Wishing for the day

Baby if I could...change the world
I could change the world,
I would be the sunlight in your universe
You would think my love was really something good
Baby, if I could change the world


I only like two songs from him. =) this and Tears in Heaven.


Wednesday, November 28, 2007

HELP. =(

I just realised how blur i am about laptops.
i know nth bout them man.
waaaaaaaaaaa... how to buy laptop in pc fair........ T_T..
i need someone whose good at laptops to teman me go pc fair.......
Aiks..... someone... anyone out there?

no mood no mood no mood!!!

STUPID LATIF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
u ruin my day.. oh wait.. its DAYSSSSSSSSSSSSs........
stupid larh.. reli damn stupid.
grrr! its like u got nth better to do isit?
its like.. just coz i'll be stopping work in 3 days..
he wants to give me hell in this last few days.

i went to work. i din look, talk, smile. at all. at him.
i just stood far away from him.
and just do wht i do. but not a word.
only when customers come in i talk.
but sides tht. i just kept quiet. the whole day.
except when i was with siti alone..
and siti knowing me so well.. tht i'm a chtterbox..
she was like.. OMG! break record! u spoke less than 100 words.
LOL. u arrrr.. =.=!!!
but really lar.. if u all know me well..
u would noe tht i'm a reli talkative person..
so when i'm like really quiet.. its either i'm so tired..
or theres just something wrong.. hahaa..
so when i say i'm tired please believe me and dun keep asking.
xD. coz i reli am. haha. if theres smth wrong i'll speak out one.
dun worry. =) so anyways. work was reli boring..
coz i jaga quiksilver today with latif, amy and hafis.
gaaaaah.. i wan my siti.. =(.......... and faizal...
tmr with stupid latif again. tht noob..
then my last two days in roxy with nice ppl. yay.!

Anyways i really no mood now lar.. so i dun think i'd be sleeping anytime soon.. lol.. i no mood wont sleep one.. haizz.. or rather cant.. =.=....... from today till friday i noon shift. so dun need to wake early. maybe at 11am like dat. and i gotta start packing all my belongings to bring to KL. well.. i'll bring some. but gotta pack so tht when family goes down they can help me bring. dun tell me i wanna bring my stuff with me to camp mehh..
and and i cant wait to get my own laptop. that'll be nice. =)
btw.. i reli dunno how ppl use toilets nowadays. like.. Zzzz... what a disgrace lar.. to all ladies.females. girls. woman! course i cant judge on how guys toilets are. but like whn i go toilet. i open the door.. wanting to pee.. suddenly i see the toilet like dat.. ......................... no 'feel' to kencing already. =.=.. and somethings wrong with me. LOL. everytime i finish eating. after 3o minutes i need to go toilet d. i've been using the toilet so much nowadays that when the toilet is like not clean it bothers me sooo muchhh! it makes me go like. WALAO. how they use toilet one!!!! ............
enough for today. of my.. rumblings.
PS: thx thx muchiex to Jeremy,Karyn and Aaron for trying to cheer me up. ilu. =) mwhs.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Put ur pride down. humble urself to learn.

* if only those stuff last forever.. its all gone now. T_T*

Hey people.. was nice to be back at church again today..
havent been able to go for abt 3 weeks now..
coz had work.. hmmsh.. after church had my last party with all of ma darlings..
aww.. i'm gonna miss em.. was the last one to go home..
haha.. had the party in Kaw's hse.. aka my dear bestie.
so left his hse only at abt 11pm like dat..
had a great great time there.. =D

Anyways.. Someone made my day by sending a simple " Tomato. x) "

i'm sure by now u've already guess who that person would be. hahaa.. Dear Apple! =D she's done wit camp.. hahaa.. stay indoors more now lar.. dun get more sun burn. =P see u soon! =)
Hmmsh.. i wanted to buy a camera with my nov pay.. but then i wasnt sure whether to get a laptop or camera.. but dad actually made some sense in getting a laptop first. so i guess i'd be leaving out the camera till next year. =( ... the good thing is PC fair in KL is coming soon.. and the better thing is that i'd be in KL just at that very moment.. hahaha.. going down on the 6th most probaly.. yay.. cant wait to go back to dancing. its been a while. since merdeka. =)
ergh.. i'm so bored right now..
i think i'll just go to sleep. =.=...
its 3am..haaaa.. dang i feel so no mood to do anything..
xD..... yesh. sleep is the answer.
good nites my loved ones. ;)

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Have you ever..

*candid shot by siti*

Heyyyy! anyways right.. On had a really great day k! so was today! =) yay! coz on friday my sugaa and karyn and kenneth was in TC. so i got to spend my free time with them. =D and alot of other people came to visit me too! i cant rmb tho.. haha.. too much.. xD then today.. saturday.. my dad started badly..
STUPIK LATIF.. U piss me off.. gr. ur the reason we ALL dun wanna work there. Noob..Would u kindly put down that pride and arogance? u spoil everyones day at work. YOU. AND BTW! if u 5 song me dun scold her.. come and scold me lar.. tell right to my face. why u wanna be so two face? its too obvious lar.. Dun try to joke around with me expecting me to laugh at ur jokes.. (lames ones i might add) and make me forget wht a person u are. coz tht wouldn't happen.. it only will if i were a fool. Gaaaah.. i'm so glad i'm stopping work soon. u scold her summore thats it man. ur gonna get it from me. ur up to my head already and dun think i'll keep quiet if u bully her or scold her even one more time.
Sorry abt tht. gotta write out my thoughts i held in for 13 hours at work today. gr. Anyways.. as i was saying.. it started badly.. but then slowly it turn out pretty nicesh. =) well saturday.. Jack jack bday! so i called him to come jusco since he had no plans. was suppose to have lunch together but he came late. =.= so anyways.. nvm! i tot i was gonna have lunch alone again like i always do..=.=....... but then! suddenly 3 lovely ladies came by and had lunch with me! and they even bought me orange juice coz they saw me eating without any drink.. =P those lovely ladies were my classmates. =) good close fwends i may add. =D i love u all!!! ^^ then after a while.. Jack jack came with Aboy..i've not seen aboy like in months! a year maybe? LOL.. finally saw him again and he came wearing his baxx t-shirt making me all jealous.. =( hmmmph! gave jack his present! hahaa.. but sadly i was working so couldnt teman him.. =( so chat with em for like quite long ler.. hahaa.. then they ciao.. then they came back.. xD then we talk talk talk.. suddenly i stop talking to jack and talk to aboy.. and his face suddenly became red. HAHA.. so cuteee!!! then me and jack tease him.. "Ehhh.. why ur face becoming red oneee?" then he look in the mirror it became more red.. he quickly run out the shop. LOL... then after a while he ok d he came back in.. talk to him.. red again.. hahahaa.. cute lar.. xD..
After they left.. i was really so super bored. and tired. and.. TIRED. T_T.. it was 10.30pm.. and suddenly i thought i saw khoo and rui walking in.. but i tot i was just dreaming or sumthing coz i just miss them so badly.. and suddenly they hugged me.. i was like.. OMGGGGGGG... ITS REAL! hahahahahaa.. i was so happy.. my face shoot up and became red red... xD.. awww mannn.. they made my day.. i really so super miss them.. =) I love u both arrrr!!! Miss u guys again... =( i dun careeee.. b4 i go kl i go ur hse challenge u guys to badminton one last time and yam cha till its midnight.. hehe.. =P wo ai ni men !!!!
They so totally made my day.
;) i'm a happy lady.
1. laptop
4.Jacket. baggy with zip.
5.more song albums. =D

1.she's like cuteeee!!!
2.she loves God alot.. =)
3.She's a strong gal at heart..
5.Kind + Friendly = Shes a great gal! =)
coming into my life. and being part of it. =D
a simple Hello coz thats wht connected us to where we are now. =)
If i were a guy, i would treasure her like no ones buisness. xD coz i know she'll give all she can=) she has a big heart. =D
Thats because someone would be jealous that i have a friendship going on with her and tht person dont. =P

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Wooh..PK wei. (tagged!)

Ey guys.. sup..

Today work.. as usual..
and kinda like slept at 5am in the morning today..
lol..woke up for work and suprisingly.. i wasnt tired..=P
Someone teman-ed me chat till i went off..
aww.. how nice of him.. haha..
Ur starting to impress me.. =)
i like it when u show the real you.. and not sum1 else when ur with ur friends.. i love it when ur so urself when ur with me.. haha.. =)

Work was fine. like.. time passed real fast..
bought my sibs christmas presents home today..
all from Quiksilver. imagine the pretty lovely and "friendly" price. =) Yayyy................
xD but nvm.. its not everyday their sister get to buy them good christmas present.. So ahh.. heck care the digits.. =D just hope they like it..
haha.. u may ask me.. why so fast.. christmas still far..
well.. i wraped it all up in christmas wrappings and brought it home..
BUT their not allowed to open em till christmas.
therefore .. they gotta wait. =P
they can c.. no touchy. aw.

=P ladidum~

oh yes.. sumthing i wanna say..
sometimes.. u feel so tired..
serving customers.. but when u giv ur all..
when ur serving them.. and when they actually buy sumthing..
and then u go attend to another customer coz ur done with..
the rest is all for the cashier.. and suddenly they specially come up to u..
after paying for the stuff.. just to say thank you and bye..
it makes u feel so appreciated tht..
u dont mind doing more.. and better.. and giving ur all..

Thats all for today. btw.. sometimes u spend and do so much for someone.. and then suddenly they make u angry u feel so angry + sad + geram. Ergh! BB.. u like dat larrr... hmmph.. treat me like wall when talking to you.. fineee.. fineeee!
BB aka my baby brother. called him tht eversince.
and LOL.. i gotta new nick name from boo.. just coz i online till so late nowadays eversince i started working.. and he like always on9 like.. at 2am or 12am like dat.. i was like.. u ar.. night hamster lar.. (he's nick is hamster) then he say.. whttt.. u also wht.. Night Bao Bao. (coz on msn i randomly put Bao Bao. =.= )
LOL. sounds nice anyways. HAHA.
Wheee~ boo! ur bday coming jor! i alrdy got ur present rdy.. =P mwahhahaa.... see u soon in dec!!! =)
working full day tmr.
I wanna love you this way tht way this way
tagged by my lovely couz! =)
1. Mp3,mp4,ipod?
2. Jay Chou's albums
3. Kelly Clarksons albums
4. to be sponsered for dance classes. REAL ones. not my own teaching. =.=
5. Jacket. those with zip,hood, navy blue, big. =P
1. she's too modest.
2.she's like really kind hearted
3.she's this sweet sweet girl =)
4.Pretty! and so not fat.. ur not fat.. stop saying u are!
5.she's filled with love. =D
Being my cousin. =)
The day she contact me again on friendster after not seeing each other for a long time. =)
She already is. she's my cousin and i love her. =D
theres no reason. coz it wont happen. ^^
1. You! my darlyn couz. Jo. (darl just do the top part. and dun need to tag again. haha..)
2.kimmy sugaa..=)
3. Yee siang!
8.Di sheng
9.Bryan yong
10.Michele lim.
hehe.. i think his name is owen.. =P not sure!
AHem.. her msn name is WOW
er i dont think so. nah. their characters dun match. haha..
Nahh.. same answer above.
man.. he's studying games wei. =P
like.. the day before yesterday. haha..
she works. on her phone 24/7. =P
His got many brudders from another mother. =P haha.. *D, sound familliar? xD*
LOL. I.. woo a guy? nah. i dun do the woo-ing. thats just not right. LOL. girls who woo guys are.. desperates. (sorry if i offended anyone. my opinion. =P) and D is undenyably a great guy. =D
10. HOW ABOUT NO. 5?
LOL. turtle.. you wan me to woo u ar? LOL.
of course and they're all hot plus cute. =D
yee siang through kimmy.. =) mEL. i think she's my sister.? HAHA..
my heart. x)
oh wow. it'll be a long story.(good story) but i'm glad i did. I LOVE YOU sugaa~! =D
Turtle.. are u sexy? HAHA.. lets see.. he body builds. er. make ur own remarks. =P

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Beowulf SUCKS.

Went out with my sugaa today! =) awww.. how nice to be able to hang out with her again..and this time! we had a camera. mwahahahaa...erm we watched BEOWULF. Let me giv ya some really straight forward feedback. IT SUCKED.
SERIOUSLY.. starting of the movie already got naked ppl walking arnd.. or rather the naked beowulf fighting the monster just coz he wanna be equal to the monster coz its naked too. And like.. the monster is so ugly. and so urgh.. disgusting. and the show is like real people but they make it look animated tht kind. then got alot of really disgusting scenes.. OBSENE! totally..
i think i should stop talking abt it. the more i talk abt it the more i feel like whacking the director who directed this movie.


Btw.. after the stupid show.. i dropped smth from my bag but i din know wht it was coz like.. it was dark. i just felt smth drop.. so anyways, me and kim started searching and i was like OH! its not my hp.. good.. then look look.. oh! its my dad super expensive batt. so i was like counting how many were still in my bag and how many i dropped. suddenly i heard a voice said.. Hey, what are u guys looking for? maybe i could help you find it? at tht time.. everyone left the cinema already.. so i tot it was the cleaner.. Apparently it wasnt. it happened to be the guy who was sitting beside me. HAHA. Awww.. and all his friends already left him and went out.. and he still offered to help. how nice of him. =) Oh wow.. Gentlements still exist in the world. =P but very few i may add. =D haha.. so anyways.. found the batt so i was like.. oh nah its okay.. found it already. =)


I know i can always lean on her whenever i'm falling coz shes always there. =) i love you..
Lady shall we dance? =)
Anyways! me and kim went looking for well.. something for both of us. =) its a must do tradition! xD hahahaa.. and we found this really nice heart locket! =) we fell in love with it at first sight. haha.. the guy wanted to give us cheaper but the stewpid lady say no.. ! dupidddd!
Anyway, ur the 2nd gentlemen in our day. =) thx. heres a cute! picture of it. haha..=)
After tht she had to leave and well.. i waited for my parents to come pick me up. left for tebrau city.. bought some stuffs and again took alot of pictures. xD
Sighs.. Me and mum got lock out of 'our castle.' LOL! =P
But we dont really care that we were locked outside OUR HOUSE.. its okay. =) HAHA...
Cant u just feel the christmas spirit?! =)
Ahha... went to roxy a while then took a pic? =P
oh yaa.. i bought a t-shirt.. well two t-shirts.. and i got scolded for buying this one by my mum. =.=........ haihs.. she scolded me coz she said i waste money on not nice shirt. =( she say untill like dat i also dun feel like wearing it already. and like.. it cost more than the other shirt i bought which looks uber nice. I wish i could like return it and exchange it for sumthing else. aihhh... now i feel stupid for buying the shirt. =( at first i thought it was unique so buy lor.. then.. now.. aih..
anyways.. had a great day..but abit sad abt the shirt thingy lar.
One side is for Kimmy another is for? Whose gonna feel up tht part? haha.. I tell u who.. I already noe whose picture to put inside.! Of course my future bf lorrr! =P Which i dunno is who yet but will find out in the future. thats why its called future bf. =P haha..

And i'm gonna lock u in my heart so that you'll nvr leave me..=)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Work or Study?

Aye.. din blog yday.. WAS toooo darn tired.
and my eyes suddenly like pain giler.
=( yee siang! i'm online.. but i guess ur sleeping alrdy.
hahaa....hmmsh.. lets see..
the ice cream competition thingy came to an end..
T_T i cant believe tht guy won RM10 thousand for eating free ice cream........=.= so worth it. LOL.
Work has been okay. sometimes.. i'm like..T_T faster quit!
then i think back.. walao.. last time so hard to find job.
coz underage. then i got one. so darn happy.
and now i'm wishing for it to end faster.
LOL.. funny larr.. Its funny how our feelings and thinking change as time passes by..
I dun wish to have working life anytime soon.
I mean. okay. i have a survey for u guys. haha..

Would u rather go to school and dont get paid..but dont need to be in one place the WHOLE day and do the same thing everyday. And u have like free time and can do wht u want.


Would u rather go to work. earn some money. but kinda sorta waste ur life serving customers. xD.. while u see ur friends going out freely and having fun like any kid SHOULD be doing. =P

Take ur pic and why. Haha..

Jay chou songs are niceeeeeeee! =)

Rain rain, go away, come again another day. xD

Saturday, November 17, 2007

not as i planned..=.=

Okay.. din go shopping.
went to church for band prac.
anyways.. got to c ting li and bryan..
so was like real happy. =)
missed them so much.
anyways went to tebrau city.. and i belanja-ed family to Pizza Hut.

though.. something happened among 2 ppl in the family or rather a person had probs wit 2 other ppl in the family and so.. yeah.. the day did not end happily..

But i was happy. =D coz i ate pizza!!!!! MWHAHAHAHA..

i love kimberley ong jing ling.

i love love love her so super the much. =)
see u soon sugaa!


hey guys.. slept at 5am this morning..
alaa.. as usual.. hahaha.. coz off today..=)
online banyak banyak lama..=)
like.. really lama..=P..
i keep listening to Jay Chow's new songs..
their really nice.. =) currently..
listening to Cai Hong (rainbow)
gives me that peaceful kind of feeling..

well.. camps coming nearer and i cant wait!
and mages. i'm really sorry tht i wont be able to go to ur bday. =( sowie.. working full day tmr.. haizzz... and btw.. i helped u call her already.. i'm so happy she picked up my call.. =) it actually meant alot to me. just for her to pick up my call. =).

later gonna go shopping with my lovely superwoman..
haha..with mummy...! ^^

Its quite sad that i wont be seeing ma DYC homeys this year again..=(
But hey! i'll get to meet new AFC-ians instead.. =D
DYC-ians! i really really miss u guys... T.T

Hopefully get to go out with my sugaa this coming week..
its been long since we hung out. ;)

i miss my singing kaki.. haha.. that fella.. always so bouncy..
Boo! rest assured ur present will reach u..
hahahahah! coz i'll be in KL during ur bday..mwahaha..=)

Haha..The guy i saw the rainbow with on 1st june 2006..
i miss you too.. =)

Apple.. she's busy-ing with camp now..
but by the time i'm in KL she's a free gal edy..
mwahaha.. she's all mine mine mine! =D

And darn.. when hin loong comes to JB to work and stay.. i'm in KL.
very... =.=.......................

OKAY! times up! time for me to go.!

Kan bu jian ni de siow, wo zhen me sui de zhao

Mummy i love you!!! She's my superwoman..=)

My day was bad in the morning...=.=
started off bad.. gr.........

let me just blog out my msg to this two people.

first of all.. You misai.. if u not happy about something.. and u wanna dulan.. then dont dulan behind my back. come straight to my face and tell me. Dont need scared i not good terms with u or i dont like you. u talk behind peoples back somehow it'll get to tht person in the end. U angry with me.. tell me.. i dun mind one.. dun go and scold my homey coz they din do anything. oh right.. i forgot to say tht if u talk behind peoples back abt others.. somehow others will also do the same thing to you. coz yesh, u might not realise this but alot of ppl come to me and talk abt u and all that. but anyhow.. i din go like.. yeah lor yeah lor.. he like dis like dat.coz that would make me a gossiper. Noob. U may think like.. i din scold u infront of u coz i respect u. HEY MAN. if u respect me enough u will come right up to my face and tell me and not go behind my back. NOW.. you.. you kecik mite.. at first.. i thought my first impression on you was wrong... but in the end it turn out to be right afterall.. the first time.. i din reli like.. wanna get close to you.. coz i just felt tht u weren't such a good friend. but i was like.. ahhh.. wat the heck. and u see.. true friends stand up for each other and not go against each other for being respected or fame.. or popular name or whatever. we help each other like how i stood up for you and protected you.. and what did you do? aiyar.. i'm not so disapointed anyway.. i knew this was coming.. but i was just waiting for it. hehs.. anyways.. i'm still here if u need anything.
Siti is my one and only person i can trust from the start at work till this day. =) she's such a sweetheart. the only thing i would miss when i stop work would be you. =)
anyways.. Tebrau city had this..
er..daily fresh thingy..whoever eat like..
the most cups of blended ice stuffs..
in a minute.. will have a chance of winning RM10000!
haha.. ten thousand.. they will collect all the winners and ..
on sunday.. they'll battle it out..
haha..not bad wor.. u get to eat free stuffs..
and win money.. hmmm..
oh ya! some detyne girls were walking arnd..
they came into my shop..
their shirt dentyne,bag also..
suddenly they gave me a bunch of dentyne..
new flavours one.. dunno wht flavour..forget..hahaha..
so coool! free dentyne! now i got like..
tons of em! can last me till end of this month for work..
mwahhahahaa.. i must keep fresh breath one le..=)
I went home.. mummy ask me go my room..i went in.. i saw ALOT of plastic bags on my bed.. she said.. nah.. everything here for you.. try and see whether u can wear.. i was like.. WOHOOOOOOOOoo!!!!!!!!! so i try try the clothes lor.. and all fits perfectly right.. =D aw yeahhh... she went shopping and bought stuffs for me... i'm soooo happpy with wht i got.. mwhahahaa... mummy i super love you..! ur my superwoman. =)
Because of u being so thoughtful.. u made my day end.. with a happy ending. =) muacks..! i love uu !
enough for today. =)
I saw the most beautiful rainbow with...

Thursday, November 15, 2007

BB! I'm so proud of you!!!!!

UPSR results came out today!
And my darlyn baby brother got 4A 1B!
I'm so proud of tht boy.. hahaha.. ALTHOUGH..
you din get to beat me..(oh wait.. he cant beat me coz i got straights. =P)
or rather get same as me..hahahaha...
but at least u beat MEL and Ben! wohooooo!!!
And not bad there kiddo.. u din study..
game whole year but u got good results..
THAT MEANS? ur smart.. hahaa..
AND THAT doesnt mean..
u dun have to study.. it means! when u study harder..
u'll get the BEST results u can get. =)

People.. my day was like normal.. haha.. not too tiring today.. though i went home pretty late.. it was okay! =) hmm.. not much to say today. =D no ppl kacau.. coz i ate in the store.. hahahaha.. =P k larhs..
I feel like i'm wasting my life lar when i work. its like days pass by without me realising it.. and suddenly one month is over.. and i do the same thing EVERYDAY. the good part is tht i get money lar. =P
U cant love someone else if you dont love urself.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Gave it all away..

its been raining like crazy..
stupid roof keeps leaking..
and therefore it makes me loose sleep..
ALOT of sleep.. dammit..
And it has been Soooooo cold wei..
during work i'm practically freezing..

Work was okay..and all the sales tht were made today..
All my customer.. mwahahahahha!
then when i went to have my break..
i didn't eat in the store today coz i tot..
tht it has been so long i'll probally have peace ..
I guess i thought wrong.. =.=...
When i break.. as i was going up the escalator..
i pass by the camera shop..the camera guy was like..
where u going? i say eat lor. he say wait..!
i just go up. HAHA...

I was eating... happily.. SO happily.. suddenly i look up. i saw the camera guy.. looking out for someone. whom so obviously happens to be me. i quickly look down and was like shyt........... then suddenly he saw me and sat down at my table sooo close beside me. and said.. hi.. why din wait for me... i looked up and was like.. Er.. hehe.. hi...............*in my head. $#@$#@$#@damn.* then i continue eating. well i tried to at least. and he just sat there watching me eat. do u know how stupidly uncomfortable tht is? Haizzzzzzzz.... then he started talking to me... and i like no choice.. just layan.. and reply back.. then he say why no drink one? i say save money lar. i drink my own water later. he got up and i was like.. YES! he's going.. suddenly he came back with a cup of pepsi.. ok yeah fine.. tht was nice of him but still i no more appetite to eat lar... =.=... then he so nice.. i just aiyar... layan him a while more.. after tht i ciao.. he also ciao and walk wit me till i reach my shop.. i was like...
reach back shop. the guy who works in ESPRIT came in.. and coz he's so call one of the customer i have to layan him.. he was like.. hey celine.. number? =) gimme ur number lar... i'm ur customer mar.. if i need anything i can contact u mar.. I said.. no.. u can contact quiksilver and ask for me. =D lol... Smart lerr me? MWAHAHHAHAHAA....
Got to go home earlier today.
12 more days of working left baby.!
after tht.. i can finally say..
Oh.. btw... haha.. everyday i work i get to c guys or i should say jerks two timing their gf.. morning with another girl lovey dovey...evening another girl.. lovey dovey.
wht does celine do..? heh..*rolls eyes*
Aite man. gotta ciao.
U gotta face reality man.
wake up.

The Older i get, the more that i know, It's time to let this go.

dey peeps.. wassssssssupp?! =D

sometimes at work.. i get so tired.. i feel so tired till i just feel like quitting.. but then again.. i'll only be working till the end of the month.. plus i could do with a lil money.. hehs.. i neeed my camera.. =P plus.. i need to earn some money to pay for AFC camp.. but i still cant deny the fact tht working life is indeed very tiring. haaaa..
i . . . . yday i... was kinda like.. no feeling and no mood. thats weird! Hehs.. i suddenly was like.. dunno what to feel.. like feel abit lost that kind of thing. as if i was in the middle of no where. ?_? i know.. it doesnt make sense. its confusing. even i am confuse. haha. still abit in tht feeling. dunno wht to feel. like. no feelings. not sad. not happy. not nth. T.T aiyor. i feel weird. gah!
stupid mood swings. blehhh.........
Currently keep listening to Sober and Anytime by Kelly Clarkson.
OH ya. i like din listen to What Hurts the most by Rascall Flatts for so long till i heard it in Tebrau City while working and it sounded soooo niceeee! sumhow when u listen back to old songs their uniquely nice to hear.. hahaa...
u can check em out on the musico section. =)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEAH! love u girl.. =) ur one great cheerleader and a dancer as well.. plus a really hawt.. and cheerful girl.. =)
What Could've been?

Monday, November 12, 2007

Be my Star?

Hey peeps. hmm.. i din intend to wake up so early..
coz i slept at 3am. =.= and as i was peacefully sleeping..
suddenly it started to rain real heavy..
and.. it started to leak. dang man.. i hate it when it leaks..
and it so happen have to leak exactly at the place..
my head is placed.. .......................

SO anyways.. went out today with kaw and bin!
wheee~! and we ate pizza.. mwahaha..
i've not eaten pizza in ages! =)
Watched stardust.. it was okay lar..
those fairy tale kinda thing..
tho there wasnt enough impact ..
so therefore.. its an okay movie only.. haha..
but it was good lar.. =)

AND! i finally got my pay today..
yayyyy! but.. haix.. i spend almost all of it already..
=( wht to do.. so many birthday this month..
so like.. i have more money than usual mar..
so i decided to get those birthday babies more..
erm.. branded stuffs and nicer stuffs for their bday ..=)
I'm bless and i wanna bless others. =D

my day was alright..=)
tomorrow working full day.. Zzz..
and no off till sat. well thats working life.
at LEAST i have 2 off days every week..=)
Others only have 1 off day.. hahaa..
Thats all. dun feel like blogging much.

ilove.. ?


Wooot~! My brudder..REAL BLOOD brudder..
is finally 17 year old.. Awwww..
He's old.. xD his character still the same though..=.=...
ANYWAYS... His SPM kinda starts
which is like.. on his birthday. how sad. =P haha..

Anyways.. about my day right..It was ok lar..
Not too tiring today.. Was quite happy actually..
I got a few visitors today.. =)
First was Yen Fah..JackJack..And family..
haha.. then it was Ting Li! =)
Then my family followed by Ai Mei and Dave. =D
So nicesh of them. Mwahahaa..
And i manage to sell quite alot today.. =)
Yipeee! Tomorrow off day! AWESOME!!!
And i'm gonna be going out with Kaw and Bin! Whee~~!
AND we're sooo going to watch stardust..
Mwahahhaaa.. And i tot of going out with my sugaa this sat..
but it didn't work out.. =( then ask bryan coz damn long din see him..
But apparently..

My brudder.. is finally.. a MAN. LOL.
ROFL... his got his woman..and so..
His more restricted to where and who he goes out with..
His officially with Her yday.. =) 11/11. awww.. nice date..
hahahaa.. Was it planned man? =P
I feel like a mother.. like.. Aww bryan has grown up.. LOL!!!!
>_< hahahahahaha... So its less hanging out wit him now..
=( BUT we shall meet in church..haha.. IF i get the chance to go..
Btw..Another scene that kept me thinking again. I was sitting on the chair waiting for my dad to finish shopping after work. The place was filled with people as it was a Sunday. Suddenly i saw this Lady.. Dressed in ordinary clothes.. Jeans.. normal t-shirt.. and looked like she was late 20's or maybe 30.. she was carrying this bucket of Chupa Chop Lollipops.. and as she walked along jusco.. she slowly hand out those lollipops to anyone that passes by her.. mostly to young children and some adults.. at first.. i found it abit weird.. and started to pay attention to her surroundings as she walked pass the people and hand out those lollipops. some children rushed towards her.. some teenagers rejected her.. some adults just walked pass and grab the lollipop when she handed it out without even looking at her face.. or saying thank you.. or smile for tht matter.. Some parents could have thought like.. No! dun take those lollipops.. there may be poison or something. how sure could u be tht its safe? u dont even know her. or they could be like.. wow.. free lollipops! yay! lets grab em all.. xD or they can have the thought that she just wanna bless some people just coz she was blessed. =)
Well wht do you think? leave some comments. I'd love to know ur thoughts. =)
Can't wait for tmr.
its gonna be great. =)

Saturday, November 10, 2007

I want you but i dont want you..

Hey man.. my days has been tiring..
yday i kinda fell sick.. gr. the virus caught up with me.. =(
it started with a sore throat to a flu and then heat came..
Haaaa.. i was practically gonna KO at work..
but thank God i work till 9pm yday only..
so i was still surviving..went home had no energy..
or whtsoever to do anything else..
but sleeeep! but course i did bathe..=.=
oh ya.. hmm.. wht exciting thing happen yday?
lets see.. i was serving a customer and suddenly..
i hear someone screaming.. a lady's baby's leg got stuck..
at the escalator.. hmm just imagine..gosh..
tht gotta hurt. the baby din die. all ends well. =)
yayyy happy ending. xD

today.. took bus to work. dad in KL. hmm.. work was superbly toturing today coz of my unstable health and weak body. and plus i work from 9am to 10pm today. so hmm... at least i din had to stay till 11pm.. i think i sure KO alrdy..yesh.. i'm still not as healthy at the moment.. but i just need some songs to bring up my mood.. haha.. i love music.. =) hmm.. weird ppl from friendster whom i dun even know has been paying me a visit. they go like, ur celine right? i'm bla bla from friendster. Aha... .......
Oh.. right.. today a interesting scene got my attention and kept me thinking. this lil boy came in to quiks and saw a reli nice cap which so happens is the cap which Siti and Faizal got me for my bday. =P see.. i told u it was SO nice. MWHAHAAH.. anyways back to the story.. tht lil boy went up to the father and said.. Dad.. can i have this? typical reply of parents is.. How much is it? the boy slowly mumbles.. erm.. RM69.90... the dad goes.. WHAT?! so expensive.. dun want.. lets go.. and the dad walks out.. the lil boy tried to console the dad.. but the dad just wouldn't listen.. the lil boy then gets all upset and just started crying.. quietly .. without his dad knowing.. tears ran down his cheeks.. suddenly the dad turn back and saw his lil boy tearing.. the lil boy just looked down and walk far ahead infront of the dad.. the dad turn back and walk back into Quiksilver and looks at the cap.. and goes laughs.. and says.. Heh.. so expensive for a cap.. but at the same time.. i could see the sorry feeling in his face.. he then walked out.. and after a while walked in again.. he took the cap.. and called his lil boy to come into Quiks.. but his lil boy was too upset and ashamed .. The dad tried to comfort the son and ask him to try the cap seeing if it was too big.. it went on for quite a long time tho.. to cut the long story short.. in the end.. the father looked into his wallet and took out his last RM50 note and RM20 and paid for the cap..
I looked at this scene and analyse for a while.. Hmm.. Our parents do love us. but sometimes we just cant tell.. well thats wht i thought of tho.. then i think again.. if i was tht lil boy.. how would the story continue and end? would it be the same? or somethin else? hahaa.. i think.. i would get a cap in the end of the day.. but not the one i wanted tho.. somethin thats more reasonable in price? haaaa.. but anyhow.. a parents love for the child is more than we can conclude or see sometimes.
btw. the lil boy was being a bit of an over stubborn kid. =.= it took a long time for the dad to console the son to go back into the shop. the father could have just say, FINE.. u dun wanna try the cap fine.. Lets go home. But the dad continued persuading his son. I was hmm.. amaized? nah..thats not the word i'm looking for.. but anyhow.. it kept me thinking. hahas..
i cant wait for my next off day. i really wanna watch StartDust. =( hopefully monday i have off. yays. tmr working again. ya. same old same old. =) hmmph.. i cant go church again tmr.. =( booo man... bleh. I cant wait to be out with my sugaa again! and and bryaaan.. mish u lar brudder.. =( btw apple i'm ALWAYS missing u. =P hahas.. i miss alot of ppl lar.. aihsss.. TO THOSE WHOM I'VE NOT SEEN IN AN UBER LONG TIME. YEAH. U know I so totally miss u. =D AND AND today i went to work.. they already set up all the christmas tree which are like SO tall and all those decorations! aww man! i feel so christmas. xD
and oh.. it sucks so badly to see so many ..
of my friends breaking up.. and gettin hurt..
yeah it sucks big time.
and no i dun feel like gettin involve in this stuff anytime soon..
unnecessary headache. heh. Right? =P
Is the Love worth All that Hurt?

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Enjoy the new songs. =)

Nice new play list of songs. =)
I personally love the kelly clarkson songs in paticular.
I'm starting to like REALLY love her songs. =)

I love this one.

Kelly Clarkson - You Found Me

Is this a dream?
If it isPlease don't wake me from this high
I've become comfortably numb
Until you opened up my eyes
To what it's like
When everything's right
I can't believe

You found me
When no one else was lookin'
How did you know just where I would be?
Yeah, you broke through
All of my confusion
The ups and the downs
And you still didn't leave
I guess that you saw what nobody could see
You found me
You found me

So, here we are
That's pretty far
When you think of where we've been
No going back
I'm fading out
All that has faded me within
You're by my side
Now everything's fine
I can't believe

And I was hiding'
Til you came along
And showed me where I belong
You found me
You found me
When no one else was lookin
'How did you know?
How did you know?


Hey guys! happy deepavali!!!
Bout my day? Pretty ffunny..
haha..I woke up this morning..
thinking i was in the noon shift..
meaning i start work at 12..
But when i came out of the bathroom after washing up..
My phone rang and it was Quiksilver calling me.
It was like.. 9.40am? the time i should be there.. =P
And i was like.. oh noo.. sumthin surely wrong..
i pick up.. it was Jeff.. he was like.. Celine..u not here yet?
i said.. no ar.. i 12pm go in wht..
he was like... Nooooo leee..! 10! i was like..
A shytttttttt... see wrong.. =.=!!!
I rush to get dress and all and called my dad..
and my hair.. yes.. my hair.. i din take it out..
i din take out the bread.. and like.. i was rushing to take it out..
one by one.. I was like OMGGGGGG...
there couldn't be a better time for me to be late..=.=
When i took all of em out.. my hair was like BOOM..
As fluffy and curly and afro-ish as can be.. xD!
Reached work at 10am.. and haizz..
coz i was late.. i gotta work extra half hour without gettin paid..
ah well..beteter than pay get cut. haha.. =P

I walked in and my collegues was like.. Waaaa new hairstyle? haha.. Day was fine.. hillarious thing was tht.. theres this camera dude.. well he sells camera.. friend of my friend.. and evrytime i having break.. nowadays.. like today.. i was walking out of the shop and he was like goin down the escalator.. suddenly he shouted out for me.. but i just continue walking.. xD!!!!! then he ran to catch up with me and started to try to get to know me.. i was like LOLL.. and he was like.. Hey.. Whens ur off day? And he asked me on a date. =.= Zadaao. I was like.. Err.. i go buy my food. ciaoz. =P hahahahahaha...
And after work..I went to Secret Recipe with mummy! yesh! its her birthday.. So we ate cake! duhh.. haha.. and had a great great time together.. =) alone.. hehe.. then went to the supermart and the popcorn guy was there.. and he was like .. I miss you.. and when i was leaving he said.. I miss u again.. and i love u.. =.= SWTS............. after tht the supermart was closing edy.. tht popcorn guy also finish work liao.. i was walking around looking for my dad.. and tht guy was like stalking me.. =.=............... everywhere i go.. he's there. he sees me passing by goin to the next lane.. he u-turn and rush so tht he'll bump into me...
i was like ............................................................
OH YA! TOMORROW I'M OFF! WOHOOO! AS IN.. Today lar.. coz its 1.34am. hahahaa..Aw yeaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh! wohoooooo! i'm gonna enjoy my day to the fullest and yesh! i wanna watch STAR DUST! Aw yeaaaaa! i cant wait for camp! i cant wait for dec! i cant wait for christmas babehhhh!
i j u s t l o v e m y l i f e . =D

Wednesday, November 07, 2007


First of all! While i was using the computer today in the afternoon.. Mel came and started playing with my hair.. i asked her.. wht she was doing.. she said breading my hair.. waitt.. isit spelled like tht? HEH.. whtevrr lar.. anyways.. i tot she was kidding.. but suddenly she really started breading my hair and pulling my hair.. i was like.. WTH... Stoppppp! Paiiinnnnnn! T_T.. =( anyways.. here are some pics. =)

Anyways.. was mainly on the com the whole day.. haha.. oh ya.. i woke up at 2pm.. ohh the luxury of sleeping in till late in the afternoon.. hahaha.. =P At night! which was just now.. we went to have dinner in conjunction of mummys birthday!! =) it was sooo nicee! haha.. nice place.. nice food.. great people.. great wine from France.. =P bwahaha.. the wine was fineeee ! *winks* haha.. PICTURES! =D

Well thats all for this entry. got work tomorrow! haha.. =)

Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Today was so fun tht i cant say much. haha.. i really miss them all so much.. =) Da xiang and Wen Long belanja me alot of stuffs.. hahaa.. and i bought my mummy's present today.. 2 handbags from PADINI. one for dinner.. those small nice nicesh dinner handbags and those everyday use punya handbag. =) tho it cost me a hole in the pocket but ah well.. its for her. =) haha.. and they helped me carry those handbags till we left for home. =) how nice of them. wen long and da xiang to be specific. haha.. first was with everyone.. but cynthia and da xiang came late.. when they came the rest wanted to leave already. and they felt like.. wat theeee.. just come then go back.. hahaha.. so i stayed on.. hang out with em. had a real great time. =)
Thanks for the awesome day out darlings.
I love u all.!
PS:! i found back the keychain tht kimmy and jeremy got me. hahas.. i found it on the stairs. in my hse. xD and i tot i lost it durin work. =/ thank God. =)
Christmas is near. I cant wait!
My work place..aka Tebrau City is already playing chrismas songs.
Gives me tht excited feeling tht christmas is just around the corner!
i love those christmas songs. they give me a certain..
peaceful feeling.. =)
I love christmas!
All I want For Christmas Is You.
I dont want any special you, i just want my family.
=) my sweethearts,
Lets have an awesome christmas together this year.
i love you all.

Monday, November 05, 2007


Whee~ TMR i off day! YAY!!!!!!!!! Aw yeaaaaaaaaahhh! This week i got 3 off days mann! Because! they having annual dinner tmr in KL. Whahahahahaha.. So tomorrow i'll be going out with Wen Long,Da xiang,Fu Qiang,Li Hong,Yuan and Shu Xin. Bwhahahahaha.. Yayyy! And filled in the form for AFC camp today. I'm SO TOTALLY GOING! *jumps up and down and scream* xD!! Can u feel the energy just reading this entry? hahahahaha.. =P Took tht picture before goin ta work.. =) oh ya! the popcorn guy.. i go there so often nowadays to buy popcorn tht we eventually became friends. hahahaa.. and yes he still says I miss you everytime i go there and leave. =.= haha.. everytime i go there and buy he fill the cup untill it overflow. xD funnyyy.. and i also made friends with the guy who sells camera edy. hahahaha.. coz he always come my shop and chat. xD so now if i wanna get my camera i can get it at a cheaper price. AWESOME! =P bwahahaha.. thats all for now!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

New Stock! ... T_T

All i can say is.. I'm.. the morning was okay.. but when the stupid new stock arrive we were busy like dunno wht.. and plus there were customers.. alot of em today coz its a saturday.. and like.. there were boxes everywhere.. so very messy.. haha.. for ONCE i so totally wish there were no customers.. =.= usually i cant wait for em.. but today.. i was like.. leaveeeeee plsssss! leaaaveeee! xD aih.. i had no mood to serve them lar.. =.= so tired and busyyy..And when i see those new stuffs i feel so heartsake. =( i like it so much but its too ex. dang.. thats the prob of working in a high class shop. branded. =.= u cant buy ur own shop stuffs plus if u do u'll die financially. Heh. BUT EH.. i did buy sumthin. i bought a wallet from Roxy and alot more stuffs from QUiks. =D Ok lar. dun wanna say much. bwaha. took some pics while waiting for the stocks to arrive in the morning. =) This time camwhore in Roxy. haha. =P

This was during my breaktime. ya... i eat in the store.. to avoid being disturbed by total annoying strangers. =D

Oh ya.. i'm very upset at the fact that i lost the handphone key chain i got from kimmy and jeremy for my bday. =( when i came home i realised it wasnt hanging there edy. haihhh... i'm sorry! =(...

Thats all. for this entry. heh.

Xie xie ni hao guan xin wo. =)
Wo hao gan tong. xD!

Saturday, November 03, 2007


Today i went shopping with mummy! Whoooo! WhooHooooo~!!!!! Aw yeaaaah! woooot~! xD ok lar.. i stop. hehe.. =X ANYWAYS it was a superrrrrrbbbbb day! Went at about 2pm. and before we knew it .. it was 8pm. =.= so fast. Bwahahahaha.. I bought a few stuffs. xD. few. =P Few lar.. really.. seriously.. =P hahahahaha...Ok.. I mean. SERIOUSLY.. few. ^^ LOL whtever lar.. hahaha.. We went shopping from handbags to clothes to shoes to food..? ya food. hahaa.. I think i'm gettin addicted to popcorn. oh no. =/ OH YA. Since i started working in Quiks and Roxy. I've been brain washed to buy Branded stuffs which obviously cost a bom. Huhu... T_T i mean.. they din force me to do so.. But like.. u work evday.. slowly by slowly u get brain wash. and and.. i shop also lil stuffs but then.. so damn ex. =( Like.. i go to MNG.. or i go Quiks and spend rm200...... T_T............ BUT.... TODAY! I've come back to my normal brain.. MWAHAHAH.. how to get good stuffs for cheap pirce. xD not to say cheap lar. Reasonable. ;) it's like.. i FINALLY know how to buy good stuffs for reasonable price again.. hahaa.. because right.. in Roxy even a normal shirt cost abt 100 or 200.. Duh.. its roxy.. so when i go other place like MNG or PADINI and see a plain t-shirt for 49 bucks i'm like.. OMG thats cheap! padahal.. its soo NOT. aih.. i was blind but now i see. :D bwhahaahhaah.. Thanks to mummy. I LOVE YOU!

The clothes we were in at first.. haha.. =P

Ka booom! change baju d.. its MAGIC! haha.. =P

She too pretty edy.. Gotta look at her.. =) how gorgeous.. =D DUN U AGREE? *eyy..must agree ar. =P*

Sings~ Baby where you get ur body from, tell me where u get ur body from,baby where u get ur body from, I got it from my mama, i got it from my mama xD!!!!! Everyone surely goin.. =.='''' ROFL. (btw.. i just realised this. even our fingers are placed the same. Mann.. Like mother like daughter. xD )

Thanks for the wonderful day mummy.
I love you. =)