Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Kawan baiks! x)

Waaaaaaaa.....~!!! today is the last day of July already!
Time IS flyin~~! School has been alright..
Got back my results for my 2nd monthly test..
So far so good! =) except for addmaths.. =.= T_T
Blerh. i needa really buck up on that.. and physics!

Anyways, i took some pictures! Today's pictures,
Are pictures staring some of my kawan baiks in class! =D
Hahaa.. took this pics before going to the physics lab..
Well.. wanted to take more picture with certain ppl..
But they went down edy.. so fast.. =.=
SO YESH! they were the remainings.. =P xD
I make them sound like left overs.. HAHA..

Lyn Yie and Dick Shen! =D (D's the head prefect)

Tadaaa~!! THIS is Mr Chi wing! aka Patrick! hahaha.. =D he's like a SUPER SMART dude kay! Always on top of the class.. =)
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Whee~!! YAP famiweee!! hahas.. =)
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Caleb!! He's the Head Discipline in my school =) (for prefects)
Manchester United fan also. wahaha.. Kaki bola sepak. x)
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Lyn Yie-Me-Caleb!
LOL.. I dunno why.. but alot of girls especially the younger ones are crazy over lyn yie.. =.= He like have his own fan club in school.. =.= LOL one day during physics.. we were all sitting in one group.. suddenly we hear some girls shouting "Lyn Yie so cuteee!" xD *cough*
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Lyn Yie =)

I Shall post up more pictures when i get the chance to! =D
Especially pictures with the rest of my Kawan Baiks in class.. =D
GIRLS! yeah.. i'll catch them next time..haha..
What la.. they see camera only all run away.. =.=
Nvm nvm.. i shall find a way.. =P

And the news about Msia against Chelsea in the STAR news paper is just so.. =.= memalukan.. i mean.. they caught a picture of dunno wats his name tugging on one of the chelsea member's pants? Zzz.. but 2-0? thats all? Haha.. not bad larh afterall..

BTW! Chelsea succccccckssssssss! So lan c.. =.=
"Asians arent good enough" for them.. so they say..
Hmmph! LCLY! ahh yes.. thats also one reason why
I support MU! =DD GO MU!! Wohoooooo~! xD

Wheeeeeee~! i've been saving up and waiting for this day!
I'm finally gonna get myself a new digital camera!
yaaaaaaay~! CANON A470! The price is reasonable..
Compared to the other cameras.. Its functions..
satisfy my needs and i just love it. =P hehe...
Saw it during the first PC fair this year.. but didn't get it..
Coz din wanna rush into making a decision..
But now! after further research! i'm sure i wanna get it. =D

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Hmm.. Which colour should i get? Definitely not the red nor orange.. =P Blue? Green? Silver? Give some feedbacks ya! TQ! =DD

And if i have enough.. i really needa get another pendrive and hopefully a 1GB memory card for my Hp. =P we'll c! hahas. till next time!
Byeee! =))

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Aye! =)

Hey heys. I've got the results for the prelims.
We did not make it to the semi-finals. =)
But i'm not sad larh.. hahaa.. like i said earlier..
Whether we make it or not.. it wont really matter to me..
Coz we did out best and gave a good performance.
So yup! I'm happy enough.. ^^

Plus .. even if we did get in..
it'll take up ALOT of my time.. AGAIN..
So yeah.. i'm glad tht i've one thing less to worry abt. =D
nw i just wanna concentrate on studies and POS!
yesh yesh! EMERGE is drawing closer!
and on 4th Aug we've to perform our POS routine for Ps.Kevin!
So we've been having some extra pracs these few days..

gaaaaaah.. its so hard to lose weight at my arms and thighs man..
Zzzzzzzzzzz... Sniffx. everywhere else okayy..
easy to lose weight.. but those two body parts ah..
Grrrrr... i so wanna lose more weight before EMERGE comes. =P
hehehehee.. ANY Suggestions people? on losing weight at the arms and thighs?
DO SHARE! if u have a method tht works. =P hehe..

alrighty! time for me to go.

GO LU! Go!
Go LU! Go! =D
[ Stars we are that shines ever so brightly. =) ]

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Indeed it was worth it in the end. =)

Yaaaaaaaaaay~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE'RE DONE WITH PRELIMS!!!
And the best part about it was that..
We (my dance crew) did really well! =D wheee~~!
(for me that is. =D i'm really proud of US!)
Whether we're in Finals or not.. we still dunno yet..
till after a week. BUT if we get in or dont..
IT DOESNT MATTER! I'll be happy come what may!
Coz we did our best! and we put up a great show! =)
I'm satisfied. Ahhhhs.. *relieved!* in the end..
it was really worth all those pain..frustration..
energy..time taken.. tears tht were shed..
those late nights up.. staying back every single day after school..

PS: If you wanna see the vid can ask from me. =) dun wanna put it on You tube. =P

Thank you Lord!! =)
it wouldn't be possible without you.. =)
"Nothings impossible with He who strengthens me"
All of this happened truly because of God's grace. =)

And those who were there to support me..
during this hard hard stressful 2 weeks!
U helped me pull through.. =)

Benson Kor kor! =) u helped me with the song editing when i was going crazy coz it was so hard to get the perfect timing and all.. without you, we definitely wouldn't be able to compete today..! thank you for fetching us to and back from the competition today.

Jian Yi! u were there to hear me rant.. u were there encouraging me all the way to continue to pull through.. u simply was and still is a very good friend ever since i knew you. =) thank you, for simply being there every single time i needed someone! *hugs*! thank you for supporting me all the way from my down-est moment till my happiest!

Marilyn! when people kept trying to pull me into this and that.. u defended me.. and made sure i wouldn't feel more stress than i already was. U were there to listen.. and made sure i wouldn't get involve in the kawad thingy when they kept asking me to replace whoever who suddenly pulled out. Muacks! =)

Chi wing! ahhh.. my listening ear! patrick! haha.. =) u tried ur best to leave out everything else to company me at my down-est moments though u were so super busy! u still spared some of ur time just for me. =) u companied me.. when i was so friggin emo.. x) and u always tried to made me laugh with ur silliness.. =P *Hugs!*

Thanks also to my Jie jie(Melissa), Apple, Yee siang, and BB for caring.. =)

i really thank God for people like you guys in my life.
truly am blessed. =)


FLIGHT crew after CHC Talentime Prelims!

Sam and I! =) He took part in Talentime too! he was in the song writting category with his sister. =D *woooh.. check out my eyebags. =P*

Our ending Pose! =)

We Did It. =) I'm so proud of US.

[H e a r t s]

Friday, July 25, 2008

Thats just the way life is.. Zzz

Ahhhhhhhhhhs...............! things have been so sucky..
everything seems to go wrong..
if its not this its that. like WHYYYY larhhhhhhh..
Gr. its so annoying! like problems after problems kept poppin up..
like it'd nvr leave us alone..
we're finally able to dance the WHOLE song..
as in.. no ones standing there.. being all blur anymore..
everyone have their steps in mind.

But it aint good enough yet. =/
well at least for me. i dun think we actually..
have prac to the max and gave it our all..
its not enough.. we stayed back the whole week..
to practise.. and i just dun understand WHY..
everytime we stay back.. we'd stay back for abt few hours..
3-5 hours at least. but we nvr got to practise the whole dance..
more than 5 times each day. THATS just so..... sigh.
i mean.. in those few hours.. we could actually..
prac till we're really synchronize and all..
But nooooooooo.. after doing the whole dance once..
everyone sit down.. laze around..
for half an hour or an hour..
Theres always an excuse saying "we havent enough time"
Well hey.. reality check here.. WE DID.
we could have prac many times.. till today..
well at least by today we'd be like super nice edy..
but sigh. i dunno larh. buy food. makan..
laze here.. emo here emo there.. LIKE ZOMGG LAAAAAAH

Then today .. not only today..
the whole week we had to crack our brains..
about where practise should be held.
Gaaaaaaah.. i cant believe hw much time we wasted..
discussing bout where to prac. and in the end..
our LAST prac.. we only did the whole dance twice.
TWICE~! .............. thats just so.... SIGHHHH...
The stupid headmistress larh. Buat masalah oni.
I really Thank God for a certain teacher. =)
without u.. our prac today.. man.. our last prac summore..
i dunno wht will happen larh. =) THANK YOU SO MUCH!
u put urself in danger tho u know u shouldn't just to help us.
We really appreciate that. Thank u teacher. =)

Hmmsh. at least u guys got ur steps right edy la.
though we had only 2 pracs today. Zzz..
hope u guys keep it tht way and better if possible..
Dun freak out when ur infront the crowd kaay?
=/ hope u guys wont forget everything when you're on stage..
Do ur best!!! jia youuuu!!!

I cant believe prelims are tomorrow!
Ahhh.. so fast.. i cant wait for it to come though! =D
blarh. i really hope we'd make all our time. energy..
worth it. i really hope we'd perform our best!
i dunno whats in store for us. but whatever it is..
all that matters is that we'd be able to give our all..
and do our best for tomorrow! its all that matters.. =)

and yesh. i was really.. really down yesterday.
but its over larh. so whatever larh.. i'm gonna forget abt it.
what matters now is tomorrow!!! =/

Chi Wing.. =) thanks for being there..
and teman-ing me after school.. when everyone left..
coz school hours were over.. but u stayed on to hear me rant. =P

Jian Yi too.. u were somehow always there for me..
Ever since the start of school.. When i needed someone the most..
u were sumhow always there.. hahas.. and u nvr stopped being there..
Thaaaaaaaaank you so much..! =)

Pray for us ya! =) Thaaanks!
[indeed, no one can ever stand in this world alone.]

Thursday, July 24, 2008


sometimes u cant help but just lose it.
no matter how hard u try not to let ur feelngs overwhelm u.
it just does in the end.
sometimes u try so hard not to cry.
but tears just flow out from your eyes streaming down ur cheeks.
sometimes u feel like giving up.
but sometimes no matter hw hard u know it is..
u know u just have to continue to pull through.
sometimes u think, why did i even get myself tied up in all this crap.
But in the end.. u know it'll be worth all those tears.
I need a hug.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Like the Sun would Never Shine again..

LOL. i just realize that in my previous entry..
the first line.. "OLA ppl! its been a week.. since i've blocked.."
BLOCKED?! LMAO. =P so.. =.=

Anyways.. its been a rough..and bumpy ride..
i've been so stressed up this past few days..
i really just.. sigh. i had so much things to worry abt tht..
i just lost it for a moment. everything seemed to just..
go wrong.. everything came crashing down.

either the steps weren't good enough.
or it was too fast. too this too that.
i sometimes felt like.. OKAY FINE!
since i'm doing the song and everything ..
why don't u just choreograph the whole thing..
According to ur liking? since nth is ever good enough for u..
But nooo.. u complain but dont give solutions.
now hey, how am i suppose to cope?
if its not good enough.. then GO AHEAD..
CHOREOGRAPH the WHOLE dance routine.!
yesh. i felt so annoyed. u ask me to do.
i do. i giv my best. u dun like it. i ask ur opinion.
but u just keep ur mouth shut and just..
GAAAAAAAAH~! i'm human too okay.
IF we had a whole month left. FINE.
Change this. change that. Change the WHOLE thing if u want.
BUT we've only got 3 more days left!
Here i am trying to teach u.. the whole thing..
but at every step. u go .. Haaaaaaah.. change la.
DO u know hw annoying and GRR is tht?
Prelims are like.. ON SATURDAY for goodness sake.!

i guess this small thing really got on my nerves.
not only coz of tht but coz of so much other stuff..
tht i had to settle. our transport.
pracs. finding teacher. making sure we have a place to prac.
burning the song. editing the song.
besides our dance thing i had school poems and choral speakings.
English quiz competition, POS choreography to be done..
and here u are making it seem like i'm the FREE-est person on earth.
during pracs u dun wanna prac the stuff tht ur not good at..
but keep practising the stuff tht ur good at.
whats the point? and u let ur mood affect ur prac times.
Stop thinking bout urself.. do u noe ur moody-ness affects us all?
coz we're a team.. and when u do tht.. the whole team becomes moodless..
and then u dun wanna prac. when i make u prac.
u do it for the sake of doing so.
and in the result.. today when we performed for shawn..
u guys just got all blur and forgot all ur steps.. then u start feeling all shity.
see larh. when u had those precious times to prac.
think carefully whether u appreciated those times.

Dancing together used to be so fun.
not till u guys keep letting ur mood affect the team.
thats just plain irresponsible okay...
the start of prac today sucked so badly.
we just finished the whole choreography..
some of u knew half.. some knew the other half..
and worse thing was tht we had to perform just now.
And to make things worse tht kepo had to kacau us..
for using the music room to prac. leave us alone lah..
last time u dun let us use the studio. fine.
acceptable. now this?! why do u make it seem like..
each stomp we do on the music room floor..
u get stabbed with a knife and it makes u hurt like crazy.?
are we doing any wrong? do we harm anyone by dancing..
and practicing in the music room? UNLOGICAL LIKE ...#$%$#

U always talk all soft.. gentle.. durin assembly.
"Jadikanlah sekolah sebagai rumah kedua anda."
MY BUTTT LA! rumah kedua my butt.
"Sekolah boleh menjadi tempat bergantung pelajar"
MY FOOOT! bergantung? YA RIGHT.
when we wanna bergantung pada sekolah..
wt they do? chase us away. ALL BS like crazy.
FAKErs and hypocrites. my headmistress sucks.

But anyways.. yes.. we were friggin emo..
and down after tht stupid lady came..
and made things worse.. our moods were just soooooooo..
down.. right to the valley of two tall tall mountains..
but after letting out all tht anger..
it gained back our teamspirit..
to be one. to prove them wrong. to be united..
once again. like hw were were..
it made us stronger.. as a team. =)
Well hey.. "Everything happens for a reason." =)

i really hope we'd make it to Finals.
if not. i just wish tht we'd have a great performance.
at least we'll be sure to give our best. =) right?
i hope with this remaining 2 days..
we'd be able to perfect our whole dance choreography.
Jia You us. =)

[whatever it takes baby! =) ]

Sunday, July 20, 2008

My Butt Hurts. =.= Sniffx..

OLA ppl! its been a week.. since i've blocked..
Can u believe it?! its been a week already since cheer 08 ended.
And it felt just like yesterday i was at cheer 08.
boy that was fast. O_O yes yes..
i dunno why but i've been rather busy this week..
or am i busy all the time? xD Anyhow..
i felt like i was suddenly MORE busy than..
the busy Celine before this.. now its like..
I'm REALLY busy that i dun even have time to blog.. T_T
or do my exercise routine! Yesh! *guilty* i've not done..
my exercise stuff for a week already! =/

I've been at school.. till late in the evenings..
and yesh! i'm so totally back into breakdancing. hahaa..
yesh yesh.. i've started training again..
thus! i really needa do those exercise routines man..
have this Choral speaking performance tmr..
and i had to conduct the class and all..
plus be presenting a poem with 3 more fwends.. =)
Ooooh ya! the Choral speaking my class is doing..
was the one i taught my Last year form 3 class.
Really brings back alot of memories.. =)
i mish them.. =(

and about my entry title..
like.. only on one side tho.. xD
i think i sprain my butt.. T_T..
if i put weight on tht side of my butt..
it kinda really hurts.. Zzz..
been like dat the whole week..
and it kept gettin worse.. resulting in greater pain than b4..
LOL.. whts this la.. i'm talking bout my butt.. =.=
but it really does hurt.. hehs..
Is there even such thing as spraining ur butt in the first place?
LOL..... if its not sprained then i dunno wht u call it larh.. =P

Oooooh.. i'm gonna be having another busy week this week..
Nikki called me on Friday.. askin me bout talentime..
And since we couldn't form a group..
a dance group from LU cluster..
i decided to ask me dance crew in school if they were interested!
^^ and yup! we'll be competing in Talentime EMERGE 08!
OMeeeeeGGGGGGGGGosssssssssh!!!!!! we've not plan out our whole dance routine yet! oh nooooooooo.. i really hope we get to get everything done and settled before prelims. =/

i remember taking part in Dance Talentime competition last year..
With My sis..Ai Mei,Leah and Shin Huey~!
Haha.. i rmb the times when Moses had to fetch us up and down..
it was tiring but hey! it was all worth it.=)
and the good thing was, we didn't need to go through prelims..
Coz we were down south.. so we got into finals straight away..
but this year... T_T prelims! its this sat..
I was like cutting and editing the song yesterday..
i got so frustrated at one point and felt hopeless...
haha really.. its not an easy thing.. trying to get ur..
editing and cutting all smooth and perfectly..
really takes up alot of time plus patience..
yes yes.. he was my hero of the day yesterday.. =D
He so totally helped out alot in the song! THANK U! ^^

POS prac was fun today.. =)
Me gonna have to do more choreographing this week..
We're almost done with the whole thing! ^^
CANT WAIT!!! wheeee~~~!

Serena,Monkey,Chun Ying!
We so totally will rawk as a team. =)

[whether with or without you,it doesnt make any difference to me now. =) ]

Sunday, July 13, 2008

CHEER 2008!! ( Day 2)

Hahaa.. ALL the teams step up their game..
and improved LOTS!! performances on day 2..
which was today.. was just AWEEESOMEEE!
i had so much fun! and the stadium was REALLY PACKED!
till it got so hot and stuffy.. x)

And the supporters who came!
they were crazieeeee!!! as in SUPER HYPER!
hahahahaha.. BU4 had ALOT of Suppoters in Blue!
Dynamitez in RED! Convent Bukit Nanas in Green! ALOT!
Titans! black! i think? then there was KDU! Black too!
And many others.. they were so hyped man..
it was a wonderful crowd really!

I took more videos instead of pictures today.. =)
but i DID take some pics larh.. hahas.. =)
ANDD AND i took another picture with MICHAEL!!!
Wheeeeeee~~~!!! and i got another HUG!!! awwwwww~!
*floats to the sky~* x) CHARM ALL STARS performed too!
the judges, MICHAEL,SARAH and SAMANTHA joined them! ^^
it rawkeddd!!! santwon! one of the judges..
he performed tooo!!! he's also like the world champion for cheerleading man!
he's the champion for last year 07 and this year!
and ppl! his really pro weih! got ALOTTT of videos..
so when i got time i'll upload em in youtube.. and i shall giv ya the link..
=) parents and brothers came at abt..2pm? ^^

i cant rmb why.. but i did alot of running today..
and walking.. hahahas.. i sumhow had more things to do today..
so i was nvr at my seat for more than 2minutes..
i was just practically everywhere.. hahaha..
plus it was so hot! was kinda sweating. x)
met Ebbe tooo!!!! ^^^^ i've not seen him in ages!
he changed alot too.. hahas.. couldn't regconize him..
Marilyn came.. Adrian and Joshua too! ^^
and met some new friends.. =) Fransica and Amelia..

To sum up everything. CHEER 2008 RAWKED TO THE MAX!
And i had so much fun.. =) One of the HIGHLIGHTS of 2008 for me so far..!
OH YA! RESULTS! hahahaha..

X-AVIER from CBN for getting 5th place!!!
TITANS from AMC for getting 4th place!!!
STUNNERS ALL BOYS from SERI KDU for 3rd place!!
DYNAMITEZ from SMK DJ for 2nd place!
Hahas.. the colourful-nesss.. well thats actually their team colour. =D the BOYS WERE AWESOME!!!! PIRATES! BEST NEW COMERS! they were soo gooood!!! KDU all boys tooo! and I actually really LOVE FALCONS! but they din get anything.. T_T.. GENESIS from ST.MARY! new comers too! but they were fantastic!!

alrighty. picture timeee!!! =D

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Gaaaah.. terrible eyebags.. this shows the amount of sleep i've been getting.. =P
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Purple star* =) cant really see mine.. cacated.. haha..Sabrina and I. =)
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Jien! =) i've not taken a pic with him since like.. year 2005!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
After the lunch break.. the supporters got all crazie! hahaa.. they were running around the stadium with their banners,flags,sign boards and all! it was sooo wildd! people were screaming and cheering everywhere! the stadium was filled and overwhelmed with the voices of the supporters! =) hahahahaha.. then the DJ played "We WILL WE WILL ROCK YOU!" everyone else who weren't running did the stomping feet thingy.. x) it was really so much fun! Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting
i love a hyper crowd! =D

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Judges! =)
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Check out the star on Michael's head. hahaha.. nice ey. =D
Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Michael,Sam,Sarah! (Judging!) =)
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Anne,Santwon(pro!) Michael!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
The lady in white there! shes the Miss Msia! and she's REALLY TALL!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Micheal,Sam,Sarah in CHARMS uniform after performing. =)
Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting

And again.. Lastly, the Dashing talented Michael Guillen! ♥
Awwwwwwwws! *floats* =P hahhaha.. to be able to take another picture with him made me Happy enough.. and getting another HUG from him made me Fly~.. =P Ahhhhhhhs.. *smiles*

=) i've not stoped smilling. =P Blueks!
hahhahaha.. time for my sleep!
i'll sleep easily tonight..haha.. =)
tired + happy = Zzz
Good Night!!
[I loved the 2 days! Sweetdreams will i have. =P ]

Saturday, July 12, 2008

CHEER 08! (Day 1) =D

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
HELLLLOOOO! today was the first day of CHEER 08!! Wheeeee~~~! had to wake up REALLY early though.. =/ had to be at school by 6am! so anyways.. waited for Rachel to fetch me to school.. so i waited.. and waited.. and waited outside my hse.. but she still din come.. then i was like.. zomggggggg! dun tell me rachel forget abt me already.. T_T wuwuwuwu.. then she came. xD she came kinda late.. 6.40+ i anyways.. went to school.. helped the team get ready and all.. the van came.. and off we went to Bukit Jalil Putra stadium! ^^ i've not been there in ages! So when we reached! the stadium started to become flooded with people! alot of buses and cars and all.. and u see cheerleaders everywhere! hahaa.. girls.. and guys..
ANYWAYS! our whole team kumpul-ed at a place to mark steps. =) Then it was time! time to register.. got our tags and got sitted.. =) hw nice.. our place was near the stage..haha.. =D yup yup! took ALOT of pictures!! well.. not as much like i'd usually do.. coz i ran out of batt.. T_T.. but at least i got some shots.. ^^ not that good ones though.. =/ anyways.. the first half.. we had a total of 24 teams! and our school team was the 5th team to perform! our team did okaaay. =) they could've done better.. i KNOW they can! nvm girls! u still have TOMORROW to give them ur best!!! ^^ and this year.. there were really ALOT of competitive teams!! There were really alot of teams tht were just awesome! =D plus some new comers too! they're shocking. hehehe.. din show tht they were new comers! if i din noe they were new comers i'd thought they've competed before! =) everything was just WONDERFUL larh. =) i loved it. haha.. till one point when i really tak boleh edy. i was SO tired.. especially after the 24 teams.. and there was a 1 hour break. i became all moody and sien-ted.. and i was just looking around.. till i saw.. ALOT of people taking pictures with the judges on the opposite side of where i was sitting.. basically they were infrot of me but just on the other side..
and i sat there.. thinking.. AW MAN!
i wanna take pictures TOO!!! T_T
but my camera had run out of batt.. =( sniffx..
so i just sat there.. with my wishful thinking..
ESPECIALLY MICHAEL!! so MANY ppl were taking pictures with him..
i just sat there and wished i could do so too..
Till rachel came and sat beside me.. and i said..
"Sigggh.. i wanna take pic with Michael!!!"
then she was like.. LETS GO! ^^ and i told her no more batt..
she showed me her HP.! WAHAHAHHA! imediately i pulled her..
and we ran to the other side to where he was.. MWAHAHHA!
well.. ABout this Michael dude.
He's an all time cheerleader champion PLUS a fantastic Gymnast!!
PLUS PLUS his like SOOOOOOOO Cute and Leng Zhai..!
Hwhahahahaa... yesssssh! i admire him ALOT. =P
Hahaa.. i'm in love with him. =P the in love as in "admire"
kinda love larh.. =) REALLY! No one would NOT admire him!
his so talented plus he makes Girls melt. =P
U've soooo gotta love Michael. =)!
well anyways.. back to the story..
me and rachel was just standing there..
and waiting.. coz SO many ppl were taking pics with him..
till suddenly he looked at our side.. and YESH!
it was FINALLY our turn to have a pic with him!! ^^
Ahakz. =) i loveeeeeee the pic i took with him. =DDD
i went there.. happily.. to take a pic with this Admirable guy..
and suddenly he bent down and gave me a hug while posing..
I was smilling like normal larh.. But in my heart i was like..
Yesh yesh i was VERY happy.. Hehhehehehehee...
omg so hyper now.. =) HAHAHAH... imma happy girl.. =P
i thought he'd just u know stand there..
take pic.. then turn away to take pic with sum1 else..
like wht he was doing all the time before that..
tiba tiba i got a hug pulaks.. =) hehehehhehehhee.. *grins*
happppyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! =P
Then the 2nd round he had to go back to judging..
hahaha.. by then.. i was like.. jumping back to the place we sat..
i was like Wheeee~~~!!! ^^^^^^^^ my wishful thinking came true!
and EVEN better! i got a huggggg..! awwwwwwwwwwwwwww.. =)
so yes! tht small lil thing made me happy.. untill NOW!
yes.. i'm still laughing and smilling to myself.. and being all happy..
bwahahhahahahaa.. and plus i'm super hyper now..!
can ask benroy and benson.. xDDDDD looooool..
YES! because of tht.. CHEER08 Day 1 ended BEAUTIFULLY for me! =P hahahahaha.. i knooow.. i sound like some crazy admirer.. BUT HEY! u'd understand if u were me.. ahhhhhhhhhhhh~~ he's amaizinggggggggg! =PPPPP i was smilling all the way back.. and yes! tomorrow would be CHEER 08 day 2! i'm SO gonna try to take more pics.. =D and also take maybe another pic with michael.. =P lalalalalala~~~ in the end of the WHOLE thing.. MICHAEL DID A SHORT PERFORMANCE!!! yaaaaaaaaaay~! took a vid of it.. well.. recorded only abit of his performance when it was ending.. lol.. BUT ANYHOOO! tht last part also shows the CHUN-Ness of him.. hahahaha.. =P blueks. everything ended abt 5pm? and got home at... errhhh..6 close to 7pm. =)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Marking steps.. =)
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
The stadium early in the morning.. =) not much ppl yet..
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
School team. =) X-ALt!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Sam! =) Coach for X-ALt! from CHARM ALL STARS. ^^ saw him quite a few times.. but never really talked to him.. hahaa.. so yup! today was the first time getting to know him.. =)
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
They were trying out the mat.. gettin the feel of it..
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Cheerleaders lining up to try out the mat.. and to measure skirts too.. for the girls.. =)
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
LYDIA MILLER! =) lydia darlyn.. hahaha.. She's from D*Starz! SMK SRI AMAN(P)!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
They gave me the COACH tag. =)
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
X-ALt On the Mat. =D owh man.. i'm not even sure if i'm spelling "Mat" right.. =.= gr. is it.. right? LOL.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
And the show begins! Jien and JD were the host! or emcee.. =)
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
The lovelay Judges! MICHAEL is the dude with the pink tie in Black. hehe. =P
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
The first team! and so the competition begins!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
PIRATES ALL BOYS! (SMK COCHRANE) i think? They were not bad weih! new comers somemore!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
GENESIS! New comers too! They were pretty good too! ^^
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
D*STARZ! LYDIA's in this team. wahahhaa.. they did awesome! =DD
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Rachel! =) The captain of X-ALt!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
US with Michael before we left.. =D
And Lastly.. The very Admirable Dashing Michael.. =)
Awww.. =)!!!! *smilessss!* (i've obvious eyebags man. xD ) i kinda suck in the pic though.. but whtever it is! i still LOVEEEEEEEEE the picture! =D wheee~!
And heres the video of Michael performing.. =) Short one tho. Have fun!

[Wheee~! ilovetoday. :) ]