Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cause Thats Just the Way I Roll. ;)

Love doesn't make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.

Heya Darlings!

Yesh.. I did not have to wait long for the bus today..
Waited but not for an hour..
But i waited for half an hour to catch a bus back.
Public transports. Hmm..

Anyways! i aint gonna be ranting abt public buses or Taxi drivers tht rips u off. =P
I just wanna say how much I miss so maaaannyyy people!
Mainly, My Family back in Jb. =)

I cant wait for the March Hollies to arrive!
I wanna go back to JB and give mum a suprise visit when she's working. =)
I love you ma! =)

While i was washing my face in the morning before gettin ready for school, this flash back came into my mind. A Story actually. =)

It was the eve of easter. The clock stroke 23.00. but 3 little children and their mummy were still up doing some handy crafts. Bookmarks mainly. they used simple materials like cardboards,crayons and magic colour markers! Despite how tired they were, they stayed up till early in the morning to make as much bookmarks as they could possibly finish. The next morning, Easter arrived. The 3 little children brought all the bookmarks they made to church so that they could sell it. They sold each bookmark for 1rm. It wasn't much, but it was one way they thought of to collect enough money so that they could buy their PJ t-shirts from school that cost 17rm. They didn't feel discriminated, no. Neither were they shy. Infact, they were pretty Proud of themselves for earning their own PJ tees. =)

Yeh, This story suddenly flashed back in my mind all of a sudden.
i've no idea why. haha.. hmm.. =)
All i know is that, it made me smile. :)

And i realized something so important abt exams that we all dread to face. Exams actually makes u realize how unprepared you are, how weak u are at a certain subject, and which part of the subject that u do not understand. It makes u realize How hard u've been working or how much u've been slacking. It wakes u up and tells you.. "Hey, Your effort is Not Quite Enough" i guess thats the scary part of facing exams. We dun wanna face exams cause we dont wanna face reality yo. =P

Anyways! i was looking for some shoe pictures the other day to put the suitable one in my wants list. TeeHee. U cant possibly describe wat kind of shoe u want with words right?! not for me i cant. =P And i found some good and weird pics. =P Check it out.!

Eyerrrrr! Human Feet Shoes! ITS NIKE BTW! ALL THE PICTURES ARE!

THIS ONE MORE EYERRR! GOT BULU AND HAIR AND THE TOE ONE WEIHHH! =S ewwwy gewwwwyyy! I think they like to be bare footed or smth. =.= but they cant! coz it'll hurt! thus, the shoes. =.=...
YESH! I waaaaan this kind of design! but not the colour tho. got yellow. EW.

Yeeeeh! this colour nt bad. but cant really see the design


.................. I dont even know if its REALLY NIKE. it looks like................. better nt say. =.=

Nt bad.but like gt smth wrong with the colour. =.=

YEAH! Macam Ni Larh. Style Cantik. ;)


YESH! This. Is. It.! x)

I personally liked #3 (Design Only),8 and 10.
I think 10 rocks the Most. :)
But #3 is a different kind of design. So it rocks too. ;) hee. ^^

Anyways I gotta ciao.
With Love! :)

Live Today as If you were to Die tomorrow. ;)

Friday, February 27, 2009

Hate Waiting For The Bus I Do!

Rawr. Thursday and Friday (today) have been super tiring! =(
and yesh, hate waiting for the bus i do! =(
on thurs, i had to go to MP to update my bro's bank book.
and had to buy coffee for my grandma from Jusco.
and Had to go to Public bank to get my tuition money.
waited for 1 whole hour before i got to RHB..
walked to Public Bank from RHB coz it was going to be 4pm..
and then waited for the bus for another 1 whole hour at the wai sek kai bus stop. Ahhhhhhhhhhh! stewpid waste of time maans. =(
by the time i got back i was practically half dead. =.=
and to find out tht i went through all this trouble for NOTHING.
Argh! wthwthwthhhhhhhhhhhhh~~~~!! ..................

its so sayang. got one kancil in the porch..
but nobody's touching/using it. coz bro in JB.if only i had my license!
i wouldn't have to friggin rely on busses and public transport.
Today pun sama.

waited for the bus for 1 whole hour AGAIN!
but the good part is tht i didn't need to pay for my bus ticket.
one aunty sitting beside me gave me her ticket coz she wasnt gonna use it anymore for the rest of the day. =) hw nice of her. ^^
After tuition, i walked to the bus stop as fast as i could.
and when i was about to cross the road, i saw the bus zoom right past me.
i'm like.. "OMG?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~!!!!" =(... T_T.......
and thus, i waited for the bus for another whole friggin hour.
OWH MAN. Sitting at the bus stop for one hour is just so stewpid!
Blaaaaaaaaaarrrhhhhh. Hopefully tmr i wouldn't need to wait for the bus THAT long AGAIN. nyaaaah monday got chemistry replacement class. (tuition) so i gotta take the bus 3 times next week. =( unless benson can fetch me. *grins* hor ben? =) heeee~!

i was supposed to run for my RED hse today. 800m.
but tak jadi coz my teacher couldnt drop me at tuition coz she had to teach tuition so.. in the end.. we discuss discuss.. i dun need to run. =D i'd rather dun run than miss tuition man! Its very pain to miss tuition coz my tuition fees aint cheap! and its my own savings.! so yeah! sakits u noe. even if its my dad's money also! tuition is a cannot miss thing! =P
YOU KNOW WHY?! Today had chemistry class in school. AND MY TEACHER JUST FLYYYYYYYYYY THROUGHOUT THE CHAPTER YO! NO EXPLAINATION, NO EXAMPLES, NOTHING~~! She hardly explained weih! she just flyyyyy! i kept telling myself.. "if i didn't take chemistry tuition, i'd be so done for. =.=" ......... SERIOUSLY LORH. Then i said.. "CIKGU! YOU SANGAT CEPAT LARH! " GUESS WHAT SHE ANSWERED ME?!

Teacher: Yeah, kerana saya rasa You semua ada pergi tuition. So ini sebagai revision untuk kamu semua. Kena EXPRESS kerana nak habiskan syllabus.
Teacher: Haha, Yea la..
Me: Then Semua yang tak pergi tuition mesti KO dan GG!
Teacher: Tak de lah. saya rasa kelas kamu semua ada pergi tuition
Me: Ehh CIKGU! Tak Boleh Anggap Begitu sahaja! BAIK CIKGU TANYA!
Teacher: Smiles.
Me: .......... swts. *shouts* WHO DUN GO FOR CHEMISTRY TUITION?!!!!
*5 people raise hands looking seriously LOST*
Teacher: Owwh, Then yang 5 ni next week u duduk depan.
Me: *shakes Head* ..........................

She was my form 4 chemistry teacher. Lemme just say how SUCKY my form 4 knowledge of chemistry is man! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh~! i neeeed serious practise and help for form 4 chemistry. and i'm so fortunate and happy tht i'm taking tuition for chemistry! if not i'd be so left out and far behind! anyways, I LOST MY COMB AGAIN! T_T nooooooooooo~! =( Baru buy summore.. haihhhsss... why oh why..

its a friday! again. =P
I'm gonna get back to my stuffs nw.
Toodles~~~! ^^

not those annoying perasan people tho. =P
Your just so Annoyingly-Adorable. =)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Buttons Buttons..!

Few good Stuffs. ;)
I got number 3 in Short Putt. GO RED! =D
I got 93 for Maths. ;) got my paper today. the only paper i gt so far.
if u didn't know, i'm not a pro in maths!! ANYTHING THAT HAS CALCULATION. I prefer reading subjects like Bio,Sejarah and Moral. =D Subs like Maths,addmaths,Physics and chemistry makes me nervous! or worried! so b4 exam i study and practise like crazy more than i "Gan Zhiong" abt bio or sejarah.
Exams are officially over. =D
nt like its any biggy. SPM is the Real Deal yo.

I went to OU with Jia Yi and Kok Sime today. :)

it was raining heavily in the morning.. Rawwwrrr-ness!
Had to walk to school. Nyaaah. I dun like to walk in the rain in the morning. i used an umbrella of course! but yeah. nt nice larh. baru go to school all wet wet edy. =( blehs.
But i felt nice when i walk passed all the cars tht were jam-ing. =P lalalala~! i even sang on the way to school! hehe. ;)
After school, Kok sime and Jia yi came over to my hse.
Got changed and took a cab to OU. =D

Watched THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTONS! Wheeeeee~!! i know banyaks orang wanna watch this show. hehehehe. IT IS A LONG MOVIE MAN! 2 hours and 46 minutes! IF you are those ppl who can sit still in the cinema for tht long then u'll be fine. =) the show is nice, the plotting of the movie is like.. REALLY SERIOUSLY talking about his WHOLE LIFE. thats wht the movie is supposed to be abt anyways. haa. =P so.. if u understand the movie.. it'll be nice.. but if nt u may find it boring. =) Coz theres not much climax in the show or smth tht will make u go WOW.! Different ppl different views. =D for me.. i give it a 7/10. ;) Twilight is still the TOP movie on my list so far. =D Btw, for those who watched edy.. the 7 times Lightning Guy damn swt la. =.= .....

FAIL photography. x) Its nt my fault! simeh head to BIG. =D xD

Okay larh. better than the previous one. but Ur head still to Big. TeeHeee~! =PP

By the time we got out.. it was alrdy 5.30pm. went to the new wing taxi stand but they wanted to charge us 18rm to get back. So we headed to the old wing taxi stand. ALOT of ppl que-ing up PLUS no taxi to be seen. So we thought of going back to the new wing taxi coz it was gettin late. but i still sakit hati wei. go to OU and back actually 8rm only! for 1 trip. either to and back. So i suggested waiting at the place infront Mc.Ds there. there was this Indian taxi driver, he asked for 30rm. BLAH LA YOU! SIAO punya. RIP OFF-ER. PFFFT! then he even said "U go find other taxi la, all same price one. confirm you." LCLY siots. think wht, u da only taxi in the world arh. CIS. so RIGHT ON THE SPOT. another taxi dropped off some peeps. i went to ask, and the chinese dude said Okay. And i asked hw much, He said Follow meter. =) YEAH MAN. YOU DA MAN! THIS IS PROPER TAXI DRIVERS OKAY. and he never ask for any extra charge or any of tht sort. Usually taxi drivers will take advantage to rip ppl off because its after office hours. they use the "JAM" excuse. CIS. So i took down his number. And if i needed a taxi i know of a PROPER, RESPONSIBLE taxi driver. If you want his number you can get it from me! ;) He drives around PJ area, not KL tho!

BTW! GIRLS! I know taking taxi alone as a girl can be very dangerous! i've found a female taxi driver! and she charges fairly well as well. and i've her number too. so if u want her number u can get it from me too! ^^ i'm Happy i found TWO good taxi drivers today. Yay. ;) btw, if u call them they wont charge extra. both of them are doing their own buisness. SO YEAH MAN. =) I dont mind helping out good taxi drivers. ;) and as predicted, taxi fair was 8.60rm. SEE! taxi drivers in msia should really follow their attitude man. =)

BTW! another good stuff.
I'm finally going to PUBLIC SPEAKING competition again after SO LONG! yep yep. Public speaking runs in my family. I'm proud to say tht all 4 sibs were champs in public speaking before. =) And yesh, who would've thought tht in my last year of school i'd be going for public speaking again?! hee. =) THE THEME IS LOST. interesting ey? i've no idea wht i wanna talk abt YET. HELP! =/ any ideas? This competition is slightly diff tho. its held by SUNWAY COLLEGE. prepared speech, 4minutes. improm 2, 3 mins. semi-finals, improm 2 again, 3 minutes. the PRIZE! first Prize, Oxford Sunway College smth smth Burssary RM8,000 + RM600 for school + Cert and Trophy. theres prizes for 1,2,3,4,5,6. =D but of course the amount of burssary and money for the school will decrease as the position decreases. Interesting ey? =D hope i'd get smth outta it! coz i've got another exam on april 20th and my competition will be on April 25th! I just found out abt the April exam. So anyways! PRAY FOR ME! =)

"Life is what we make it, always has been, always will be."

-Grandma Moses-

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Karyn Ong!

Dia Tag Saya....!

Whoever who gets tagged has to write 10 things about the person who tagged him/her:

1. She's TALL
2.She's DOLLY
3.She's Hawt
5.ilikeherjustthewaysheis. :)
6.She's Pwetty
7.Her blog is yellow but i hate yellow. xD (but she likes it?)
8.She is Special and Unique in her own way!
9. She talks different,Act and Blog differently! ;)
10.She's a paramore freak. ;D

The person who got tagged has to write 10 things about himself/herself:
1. I'm born on the 12th of oct
2. My arms can twist more than a normal human can
3. Imma crazy dance person
4. imma crazy blogger
5. imma picture person
6. imma music craze person
7. i have a mole in the middle of my head/eyes/eyebrows? sumwhere there la.
8. i've the best family ever.
9. i wanna go to australia.
10. i'm in my last year of highschool. Already

At the end, you have to chose 10 people to tag and write the names out:
-Lydia miller
-melissa yap
-hin loong
-daniel taaaaaaaan
-benson yaaaaap
-eunice meix

(those that have already done this before can just do the first part. yay.)
*karyn i tag u back. yay. =P

Benroy tag me back. =.= Sei lor if the 10 ppl all tag me back too. O.O

benroy is :

1. My lil brother
2. Plays the drums
3. Is interested to pursue dancing ;)
4. Cute in his own way
5. Talks chinese funny-ly. =P
6. likes to ask me questions that i cant answer or irrelevant. RAWR.
7. Games like crazy
8. a drummer boy
9. Clever.
10. Creates nice quotes without noticing it. exp: When he was doing his Homework, He looked behind for the answers and said " I look for the answer because the answer does not look for me" =.= but it makes sense if u think of it. ;)

oh-em-gee. its happening! Mel tagged me back. Y did i come with such ey brilliant idea. x)

Melissa Yap Is:

1. My Eldest Sister
2. a bassist. used to be. =P
3. key-boardist
4. Sings well
5. VAIN-er Than anyone tht i noe of. =P
6. Camwho QUEEN! no. KING. =D
7. one of a kind
8. Special in her own ways.
9. can be a big big blur case at times.
10. pwetty face. =D

Believe Me,I'm Not Lying.

Wht d'you want me to do ? i already told u a thousand and million times BUT you still DONT wanna believe me!
Just because i've alot of activities going on means
"wo yue lai yue Huai?"
I say dont have means dont have lar..
U keep ASSUMING for wht?
U wanna go survey ALL my friends and Teachers and Family Members anot? CAN! GO AHEAD. I'VE GOT NOTHING TO HIDE. COZ I SPEAK THE TRUTH. since when have i ever lied to you?


Bill William Henry Cosby:
i dont know the key to success but the key to failure is to try to please everyone.
it hurts to know how little you trust me.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Move Like You've Never Moved Before!

Yep. Its GIN. Not jean, Not Jin. =P Heheee.. =)
We Did ALOT on Formation tht day.
From 3.30pm till 6pm Yo! All formation!

But before tht we played a verrryy fun but simply game! =)
PANIC SIOT! hahaha.. the game was a start to her Lessons on Formation!
We had to think of formations and all after she taught us!
And present our formations! With a given time limit! haa. =/
With the conditions she gave us too. It was alot of thinking tht day.

Compared to the first session. alot of dancing.
And after the whole thing! she gave us her opinions on our formation and all. and ideas. and stuffs we could use.

Gin trying to understand the formation. haha. =P

After all that. We were seperated into groups of 6!
There were 4 groups i think? 4 or 5.
And we were given 15minutes to put EVERYTHING we learned in the 3 sessions together! Basics,Music Cality,Formation and Transfusion! PLUS Concept!
So my team's concept was "In the Bus" concept. ;)
we all had to dance to the same music btw.
haha.. so yeah! it was fun! and all the teams did a great Job! =D!
Aw man. It was down right fun plus worth it!
After this class i became moreeeee crazzzy in dancceee!
More crazy than wht i already am. HAHA!
owh man.. i wanna go far far..up up and away in dancing!
i wanna do SO MUCH MORE! i wanna go SO MUCH FURTHER!
We all Need to enlarge our Dance Vocab.

We need to step outta the box. And i realised hw i've been stuck at where i was few years back till now. Of couse i did grow but just a lil. I'm always growing in ideas in my mind but always failed to potray them out and bring them to life. But now, I seriously wanna improve so much more in my dancing skills. style. I'm currently interested in those flowly hip hop. LA HIP HOP or Lyrical Hip Hop. I've always wanted to dance to this kind of style, but it stayed in my mind. I believe i can! not right away but in a few years time maybe?

My Inspiration Dancers Currently Are
GIN from OSchool and Ian Eastwood aka Icon.

Cause they dance the way and style i wanna master!
I like to dance to songs like

"This Aint Sex-Usher"
"Ice Box-Omarion"
"One Wish-Ray J"
"Falling Out - Keyshia Cole"

I know i can!! =)))) I wanna start going for classes!
not this year but next year maybe! I'll work part-time or smth to pay for my classes! =) I hope i can! I wanna GROW!

Group Picture! =)

This workshop really made me realise ALOT of things!
=) Thanks for the Great experience Gin! =)

*Gin's the one with the camera* =P

A Dope Dancer yo! =)

Tomorrow's the last day of exams.
But its EST and PJK. Dun need to read subjects. =P
So i consider today as the last day of exams. Hehe. PFFT!

You'll Never know to what Heights you can go
till you Spread your Wings!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

I Had A Blast Today!

Yes yesh! today was such a tiring day but i had fun. =)
i loveeeeed today! ^^ despite some complications in the begining..
but overall.. my day rawked. =)

Had tuition, then went to CHC..
For a dance workshop by O-SCHOOL!
it started at 2pm-4.30pm. thts the first session.
i only managed to make it there by 3.15..
coz my tuition ended at 2.30pm..
By the time i got there..
Jean/JIN nt sure hw to spell her name!
She was teaching ISOLATION. its a dance basic thingy.
A super must must know. ;) b4 tht.. she already thought..
Milking and Hit & Go! so after isolation it was bounce..
freestyle, and weight transfer! oh man!
who would've thought dance basic had so much more to it than meets the eye!
so after we learned all 6 vocabs in dance basics..
we had to choreo some dance steps in 3 minutes!
Oh mannn! i had no idea wht the milking and hit & go was!
but i tembak only. nyahahaha. =PP Its fun larh. =)


My 'crumping' was quite messy..
But she said my bounce basics are good. teehee~! ^^
after session 1, had church service.. and boy!
People whom i've not seen since EMERGE popped out everywhere!
I guess most of them go for the sat service..
heeh.. i miss them so muccch! it was soooo niceee seeing them again. =)
I saw Shawn,Samuel Chew, The other Sam, Nickey,Michael,Patrick,Thian Lung,Si xuan and so many others!
and guess what?!!! As i was sitting dwn at the cafeteria..
The one my sis and bro went for punya camp.
Guess who i saw after such a long long time?!

Awww.. it was so nice talking to him again after so long.. =)
He came to KL for a week to settle some stuffs..
he'd be headin back to JB tmr. =P
And i had fun catching up with Sam chew. =)
SAM! UR 3 months life story SUPER LONG right?! HAHA. =PP
Nah la.. JK. =) serious. ;) i had fun catching up wit cha. Hee. ^^
I wanna go swim at ur place one day! :D

So anyways, after service, second session was at 9pm-10.40pm.
We learned about Music Calaty/Calati? lolll! anyways..
its basically abt hearing the beats beneath the melody.
Like Boom Boom Kak! or Boom Shc Kak! er..
abit senseless when i type it. but dancers should understand wht i'm saying. :D
so yup! its not easy fusing all those stuffs together!
And choreographing to those stuffs!
Theres Accent, Bass,Sudden Beat,Lyrics,Song,Melody.
So yup! those stuffs help you play with the choreography..
and fuse it with the music. =D REGGAE BEATS ARE AWESOME BTW! ;)
their so fun! ^^ and yes! after everything, she gave us a song..
"LET IT ROCK" by Kevin rudolf ft Lil Wayne.
and we had to choreo to tht song.. lolx.
and perform one by one. =D i think i did better this time. hehe. =D

"Good.! =) Your steps are simple,nice and clear. =D"

Whee~! =P
I met some POS people again today.. I never really got to know them as in personally coz they were in diff clusters. but yeah! i made new friends today. =) Sam,Caryn,Boon,Roy and Eldi. ;) nice peeps. =) Cant wait for tomorrow's session! 3rd session and last one! =( 2.30pm - 7pm! fooooh! long long session! I LIKE! =D But i'm pretty sure theres gonna be more people joining us tomorrow. We're gonna be cooked in tht sauna studio YO! x) CHC-ians! u know wats I is talking. =P
PS: JIN/JEAN! I so totally love your freestyle man! its the way/type/style of dance i wanna Master! like seriously. =)
You know who you are! ;)
Ai Ni O!! =) muaaaaaccckkks & Huggggssss!!!

i wanna break and cross those boundaries.
Like seriously! =)
-Pa55ion Like No Other- ;)

Friday, February 20, 2009

You said Move On, Where do I go?

It could be, but it shouldn't be.

I've not had the bestest week ever.
But whats new?! I'm pretty sure many others out there have had the longest weeks of their lives. maybe even worse than wht i had.

Some 'highlights' i could remember.
Exams started on Monday.
Chemistry was just over my head.
Biology ruled because i rock biology.
Maybe i should rock other subjects too so tht they'll rule like bio. =.=
*like i have a choice. pfft*
I got biten by this super tiny GREEN weird bug.
And it left its mark on my thighs up till today.
My lil bro said. "Heyy! maybe you'll become like spiderman." =.=
HAD to run on wednesday after school to earn marks for my RED hse. I've nt fully recovered from the Running prac+Netball competition+Cross Country after effects. And When i was sprinting for z 100m.. All the pains came back stronger than ever.! OUCHES. And had to run 200m right after that. So yesh. She officially over strained her hamstrings tht day. And she STILL has to run 4x100m and 800m for sports day. Sheeesh-ness.. Short-putt is my only favourite sport durin sports day. ;)

i was too busy the whole week tht i only had time to help out my grandma with some housework. Besides studying of course.
I got to tuition on time today.. PLUS i got into a nice nice bus with nice air-condition, nice seats and two tvs in it. Unlike the previous crappy bus i took. =.= TAK DE OXYGEN. I hope rapid KL upgrades ALL their buses to the bus i got into today. =D AND i also manage to catch the bus the minute i crossed the road to get to the bus stop after tuition. So yesh, i didn't have to wait. =) Thank God for that! ^^

And talkin bout crappy buses,
Guess wht just happened?
I was half-way bathing, actually i just started when i realized tiny brown stuffs in the water. (i bathe from this tangki/ basin whtever u call it.) i was like WTH?! And took a closer look at those stuffs. I dunno bout anyone else but it seriously looked like shit to me.! Seriously. Tiny piece of crushed up shit. ....... I was disgusted the minute tht thought came in mind. But then again, i asked myself, HOW and WHY in the world would anyone crush shit in their own hse Bathroom?! in the bathing water summore! i'm sure the people living with me are civilized enough not to do smth like tht. So it sorta passed my mind. Bathe in the other bathroom and asked my lil bro to check out those crappy stuffs. Guess wht he said?

Me: B, wht u think those stuffs are?
BB: I think its some unfiltered shit from the water
Me: OH EM GEE! IT actually ACTUALLY could be true!!!!

Looking at the 3 days , 12,14,17 feb, no water came. they prob had some water pipe issues. AND OMGGGGGGGGGG... it could actually ACTUALLY be SHIT. eyerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...!!! *ueks* i dun wanna further investigate wht it is.. i dun even wanna know wht it really is. PFFT! grose. so people! check your water before u bathe/drink/whtever wit it before hand! Nyah!

i've been having nice dreams lately. =)
But before those nice-dreams started i had a sorta-nightmare-ish dream when i dozed off oe of the evenings this week. i've nt have these kinda dreams in quite a long time. =/ idunlikeEuBadDreams! Shooooooooo~! Anyways nice dreams have been flooding my sleep.. and it feels so nice. =) I wanted to ask some people this question "Have u ever dreamt a dream u never felt like waking from?" but then again, it made me think. Logically, if u didn't wanna wake up you'd most probably be dead. =.= But its nice to live in a fairytale every once in a while. especially when reality is having its tol on ya.

i hope your new job is treating u well! take care of those legs and back alright! i miss u tons and millions and billions! iloveyou!

I miss you.. =( thanks for calling the other day.. =) iloveyoutoo!

I dreamt about you last night.
Truth be told, i miss you.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

I Hate Today Like Theres No Tomorrow....

My day today sucked to the core..
It all started out really well but became pretty sucky after tht.
WTH IS YOUR PROBLEM MAN! so Rajin for wht.?!
Cause all this unnecessary shyt. aaaaaarrrrrggghhh..!
i should've left the minute i finished running.

and then YOU!
i waited for you! but u came after half an hour?!
Whats up with that?!


i was late for tuition anyways.
i missed addmaths but i could've make it for Physics.
i asked my uncle if he could fetch me.
but he wanted to eat his breakfast First..
and coz i was already late.. i din wait for him..
i missed 3 busses waiting for YOU FYI...!
hw stupid of me. i should've known better.

Waited for half an hour for the bus. nvm..
went on the bus.. the friggin bus round here round there and then suddenly stop at one mamak. the driver went down to eat or i dunno wht. came back to the bus.. and started reading newspaper. WTH is wrong with you man. everyone in the bus was so pissed with waiting. Half an hour mind you. by tht time my physics class had already began. By the time i reached my tuition centre.. it was already 2.10pm. i sat in physics class for 20 minutes and class ended. at least i got the addmaths notes and physics as well.

went to Jusco.. bought popcorn from the cinema area to cheer myself up.. and sat dwn at Arena. And Emo-ed there alone. Pfft. Pathetic. the popcorn was my lunch anyways. din have the mood to eat or any of tht sort. Guess wht? I got the same Bus driver tht drove me to Jusco earlier before. HOW NICE yah. he friggin did the same thing again. stopped at one spot for half an hour. Mental.

It feels as if im Mad at the whole world today.

I hate to rely on people.
but at certain circumstances, your just forced to rely on them.
whether u like it or not. i hardly ask for any favour from anyone.
coz i prefer to fly solo. i prefer to be independant.
and Just this Once.. was it too much to ask for?

PS: i guess i thought wrong of YOU. Unreliable. U din even TRY. at least HE did.

My valentines present from the wall.

Declaring, Officially, The suckiest 14/2 i ever had in my life so far.
Valentines 2009 can go fly kite.

I made it anyways.
I could've done better.
Thumbs down to Period Cramps tht slowed me down.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Hw much Darker will She Get?! =P

Hey peeps! its the end of the week. Again.

So anyways.. it was e holi on monday.
Had school on tues as always.. And on weds,
i had my netball competition at Pusat Sukan Cochrane,Cheras.
Yep. I went there again.. but for netball this time..
The last time i went there was around mid last year?
for Handball competition. oh how do i hate the field. PFFT.
My team had to play 2 games in the friggin same court.
the WORSE court among the rest i would say.
dang it. i wore the wrong shoes. i tried to find boots!
football ones! but i failed to find any. so i wore the nike shoe..
my parents bought for me last last christmas.

guess wht?
when it got soaked in all those puddle of mud..
My shoe became to friggin heavy!!!
It was so hard to run around and defend the attacker! arh!
I felt so slowed down man!... ahhhh! i couldnt give my all..
and wht sucked most was when the base of my left shoe came out half way.
before the next round started, i just tore the whole thing off and threw it aside.
i was so pissed larh! =( and when the whistle went "prriittt!"
the minute i ran! my leg went forward so far i did a split! WTH.
coz all tht was left on the base of my shoe was pure plastic i think?
dunno wht u call those materials. but anyways..
the first game sucked big time. Almost all of us kept slipping and falling..
EVERY SINGLE SECOND! poor Serena fell quite a few times the minute she got the ball. hw wasted! awww man! =( we obviously lost the first game to St.Marys.

But Thank God for a second game.
two games for every school before entering semi-finals.
we were up against Sri Segambut.
This time, my shoe was a definite gonner.. And since St.Mary's had already played their 2 games (they won both.) some of us asked if we could borrow their boots. since we had to play in the same court again. ahhhs. =( and they were so kind to lend us their boots! aww! thanks a million girls! it helped seriously alot alot alot! ^^ So in the next game, as we had better grip to the ground, we played with more confidence and went all out! this time we could really give our all! ^^ and we won the 2nd game! awright man! ^^
so we got into semi-finals! yay! the next round was supposed to be on Friday!
but suddenly they told us the next round would be later tht evening itself!
ahhh.. =( all of us were all muddy and uncomfortable..
PLUS we gave the boots back to the girls since they needed it..
And without shoes! HW?! Aihs.. we played against Convent Sentul..
all of them so friggin tall. :( we lost. nyah. our asses go whooped. Pfft.

So anyways, it was alright i guess..
getting into semi-finals is already an achievement if u ask me. ;)
many teams would have rather trade for our positions. =)
so be greatful girls! we did great! =)
we had fun nw didn't we?! =) i sure did. nyahaha..
We got so dirty. xD *tht sounds wrong* x)
Literally okay! haha. So yeh, when i gt home, despite at hw tired i was, had to clean up all those mud on my clothes and on my poor poor sayang shoes! it took me 1 hour i think.. to scrub.. both my clothes and shoe.. T_T tiring alright!
the next morning, i felt the pain siut! my whole body was in pain. especially the hamstrings at my thighs! and there was a torn in my toe.. =.= i only realised it in school when i was hurting..! a yes, the heat nvr leaves the body till after a few days. dunno why tho. =P i'm gonna fry myself again tmr! theres gonna be cross-country tmr..more heats! and i so totally wanna be in the top 20 again this year!!! i was ,last year, but i only got a cert. i wan a trophie this year too! my last year in highschool! must must must do my best!

Just keep running, just keep running, just keep running,running,running~!
*the dorry song from Nemo. nyahaha. its swimming actually*

i'm just thinking of wht shoe to wear tmr. hmm.
the previous cross-country i did, my shoe became 3 pieces. =/
Anyways! Await my good news hopefully! hehe. =)
SO i'm gonna hav to rush to tuition tmr right after running!
and at night! imma be celebrating my cousin's bday. =P
wht e hectic day! its valentines tmr. nyaha. I dun get why so many ppl stress over V-Day! chilling lah people! =) by right! u shud treat ur loved ones like u treat them on V-Day , EVERYDAY! : D. RIGHT GIRLS? hehehe. =P and guys la. =))

There was no water yesterday. Theres nt gonna be any water Tomorrow, and on the 17th. hooray......................... Pfft. Alrighty mans. I IS TIRED. GOOD NIGHT. =D

Yours Truly, No.4.

It gets harder and harder to accept and face reality.
Its indeed hard to Let This Go.
I never wanted this. Did You?
you've no idea hw much i miss Us.
Whether we get this back or not..
It'll Always and Forever Be a Memory In My Heart.
*hugs* ily.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Celine is Sad. =(

My parents left to go back to JB already..
Along with my elder bro.. =( Haaaaaaaaihhhhs..
i miss them already.. =( i dunno why i feel so sad..
They fetched me to SK Seri Kepong before they left for JB..
coz i had running practise.. teacher wants me to run 800 metres for Sports day. Siao. I ran till i almost fell. my legs suddenly had no strength when i reached the finish line.. =/ I dun like to run although i can. haihs. unless its those long distance runs.
and when i came home.. the house suddenly felt so empty..
Maybe its because i've been together with them for so long lately.. tht.. i couldn't bare to let them go again.. it feels just like last year when i just moved down to KL.. when i had to part away from them after being together with them for so long..

i was with them in JB from nov till dec. in dec they came down to KL and went back before new year's eve. on the 21st of jan they came down again and stayed till now.. ahhhhhhhhhh.. MUMMY DADDY I MISS YOU ALREADY! =(

i'm gonna miss those mornings when my mum would walk to school with me. when i chit chat with my mum.. along the way.. =( when i go window shoppin with both my parents.. or when Dad fetches me to and back from tuition.. its back to walking to school alone..and waiting for half an hour to an hour for the bus to go and the come back from tuition. Zzzz... i'll be okay after 2 days or so.. Pfft. just lettin it all out. Haihs.. i hate the feeling of coming home to an empty hse.. well at least my lil bro is still here.. so its not 2 person but 3 instead. =P my grandma,me and bb. aunts flying off tmr. Nyah. but she always comes home late anyways.

i've got a confession to make!
my mum does manja me alot when she comes to KL. =P Pfft.
nyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah..i'm gonna miss being manja-ed too! =(
x) sounds so wrong! But everyone needs to be pampered every ones in a while!
Dont they?..~! blehs.

my Netball competition's tmr..! so i'm gonna need all the rest i can get today. JIA YOU SMKSB! WE SO TOTALLY CAN ONE! ahh.. words of encouragement DO make u feel better.

it was so so nice seeing u last Sunday! =) *HUGS* hope u enjoyed ur day.!
Imissulikecrazy. =( come back Fast!
and lastly..
I MISS YOU SO SO SO MUCH! where have u been?! =(
idunliketobesad. =(

Monday, February 09, 2009

So Hush Lil Darlyn, Don't You Cry~

its a holiday! =P had netball prac in the mornin..
ahhh yess.. i had to wake up early on a holiday.. Pfft..
It was good though.. =) i had fun!
Went to Mid Valley after tht with parents.. =)
sadly they'd be going back to JB tmr.. =(
And benson's going with them.. PLUS..
Ah sun jie is gonna be flying to Brunei on wednesday..
The hse is gonna be so empty..! =(

Today was quite a happenin day.. I think. =P
i became a counsellor for 'some ppl' who asked me wht they should do, say. give on valentines? x) i feel like some BGR advicer. x) nt baad. =P
Whtcha be doing for Valentines anyway? Hahaha..
I'm sure all those love birds have already planned their 'oh-so-meaningful' day. =P i do however have cross-country in the morning on valentines day. =P Serena invited me to watch a Orchestra performance! but since its gonna be my last year in highschool, i'd prefer running my last cross-country in school and try to win myself a medal this year. ;)

i've never actually celebrated valentines with someone before tho. =P
It has always been celebrated with my family. hehs.
*looks at the sky* =P

Anyways, i shall end this post with some silly story. :)

One day, johny asked sally who she thought was the most handsome guy in the senior year in highschool. Sally pointed out to this particular guy in the senior year but she didn't even knew his name. As time passed by, she knew most of his friends but never came to know him till the following year. And in the end, He asked her to be his Valentine. =)
Awws. x)
a meaningless story. haha! xP
So guys/girls! Dun be worried of gettin rejected or any of tht sort! valentines is spose to be a fun thing. =D i dun even know why ppl celebrate valentines in the first place! Do you? =DD Share the knowledge pls! x)
ilovebeingthereforpeopleinneed. :)
I'll be there for you whenever you need me,
Always.! its a promise! =)xoxo.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Delayed Pictures!

Yeshy. here are z delayed pictures. =P

CNY visits with Fwends. =D
there were that many ppl at ks's hse!

Haha..Khai yein! she gonna kill me for putting this picture. =P
Moi Brudders! =)
Chi wing!
Celine.Tong.Yein! no, ABU! xD
Burger,Li Hooi (like tai kah jie) Kok sime.
Haha. Waiting for Simeh. =P
Caleb. I curi ambik. x)
Sim and TC. :D
Yap Famiwee! =)
BLUR! =P bestie and Brudda! :D
We were at his house. =P Kok Simeh!
Candid shot by kok sime! =P
AT PAVILLION! last day of hollies. =P
Pavillion's First Anniversary!
i lovveee the oreo one! =)
Famous Hokkien Mee At Jalan 222! =P
It doesnt look nice in the picture tho! =/
But it tasted Niceeeeeeesh! =D
go try! Restaraunt Ah Hwa!

Dad loved it too. =P
U can tell by his Facial expression. ;)
Gotta ciao. =D
Dad standing beside me. *stress!* =P