Sunday, July 31, 2011

And it ended on the 5th day.

Haha. fruit strike is overrr peopleeeee!
its not that i cannot tahan .. actually.. im perfectly fine..
hahaa.. REASON WHY.

My dearest Bestie Got the King's College Scholarship!
To get this scholarship, u have to be the BEST in the whole of Malaysia!
U deserve every bit of it. U deserve this after all the effort u put in. =)
And Indeed All Glory to God. =)

And so, she'll be in UK for 2 yrs.. fully paid for.
Despite my happiness! i'm gonna miss her so so much. =(
Actually part of me kinda prepared myself for this day..
but everything is just happening so fast.. haha.. gosh..
she'll prolly be leaving in September.. =/
So yeah, since she'll be goin back to JB tmr, we went out today..
went to chill and i bought her dinner. =) JUST SO PROUD OF HER!
and best part? she's staying over tonight.. hahaa.. coz parents are in JB.
so got space. =P

So yeah, tak kan i buy her dinner and she watch me eat fruits right?
hahahaa.. so twin be honoured! today i buka puasa for u weih! hahaha..
seee! i love u more than fruits. =) HAHA. so sweet kan? xD

so yeah. fruit strike ended 2 days earlier. haha..
and omgosh! stomach shrink edy.. suffered la during dinner..
and and and and and! i've super alot of new pictures edy!
weee~! =) cant wait to upload em.

tomorrow's gonna be a really long day.
hope it all goes well. =)


PS: The Script's - For the first time , keeps playing in my head over and over like a broken record.Really love the song and the meaning it brings forth. =) Goodnight! =D

Where do we go from here?
Ohh Questions questions.

Friday, July 29, 2011



Its my 3rd day on the 7days fruit strike!
so far, its been going pretty alright.
i dont feel like im suffering or any of that sort.
in fact! i dont feel it, till i can even forget that im on a fruit strike!
HAHAAH! So i'll suggest stuffs like, lets go pasar mlm! choc soya ball!
then i'll rmb.. oh yeaaaaah! fruit strike! HAHA. haihss..
but the only thing was that yday, i felt really weird.
Apparently my body was going through a whole lot of detoxification.
so thats why i felt the way i felt. but i'm much better today. =)

ANYWAYS! reason for my blog title. LOL.!
i know it may sound disgusting or gross to some of you la..
but i actually find it really funny lah.. cant stop laughing about it when i think back.
hahahaa.. so just now, i had papaya for dinner.. i decided to just cut the papaya into half..
and eat half of the papaya with a spoon.. lazy to cut nice nice. =P
as i was eating the papaya, tiba - tiba ! i ter-make a hole! my spoon accidentally dug too far in till the skin tore. xD and suddenly! all the papaya water started flowing out ! spilled all over me and the chair.. i became super kan-ciong and ran to the toilet going " Ahhhhh~~~~~~~~~~~~~!" super high pitched! HAHA. then guess what happened?! i ended up eating and finishing the papaya in the toilet over the sink. HAHAHAHAHAA... halfway eating, i just kept laughing at myself. ahhh... *smacks forhead* =.=! hahahahahaa... aiyohhh cykm oh cykm.. Ur such a joker la. hahahahahaha... but so gross la.. finished my dinner in the toilet. =.=! LOL.

so anyways, hope that made u smile or laugh. =D
laugh at the sillyness of I. xD

AND OH! i finally went swimming today. AFTER SO LONG!
swam at 3K. so niceeee. =)
and and and and and! i'll blog about KLCC's park soon!
its HUGE! finally got to explore the whole park yday.
and its soo niceeeeee! cant wait to go back with a camera. =)

till till next time.




Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fruit Strike.! =)

bet cha tot it was vegetable now didn't cha? =P ;)

So yes! like the title of this entry. Starting 26th July 2011, 12am. I'll be going on a fruit strike for 7 days.

Like me, im sure u'd question if it was healthy, safe, and yada yada.
i asked the same questions. and did my research.
to my suprise, we humans could actually survive solely on fruits!
why so? depending on which fruits u eat,
u can actually derive energy,protein,fiber,sugar,water and the vitamins!
few fruits also have fat contents. =)

so yup! dont you worry about my health being at risk!
i have done my research and everything.. so thats why i decided to go for it!
sides, its only for 7days. =)


Did u know that it is actually really healthy to eat only fruits before noon?because when u sleep,ur body detoxifies the most up till noon. :)

our body detoxifies throughout the day. But it is at its most when we are sleeping at night all the way up till noon! and so we should therefore eat fruits only before noon. =)
its so fun to find out these things. so interesting larh! =D hahahaa.. i feel like some nutrition genius when i'm explaining this to some ppl on fb.. hahahaa.. so cool right? =PPPPP

and and and! i finished work early today! FINALYYYYY got to be home when its still bright! its been a while.. =) coz we started work at 6.30am today. so it was quite crazy. crazy early! so thts why ended early also. =) so guess wht?! i managed to go joggingggg! =D =D =D! ITS BEEN SO LONG SINCE! decided to take on the Merentas desa route! =) last time i ran tht route was when i was 17. hahaaa.. AND GUESS WHAT?! I IMPROVE EDY LEH! hehe.. =)))))) the places or distance i'd usually pancit, i did not! i went much much further than last time before i actually stopped. haha so yea la..i did stop. around 4 times to catch my breath for a few secs and then continued on. darn, next time i'll try to run the whole route without stopping. hahaa so fail la. i told myself im not gonna stop. but i did in the end. rawr.! but anyways glad lil bro was with me.. hahaha.. he kept pusshing me till i finished the whole thing. whenever he saw me slowing down, he'd go.. 'DONT STOP! KEEP RUNINGGG!' smth like tht. hahaa.. Thanks B! =)

and today as well, i said No. to someone. its been long since i said No to a request or favor.
i had my reasons. tho, being me, i almost gave up trying to say No. =.=! im such a softie. aihs.. but im glad i stood strong this time. and firm.

so yesh! FRUIT STRIKE! 7 DAYS!
EAT + DRINK. fruity stuffs and fruity stuffs alone!
Let me noe if any of you choose to join me yeah!
i'll support u morally! =D we can support each other morally.
hahaha.. Loves! =)


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Maybank Treats Fair. DONE.

Hey all, u know what?

These pass 3 days have been so.. difficult.
Someone shared a beautiful article with me.. and it goes like this :


Today I will make a difference. I will begin by controlling my thoughts. A person is the product of his thoughts. I want to be happy and hopeful. Therefore, I will have thoughts that are happy and hopeful. I refuse to be victimized by my circumstances. I will not let petty inconveniences such as stoplights, long lines, and traffic jams be my masters. I will avoid negativism and gossip. Optimism will be my companion, and victory will be my hallmark. Today I will make a difference.

I will be grateful for the twenty-four hours that are before me. Time is a precious commodity. I refuse to allow what little time I have to be contaminated by self-pity, anxiety, or boredom. I will face this day with the joy of a child and the courage of a giant. I will drink each minute as though it is my last. When tomorrow comes, today will be gone forever. While it is here, I will use it for loving and giving. Today I will make a difference.

I will not let past failures haunt me. Even though my life is scarred with mistakes, I refuse to rummage through my trash heap of failures. I will admit them. I will correct them. I will press on. Victoriously. No failure is fatal. It’s OK to stumble… . I will get up. It’s OK to fail… . I will rise again. Today I will make a difference.

I will spend time with those I love. My spouse, my children, my family. A man can own the world but be poor for the lack of love. A man can own nothing and yet be wealthy in relationships. Today I will spend at least five minutes with the significant people in my world. Five quality minutes of talking or hugging or thanking or listening. Five undiluted minutes with my mate, children, and friends.

Today I will make a difference.

—Max Lucado, From Shaped by God (original title: On the Anvil)

Beautiful isn't it?
After reading this, it really had an impact on me. I started thinking of the pass 18+ years of my life, and how i've been living em. I dont know about you, But that article really relates to my life.. ALOT. And its funny how the first paragraph, the one about traffic jams, was something like what i shared in my previous entry. heh.. =)

Anyways, after reading this, i made a choice..and decided that from that moment, i would like to lead such a life. it wont be easy. and it hasn't been easy. trust me! i've no idea why, but for me, every single time when i decide on something, Somehow, obstacles will just come flying right away! Take Mc D's for example. Maybe in the morning i say, thts it! no more Mc D for the whole week! then sudd in the afternoon, the group im with wants to eat there. =.=! Always like tht weih! Same thing about leading a life, similar to the article.

The Maybank Treats Fair has been one that i've worried about eversince i went for the training. Why so? few reasons. Firstly, they only sent ONE person, Me, to the training! ahhhh~! felt so pressureddddddd... Coz i hardly know anything about credit cards. and i really dislike them for some reason. and so, because i was the only one who attended, all the questions come to me when they have questions, but if i have questions, where or who do i turn to?! =S so yeah. Anyways, i was really nervous about the fair. but im so glad its over now!

the first day was alright, up untill 7pm, where alot of problems started arising.. with the credit card machine, with the balancing, with the settlements, with the stocks! not tele with the settlement, biggest problem of that day was the short of rm500 plus! O.O! u can imagine how crazy i was going.. i stayed up till 3am tht night..eventhough exhausted! just to try to figure out what went wrong!? counted each receipt one by one.. and just tried to figure something out. but to no avail, i concluded that the stock count might have been the problem. that was the only thing i could think of.. anyways.. its resolved now. i'm glad! 2 reasons of the short. Miscalculation of stocks, Miscalculated the .. goods sold etc. lol. Haihs. So worried like siao for nothing. Felt terrible tht night.. =( and was so tired somemore. Then guess what happened today?!

coz of the short, i wanted to go to Mid Valley to count the stocks i was suppose to reach at 9.30am. GUESS WHAT HAPPENED?! When i rushed to my car to catch the ktm, the car i usually drive wouldn't start! the same thing happened on wed. But after i left, dad tried and it was working perfectly fine. Not today tho! it couldn't start! With my hair not tied up, and super messy, and with me rushing , i looked like some mad woman. LOL. ahhh.. terrible. So i took the manual car. YES. i've been forced to drive a manual quite alot recently. so yeah, i'm pretty alright with a manual car once again. =) btr than before actually. =P anyways, guess what happened next?! On the way to the Ktm, THE MANUAL CAR BREAKDOWN PULAK! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH~! i was like.. "Seriously?! SERIOUSLY?!!!!" So it was at that moment, i saw no point in rushing anymore. So i took a few minutes to calm down. Tied my hair, chilled myself, and prayed. and just talked to God. I mean, i had so many questions in my head! like, Why is there rm500 short of money?! why is my silver kancil not starting but when dad start can? why NOW..even the manual car breakdown when i need to rush to the ktm to catch the train? SO MANY QUESTIONS. but all i said was, "Okay God. Maybe You're trying to send me a message.Okay God. I'll Listen." Then i went out..popped the hood, and oh man! i dunno how this happened but, SOMEHOW. I KNEW EXACTLY WHAT TO DO! :O! i knew what to check, i knew which cable should connect to which. i knew what was wrong with the car, i just did whtever i did and tried starting the car. and it worked! IT WORKED! It was DEFINITELY not me. And when the car started, all that was on my mind was this line..

"God, You ARE watching after me after all. "

When i reached the ktm station, and parked the car, i saw the ktm leaving the station. Usually, I'd be furious. That feeling u'd get, when u see the ktm leaving. Especially when you're late and when you're rushing. But this time, i just looked at the train, and said, "Okay God. Okay." Lately, i've realized my tendency to be super Kan Ciong and Panic super easily. especially when things go out of plan.. when everything starts turning upside down. I just get worked up so easily. So stressed and worried and pressured, So easily. My problem of allowing God, to take charge of my Life. To be in control. Its always me me me. trying to settle every single obstacle that comes my way. The Oh-So-Independent girl who always try to settle everything herself. Truth is, without God, almost everything seems impossible. But With God, All things, Are possible.

And these few months, i've been trying my best to lead a life, of putting my trust in God, and to lean not on my own understanding, but to trust in Him, with all my heart. To be more calm. To be more patient. To be slow to anger. To be more understanding. To Listen more. to worry less. to not let such petty things ruin my day. to control my emotions more.

all these things, their so easy to declare. But when it comes to action, one word. MAAAAAAAN!?! Heh. to those who know me, imagine me saying tht la. LOL. anyways,i got to work real late. 11am plus. haiz.. somemore i'm the team leader/supervisor.. anyways. I was just super happy that in the end the rm500 short problem was resolved. Today went quite alright. slight glitch at the end of the day, but nothing compared to the first night. so yeah. =) i'm glad. and SO GLAD THAT IM DONE WITH THE FAIR! Hehs..

You know, these pass few days when i try to lead such a life (like the article).. i constantly fight to change my bad old habits. But God being so graceful, He has been sending me reminders in many ways. One of them happened this Morning. I had a long face because of the short and because of whtever tht happened in the morning. this was before the problem had been settled. Then, this guy from Maybank called Zaki,his one of the team members for Merchant support. so whenever i had a problem with the terminal, i could ask for his help. LOL. and i reaaaalllyyyyyyy cari them super alot of times untill they Cam my face edy.. xD so i made new friends. =D haha.. in the morning he came and saw my long face..and he said.. "Whats this la, early in the morning edy long face.." and i told him about the prob.. and he came to me and said.. " U have so many terminal problems , and u come to me super alot of times, but you see? I can still smile. the whole hall 2 got terminal problem also, i can still smile  =) " then it hit me. CYKM! have u forgotten what that article said?! whatever ur promised urself?

so yeah. over the pass few days, alot has been happening. But even so, God constantly sends me reminders, and things that occur in the end after all the crappyness also showed me That He was,is and have always been watching over me. Always. Somehow when something goes wrong, in the end, someone is always there to help me. Or to take care of me. At this Fair, i have been really blessed so have such a great team.

They're all so hardworking, and SO VERY HELPFUL! they're not those typical promoters where they dont give a care about helping out the supervisor. they feel like, i'll just do my job and why dont you do yours. But no! my team was so nice to me! they helped me in every way possible! whenever i looked busy, they'd come to me, and immediately ask me if they could do anything to help me.

Ah Hao, Yi Xian, Pinky, And especially Suzanne and Mc. i could not have gotten through these two days without your support and encouragement. Thanks alot team! =)! i really appreciate all of your help and care and support. really really do. u have no idea. =)

And also, the merchant support guys. hahaha.. Shahid, Saaid and Zaki. U guys were awesome la! Every single time i needed help, Y'all were always there.. and after a while, when we became friends, they super nice kay. constantly came by my booth to see if everything was alright. =) sorry for botherin u guys like, ALOT. AHAHAA.. =P and thanks for the lollipop Zaki! =) he's the one who said the smile smile stuffs. =D

And talking about smiles.
Guess what? Theres this girl, who works opposite my booth. Yday, the whole day, she kept looking at me. But finally today, when i was standing near her booth coz i was taking pictures, she came up to me and asked me.. " Hey, Are you Celine? " and i was shocked! and she told me that Her name is Carmen and that she joined AFC for caroling in 2009. i rmb talking to her once.. but we didn't talk much tho. I was suprised tht she could even rmb my name! and so i asked her how?! and why?! how come u rmb me? and guess wha she saidddddd?!!! =D =D =D =D she said,

" i remember you because of Your Smile. " =)

awww maaaaan~! THAT IS SO SWEET! how can that sentence not make my day?! ahhh.. =) and she mentioned how she always get so distracted from all the dancing because of my smile. hahahaa..! "Coz when u dance, ur smile is always so captivating." ahaha.. =D happy. =)

and i bumped into alot of familiar faces too. =)
and i made new friends! hahaha.. alot of new friends.
although this Fair have been really tiring and difficult, it also came with many reminders, lessons, smiles and friendships.

cant wait for the weekend. =) FINALLY GET TO REST!
I hope u are blessed by the Article, like how i was blessed.

PS: thanks heap loads, to the friends who were there for me when i super stress about anything concerning this Fair. Kim, Apple, Yin Kuen, MC , Ren. Thanks for being there for me! love love loves!


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sit Back, And Let HIM take charge.

Its me again..

Did i tell u how nicely my friday last week ended?
It was so amazing how God can sometimes turn your whole stressful day upside down into a real good one. it was a pretty stressful friday. And to make things worse, got caught in the jam from Shah Alam to get back to Kelana Jaya. We all know how jams on fridays are. but we also know how bad it can get when it Pours on a friday evening. All of us in the team had plans .. mostly, at 8pm. Haha. all of us tension giler in the car.. started getting restless and all. coz all of us were late for our plans. Me? I had plans to go to DUMC that night. Coz Sydney Mohede would be there for a worship session. If u dont already know him, He's the lead singer for true worshippers. go look them up! they're a really cool band. Anyways, it starts at 8pm and from my experience, such events at DUMC is usually flooded with people and so, the chances of getting in after the starting time, is quite small. And alot of other stuffs happened too.. so i was feeling kinda down..

But its so funny how everything just started falling into place right after that! =)
someone suppose to go with me but ffk-ed me. =S but in the end! i had a teman to go with. haha.. coz His friend also tiba-tiba going with his own church mates. So we went together.. =D then as we were on the way there, we were stuck in the jam as well.. and it was already 8.30pm plus. And He taught me a really good lesson. =) Anyone at all can say such words of wisdom, but i truly learnt, because he not only preached it, he did what he preached. He said, He learnt that 

" it is no use getting all stressed up and getting all angry coz of the jam ur stuck in, it'll only spoil your day. So whatever it is, it is so. So theres nothing u can do, But just lay back. "

You know, so many of us who live in the city or places with crazy rates of Jams.. often get all worked up when ur caught in a jam. and we all know how stressful it can be. it can take hours! when ur so near, yet, ur still so far away. Its annoying, it irritates you like crazie sometimes coz u may be rushing for a very important event.. but i guess its true, whatever he said. theres no use and it will only spoil ur day. im sure all of us heard such words before or even came up with such logic on our own before. but many of us, me included, choose to put it aside. But after seeing how calm he was when we were almost an hour late, i really learnt and decided at that moment that i want to start putting these words into practice. After i took in whatever he said, i found myself being able to enjoy myself.. ESPECIALLY WHEN MY FAV SONG SUDDENLY PLAYED ON RADIO! hahahahaa.. guess what song played?! " My head is stuck in the clouds~~~~" =)))) so we reached DUMC at 9pm, an hour late. we weren't even sure if we could get in, But we did! =D we didn't even think of getting a seat. we were contented that we could even get in. Guess what happened next? An usher asked the both of us to follow her.. and so we did. as we followed closely behind, i found myself walking towards the second row of seats from the stage! HAHA! CRAZY! i got so excited i couldn't stop smiling! i mean! i looked behind and even the chairs on the upper floor were full! and there we were, sitting at the second row with 2 seats that so happen were empty! when we were an hour late! GOD IS REALLY GOOD! all the time! =) Not to mention the rest of the night, it all went down so perfectly, and i, i was truly blessed by the worship session. it was so beautiful, i had such a great encounter with God.

My favourite song of the night was a new song by Israel Houghton, intro-ed by Sydney. called, Jesus Be the Centre. the song kept playing in my head even up till now. i guess the lyrics of the song really had an impact in my life. Like traffic jams, we sometimes get so worked up, eventhough things like that are out of our control, we still try our best in every way to take charge of it. sometimes we even forget Jesus in the picture. We all have moments like "traffic jams" in our lives. When there are things that happen, which sometimes, is totally out of our control. We often forget how to let God take charge. Take charge of our lives. To let HIM, be the center of our lives.

I choose to let God be the center of my Life.
I chose. long time ago. but i keep on forgetting. and i know that i WILL forget again in future.
But whether it is

My studies, my career, my family, my friends, and my relationship, I choose to let God, be the center of it all.

And the cherry on top of the cake for my friday night?
MAYBANK NASI LEMAK! ahhhhhh~! *drools!*
FINALLY! hahaha.. i keep hearing about it but i never got a chance to try it!
Thanks so much for treating me to the super nice nasi lemak.. =)
You know who you are. :)

So yup. Its amazing sometimes how God can change a bad day to a super Good one. Its amazing to see what God can do with our lives, when we allow Him to take charge.
A valuable lesson, that i will keep close to heart. =)

So here are the pictures of the breath taking sunset i was telling u about in my previous entry! =) too bad my handphone was all i had with me. The digi cam would've done a better job. but even so! doesn't it still look amazing?! can u imagine how it looked like with the eye itself?! it was.. AMAZINGGGGG! and i mean it!

The sky was extremely nice that day.

It made me fall even more in love with the sky. =)
If u dont already know, I'm someone who super appreciates such views. ahhaha..just read the last part of my previous entry larh. i've said enough. =)

I dont understand how some people can let such beauty pass them by!
One of God's beautiful beautiful creations. =)
i should really go sleep now. hahaa.. i overslept for the first time today.
and i was almost late for work. =/

super tired today.
Goodnight readers. =) i hope you've been blessed like how i've been blessed by whatever i shared.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Work. =)

Heyyy.. =)

Last week flew by like no ones business!
And before i knew it.. these two lovelies had to go back to US already..

was pretty bumped out on the 12th because both the two of them and another friend would be leaving Msia and i was working, so i couldn't see them before they left.. BUT GUESS WHAT?! during one of my breaks that day, i bumped into the two of them! so i got to say goodbye in person in the end.. =) was so happy about tht!

And on Tuesday night, Marilyn came to pick me up in her new antique car! hahah..

I drove this baby back home. =D!

it wasn't easy tho.. CHECK OUT THE SIDE MIRRORS! super hard to use weih.. hahaa..

Toyota Starlet. =)

Had a really good time with Mar.. short hangout, again. But we definitely caught up alright! hahaha.. was good =) had our girl talk session. =P!

So anyways, i think its time i introduced you to the team i work with,no? =)
Meet Michael! =)

Our team leader... who.. LOL. Who just msged me and told me he locked the kleenex truck's keys in the ignition and locked the doors! HAHA! on the last day of work before he start his super long hollie. HAHA. champion la you. :)
Meet Kim Lun! =)

The guy who told me that he'd push away/ dodge any hug should it come his way. xD super tall guy. i feel like a xiao hai zhe when i stand beside him. x)

Joker.. hahahaa.. Haizzz =P

Meet Peng Yew!

Apparently, he has been my friend on FB since April 2009. wow?! LOL. i accepted his request thinking he was my highschool mate. =.= but look at us now? working together after 2 years. hahaa.. 

ceh. LOOK so rajin. xP

The samples we give out. =D

Meet Ong !

Super friendly, innocent, hard working, and totally reminds me of Boon Sin! their character, everything.. hahaa.. except looks la. Michael calls him our MVP. Most Valuable Promoter. =D

Ohh we look so tireddddd.... eyebagssss.. ! 

The Team. =)

Meet Janet! =)

The super cool cool kinda person. Never seen her lose her cool. and she's kinda quiet.  But who knows , she may just be the total opposite of quiet if i get to know her btr. =)

Finally, Meet Zane! =)

Our team leader as well. First impression? cool cool kinda as well. turns out, super like to kacau people kinda person. hahaaha.. or rather, Very fun to kacau him. xD and he super puteri lilin lorh! ish.. kim lun also. =.=!

So if ur wondering why i'm becoming more and more tanned, its cause my job requires me to stand under the sun most of the time. Thats a picture of us, doing some short quiz session with the kids about cleanliness and hygiene. =) thats outside the school..

This is me, doing the same thing but inside the school.. infront of the whole afternoon session. haha.. reminds me of the old days when i was head prefect in primary.. always leading the assemblies. LOL. tht was then.

Approaching parents waiting for their kids to finish school.. getting some surveys done.

The initial team. =)

Me in the classrooms. haha. yup, some schools, we go class to class.

So yup. this is a glimpse of what i've been doing. =D


On thursday, Mum tempted me to go shopping la! hahaha.. she reserved a purple jeans from PADINI in IPC  coz it was on Sale and she thought it was very nice. So after work, i went and cuba the jeans. and its actually nice! =D hahahaa.. i know i like purple but i never imagine me wearing a purple jeans before. plus it was real comfy so i bought it =P ahhh all my purple haters..*i dont even know why people dont seem to like me liking purple* hahahaa.. ITS NICE LA. SHH. GO AWAY. hahahaa.. =P

Then i couldn't tahan.. and started looking at all the statement tees.. and oh ya! guess who i dragged along? Nyahahahaa.. Yin Kuen! HE CAN SHOP LORH! seriously.. hahaha.. he is like.. the 3rd guy i ever shopped with. anyways! there were so many nice statement tees and they were all so cheaaapppppp! and and and i was complaining that all the guy's statement tees always nicer than girl's punya. untill i found this! In real life the colour nicer la. soweee my phone doesn't do this shirt justice. but super nice lorh! its dark purple, plus.. yeah whtever it looks like in the picture. heh. =D!

And we Nocturnal people found the right shirt that perfectly suits our oh-so-bad-habits of sleeping super late.  =PPPP! at first i saw the guy's one and i thought it was really nice! untill i saw the girl's one! triumphs over the guy's one wei! =D! suddenly the guy's one became Nyeh- Soso. hahahaha..
I love checkered shirts! <3

After padini and Brand's outlet session on thurs,
i couldn't help but drool even more over checkered shirts! ahhh.. too bad its kinda pricy. =( ahh well.. i'm sure i'll find a good deal one day. =D just you wait! haha..really liked the one in the picture above..

A coat/blazer? i tried on sat. =P i should really get myself one of these formal coats. i'll be needing em soon. hahaa.. i think. whtever la.. now got sale arhhh.. rm200 can become rm50! siapa tak nak kan?! *ohhh control urself cykm!* hahahaha.. terrible. haihz.. okay, now i seem like some shopaholic. but im not la. =) i rarely do much shopping. Its just that, these pass few days i seem to be super excited about all the sales that are going on.. haha.. =D =P!

Anyways, On friday, took more pictures. =P

Meet Jing Hui ! =)

Edwin's Gf. so good to finally meet her! =D Super crazy loud person like me . hahahaha.. and Eunice Tan! she somehow reminds me of you mei! seriously! kept thinkin of you the whole of that day.

Kim lun again! =D

And Yin Kuen again.. =) LOL.
 Picture by my hp's camera on the left and His on the right. I still think my camera takes better pictures. =P =D

So yup! there you go!
A glimpse of my working life.
And dont bising bout me taking so many pictures larh! our break sometimes super long.. hahaha.. so take pictures ! ;) anyways, i've been really happy with my current job. so laid back.. and so chill! plus it feels like i'm hanging out with a group of friends everyday =) how cool is that?

And and and i just got back from JB actually.. on Sat, i finally gor to watch Transformers with dad and lil bro. it was.. Okay only. nothing special =/ then rushed to JB for my Niece's full month celebration! =D met tonnes of old faces ! so it was good.. got to catch up with alot of people.. people i've not seen for 4-5 years! and of course, Bryan and I had our rooftop session.. =) plus the moon that night was so so bright and beautfiul.. shall post up pictures of JB soon. =D came back today after lunch! and i went straight to Desa Parkcity after that to chill with Boon Sin. The house was super stuffy! and i wanted to go for a walk after sitting in the car for 4 hrs.. hahaha.. so yup! i was really happy i went! why?

it was breath taking!
i just stood there, amazed at the beauty of God's creation.
How can anyone let such beauty pass them by?
Some people just dont understand. But the sky never fails to capture my attention. Its one of the many amazing things God has created. And the Sky, its always changing, its never the same, its beautiful in a different way every single day.. i dont get people who says the sky always looks the same. haha.. *Smacks!*  so anyways, the view, totally made my day. =) felt so happy after seeing such beauty!

Plus, the fact that i watched Just Like Heaven just now.
I shall sleep with a goofy smile on my face tonight. =)
What a nice way to end/start the week.
i took pictures with my Handphone! shall post it up tomorrow!


Some delayed pictures. =)

The next day right after i got back from Sabah, someone called me and suprised me. =)

She came back! =D =D =D 

with a rocka chick hair ! hahaa..

we went out tht night. =) spent most of our time yapping away.. went to desa parkcity. =)

Although we didn't have much time, i'm satisfied with our hangout that night. and thanks for the love from Switzerland Apple! i really appreciate it =))))! and for dinner too.. *hugs super tight* Love u loads Lim Kien Beng. =) and if ur wondering who's this girl, who's this apple, just look at my Blog's header picture. Yep, thats her hand, and mine. =) so now u noe the face behind that pinky promise. hahaha..

Some stuff i got from Sabah.. =)

Hahah and look at this! My grandma bought me this doll key chain ! she's so cute lah for buying such a thing for me! hahahaa.. ahhh my dear Amma.. =)

And rmb i told u i was selling 3M products? well this was one of the things i sold. and Wan Ching bought it from me for me! how sweet is that?! coz she knew i wanted to get one of those PLUS its purple! hahaha.. that was so sweet of her really.. Thanks alot dear!

And this was one saturday where i spent 2-3 hours with the both of em. FINALLY. hahaha.. i'm sorry i was so crazy busy! but coz they ciao-ing edy i decided tht going out for 2-3 hours is better than not meeting up at all.. coz i promised them to hang out..

Meet, Stephanie and Kathy! =) friends from US.

So i brought them to try some local chinese stuff. Tau Fu Fa was one of em! =D

HAHAHA.. they're expressions after tasting the tau fu fa! LOL! so cute larh the both of em =)

had a good time with the both of em.. =) even though it was only for a few hours.. better than nothing right? =D

hahaha i REALLY am trying to meet up with as many people as i can.. and i realize that my pass few outings have been really short ones.. =S but i guess at least we get to catch up and update each other.. =) coz i know that if i continue to make them wait till i can spend the whole day with em that kind, the outing will never happen. heh =P so yeah! please jgn marah marah ya kepada kawan yg saya belum keluar dengan! i will. i will! come on, u know i'm a girl that keeps her word. =)