Sunday, August 26, 2007

MU-HA-HA.? =.=

Haha.Yesh.I did. =P
"love dont mean changing who you are to be or who somebody wants you to be, Nobodys got to belong to nobody." - Jessica Simpson "I belong to me".

Wokay. Today ya.
As kids.
Only difference was tht..we took pictures like crazy today.
Haha..At first i was kinda moody..
Tired.. @_@ then suddenly dan brought his camera..
I took the camera..went outside with bryan..
Camwhore like no ones buisness. AND OH YESH..
I must so totally mention tht Mr.Bryan yong..
and I were taking weird funny ones..
And OH? He decided to start acting cute.
LOLOLOL! He starterd doing Lala~ poses..
Therefore i joined him. Muahahahahha!
YEAH..I DID NOT start it..He started it..
Can u imagine tht? xD wait till i post up the pictures bryan. =)

Anyways after tht..Took pic with like..
Almost everyone! hahaha..And because Daniel..
Would be going back to Russia like on the 3rd of sept.
This should be the last time we're seeing him..
Till he comes back..=( sighs. time passed so fast.
Gaaah.. anyways.. Took pics like ALOT with him..
Haha..Funny lar those pics. and i havent got the pics yet.
Aihh~ wht a waste. it would have made this entry more interesting. =P
Battery went flat. so its charging now. and therefore..
dan cant upload em. =( yesh.. we took pics till batt ran out.
HAHA.. imagine the number of pics weihh.. should be about..
100+ pictures..yeah.. about tht much. haha..

Okay..To sum up this weeks holiday.
Well..Benson said it was the suckiest holiday ever. Mel..hmm kinda in the middle. for me.. its okay lar... not to say the WORSE holiday. Yeah..din go anywhere..but least there were holidays. =)

AND! *drumrolls..* !
I'll only be going to school for like 2 days this week.
KL i'm comin babeh...wooot~
Okay. competition coming.
I havent mastered 6 step tht well yet.
Still abit cacat.. =( yeah.. i know leh...
six step damn easy move. Noob also can do..
but but.. i nvr actually took the interest to learn. xD
Oh noooo~~ am i gonna suck in my breaking solo? =(
cannot cannot! xD... my fwend all comin support me.
musn't let them down. =D

And.....Today..while jamming with Bryan..
MWAHAHHAA... i actually got to like..
Play the "when your gone" song on the piano..
BWHAHAHA.. so the happy...
hmm ok lar. 1 month more to pmr.
Well..almost a month till pmr. so like..
Gotta study hard-er. xD
hmm..I'LL try to like stay away from the com. =P
TRY. i'll try my best. :D

Tmr dance prac. woooh.last prac for us. Oh no. =X
And oh yeah..I like tried to clear friend list..
in friendster yesterday. like u know.. Spring cleaning? xD
Deleted people who i dunno who ever they are..=.=
and never wanted to be friends and just for show.
NOOB. xDD! nah lar. dunno them. din even say hi to them..
neither did they. So i deleted them off. BOO! SHOO! go go!
Peeps who i dunno but got talk to me b4..hmm consider lar..=P
And WOOH~ not easy deleting. Made me so tired. i gave up. =/

And ooooh oooh~! Darlyn Kimmy bday comin.
BWHAHAHAA.. =) *starts counting.* xD!
Mwhs! Happy going back to school. YA RIGHT. =P


Oh yeah. I wan huggy lerh.. =(

Saturday, August 25, 2007

When Your Gone.

...Lingers in My heart... ~

I always needed time on my own
I never thought I'd need you there when I cry
And the days feel like years when I'm alone
And the bed where you lie
Is made up on your side

When you walk away
I count the steps that you take
Do you see how much I need you right now?

When you're gone
The pieces of my heart are missing you
When you're gone
The face I came to know is missing too
When you're gone
The words I need to hear to always get me through the day
And make it OK
I miss you

I never felt this way before
Everything that I do
Reminds me of you
And the clothes you left
They lie on the floor
And they smell just like you
I love the things that you do

When you walk away
I count the steps that you take
Do you see how much I need you right now?

When you're gone
The pieces of my heart are missing you
When you're gone
The face I came to know is missing too
When you're gone
The words I need to hear to always get me through the day
And make it OK
I miss you

We were made for each other
Out here forever
I know we were
Yeah Yeah

All I ever wanted was for you to know
Everything I do I give my heart and soul
I can hardly breathe I need to feel you here with me

When you're gone
The pieces of my heart are missing you
When you're gone
The face I came to know is missing too
And When you're gone
The words I need to hear will always get me through the day
And make it OK
I miss you.


Avril Lavigne- When You're Gone.

Nice song yeah. =)

Friday, August 24, 2007

Last day of Hols =( but also =D

Aye..Its the last day of the hols already..
Was fast eh? whats new.. time passes very the fast..
haha..i'm kinda upset the hols are ending but..
Happy at the same time.. hahas.. KL i'm coming!

Certain scenes from the movie "secret"keeps playing in my head.. keeps flashing..

haha...its really a great show larh.. =) It also really shows wht LOVE actually is.. Hehs..The real meaning of Love is being forgotten nowadays. Heh. Wht a shame. lol..
But oh well i guess thats just the way things are now..=/

We havent been practicing dance much lately.
coz ai mei and leah arent back yet. =.=
plus competition is coming.
Plus we only have abt 3 more days to prac.
Can we make it? i hope so. =)
Will be going down on 28th night.



We had fun didn't we? =) haha..
(except when sum1 kept stalking us..and smsin u..NOW tht was SCARY. =/ )

Monkey face! xD

Eh see! got sparkle! haha..Look like edited.
But nooooo~! got spotlight behind. xD!

My pwetty pwetty fwend.
I shall nvr forget this day. haha.. =)
Mwhs! love u hun!
PLUS i'll remember the promise we made together. *winks*

PS:! Larh..when u guys online..clever abit lar. People send u a virus u go accept..=.= someone say, hey! look at my photo..then send u something..jangan lar accept.. sienz.. everyday sure got 5 victims or more.. =.= thtz all.



Aww man! the show rawk lar! it was awesome.
I almost cried. ALMOST. but didn't. haha..
So touching. Its a great movie larh.
Its like mixture of all feelings!
Really great day out today..
Awesome time with Ashley.
We talked very the much.
Laughed, and did alot of stupid stuff.
hahahaha...I LOVE YOU GIRL!!
She's a kick ass friend. Trust my word. =)

Camwhored too. mwahaha.
I shall upload the pics another day.
Or later. tireds. needs sleeps. =D
Danny boy coming tmr. so yesh.
I dun wanna be sleeping when he comes.
HAHA. U never know wht happens. LOL.

Nighty nights. I mean morning. =)
OUT~! 1.02 am / 24th aug.

I'm scared to call u lar..
Dun wanna wake u.. =)

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Rising to a Sunny Day! Mwahaha~

Bwahaha..Today is gonna be so great!
BWHAHAHHAA...WHY? WHY? (ask me why!)
BECAUSE!!! (i know u wanna know..I so know u wanna know..=P)
*jumps around.Boink.Booink..Boink! PIAK! Aiyark..=.=*
xD!!! LOLOLOLOL! Okay ..u can now confirm..
and declare..that ur reading total rubbish..HAHA!

Waaa..So nice leh this week..
Chee Hau keep calling me everynight..
Then is nice not coz i only talk to chee hau..=.=
Coz i also got to talk to BRIAN! KokHow! WeiLim! CHeeHuang(Person High) and KAH V! mwahahaha...So nicesh larh talking to them again..
Always make me laugh untill my face become deng red.
Hahas.. So like..Everynight i go to sleep..
With a smile on my face...Or maybe even LAUGHING
HAHA..Really larh.. My everynight sleep..
Is just so happy-ing. HAhas...WOOHHH! Omg so high. LOL.
End my day with a happy smile everynight..=)
I LOVE MY FWENDZIES!!!! Mwahahahhaaha...


Time to go watch movie.

Lar...Why u in KL i not.
I in KL ur not. Bila masa baru boleh meet up huh?
=( SOON SOOON SOON! i hope. Hehe.
Enjoy urself larh. =)

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Some random pictures from Rui's Bday!

Friend that Love each other till death! xD literally? xD Fwendssie! =)

Yuan and Me!

Vic.Ting.Me.Rui.Py. GHost Ahhh~! LOL.

Ling & Me. Bin and Xin.

Lau Chai! Wats with the Chicken?! Xiong and me behind. =)

Lau Chai. xD

The birthday girl. Rui. :D

The Khoo sisters

Me and My aunty and her son. =X I mean Chwee ting and her nephew. =P

Michael with da gurls. ;)

Dear cy! She's a great friend. =) Mwhs!

We're classmates. =)

And we had our own candle light dinner? xD!
Yuan and me again. =)

Grrr!!!!! WHY?!

xD i sound frustrated in the title of this entry.
Well actually i am. Abit. LOL.
I wanna watch with BB today..
But BB so far away.. =( T_T
Then wanna watch with Kimmy but she busy ler.. =(
Our time like not right. haha.. i can she cant, she can i cant. T_T
Then i wanna watch with my bestie, he's on a badminton competition.
Jian Ming pulaks sick jor.. Aww poor guy.. get well kays? =)

Hmm..Anyways..Everyone seems to be busy.
I want to watch it so much till i dun mind watching it alone..
Nth wrong watching movie alone wht.. got prob meh?
Eeeks.. Mum said, "siao alone.."
Blarh. Deng. Then Cynthia called me..
Ask me whether wanna go CS.. at 1pm..
With da xiang and all her cousin brothers or sumthing.
AND mum dun allow pulak..
Why? Because like.. we taking bus. =.=!!!!
Ini sangat mengeramkan. *ahhh Bish!* -_-'''
I know i know..Being geram coz of this is..
Very the childish. But HMMPH! the inner child of me..
Decided to come out today. CAN? =P
Laah....Can i at least enjoy a day out..
watching Secret before the holidays end? =(
Also wanna watch itu simpsons. =((!

YESH! I SHALL! and i will! ... =.= lol..

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Hmmsh..Time is passing Super fast.
GOOD! =D really cant wait for PMR to come.
Or wait! cant wait for next week to come. =)
Though hols would be ending this week.
And school starts next week. BUT HEY!
EMERGE is next week..Which means..
Dance competition is next week..
Which ALSO means.. I'll be back in KL!
bwhahahaha...WHICH ALSO MEANS..
I'd be celebrating Merdeka in KL this year..
WOOOOT~~~! SO the Happy. Bwhahahahaha...

Actually..Come to think of it..
Time passing fast isn't a bad thing after all.
Hehs. Whee~! Been studying, prac breaking..
sleeping.. xD! hahahahaha...I'm practically enjoying myself.
DUH. I spose to. Its the hollies! Yay! hehehe..
I miss my fwends in KL super duper muchesh! =D
I miss Kimmy too! so the long since i've went out with her. =(
And actually, i also miss bryan yong the much!
Though i saw him in church last sunday, But then..
Its been a while since we've actually got to catch up.
Hmmshh..Tak per. Looking forward to this sunday. =)
He's leading worship for MKs. hehehe.. La di dar~~

Been pretty much BROKE lately.
Hah. Whats new. And My darlyn, baby brother's bday..
Is coming. Oh noooo~~~ Aku mesti buy him sumthing from KL.
Yesh. I'll do that. =D but money is becoming the prob now.
Hmmsh.. Ai yai yai.. Haha..Chee hau called for like 1 hour yday..
xD saying he'd belanja me while i'm in KL. Aws. =P
Anywaysss.. Been pretty much in real high spirits.
Crazy even i guess. =P hahahahaha...

Its been long since 7.07.07.
But sometimes i do miss those times.
hahas. Well i guess thats just life.
And plush its no harm thinking back.
of those sweet memories back then. (:
Hmmshh...*flies back to before* xD!
And yesh Sumtimes she do Kinda Mishes Him.
=.= I'm missing alot of ppl. Its the normal.
xD sumtimes i lie on the couch..
And just have flashbacks going on..
And suddenly she s m i l e s to herself..
And her mum or one of da family members go
"What? Smiling for what? "
And she just looks at them with a hidden smile. =)

Bwahahahahhaa....Things been going great.
Can wait for it to get better. =P

YEE SIANG: TQ's Very the much for all your help larh. =) reli appreciate it loads! Hugs!

BRYAN YONG!!! : Heyy brudder.. Thankz too for ur help. hahas.. =) And we shall go out sometime.. some other time.. when i'm not BROKE. T_T *runs and hide*

KimmY! : Hey darl, really miss ya. Hmmsh. But hols are passing to fast! We mush mush go out after me Pmr kays? x)

AppLey!: Hwahah. U busy girl =) See u soon hopefully!!! =D HUGS! i l u. (:

Thats all fr this entry. =)
Heh. Alrighty then! happy hols lovely pweeps! ^^

"And she's surrounded by people
that makes her feel comfortable
just to be who she is..
She's l o v e d (:"

Monday, August 20, 2007


Bwhahahaha..I'm better already.
Feel so much better in heart and feelings.
But in physical its otherwise! =.=
Been having dance pracs. hardcore ones i may add!
And like.. let me give an example.
Last saturday i was dancing since 2pm till 10pm.
Wooh wooh..and i forgot to WARM UP.!
Oh nooooo... u can imagine the PAIN. xD
BUT i'm so proud of our dance team.
Its like. The dance choreography is all coming together.
And looks so the NICESH! bwhahahahahaha!

As u can see. I'm very the hyper now.
Hahha... Actually yesh lar. i'm really..
refreshed right now. Not stupidly down and depress.
hahas.. Wooh wooh! All thanks to GOD, fwends..jie. =)
*and i know some ppl will go like..Oh noo..Smacks forhead*
la di dum, di dum... OKAY.. i got no more money to spend..
for the holidays. T_T coz i .. i.. spent it all yesterday..
On my dancing outfit... T_T wooh wooh..
I gotta prac breakdance like never before this week!
I gotta master it till i become pro! ceyyy..
no lar.... a lil lower then pro also can..
hahaa...BUT i must be good..or BETTER!
yeshhh.. ALRIGHTS. So, my plans for holidays.
thats about it.. lawl.. OH YESH.. Btw..

Yesterday when i was like walking with mum..
shopping for outfit. There was this..
Proton Persona thingy.. they promoting it lar..
then there was this metalic purple one..
i was like.. *ooooooffh! my heart!* I fell in love with the car
hahahahahahaa...Then mom ask me to ask how much..
And all the other the dude explain to me..
Then he ask,

Dude: You driving isit?
Me: Erm no. My sister.
Dude: Ohh..Your younger sister?
Me : *thinks to myself, if my younger sis, means she much be over 18, means i'm what?!* Then
I ask him. How old d'you think i am?
Dude: Ermmm... 19? *unsure look*
Me: *says nth and raise eyebrow*
Dude : OK OK! *lookin scared he offended me or sumthing* 20!
Me: LOL!!!!!!!!!

Hahahahhaa...yesh...that was funny..
Hmm..Then i ask mum..
HWAH..i reli look THAT old meh..
That old untill i can buy a car! LOL.
ROFL LMAO larh. xD
hmsh.. mum said, no lar. u look matured.
dun look ur age. hmm.. true. thats wht everyone says.
ANYWAYS... enough for today.
I shall stop here =) TAKE CARES EH-V-One-!

Friday, August 17, 2007


Week has been..down.
But oh wht the heck.
thats life. Blarh.
Anyways, i've concluded some stuffs today.
I guess its the ending of us now.
Its not wht i wanted but wht u wanted.
Ending of something. starting of something.
Holidays have started. Didn't had the best last day of school.
Kinda sucked. In the morning i was all hype up.
Going home time i was just in no mood to talk.
Yeaaaahhhhh.... FIRST of all. We talked.
But indirectly. She kinda wrote something therefore..
i replied her with a real long letter. ANYWAYS..
It concluded something. it ended something. whtever lar.
i dun really wanna think or care about it anymore.
SO BE IT. so be it.. Hmmm...So my day after recess..
Sucked pretty much coz i was in no mood to do anything nor talk.

Going home time. SHIT arse children.
(dang i feel old when i talk abt other kids arnd my age and call them children)
ANYWAYS... I was walking home..
Unhappily.. and suddenly there was this bunch of..
Kids..Idiotic kids i might add.. =P who were playing with water.
Yes.. with water. coz their flour and gold dust all got taken away.
They play with friggin water. Lame butts. GAH!
This FAT stupid indian boy..Was running and therefore..
Banged into me. Wowww... i could see the light! .....
Zzz.. he totally made my day. thx mate. =.=
I walked further, and stupid arse ppl were still playing with water.
And oh wow, things couldn't get worse.
I got soaked. With Bloody water.

Talking about water.
My house main pipe broke.
Dad called the water people (wthever u call them)
But they were too lazy to bring their..
sorry lazy butts here and therefore..
The water has been bursting like crazy..
spurting out since yesterday noon.
Imagine how much water is being wasted and the damn peopl..
Water people couldn't care less. Dammit.
To make things worse. My house..
Now..Have no water. TOOOT %#$%$#^%$%^&!
I had to bathe with the cold tank water..
And now..the tank water has run out.
BWaha. Dun need to bathe lar.
Dun need to drink water or whtever alrdy.
...... Yesh..Bad day.. Whts new..I've been having stupid..
bad days the wholeeeee weeek...!

Enough said. .. ....

Monday, August 13, 2007

Only ppl who are close to u are worth ur tears. And ones who are close to you would nvr make u tear even once.

Oooohhh..I guesss the saying above can be quite wrong.


Neways. today had the merdeka celebration in school.
I had to wear this cheongsam and get all dress up.
hehs..And yesh..When i walked up the stage..
ada banyak *blushhhh* xD
There was this fashion show thing going on mar.
hmmsh..ANYWAYS.. it was all great.
Had major stomach ache at abt 12pm in school.. urgggh..
And yesh i do realise that like..the holidays are this sat.
like whoa.? so the fast. hahas.. hmms..but neways..
my one weeek of hols would be filled with dance pracs.
and yes..only two more weeks till the competition.
wooh wooh.. yeah babeh.. awesomee.. =)

hahaa...My entries are usually uber long.
Shorter ones for the moment. =)

I wanna end my entry by saying how much.
i appreciate these people. just bloggin my appreciation.
is not enough. i know. But oh wht the heck.

Daniel Raj, Apple, Yee Siang, Kimmy, Kah V, Boo Chong.

Sorry if i left out anyone. But u sure know who u are. =)
Ai ni men. Love u guys much.

And yes i realise a benefit from enduring downs and hurts.
It shows u the people who actually DO cares.
And shows u who doesn't. in this situation..

You, who i showered so much Love on.
Now do i realize u deserve none.
If u dont mean something nvr say it.
My vision was blur but now its clear.
And now i see, and now i've learnt.

...and Obviously mums still askin abt her.
as usual. she just wont stop.
"killing me softly, with her words, tearing my heart, with her words, killing me..Softly.....With her wordss.....~~~" i'm singing lame emo songs. =X
Hahas..Chill people. I'm not at the stage of suicidal.
How could i? When theres still so much people..
who needs me and so many tht i love. ;)


Sunday, August 12, 2007

Oh No..Its that Dupid feeling again.. =(

Haihh.. I'm feeling down. No nooo...
Whoose gonna pick me up? lol...
I FEEL SO...GRRRRr.... I feel like going somewhere..
And just scream out like no ones in the world except me..
I HATE how i've been like this so many times in a row this year..
Its like everything started falling apart this year.

So fed up with so much things..i dun even noe how to explain..
I feel very very bad....i feel very very lousy..
I HATE being down..feeling sad..being emo..
Coz its all just plain crap. Yesh. I'm acting like crap.
And it sucks big time. Gaaaaah.. STUPID STUPID STUPID!
So much things going on..So much STUPID unreasonable stuffs going on..
ANYMORE. Dang it. Aku tak tau macam mana express my feelings.
Even if i wanted to i couldn't. for some reasons.
I cant even EXPRESS it on my BLOGS..
WHY? coz theres just so much eyes reading it..
Some eyes which arent meant to be? maybe? whtever lar..

Sometimes i get so fed up..
I feel like having the stupid Dont care attitude.
Which sucks. And NO i cant do tht.
Ya ya... Celine's losing it.
Whtever.. whetverrrrr!!!!!

Trials was okay.
Geo was hard.
Science i did badly.
Zzz... uhuh...
Dance pracs have been going on..
I feel refreshed whenn i go for dance pracs..
I love dancing. the way i express myself.
Helps me lots. makes me happy.

Went out with brad and sue yesterday.
Had fun larh. =) great time. Saw rush hour 3.
And abt her. i hate it tht my mum keeps asking me abt..
situations and stuff. i know she cares. But i cant take it.
each time she ask me abt her. i think of it.
Each question is like a knife stabbing my Heart.
people say its not worth feeling this way.
Sorry. i cant stop the way my feelings are flowing.
Oh gosh..this is soooo Shity. GAAAAAHHH...

Oh ya, and i thought u cared.
Thx for all ur white lies and empty promises.

AHHH..why am i behaving this way.
Sigh. i dunno where the JOY has gone.
Its like every smile are just empty.
withouth happiness nor joy.

Sorry for the stupid entry.
And no i'm not Alright.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

I feel like a disease. =(

Okayyy...I've not been to school for the whole week.!
Well..Went on Monday. and after that tak da.
Anyways, i've been SUFFERING from this eye infection..
And like..Ouches lar.. =( i got it on tuesday morning..
Like..on monday i stayed up studying history..
but my eye was fine, the next morning, BOOM..
eye feel so the pain. at first it was EYE.
THen it became EYE(S). =.=! Went to GH.. gave pills,eye drop and some cream thingy..
so put it my eye.. but the cream is somewhat like jelly..
aiyar..whatever lar..i hate putting the cream.
Very the uncomfortable plus sakit.
Gaaaaah...But anyways thanks for all prayers..
and God's healing.. i've recovered..not fully..
but is recovering..better by ALOT...Hahas =)
And THANK YOU so much to those who smsed and called..
to find out how i am and all..Really sweet of you guys..
Really nice of y'all..=) I can feel the LOVE babeh! xD

Hmmsh..Trials next week..
or rather in 2 more days.
and i've not study one single thing.
i just SLEPT and slept the WHOLE WEEK.
feel like a lazy bum. xD but eyes just feel like sleeping.
hehs..And i hate putting eye drops into my eyes every 4 hours. the annoying. sheesh!.
Hmmsh..i couldnt read stuff..i couldnt do alot of stuffs. T_T..
The radio became my company at home. Hahas..Awww..
I realise that in one day..the radio actually plays..
a few songs over and over again like a 100 times in a day..=.=
Ok i was being sarcastic. But alot of times lar they repeat..Zzz..
Anyways..Pictures of my eyes. Bwhahaa...
Actually yes..i took pictures coz mum wanted to see..
But you see..People cant look at my eyes.
Or else they'll get it. YESH. its highly and VERY contagious.
=.= haih..i was wearing my sun glasses in the house and everywhere i went.
I felt as if i was living in darkness. O.o Yay for the sun. haha..
Yeah okok pictures. its bad. FOR ME its bad lar.
DONT LAUGH! *runs and hide in a corner*

In the begining...

And it got worse...

But it got better...xD

BUT i still love my precious sun glasses. =D!

Yeah yeah yeah..enough bout my eyes..
En ai came back and i met up with her and Eunice wong yesterday..
Yay for me. going out after a week of being..
locked up at home. =( awww..xD!
Anyways..Dont wanna say much.
Just that it was GREAT meeting them again!
And i also found out that En ai will be competing against me..
in P.O.S too! She's also cheerleading!! hahaha..
And Like..We'll be spending time together during merdeka..
how nice is that...Awesomee.. =)
Alright..PICTURES! and I'm off to study! =D

Aww..En Ai's so cute here..

We went into Toys R Us and Had some fun. =P

*whistles* Gorgeous.. x)

She made me do this. T_T xD


Okayyy..En Ai was taking weird stuffs and made me pose with em. =.=

Okayss..Thats all for the moment.
Till my trials are over at least!
Pray for me! And yeah..I still cant read much..
When i read too much my eyes start hurting.
Of this entry..I PRESENT TO YOU..

Going back to our old childhood days... =)
Love you Mr.Benson yap Ban Soon!