Friday, December 28, 2007

After camp! KL.

After camp on the 23th visited cousins and relatives in seremban. =)

The cousins! We've all grown and changed so much! =)

Family. =) iloveyouall. ;)

The very next day.. =) went out with Penyu and Shawn. =D finallyyyy.. after so long. hahas.. went to ou. =D

Smile shawn! smile! xD

Haha.. there u go.. =) *candid. xD we were laughing.* haha..
Really had a great day wit them tht day..=)
then left for JB the next day.
Actually.. was kinda down tht night.. coz of certain stuffs. rather coz of someone. Yeah u noe who u are. I'm glad i got to know the truth. and of course i'd rather you tell me at tht moment urself and just be frank with me.. but i guess .. i trusted u too much. which was a stupid thing to do. I found out anyways in the end myself. and of course it hurt more or rather alot. but ah yes. u dont care bout how much hurt it cost me la. coz u'd rather get all worked up and angry at me for telling two of my friends who are also ur friends. and i'm Sorry lar kay for even letting them know. Sorry la.. i just couldn't help myself coz i was so down tht night and i was with the two of them. but whatever lar. it happened already. and i've said wht i needed to say. its ur choice whether u wanna ignore me for the rest of ur life or accept my apology. Anyways. just so ur wondering. i forgive u. though u nvr said sorry. but Hey. i forgive u.
Hmm.. tht night. Stayed up till 4am emo-ing. lol. was chtting with a few ppl. Chee hau and Yi soon noticed i wasn't being my happy self and cheerful me. And knew sumthing was wrong. so they called me. lol. chee hau first then yi soon. how nice of them. =) but i talk a while ni then put down coz.. ask them talk on msn. lawl. din feel like talking. but thanks for the care guys. =)
and yeah.. thursday took my PMR results.
My results are okay lar.. praise the Lord. =)
Haha.. from morning till night ppl kept smsing me..
and asking the same question. T_T phone wanna pk liao..
haha..anyways.. took my stuff..documents and all..
the kerani in my school told me i had to go to the..
PPD place to get letter of transfering school.
so went there.. waited for friggin 2 hours..
then they dunno write wht document stuff..
then they ask me go upstairs.
went up. wait.. AGAIN.. for another hour.
finally my turn.. the lady said..
"Oh~! u moving antara Negeri..dun need come here..straight go to the KL department."
i was like.. WTH................?!!! Wht is this weih..
i wait for SO long.. for nth. gr.
stupid kerani lar in my school.. type the letter also wrong.
then had to change. neways..
After tht went out with Shu Xin and Su Ying till 10pm. =D was so niceee!! And and we took neoprints! AND THEY CAME OUT BEAUTIFULLY! nice.. i have something to take back wit me to KL d. memory of em. =D we watched movie too.. watched Code Name: the Cleaner. They are chinese speaking ppl la. so for them the movie was boring. hahaa.. but i tried to cheer em up la. so i did stupid stuffs in the cinema which disturbed the peace. xDD! but i din reli care coz there was only like.. very lil people. Hehes. =D
TODAY! slept at 5am.. woke up at 11am! went out with my darlings today! mwahahahah! KIMMY AND RYN! YAYYY~~~! hahahahaa.. though we watched the same movie i watched yesterday.. Code Name: the cleaner. but ah well! WE HAD FUN! hahaha.. especially in the toilets. (tht sounds wrong) lol! but we had a superbly nice day. got ourselves nice necklaces!
Tomorrow gonna go back to KL..
for Good. so yeah.. gotta pack my stuff.
sighs. so lazy. =/
and and KL no com for me to use. Aiks.
but hopefully that'll help me study more.
HAHA. right. form 4. no play play d.
gotta study hard and smart.
coz if i have strong base, form 5 i stronger. =D
yays. k larhs. i need to pack heck alot of stuff!
enough blogging for me!
till dunno when, take care and have a dashing New year!
Wow.. 2008 coming. man that was fast.
H E A R T S!

.AFC Bootcamp 2007.

Camp started on the 9th of Dec at 2.30pm! =) got resgiestered and spent the rest of the day getting into our sleeping place and all tht. at night had games. bwahhahaa... Couldn't really sleep at night on the first night for i had to sleeping bag nor pillow or any of tht sort. so i practically went like, "Okay.. good nite everyone and lay down on the floor and slept. xD" so i hardly slept. was quite toturing. hahaha.. i was like.. omgggg... this is the first time ever in my life tht i dun wanna sleep. it was reli cold. and i was just wishing for time to pass by faster so we could start dancing. =D

Finally the time to wake up came.! (photo by me! =P)

Had devotion and tadaaaaaa~

Practice began!!! =D

After all those practices, our first performance was on the 13th of dec in st.pauls church infront of some of the parents. =D

MeLL,Jan,Von and Me after performance. =D

Havoc gang. :D

On tht very same day! AFC turned 11!
The canteen we ate in for 9 days. =D
The very next day, it was time! to go on outreaches and perform wat we've been learning. =D
The first place we visited was King George V. Its a old folks home. =)
It was really nice getting to talk to them. =)
After tht we went to Rumah Hope. Its a childrens home. but din take any pictures there though. And lastly we headed to IKANO for our last performance of the day. =D
Darlings. =)
Haha.. jonathan aka Joker. =) he's a great dancer. =D (guys, this is actually the only time when u get to put on make up urself without being accused of not being straight. =P) Come on. i know u guys love it. =P blehhh.. xD
Yay! at IKANO performing "Different Now". (saya the most front. =P) hehe..
And now.. I kinda lazy to continue actually typing out wht REALLY ACTUALLY happen in order of day 1 to day 2 etc. coz its kinda driving me crazy d. lol. i've been blogging for dunno how many hours and its currently 4.20am. therefore i'll just let the pictures do the talking. =)

Subang Parade. (Owen and Ryan) =)
Dear Von! =D
Erin! ^^
Adrian @ Pavilion, Times.
MeLL, Jess, Me and Jann. (KLCC!)
Dinner infront the beautiful fountain and scenery! =D
Posers! =P
The Dai Kah Jies! Haha..
Aww.. those happy moments.. =)
Von ar.. u see u.. get more sleep arks.. ur eyes so the tebal. =P
Salak South Our Saviour Church peeps! =)

PEOPLE! this girl is super the responsible kay. i respect her for tht. =) Solute!

The girls hanging out together on the last night of camp. =)

So like on the last night. while everyone is sleeping. Its Kinda the AFC tradition to sabo some certain people while they sleeping la. hahaa.. depends on who sabo-ing lor. then they choose who to sabo. xD so the guys kena colgate from some of the girls. (not me ar. =P) and some of the girls kena spray shaving cream while they were asleep. me and sis was suppose to be one of the victims lar. but they scared we wake up very easily so they din kena us. hahaa.. i woke up the next morning when i heard girls screaming. xD i needed the toilet. but got ppl using so i went downstairs to use the toilet. and i saw this bunch of guys taking pictures at the front of the hall. lol.. all those who kena lar. i was way at the back of the hall.. when suddenly JJ came from the back and hold me super the tight while all the other guys came and gave me 'Hugs' along with shaving cream . =.=

We had Lost And Founds after all da sabo. hehs. so people who lost their stuff and wanna claim it back gotta kena punishment. hahaa..

Joseph had to wear a 'too-too" xD. aw. he looks darn depress wei. LOL

But Jonathan was enjoying it wei!

xD Joseph got double blessing. =D See joseph.. haiz.. just be happy with wht u got next time. hahaha...

Jo! learn from jonathan. just look at him! he's a free man! Haha..

Camp ended on the 17th of dec. but some of us who were still around had pracs on thursday and friday and performed one last time in 2007 on saturday in Subang parade, the weld and pavilion. It was great though it felt kinda empty without da campers. =) it was one great camp. For sure.! =D

Random pics on saturday. =)

Haha.. my hair make me look so xiao mei mei in this pic. xD. Von. =)

Wheeeeee~~~! Hahahahaha...*Ahemsh.Coughs.* Looks at Von. =P



Finally. T_T