Saturday, February 16, 2008

Happy CNY and Valentines Darlings!

Hey hey.. how have u all been?
chinese new year passed by so fast..
and family left so fast. =(
but at least it was good 4 days with them! =D
spent super long time in Beng's hse!
it was sho nicesh meeting her whole family again.
first time meeting her brother, Kong. ^^
and yesh! finally got to meet up with my cousin joanne. =D
aka "coolieJJ" in my chtterbox.
cant really rmb the whole of cny..
but one things for sure!
the cai siew ngor was supeeeerbbb!

bout valentines! fuyoooh...
the best valentines ever.
though we went through it without electric =.=
but still it was really fun and nice.
spent the night with mun yi, sun jie and chan wan. =D
the rest of the relatives were there..
but we had our own 'party' outside the hse. xD!
this is wht happen lar.. at around 6pm..
while i was watching my favourite 'hokkien' series ..
the electric putus. yesh.. my fav drama series at the moment..
happens to be in hokien. mwahhahaa..
u guys must be thinking, "eh? celine know hokkien??"
Bwahahhaa.. actually....... i read the subtitles! xDDD
but hey! i'm learning kay! "wa cai hokkien wui ! " =D
coming back to da no electric situation..
coz there was no electric.. and it was gettin dark..
candles ! yup.. candles everywhere.. and it gave tht..
oh-so romantic feeling. hahaha.. then i play love songs..
and started waltz-ing with my cousin..! hahaha..
then we went out.. sat on the swing and enjoy the
b-e-a-utiful fireworks!
coz tht very day..happened to be the er.. hokkien prayer thingy..
anyways..! there were wonderful fireworks..
great ppl.. and yesh! it was just so nice larh.. =)
was the best valentines for me so far..
and we got to enjoy super delicious cake!
from sun jie and chan wan kor.
they bought for us as valentines gift. hehe.. thank u!
hahaha.. u can be my guest to give me a better valentines next year if u want. =D

Anyways.. schools been great.
first test coming up soon on the 27th!
and my basketball competition is like..
next next week.. gotta pay rm50 for bball jersey..
school team one.. T_T rm50........
anyways! i got to pick the number 12! bwaahahah!
my favourite number. =D
scary.. i nvr went for bball competition b4.. haha..
and i got kawad kaki again..
competition in april. "Kawad Kaki Zon Sentul"
so yeah.. pracs.. alot..

finally got to watch kung fu dunk!
bwahaha.. it was ok lar.. =)
watch with classmates.. k lar..
i go help aunt pack her stuff then play bball d..
take care!! i miss u all very much!

muacks! =D

hugs to me readers. =)

Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Hey.. so fast..
CNY is here.. been busy cleaning the hse..
and guess wht? FAMILY came down today!!
Wheee~! so nice to see them again..=)
loads of homework to do...T_T
anyways.. should be going to Beng's hse tmr!
yay! haha.. miss her.. so long din see her d..
and yesh! ang pow time! mwahahahah!
k lar.. lazy to type much.


Friday, February 01, 2008


Aw yeaaaaaaaaaah! sports day is SO over!
I've been having the longest weeks ever.
busy busy busy. Body hurtin everywhere.
look like charcoal. hurt my back.
LOL. yeah. so much has been happening.
and i didn't even have time to get enough rest.
things have been so everywhere!
its like.. i have pracs during PNP time!
i din get to masuk class for 3 days.
coz of dupid cheerleading pracs.
which so totally.. wasnt worth missing class.
they din really practise per say.

anyways.. coz of tht..
i've a pile of homework tht i've yet to finish.
and hey! bout sports day..
Aw yeaaaaaah!!! In my school, scouts been winning all the way!
till 2 years ago .. they lost to KRS for 2 years straight.
And this year! We redeemed our scouts name in kawad kaki! mwahhahaha!
we were soooo happy.. me and serena was just screaming at the top of our lungs.! haha..
I'm proud to say tht i've got alot of new friends..who really takes care of me.. haha..=)
And well.. sports day was in Selayang stadium.
when it was time for me to run..
i was bare foot, coz i din have the right shoes for running.
the stadium was alright..till it reached noon..
my feet.. was literally burning kay!
it was sooo hot.. tht every participant tht was bare foot..
all had to jump up and down so tht our feet wouldn't get cook..
it was really hot.. and a funny sight.. xD..

sports day was great larh..
i'm so glad its over. =)
not sure wht i won yet..
coz prize giving on monday..
coz when i run.. i super dun care whose beside me.
haha.. i just .. RUN!!!! then when its over..
run to the grass to cool down my feet..xD

Oh yeaah.. theres this weird..
taiwan guy in my school..
whose scaring the outa me..
he's EVRYWHERE i am/go.
he's just always there!
he keeps ..bugging me for my number..
when i stay back. he stays back too..
i say.. why havent u gone back..
he says, i wanna accompany u.. i miss u..
in a really freaky.. way ever!
and annoys me like crazy.. seriously..
his freaky.. he always try to find out where i stay..
by trying to walk back with me..
thank God for my friends..
he dun dare. coz they scolded him. lmao.
serve him right... he's really scary lar..

started bball prac today..
Its a holiday here today..
for everyone.. coz its WILAYAH day!
wheee~! and did i mention tht i super love the wilayah persekutuan song?
Its sooooo nice kay! short and sweet. =)
my school songs not bad either. hehe..
New month already.. so fast..
hey.. its been a month staying here in kl for me..
still standing strong.. =) i thank God for tht.

Nvr the less.. i still do miss my beloved family back in JB.
friends as well. =) coz with a love and bond so strong..
distance doesnt change anything..
distance dont matter. =)

CNY is coming and i cant wait to see my family!
YAyyyyyyyy!!! hehe..
and someone's bday coming already. =)
u should noe who u are. haha..
aite! thats all for now..
take care y'all!

U know i love and miss u. =)