Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My coach just passed away.

i cant take the blow.
memories and flash backs kept playing like a broken video tape in my head.. he was .. a really nice person.. who left too fast. He was a man well known and loved by many. he really is an important person to many. his words of encouragement to me kept echo-ing.. he was always there helping us out without asking for a single penny.. the basketball match.. practises.. yum chas.. it all kept flashing back.. i'll never forget the last yum cha we had together.. when the stupid guard didn't let us go in for practise.. and it started to rain heavily.. he belanja-ed us.. and reminded us to set our priorities right in life.. and encouraged us to never giv up in basketball till we reach our goal.. his words.. "Uncle wong will be there for you, i'll train u girls till you dont need me anymore. =)" we still need you............. why did u have to leave us so fast?

Where'd you go? ='(
he was always there encouraging me..
nvr to giv up no matter how hard it could be..
i miss him.. so much..

i know.. its not in our power..
to decide when a person leaves or stays..
its not in our hands or ours to decide..
its life.. yeah.. i know that.. we gotta accept things..
as it comes and go.. but at the moment..

i'm in shock. i'm really...

pray for his 16 year old daughter and wife.

Rest in peace..
uncle wong.
we'll never forget you..
or what you've done.
you'd always be remembered in our hearts.

MUSIC ppl! i've found them! =D

Woooh.. today there was like..
anugerah cemerlag raptai..
i'm in the first class.. and obviously..
most of da people would be gone.. xD
yeahhh.. everyone was gone for the raptai..
except like for.. 5 people? ahakz.. so like..
there wasnt any teacher for 4 periods too..
and so.. Me, Kah Qee, Kin Fong went to bilik muzik =D
Oh yes! i so totally forgot to mention that..
theres a KORG keyboard there.. ! =) awesomeeness.. hahaha..

i just found out today.. how many talented pianist..
Especially guys.. yes GUYS! there are in my class..
and other classes.. hahaha.. it started off with just the 3 of us..
Kin Fong was like playing the WHOLE OST of the movie "secret"
a.k.a "Bu Neng SHuo De Mi Mi" Fuyooooh! i tell u..
i was blown away by him.. =) hahahaa.. and he nvr went for classes!
but his friend taught him.. =)
after a while 4 Sepakat got out from the lab..
and a few guys passed by.. and then u-turn and came in..
hahas.. their Kin Foong's kaki langs.. hahaha..

Pianist ppl.. and and! then like so totally memorise
the whole OST of secret.. plus many other classical songs!
Its sooo nice to see them play like super duper fast!
hahaha.. i just go *jaw drops* xD
their really talented.. =D i wanna learn some from them..
heheh.. ^^ i wanna learn more classical songs.. =D
so far the songs i play on keyboards and pianos are those..
erh.. like.. SONGS lah.. hahaha.. not those classical ones..
hmm.. had an interesting time today with them.. =D
met knew fwends tooo! hahaa *sound so budak kecil* hahaz..

Hmm oh ya! i forget to mention..
yesterday right.. when i was like walking back from school..
i suddenly saw an indian boy standing there..
i was quite a distance away.. and i have short-sightedness..
and therefore.. i saw him like un-zip his pants..
but i wasnt sure whether i saw wrongly..
as i got closer.. he suddenly pulled down his pants..
i was like.. wth? and i thought.. "maybe he wanna change pants?"
and so i walked on.. SUDDENLY he pulled down his underwear..
and i saw butts butts butts.. xD i was like WTH?! and he suddenly..
went into a "shitting position" like by the drain..
and the right moment when i passed him..
i heard .. "Proooooottt puuuuttt"... as in like..
a bundle of shit ... shooting out from his ass..
but a very loud and disgusting sound..
and i heard the shit like drop into the drain.. like..
it kinda splashed or something.. Ahhh whatever it is..
It grossed me out.. . at first.. when he striped..
i was like ew.. ew.. ew.. ew.. *walks faster*
AND BTW.. i wasnt looking kay.. i respect peoples privacy..
xD.. i just looked forward and walk fast fast..
then suddenly when i heard the sound..
i was like EW!! omgosh omgosh..

hahas.. what weih. =.=
neways.. i found he was like.. a PKBP student in my school..
i thought he was afternoon session or something..
heh.. i mean.. why is a pkbp student alone?
like.. shouldnt the parents be with him after school?
heh.. oh wells.. enough talking about crap.. =P

I just heard today that my basketball coach (Uncle Wong)
had a recent stroke.. =( and he hasnt woke up for 3-4 days d..
aiks.. =/ i hope he gets well soon..
His daughter must be real real sad right now..
she's my age.. studying in SMKKB..
i cant imagine being in her shoes.. =(
Please do pray for him!
maybe the basketball team gonna visit him on thursday..
hmm.. he's such a nice guy.. aiks..
now i feel bad not going for bball prac on sat..
haihs..... T_T

off to my books.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Awwwww.. I love happy endings. =)

I've just finish watching one of my everyday series..
ahhh its over.. and there was such a lovely ending..
hw sweeet! =) its all smiles all over my face right now..
hahas.. awww mannnn.. sho sweeet... T_T
xD. aih. what a sweet ending... sniffx.

sniffx sniffx sniffx.. =(

yehh.. i know.. first i was like so =) in the begining of the entry..
and now sniffx pulak. u must be wondering wats wrong with her. xD

Ahhh ..
eh .. heh. Sniffx coz the movie was touching lah. =D
yeah. thats the sniffx for. =D yeah..
lol. swt.

Someone in school asked me today..
"Hey celine, what if someone folded close to 400 straw stars for you?"

I'd be touched of course.. =)
thats a real real sweet thing to be done..
and believe me.. i KNOW how pain ur fingers would get..

awws. She'll be flattered larh my dear.
=) dun worry bout a thing. :D

awww.. i have really sweet guy friends around me. =P
they're really romantic. hahaha..
and they come to me for advise. =X
hhahaa.. its like i see how sweet they are..
and they really DO those sweet stuff.. not just think of it..
and after doing wht they did.. they come and ask me..
wht tht girl would possibly feel.. xD

Love is everywhere i go..
and is all around me.. hahas..
i dunno whether thats a good or bad thing at the moment. =/
blerhs.. STOP! *celine u shall think of nth*


xD ahakz. Now .. what were we talking about? =P
Ahh yesh.. studies. right. yes.. studies..
They're FUN and exciting! and everything i should be putting my focus on!
Yes! Thats just it! =D

Sunday, April 27, 2008


Today was sooo hot larh the weather..
And joshua.. it wasnt hot because of u.. =P
mr. perasanted. xD hahahahaa..

had church.. i went back for youth service today..
not been going there lately..
been going for the main service..
and they had this floodseries thingy..
and i felt so super lost. =/ sighs.
i felt like leaving half way and go main service..

=( .

and i felt so sleeepy..
coz of the hot hot weather..
the minute i came back i jatuh on the bed..
and went lala land~~ wohoo~! i cant wait for outreach! =D

still coughing. mmhmm..
Daniel says i dun have enough rest.. thats why still coughing..and flu...
=X that could be true...
haha.. since i fell sick..
everytime after i bathe.. if my grandma dun see me..
she will start shouting "Kah May! ?"
coz she scared i pengsan or something.. x)
then just now after bathing i straight online marh..
My cousin.. Gary aka Kok wui was like..
"eh kah may pengsan already"
and she started shouting.. xD!

what lahhhh..and and i didn't get to ice skate with shawn and turtle today.. :(
suppose to go and celebrate turtle's bday..
but daddy dun let. aiks. sowieeeee guyss.. =/

oh no...! tmr's monday again.
Booo mondays... !
1 more week till midterm.

way ta go celine..
ur still not ready. =D

And omg. i just heard my poor precious BB got hurt today. =(
when some of em tried to throw him in the pool..
he hit his head and back on the side.. =(
baby i hope ur head and back gets better..
T_T owh mannn.. so worried for u.. T_T
rest well dear BB! =/ *hugs*

PS: check out the "Stand by me" by nsync and tim mcgraw in the music box. =)

get well soon BB!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Its a Saturdayy

i din go scouts today.. and i feel bad abt not going..
i woke up at 1pm.. =.=
i feel so wasted larh.. i've been staring at the com screen..
for the past 2 hours doing nth.. lawl..
except listening to music..

did my hsework just now..
i should be taking up this time to study actually..
but the friggin cough medicine just makes me wanna sleep..
but i dont want to.. =/ lol.. kin jun called in the morning..

Eh celine.. u free anot?
Still sleepy and blur.. "why?"
Teman me go watch movie.. =D

xD. but i was tired. so tak jadi teman him.
bleh. i've not been to the movies for quite some time already.
and i miss the popcorn. =(
i've been feeling so lazy lately..
i just dont feel like doing any activity except study in class.

got bball today.. well its every sat..
the school team gotta prac for next year..
haa.. a years preparation ey?
but i dont feel like going today..
actually should be there now.. =P
lazyme.. ahh.. maybe because i'm still sick..
dont feel like doing much outdoors..
or anything for tht matter.

i've had no appetite for the whole week..
its gettin worse.. =/ yesterday was the first time i felt hungry the whole week..
but when i took two bites of my dinner..
i didn't feel like eating anymore..
and JJ was asking lame jokes.. and just so tht..
everyone could get the answer to the jokes..
i had to take 2 bites .. =.= smart huh..? xD

My darling sugaa =)
Thank u for tht entry really. imissulikecrazy and hope u'd be here with me so i wouldnt feel half empty coz ur my other half.. and ur way back in JB. =( i know ur always there for me.. i do. and u know i'm always there too.. cant wait till we get to be together again. =) hugs and kises. xoxo

ilu. i love the picture in my lockheart. it makes me smile. =) forever baby!


i'll end with a sms i received. seems kinda true.
i think.
People are often unfair & self centered,
Forgive them anyway.
If you are kind,
People may blame you of hidden motives,
Be kind anyway.
If you are Honest,
People may cheat you,
Be Honest ayway.
If you are Happy,
People may be angry,
Be Happy Anyway..
Your good deeds may be forgotten,
Do good anyways.
Give the best you have & it may never be enough,
Give your best anyway.
For in the End,
its between You & God.
It never was between you & them Anyway! =)
True. No?

Its freaky but cool in a way. :)

Heyy.. AFC prac was alright..
we'll be doing outreaches soon! =)
so i'll practise really hard till i can perfect my steps. =D
and after AFC the group went yam cha a while..
we went to ss2 there.. and i was thinking..
of some people in ss2 who always lepak there..
and always go ta kei and yam cha there after that..

so we got a table and sat..
and i was still having this thought in my mind..
and i was thinking.. hmm.. they may ACTUALLY be here..
so i turned at the back and saw calvin they all..
Just one look only. thats all. and straight away saw calvin..
who was diagonally directly there. and the bunch there too..
lmao.. i was so freak out myself..
the words "shit" just flew out.. LOL... and erin and jovenne looked at me..
xDD.. omg so funny.. i was freak out at first la..
coz i was only thinking about it..
and the next second that thought came to life.. Haha..
how freaky and cool is that.. xD.. anyways..

chee hau kinda scared me.. larh.
so i did not show myself.. or reveal myself..
hahahaa...they tried to spot me by calling me..
and their heads were popping out as if looking for someone..
but i kinda clever to hide larh..
i just sat there larh.. they actually thought i went under the table
to answer my phone.. =.=... i wont be Thaaaat extreme larh.. haha..

haha.. i laughed about this the whole way back..
in the end they nvr saw me.. bagus also lah. =)

well.. tomorrow got scouts..
but dunno whether i'm goin.
coz its late... and i'm so super tired..

nights. =)
why do u have to create unnecessary problems?
do you find it amusing?
or is it ur way of having 'fun'?
stop testing my patience.
get a life and stop bugging others.
thank you bye.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Hyper Sugar

Hey heys.. its the end of another week..
everythings been okay in school..
hmm.. i kinda dun care after i blogged..
its good not to think abt it..
haha.. hmm.. anyways..

alot of things been happening in school..
and yea.. i'm just glad i could be there..
for my friends when they needed someone.. =)
ada lah masalah kawan yang berlaku..
but mm.. i'm glad i got to help them both..
tee hee.. ^^ hmm.. though i just got to know them..
i'm glad they actually shared their probs with me..
so i could help them.. =) cheers!
i loveeeeee helping people.. makes u feel so nice..
after the problems are settled.. haha..

but of course.. i can settle probs for others..
but wht bout mine? same question again ey..
hahaha.. its like tht larh.. u can help others..
but u need others to help u in return..
coz u cant settle it urself..
everyone in this world needs someone.. =)

u cant possibly live in this world alone..
u wont stand long.. without the love of god,family and friends.

Everyone needs someone..

i'm still sick. coughing like crazy still..
and the flu.. gosh.. T_T..
i've finished two bottles of cough medicine..
and i'm still sick.. flu also.. wah lao..

hmm.. i realise that when i'm awfully bored..
no one smses.. but when i'm busy settle-ing problems..
or rather when someone smses me..
then EVERYONE at the same time sms..
how weird.. hahaha.. they have "right" timings.. =P

exams coming. i HAAVE to study more.

i'm gonna eat and then fly to AFC prac.

I'll Be okay.. :)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Finally got to upload my stuff from my handphone.
here are some pictures of last time.

After merentas desa. =) Red house!

During KAWAD competition. was bored. =P

Me and Yang when i went back to JB durin march hols. =)

My poor puma shoe after merentas desa. =(

Had to walk home with rubber bands..

But at least have one more okay punya shoe..

But then again.. its spoiling too.. aiks.. =/

Me and xuang during march hols. =)

Sarah and me.

Sarah fetched me home tht day.. but dropped by at curve a while.. da dudes are from Baptist church . =) This was taken on Easter day.

I hate flies!

Can you believe it? i actualy got pissed because of a fly just now.
i was having my lunch..and just didn't had any appetite..
i dunno why.. i found it so hard to swallow my food..
just really no appetite.. scary.. heh..
so i took a few bites and then closed back the thingy..
tht white colour package thingy.. i so totally forgot how to spell..
styrafom or whtever.. anywaysss...
there was this stupid fly.. flying around..
tht make me lagi no appetite.. so i closed it..
and watch tv for a while.. then my grandma scolded me..
because i take so long to finish my lunch..
so i open the box again lorh.. and a fly flew out..

i was like.. #$@#$%^%$!!!
no wonder i didn't see tht fly anywhere..
it was nicely feeding on my lunch..
stupid fly.. my appetite became worse..
and just felt like throwing away the whole thing..
coz its obviously contaminated by tht ridiculous fly..
but then again.. i felt so sayang to throw away..
coz my uncle pack for me.. and i only ate a few bites..
so i tried to like eat the rice and stuff tht were underneath..
those tht hopefully the fly did not contaminate..
and tht stupid fly.. like so brave..
kept flying on the food.. and on the box..
and was like.. really pissing me off..
damn man.. a fly can actually piss me off..

now thats something new.. Pfffttt..
so i really cant eat already.. no appetite..
so i threw the rest away.. padahal i'm still sick..
dun wanna get sakit perut.. gaaaah..
i was really pissed off by tht fly.. i felt like taking a knife..
and stab it 1 million gazillion times..
i was like.. i need my blog!!!
my ranting place.. lawl... ya ya.. i noe its damn stupid reli..
to get worked up over a ridiculour fly..

gaaaaaaah! neways.. photo sessions today..
oooh yaa.. i had fever in the morning again.. =.=
i've eaten all my medicines already but i'm still sick! =(
cheat people one tht clinic.. Booooo them.. bleh..
i actually missed class the whole day..
just because of the photo sessions..
=.= swt-nesss.. i'm going to find out wht good flies are in the world.
Because i just dont seem to think they'd be of any good.
*stomps off*

Monday, April 21, 2008

I dont get used to it.

today we had our photo sessions..
class photo was taken..
hmm.. after the class photo was taken..
i kinda felt down.. and emo ..
i keep a picture of my old class in my file..
a picture of last years 3B1 class.. so nice..
tht feeling.. tht lonely feeling tht i had few months ago..
suddenly came back rushing into me again..
i tried to keep away this feeling..
i tried to ignore it.. but it came back again..
ahhhs.. i just stared at tht picture..
for quite some time.. and kit yee who sits beside me realised.
"thinking bout last time?" she asked.. i just nodded..
and continued staring at the pic.. hmm.. everyone looked so happy..
and carefree.. everything was going well..

the girl who sat beside me in tht class picture..
was once my very best friend for 7 years..
and just pooof* dissapeared into thin air..
not even a word between us two no more..
sad story? yeahh.. we did almost everything together..
we'd be together in school and outside school too..
we seemed so inseparable.. but i guess..
we should learn to expect the unexpected ey?

now tht i'm in this new school.. with new friends..
yesh i do have alot of new friends in school already..
but somehow.. having alot of friends but not having..
a paticular "best" friend in school is a total different thing..
i do hve best friends outside school.. but hey.. u cant deny tht..
ppl in school are the ones who u spend most time with..

everywhere in school.. i see either 2 best friends together..
3 or even a whole group.. these kinda stuff are just so precious..
tht cant be bought with money or all the riches in the world..
sincere friendship tht takes a long time to build strongly..
during recess got groups ask me to eat with em and all..
i did join them.. but somehow.. i still feel so alienated..
so out of the box.. i dont seem to fit..
maybe coz i sumtimes feel like.. i cant connect..
their friendships goes way back. hmm..
so thts why.. i'd rather recess alone everyday in school..
alot of ppl ask me .." hey, hw come recess alone?"
haihs.. i just sat there again today alone during recess..
thinking bout all this thoughts tht kept running through..

so much questions were popping out in my head..
and suddenly this girl.. infront of me.. started talking to me..
this girl whom i've nvr met or talked to before..
haha.. and she was asking me most of the questions..
i've been thinking about over and over..
freaky? hmm.. i was like.. Lord.. ? =.=
it was just so sudden.. and she just suddenly started conversation..

hmmm... i just dont get used to it..
having no one in school whom i can really rely on..
or someone in school whose there to comfort me..
in times of need.. someone to........ sigh.
i really.. couldn't help it. i just felt so sad.. and down..
all of a sudden i felt so alone.. like theres no one around..

i felt like a tiny ant living alone in this big big world..

thats about it.
I'm not fine.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sleepy weepy -.-


Awww.. isnt he just soooo cute? =)
he's cheeks are so kembang tht it looks like..
he's blowing air in his mouth.. but he's naturally like dat.. ;)
so cute right?! hahaha.. =) he can be real naughty at times..
Plus he's a real good actor.. hahaa.. i always play with him..
like shooting him with an imaginary gun.. xD
and he'll be like.. "Ueks..and pengsan on the floor"
hahahaha imagine tht.. and he's only like.. 2 years plus?
he dun laugh already so cute.. imagine when he laughs..
^^ tht cutie.. :D thts my cousin baby brother.. hehe..

neways.. went church today..
and btw.. temperature went down..
but still sick tho.. =(
i dun like taking medicines.. sniffx..
oh yeshh...! i so love the music playlist thingy on my blog..
found out abt it through mel's blog.. heee~...
its awesome! :D

k larh.. nth much abt today..
nth happening.. blueks..

and special shout out!

Its amaizing how we can achieve great things
if we dont care who gets the credits.. =)

Saturday, April 19, 2008

And She has Sexaay voice xD

Yaaaaah... got sore throat..
and obviously.. well most of the time..
after sore throat it leads to cough.. to flu..
and lastly to fever.. dang...

woke up at 6.30am today.. suppose to go school..
for scouts.. then felt like hwaah.. temperature high..
felt like a vegetable.. =( felt so sick.. ahhhh..
so din get to go for scouts today.. Sniffx...
slept till 11am.. and went down..
let grandma noe me sick thts why din go school..
lol.. then she ask me see doctor..
coz before this.. like 2 weeks ago..
i had fever too.. then now fever again..
the first time i dun wan see doctor..
then now second time fever again..
so hmm.. cannot lawan her d..

so yeahh.. went to see doctor..
alone.. aihs.. i've not been to the doctor in ages..
coz when i fall sick i just dun feel like seeing doctor..
i usually dont larh.. mm.. went today after so long..
paid stinking 28 bucks for tht..
packed makanan for grandma..
=( i dun like taking medicines.. T_T..
the cough medicine is the best tho..
haha.. taste nicer than the others..
plus it makes me sleepy.. so after medicine..
did housework lor.. till i cannot fight the cough medicine d..
so i tidurrrr till 6pm.. xD alot of sleepin done today..

blehhhhhhh...... i wan my mummy.. xD.. really larh..
i miss her so muchiex.. =( sniffx...

Distance dont affect us at all..
coz we're tough.. ;)


Hey hey.. this are two videos frm the funk festival o8..

have fun. =)

one is the opening dance performance by the instructors


and this one was one of the contestants who took part..
this is da group category.. their one of my favourite.. =)


do enjoy!

Happy birthday to susanna and michelle wong too..! =D!

Friday, April 18, 2008


Daddy came down today! wohooo!!!
he's here now.. muahahaha.. and guess wht?!
i'm using my *temporary* laptop.. xD
Daddy lend me his laptop.. the nice nice and good one.. =D
wohooo!! got laptop to use d.. muahahaha..
so hyper now...! =D =D =D yayyyyyy!
And and! he also brought me a printer and camera. =DD!
PLUS! the Adidas shorts, skirt,and halter-back for me!!

I promise to take good good care of this laptop pa!
^^ celine's all smiles right now.. hehehe..
mm.. schools been alright.. proud of the handball
guys team.. both 18 and 15 category..
L18 got champion and L15 got second..
both teams would be representing Zon Sentul..
=) jia you jia you!!! ^^

so yeah.. at the moment..
my job is to catch up on my studies..
and actually had cheerleading..
but coz of certain reasons.. i had to stop cheerleading..sadly..
so.. my captain gotta find herself a new assistant captain.
yups.. so yeaaah.. now!
i gotta study well and be hardworking!
i musn't feel lazy! i shall do my best in mid terms! yesh!

xD.. k la k la.. enough of my "patriotic" self-esteem talk.. =P
me got scouts tmr.. gotta wake early.. =(
but i waiting for 12am.. =)

Why 12am u may ask?

Coz in half an hour more.. it would be Bryan Yong's bday!! haha..
my long time old punya friend.. he can consider one
of my family member lah.. hahahaha.. ;)
seee! aren't u touched bryan? haha..
i purposely wait for time to pass by..
just to wish u ar.. xD...
although i gotta wake early summore.. :D

i'm outs. =)

PS: Mummy!!! thank you for packing all those stuff tht i needed though u was very tired.. i love you!! =) (jie help me show mum this. thx.)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Curly Wurlly~

Today had the college punya pameran..
Made me think like wht i wanna be in future..
Hmm.. i usd to be so sure tht i wanted to be a lawyer..
but then as i grow older.. like.. hmm.. dunno larh..
not so sure anymore on wht i wanna be..
made me think banyak banyak.. xD

neways.. there was a hairstyling coll too..
and they were actually like.. overmaking ppls hair..
for free.. and i was with weng yee,khai yein.kin jun..
all of em short hair except me.. then they pushed me..
towards the hairstyling place.. and ask me go try..
i was like.. Nooooo~~! coz dun wan my hair spoil..
then they insisted on me givin it a try.. =.=
i was like.. Whyyy meee?! and they went..
"coz ur the only one with long hair.. =.="

so yesh.. i kena forced to go do smth to my hair..
lawl.. the girl curled my hair............
but thankfully she din curl untill my whole head and like aunty..
xD... but yeah.. it turned out nice and dinner look kinda hair..
and everyone started crowding around.. xD..
but i prefer my straight and natural hair.. =D

today went back class..
i was like hwaaah.. i'm so far behind..
aiks.. ALOT of catching up to do really..
sighs... for a moment.. i felt soo..
like a person who suddenly didn't care bout studies anymore..
mannn... i felt as if i.. aih.. dunno larh..
but i'll try my very best to catch up..
jia you me!!! very tired today.. T_T

kay larh... time to study.. =)



Monday, April 14, 2008

Aint no Mountain High Enough

Just got back from handball competition..
we lost. . . . . aihs.. now.. should i say..
this was just a waste of time?
or should i say it was worth the experience?
experience gua.. but yea..
nvr been to a handball competition b4..
i've nvr played handball b4 this..
lawl.. i realise tht.. when i came to kl..
new hse.. school.. friends.. life..
i kinda did alot of things i've nvr done b4 since i came here..

like for example.. actually play bball the right way..
and go for competition.. O.O
Ran for sports day in a big big stadium.. xD
i dont run on sports day.. hahaha.. coz i dun like.. =P
anyways.. yeah.. this year was my first.. =P
Long jump.. masuk scouts..went funk festival!
learn cheerleading officially by Charm trainers..
carry someone on my shoulder.. xD..
alot larh.. mm.. quite nice.. =) these experiences are goood..
help me learn more in life..

hmm.. almost every night i sleep alone..
by myself in a big room.. so different..
in JB i sleep wit my whole family.. =P
coz got air condition in parents room.. hehe..
then now sleep alone.. grandma still sleeping dwnstairs..
cant climb up stairs yet.. alot of changes indeed...

now tht competition over.. i'd better catch up again on my studies...
mid term exams on 5th may.. =/
aiks.. i need to really catch up..
blehh.. i shall stay more indoors now..
or else my skin will be super dry..
and i'll look super old and charcoal all the time..
time to bathe. =P

cheers to Celine the sporty gal. ! xD

Ps: happy birthday chi wing.. =) mr Patrick. x)

aites larh.
i'm out.

Sunday, April 13, 2008


aW YEAH! after church..
drop by pc fair.. coz joseph needed to get something..
anyways.. a really nice CANON camera caught my eye..
A470.. and i almost bought it coz joseph help me bargain..
for a really good price.. haha..
he even wanted to pay for me first..
coz i din noe we goin pc fair..
but of course no matter how far i am from my parents..
they're still my parents.. and i respect them.. =)
so yeah.. called dad and asked him bout it..

and he say better dun buy first..
so kay lorh.. din buy..
but it was a real good deal..
oh wells...

went joseph hse a while..
and then sara came..
then 3 of us went to funk festival together..
it was like.. a dance showcase thingy..
where groups and ppl battle in poppin.. locking..
and yeah.. it was awesome!!!
the music and all.. hahahaa.. sadly no camera..
so no pictures for u all.. but if u go youtube..
most likely got video.. haha..
its hosted by urban groove.. aka UGDN..

I really had a great time.. =)
it was a really nice experience..
hahaha.. glad i experienced sumthing new.. =D
all thanks to Joseph! =D
thankiew.. =))

well.. handball competition tmr.
take care kays..

PS: to my darlings.. got anything or u need someone i'm here kay. Hugs. =)

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Reddish. (=^_^=)

first of all..


she's 19 this year.. =) this is a picture of her on her 18th birthday.. when i gave her a suprise.. =) too bad i'm not there to gila with her on her birthday this year.. haha.. but at least i was 2nd to wish her.. =) Happy birhtday jie.. =)

din get to come on for so long..
coz really no time at all.. aikz..
anyways.. been really busy the whole week..
din get to go class much this week ..
why? coz of handball prac..
coz competition this monday.. 14th..
so prac everyday.. evening too..
and yesh.. i'm red+dark = sunBurnt. T_T

first thing everyone said to me was..
"waa.. so dark.. or.. red.. or.. brown.."
went to AFC.. adrian and joshua was like..
eh.. wht happen to u? you look like me.


coz their indian mar.. look like them pulaks..
blehhhhhhh...even my lil cousin said the same thing..
i was like.. *drop on the floor*

haahs.. whole body pain btw..
every morning wake up.. fuyooooh..
here pain there pain..

friday had cheerleading workshop..
as u all noe.. celine very strong one.. =P
so yeah.. people step from my thigh
to sitting on my shoulder.. to standing on my shoulder..
and to standing on my palms.. and yesh..
i even lifted someone more than 50kg..
not bad ya? =) but yeah..
when i about to bathe.. i saw marks..
and bruises on my shoulder there..
T_T aiyaiyai.. actually.. shoulders very pain still.. =P

from handball to cheerleading..
tsk tsk.. should ground myself at home..
i'm getting to active.. =/
i'm to active for my school shoes..
their starting to fall apart..
and their brand new this year summore..
sighs. =( neways on thursday..
i was kinda super the emo after handball prac..
went home late summore at 7pm..
kena kau kau from grandma.. haihs..
was really sad.. like really super sad.. =(

and my twin just knew there was sumthing wrong..
hahaa.. she so happened smsed me.. =)
twin betul.. i so love her. ;) miss kimberley.

and jian yi was there for me too..
thanks weih.. super caring dude. =)
he's my monitor. haaa. and famiwie. =D
-Yap Jian Yi- we share the same cername. x)

k larh. entries tht are too long can become boring. =P
OH YA! tomorrow me going to funk festival! wohoo! =D
its a dance show case thingy.. must pay one though..
but a really nice nice person is treating me.. =)
thankiew!!! ^^

just incase i dun get to come on..
special birthday wishes to......

BRYAN YONG,SUSANNA,Michelle Wong - 19th APR
Sebastian Goh - 20th APR
Mr. Turtle! Ken Wei - 30th APR
sowie if i left anyone out..
wells.. Me out. =)

Thursday, April 03, 2008

April's Fool

Hey hey.. hahaa.. wanna noe i my april fool went?
the day before april fool.. i was like..
super tired.. no mood.. and moodless.. xD..
and i was just thinking.. aw man.. tmr april fool..
and i like no mood to go play or kena anyone..
wht a waste.. aihs.. then i just went to sleep..
i slept early.. haha.. and didn't wait for 12am..
neways.. when i woke up.. i saw 1missedcall from bryan. =P

then.. i saw he so semangated to kena me..
sampai he call me at 12am..i oso like..
hmm.. wht the heck larh.. it comes once a year..
so i saw my first victim .. mwahhahaa..
NICOLE YAP SUN SUN! aka my aunt. mwahhahaha!
she was sleeping there so peacefully..
and i JUST had to wake her up just to april fool her..
=) hehe.. she had fun la.. hahaa.. i think. ;)

second victim, YAP MUN YI.
my cousin i walk to school with every morning. =P
and when i reached school.. i just had to kena more ppl..
the thing abt goin to school early especially on april fool
is tht.. no one kena yet.. so u get to be the first to kena em..
and it'll most of the time be sucessful. haha..

by the end of the day..
almost like around 20 ppl trying to kena me back..
hahaa.. they so bu xuang me. =P
each time i said.. aiyah.. april fool ma.. waaaa..
kena whack kau kau.. xD ah wells..
the expression on their faces was worth the whack. =D

not bad larh. i'm quite good at acting. =P
hehehehe.. *wink wink*

2nd APRIL 2008.

[Me and Serena Adam. =) ]
aiks.. used to be such a loyal PBSM-er.. now in scouts uniform.. feel weird.. =P

It finally arrived. the day for kawad kaki zon sentul competition.!
went to school at 6am.. went to UM for the competition.
There were ALOT of other schools there..
two categories.. boys and girls...
and got NGO, GO , KRS. we scouts were in NGO.
we did our best i think? din see..
and the guy team from my school did great. =)
it was a first time for the guys..
and guess wht? they got number 2!!! ^^
so proud of em.. as for us girls..
we only got number 4. =( theres still next year. =D
there were alot of competitive teams for the girls..
some marched so well.. i tot they were guys.. =X
coz they so power and wah.. nice lah..

Most of the girls cried after the competition..
i was like.. =.=.... anyways.. did my role..
as a friend... and became part-time counsellor.. xD
we reached school.. it rained.. some girls..
sigh.. dunno wats wrong.. not thinking straight..
they go stand under the rain.. and cry .. and emo..
when i saw them i was like... *smacks forhead*..
by tht time i really lazy to comfort anyone d..
i was like.. thats it larhhhh... i am ciao-ing.. haha..
some guys came to me.. "dun cry lar.. dun sad.."
i look at them.."Do i look like a kind of person who'd cry over this kinda stuff?" and smiled.. ahahaha.. sengaja lar.. they all .. then they all purposely..
i know celine.. i know.. dun worry.. number 4 not bad..
dun cry kay.. good girl ah.. ....................=.=!!!
Took alot of pictures. but yeah.. havent got em..
just got tht one pic from serena's friendster.

k larh. 12am d. tmr got school. haaa. =P
btw! i'm super the dark now.
din put sunblock yday. coz if i put alot of sweat. =P
so yeah.. i'm charcoal d.. and my cheeks and nose..
very red. =.= ppl in school today kept asking..
"hor..celine! drink wine and beer yesterday ar?"
=/ but ya lah. i very easy dark. very hard white back.
Sniffx... kawad over. left handball.
jia you me! wohoooooooooooooooo!


The Best Thing About the future is that

it comes only one day at a time. =)

-Abraham Lincoln-