Tuesday, April 28, 2009

C.H.A! =)

I was so hyper yesterday i couldn't sit still and study!
i kept walking around every 5 mins / 10 mins and kacau my brothers..
gave them hugs and stuffs. hahahaaa..
what to do? i've been so happy these pass 3 days. =)))

was super hyper especially yday when mummy called and when i saw the souveniers she got me from cherating! awwwwwwwww!! =)) i'll take pictures of it when i have the time. I felt so happy and awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! hahahahahaha.. I LOVE YOU TOO MUMMY!!!! =) i got two key chains and a bunch of shells picked by my very own mother.! =D imma buy a nice bottle and put them inside. ITS PRECIOUS STUFF! :) one key chain was written " Mummy Love Celine" but the paintings came off abit. =( and the other one was two hearts joined together made out of real shell and my name at the back. =D cant wait to take pictures of em! hehe. =D

And i had bio today.
and i rawked bio. =D yay! xD
at least my subjective rawked la. my objective dunno how. =/
and history! one word. PWNED. x)

last paper tmr. Chemistry baby! *oh nooo. =P *
and i cant wait for labour day! coz its when AFC restarts! WOOOT~! =)

Sweetest Ever! ♥
C.H.A! =)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Real Learning Happens Outside a Classroom..

Hello. i didn't make it for the public speaking competition.. was up against 88 competitors.. AND ALL OF THEM WERE REALLY GOOD SPEAKERS! i'm serious. there were pro debators.. state champions.. and all.. their english were just superb. So.. went to Sunway Coll with avin and the noon counsellor by taxi. the stupid taxi driver make one big round by passing by midvalley then only go to fedral highway. Dumb! urgh. not my money anyways. So reached there.. me and avin had our breakfast and headed to the Auditorium..

there were already a lot of students there.. and the MC played songs like.. "love in this club" "forever" "Benny Benassi-Satisfaction" and all just to help us relax. xD when satisfaction played we were like..........???? O.O and the emcee asked us to dance and suff. so it was cool la.. at least it wasnt boring.. waiting...So anyways, coz there were like 88 competitors it'll take all day to finish if everyone spoke one by one.. so they seperated the students into certain groups.. and different rooms.. my room had 7 contestants.. apparently we would only be presenting for one judge and a time keeper for the prepared speech.. i'd prefer performing to an audience tho! less pressure. xD for me tht is. So my prepared speech was alright.. when improm 2 came.. (which i think was my down fall) i didn't do good. usually improm 2 would be same titles for everyone. but it was not! w drew the topics.. and guess wht? i got the hardest one. T_T..
there were topics like.. "Money makes the world go round" "Television is a time waster" "Manners Matter" "Beauty, What is more" "being young" and i got..
"Real Learning Happens outside a classroom" T_T how i wished i got the other topics. PLUS i was the 1st speaker. so. aih. i only had like 2 points? =( quite unfair. we should've got the same topics. but anyways.. out of the 88 ppl 12 semi finalist were chosen.. then they battled it out on another improm 2 speech entitled " Human qualities we need more of" this time round all of them got the same topic. which was good la. and People like Jasmine.. Keefe.. Kiana.. They were really Good. =)
So after the 12 ppl presented.. 6 finalist were chosen and they will go to finals on 20th June. So yeah. some of the improm 2s were hillarious really.. haha..So i made new friends.. alot of new friends tht spoke fluent english. =) but only got 2 pics here. the rest are in their cameras! i wan em! hahaa.. will post them up when i've got them. =D
Meet Rachel Chiang from SMK Sri Permata

Keefe Chan from SMK DJ.
kesian him, everyone kept pronouncing his name as Kee-Fy but its actually pronounced as Keith. but with a f sound instead of a T. x)
So the both of them were the same group as me. =D Keefe got into the 12 finalist but not e 6. all of us expected him to be one of the 6 finalist tho. =/ Coz his real good. =) His the district champion or smth. =P so it was a really good experience larh. =) it was so cool yet freaky to be in a room filled with awesome public speakers and debators. =P Took a taxi back the way we went. At tht time.. Marilyn had her confirmation pracs and youth pracs so.. i went home.. for a while.. wanted to eat but.. i hate eating alone. =(.. and Mar would only be home by abt 6pm.. i got back at 3pm.. So kind kind hearted Shook Peng drove me and Zhong Hao to menjalara to eat! nyahaha =D and Zhong Hao belanja-ed! TQ so muccccch! =))) and then shook peng wanted to eat Mc.Ds so we went...
Zhong Hao camera shy coz his face got alot of ................... xD
and after tht.. they took me to Desa Parkcity! wohoo! i've always wanted to go to the lake and see hw it is and all but i nvr had the time or nvr got the chance! i know la.. i very Jakon. xD but yeah! it was so cool man!..
its like.. REALLY a family park. U see people flying kites, playing remote cars, feeding fishes from small to reli huge ones! Jogging, cycling, walking their oh-so-cute and expensive dogs.. Dogs tht wore t-shirts and Shoes! and so many other stuffs. just looking at the kites.. or looking at the lake really gave me tht peaceful feeling. =) i suddenly missed flying a kite! its been so long now. eversince i was in JB! then we went into the shopping complex in Desa Parkcity.. walked around.. and all. i really felt .. enlightened! haha.. =) didn't feel so sad abt the public speaking thing already. =D so yeah man! thanks Shook Peng and Zhong Hao for giving me such a great time! ^^ So they fetched me back.. i packed my stuffs and Mar and her mum picked me up and off i went to sleep over at Marilyns hse. hey, its freaky being in the house alone kay. =( feel so emo-fied and lonely and.. eyer.. scary. xD especially at night. so had a nice time with Mar and we slept at 2am when she had her comfirmation the next day! =X hahaha.. =) thx for having me Mar! =)
Daniel fetched me to church today.. =)
and coz dan had bible study.. hang out with Sugin and Andy untill their bible study was done.. Hung out at Sugin's hse.. but before tht.. i stole some stuffs from andy's place to munch on just to isi perut. =PP
watched Andy play L4D.. lepak here and there and Stoneeeee!

I was really tired. @_@.. see Sugin sleep so nicely..I just HAD to kacau him. hehe. =P See his funny hand gesture when sleeping. O.o

Hehe. Woke him up. =P

So Sugin,Andy and I waited for them to finish..SUPER HUNGRY..finally when they finished.. Sugin tak boleh tahan go eat dunno wht.. so only Andy and I went to makan with them. sugin ffk! =( haha.. hmm.. so yeah.. tht was my 2 days .. weekend.. alone.. haha.. family still not back yet tho. dunno wht time they left. so am alone still at home. but its daylight. so.. okay la. not so scary. hehs. i wanna go swimming! daniel asked if sugin,andy and jovenne and i wanted to go swimming. Dunno whether later we're really going to Dan's house. It'll be nice tho! its been so so HOT today. PLUS i've no school tmr. mwahahahhaa. =P okay la. imma nap for a while.!


Friday, April 24, 2009

What a day oh what a daay!

two hours and a half of addmaths is just pure MADNESS!
Ahhhhhhhhhh.. i sucked so badly at addmaths today..
T_T i felt terrible after the test...
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. =(

i felt disappointed with myself! =(
i am still! disappointed i tell uuuuuuuuuu! =(
but i wont give up! i'll make sure i'll rock addmaths by the time my trials arrive! hopefully! and i'll rock it to the hardest especially when SPM comes!


i've got public speaking competition tmr.
transports settled. taking taxi with the teacher. =.=
she finally insaf and feel bad maybe. for asking us to go ourselves. PFFT.
ZHAO AH LEIIIIIIIIIIIII! *chi wing u influenced muaaaa* nvm, u steal quotes from me too.. =D

so far, today was a not so happy day. =(
felt sad sad sadddddddddsssss!
nvm. going for chem tuition later. and then going to FGA to see an Easter production thingy with benson. his friend's church. lawl.

hopefully that'll brighten my day. =D
kahmayilovejoooooooo! x) ?

u eat all my keropok! T_T
Gimme baaaaaack.! :(

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Somethings Wrong with me!

Very sad today. SAD I TELL YOU. =(

nth to do with exams.

i had another dream..
it felt so real..
i dreamt that..

someone called me..
and told me tht my father had passed away.. coz he got a heart attack.. =(
then i told my grandma..and she asked me to call my mum to confirm tht..
incase it was a prank call..
according to my dream this was all before my family here went to JB for the family function which is this saturday... so i tried calling my mum.. but she didn't pick up.. so it showed a scence where we went to JB .. and found out tht it really happened................................

it felt so friggin real. aaaarhhhh... T_T...
then i woke up at 5am.. and saw 2 miss calls from my mum..
i was like WTH?!!!!!!!!!!! i immediately smsed her..
didn't call cz dun wanna disturb her sleep.. later she super tired in work..
aihs.. i felt so disturbed. =.=......

then after school...i looked for the english teacher tht asked me to participate in public speaking competition. i asked her abt saturday transport.. she say.. she wont be taking me coz she have MUET meeting so the afternoon session counsellor will be taking me and Avin. As morning session counsellor Pn.Kuik went to US for a week. so i looked for the teacher.. and the noon counsellor told me.. " Why i bring u? not pn.Munirah? :No, she has smth on. Where is the competition? : Sunway College. I got prefects camp to handle, Sorry. : Prefects camp got postponed. Wht? Why? hw u noe? :The head prefect is in my class. Hmm.. Can u ask ur parents to fetch u? : No.. they're in JB. plus my other family members will be going back to JB as well.. Then can u ask Avin's parents to fetch both of u? :........ok.

I told Pn.Munirah and she was shocked. so was i. wht kind of 'dedicated' teacher is this la. if the teacher does not take care why should we. PFFT. so anyways.. Pn.Munirah talked to her and she gave the same noob answers. then pn.munirah looked for the PK HEM. and i got a LOOOOOOOONG talked with her. and she said.. "If the teacher no car u take taxi with the teacher. the teacher can claim. But its better if ur friend's parents can fetch" .........SWTS. FIRST TIME IN MY PUBLIC SPEAKING YEARS or any competition for tht matter have a teacher shown this MUCH support. zzz. pn.munirah is okay.. so is pn.kuik. really supportive. ahh. Disappointed..lebih baik i go back JB and see my parents and family there. =(
was abt to go home.. and i saw eng thiam and may suet. told them abt wht just happened. zz. then pn.emelia called me.. there was 2 poppo standing there.. one of them is deaf and cant talk.. the other is fine.. and they spoke hokkien to me. =.=! nasib baik i know how to hear and speak a lil. if not GG case. thx to the "Yi Nan Wang"hokkien drama i watched last time. lawl. they were looking for a form 2 girl.. they din noe wht class she was in.. they wanted to look for her because her father passed away...............................................................

oh man. i was kinda suprised la. poor girl. a deaf and mute mum and nw she's fatherless. i felt shocked also coz it kinda reminded me of my dream.. so i walked the whole of form 2 with the help of eng thiam and may suet to look for this girl.. but we couldn't find her coz some of the classes went to science labs and stuffs.. so yeah. i'm really sorry i couldn't help! =( ....

when i got back.. i immediately called dad. no answer!
called sis. finally she called back and spoke to dad..

Dad: Hello, i'm not dead yet la!
Celine: ahhh.. my dream was so scary!!
Dad: but i almost got a heart attack yesterday ...
celine: how come?
Dad: felt sharp pains etccccccccccccccc...
Celine: =(........

I dunno wats wrong with me. urgh.
all these scary dreams. =(
Daddy please take care of ur health la.
u know how much i love u..
how much we all love u......
Go to the parks arh!
and we must go Club Med together as a family arh!
its one of my new year resolutions!

So yeah la.
aiyah today quite sucky larh.
I feel sad. coz of some reasons.
=( =( =( ....but i wont blog abt it. =(

i got addmaths tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Tulis satu ayat daripada perkataan di bawah supaya jelas menunjukkan maksudnya. bla bla bla.....

(i) iltizam
(ii) ikhlas
(iii) ilham
(iv) takziah
(v) tarbiah
(vi) takwim

omggggggg alienated words! x) i could only do ikhlas and ilham! and me.. being somone who cant leave my paper blank.. i tembak!!

(i) iltizam: coz it sounds abit like azam.. i wrote..
= Untuk berjaya dalam kehidupan, setiap individu harus ada iltizam smth smth..

(iv) Takziah: It sounded SO FAMILIAR! but i couldn't rmb wht! OH MAAN.
= Takziah Sultan mesti patik tunaikan.

After i found out the meaning i'm like OH-EM-GEEEEE???! and everyone LOL-ed. Sniffx.

(v) Tarbiah: Coz it sounds like tabiat..
= Suku Kadazan selalu membuat tarian smth smth kerana ia merupakan tarbiah mereka.

WTHHHHHHH... T_T_T_T_T_T_T! nope still dunno the meaning. x)

(vi) Takwim: AGAIN. it sounded super familiar but. but... T_T
= Takwim agama Islam di negara Malaysia selalu diamalkan oleh penganut agama Islam.
( at this point, my brain was so dry to even tembak nicely edy.)

Omggggggggggggg.. when i found out the meaning.. T_T..
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh... the crap i wrote.. embarassing!! =(
My BM teacher is gonna have a moment of laughter. T_T...
This shows how BAD my vocabulary in BM is!

i can speak perfect BM. but.. these kinda words.. i have no clue of.. HELP SOMEBODY!!! *drowning here* :( yaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrhhhhhh.

When i was walking home with Jian, we saw a tree.. tht.. er.. kena .. kena... blown by the storm.. ERRR... i cant thinkkkkkkkk! Wht word do u use to describe a tree tht is.. no longer stuck on the ground..??!!! like.. it .. it... ahhh nvm!! Anyways... the tree was.. leaning on my school wall and not on the road..

Celine: Wah.. the tree.. =.=... *points*
Jian: Should've been blown by the storm yesterday..
Celine: hmm... lol.. if it got blown on this side of the road when i was walking to school or back..
Jian: Then the tree will drop on ur FEET! bwahahahhahahahaha!
Celine: =.=!!! u and benson ar! same onlyyy! when i tell u both my dream u'all laughhhhhh like crazie..
Jian: Its funny!!
Celine: No its not! even ppl in my blog agreed its scary!
Jian: *laughing* No larh.. its the way u told me ur dream..Ur facial expression and the way u say it is funny..
Celine: =.=.........! thts exactly wht benson said.

kedua-dua orang ni! pffffft!

yesterday when me and benson was debating on who should bathe first.. *actually i should've bathe first! coz filled the water! Urgh! benson menceroboh!*

Celine: Go la.. i fill the water one larrrrhhh....
Benson: *pours warm water on my leg*
Celine: ........ wht u doing la?
Benson: U should take care of ur FEET... =)))
Celine:.......... Gooooooooooo! i wanna batheeeeeee!
Benson: *still pouring water on my Feet* Treasure ur feet, take good care of it.. =D

swwwwwwwwwtsss! jaaahaaat! x) in the end he.. bathe first. teruk laaa.. and i ended up bathing late yday.. coz benroy came back from school and bathe.. then grandma.. YAAAAAAAAAAWWRRRHHHHH!

tests still on! public speaking competition nearing! and i've not been practising! =X
Anyways, I Gotta eat.! din eat in school today. =PP!


Tuesday, April 21, 2009



Okay. Sorry for my randomness but but but...
I had a super FREAKY DREAM! =/ Nightmare i would call it!
Here it goes:

I was back at my JB school.. where i'd always cross the road to take the Mini Bus back home.. but the thing is, the friends tht were with me weren't my JB mates but my KL schoolmates! yesh.. People like Chi wing, Jian,Lyn,Leb,Jia Yi, Kok Sime and etccc~~ and so i saw days.. of me in school with them. and going back and all.. then one fine day.. as i was crossing the road.. I GOT HIT BY A CAR! OMG! but thats not the freakiest part! okay so.. i actually saw myself get hit by car. its as if i were watching a movie. Get it? so.. next scene, i was in the hospital.. i saw the doctors pushing "Me" out of the operation theatre.. i looked scarred.. with stitches on my head and face.. unconcious.. and they pushed me into a room where my mum.. and one friend dunno who.. cant rmb who.. but it was a guy in prefect uniform.. botm mum and him were in tht room.. then suddenly i saw the most freakiest thing ever!!! i looked at the bottom of my leg.. and.. and.. it was ROUND! there was no feet! no foot! no nth! the end of my leg was ROUND and..and.. i saw stitches on it.. and a lil blood still stained .. OH-EM-GEE! Can u imagine the shock u'd get looking at ur own leg without any FEET?!!! Plus imma dance freak! MY FEET AND HANDS! FEET ESPECIALLY! Their like .. my.. SUPER PRECIOUS ASSETS!! so suddenly.. i became the person in the dream.. (so instead of watching a movie.. i'm now. IN the movie.. ) So i woke up.. and saw my mum.. but she wasnt.. crying or any of tht sort. she was.. STEADY... so was i when i woke.. i could move my legs. but it felt.. Lighter.. and... weird.. =/ I looked under the blanket and saw the round ends of my leg. with NO FEET! again, i was shock.. and.. oh boy did i have a terrible terrible feeling!

Celine: OMG! wheres my feet?!! *Panicking like shyt*
*both mum and friend keeps silent*
Celine: *fiddling with my leg* *tried to make my leg stand.. but the feeling was just.. NOT THE SAME! my leg couldn't stay still.. it instead turned around or drop as if a person standing on a ball*
Mum: Sigh.. what a waste.. ur still so young.. and u don't have any feet anymore..


Omg..... i seriously felt the horror in real life okay. i was seriously freaked out.. omgggggg.. T_T... so scaryyyyyyyy! aaaaaaah! the feeling was TERRIBLE.. terrible i tell u! i actually felt the feeling.. of a person tht would never EVER walk again.. a person who'd never dance.. never run.. and never anything! i'm serious. it felt as if my whole life came crashing down! OMG. STRESS I TELL YOU! i'm not sure.. but.. i think i felt.. hw those kids.. or anyone for tht matter.. how they felt when they lost.. an arm.. or their legs.. =( ....


When i woke up.. i seriously.. felt.. freaked out.. =.= ... it made me treasure and love my feet even more! the dream felt so real. so so real. I started to think.. "What if this wasn't a dream" and all the What ifs. When i was walking to and back from school.. i was SUPER CAREFUL when i crossed the road or any of tht sort..

this dream actually made me realize how precious and how important our feet are! not like i didn't appreciate my feet b4.. But.. u see.. We all go to sleep.. being so sure we will WALK again tomorrow.. Being so SURE.. we'll have our hands.. to do.. wht we always do everyday.. being so sure we'll be repeating the same old routine the next morning.. WE KEEP TAKING THINGS FOR GRANTED! so often tht we forget the significance of lil stuffs in our everday lifes tht actually plays a BIG ROLE in our lives.. Dont you agree? If u felt wht i felt this morning..You'd understand.. and seriously treasure and appreciate all these lil things in life. I hope this dream of mine tht i shared with you actually open your eyes! coz it opened mine!

Not everyone in this world is so fortunate.. to have hands and legs..There are idunnohowmany people out there without hands and legs and yet.. still living everyday to the fullest. So how are WE.. people who are totally perfect and beautiful living our daily lifes? THINK ABOUT IT. =)

- Every little thing in Life Counts-

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Quick One.


Ur like.. LEGAL! x)
make sure its safe to sit in ur car before i go back to JB! x)
hahaha.. Love ya Bra! =P (wht a classic joke tht lasted till.. NOW) hahah.. jk la..
Hope u had a great day.. gettin bruised by paintballs..and..
going to another person's birthday party on ur birthday.. hahaa..


PS: See! u so besar. ppl tmr got tests also still online and blog just to wish u. x)

U owe me McFlurry btw!! =))) hehehe..

Saturday, April 18, 2009

I'm Feeling It!

Aaah. i feel very.. stressed out. =(
I felt very stressed out in chemistry tuition tht day..
its like.. reality check/hit/blow kinda thing.
my chemistry tuition teacher was... scary tht day...
i felt super inferior..


and the stupid weather didn't do any good!
it was so friggin hot yesterday.!
and TODAY. oh gosh. makes u feel all sleepy and moodless...

HOW TO STUDY. omgggggg...
i neeeeeeeed to study..! Physics on MONDAY!
i bathe cold water like dunno hw many times today.. =.=...
ahhh.. i'm so happy my mum called yesterday.

Pa.. and Ma.. i really miss u both larh..
Didn't talk to the both of u for so long already..
I miss ur voices. =(
Summore cant go back JB this coming sat.. must go public speaking.. and stay back in KL while the whole side of the family here is going back.. pfft.


Hmmsh. Okaay. back to my books.
just really needed to blog a lil.
I need to dance la.. or go swimming..
needa release em stress..
the choir thingy really added to the stress i was feeling. =(

take me where i've never been, help me on my feet again.
Show me that the good things come to those who wait..

Friday, April 17, 2009

A Lil of Whats Been Happening!

Hello! A lil of whats been happening! ON Sunday, aka EASTER! wohoo! we went to CHC to see their Easter Production as we missed the sunrise service at St Pauls. =/ And guess wht? after a whole day of lining up on Saturday.. on Sunday..
We had to line up to get into church!!! rawr. queing up is so un-fun. Pfffffft. There were loads of ppl..! and the production was good.. =) the cruxification part was really touching.. and i must say.. the make up and all was very good. =)
So after church, brothers and i went to Sunway pyramid to chill.. and i went looking for shops tht printed shirts! in the end couldn't find any.. oh YA! one of the toilets there were.. weird. =.=
First i saw the toilet bowl. why like.. so weird one.. =.=.. then when i was flushing the toilet i saw this sign above the flush button.

BUANG AIR JANGAN DUDUK. .......... =.=?
W E I R D.!


Took our class picture. =) this is from Leb's camera. so.. yeah.. angles abit off. haha.. await z ori one! ^^
I ran round the school on Monday..taking videos of certain ppl wishing chi wing happy birthday! yesh. i planned a birthday suprise for chi wing. =) Made sure the t-shirt gets done.. cake gets collected and all! ahh.. and when i went home.. I edit a video for him! omgggggg... I headache in the end of the day. hahahaa..Marilyn like went all the way t central market to make the shirt for him.. well.. my idea was to take one of his ART (his a very good artist) and print it on a shirt for him. can u believe it! we actually did all these stuff in A DAY! crazy i tell u. hahaha.. so the outcome!
What did i tell u? His good isnt he?! =))

Bought a donut to trick him. =D

So after school.. i told him i had a small treat for him..and so the donut was his "cake" or SO HE THOUGHT! hahahahahahahhaa.. and then i distracted him by taking pictures with him.. and of him..
*see me pushing marilyn? yes i'm signalling her to call the rest out with the cake! =)*

Photobucket Photobucket
CLASSIC CHESE CAKE FROM SECRET RECIPE! =D yummmy!! it really taste good. ^^
Nyahahaha.. Happy Birthday Starry Human aka Chua Chi Wing. =)

And then i showed him the video i made for him.. and i made him CRY! =X nyahahahahahahahaa... i is GG.PRO! x) i'll upload the video to youtube when i'm more free! =/ SUPER tight week ahead!

OH YEAH. On the 13th of April i appeared in STAR TWO. nyahahahahhaa. =)
Spot me?

Still cant spot me?
Tadaaaaaaaa~! x)
Right infront. hahaha. like i said. The board boon sin made caught alot of the camera's attention. =P

Went back late the whole week man! Coz had choir practise for a choir competition which was today. At first.. they decided to sing "I have a dream" by Westlife. we tried.. and it was pretty dead. =/ So we changed to stand by me medley with beautiful girls! =) ALL THANKS TO MDM LIM tht inspired us by showing us the video of "Boys Dont Sing"! they were awesome really! so we did tht.. and guess wht?
nyahahaha. from nothing to champions. x)
MDM LIM! u made this happen. ;)
It wasnt easy getting the choir together.. =( But i guess everything paid off in the end? hehs. Whenever i asked them to stay back or practise they give the "Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh......" feedback. =( i know.. i also tired.. but for our class's sake! not everyone were like dat larh.. most of them.. well.. half of them were really co-operative. =) And the other half..... hmm... No comment. Actually felt pretty down yesterday.. coz.. like.. haihs.. i keep asking myself.. WHY IN THE WORLD R U CONDUCTING THIS CHOIR CELINE?! why youuuu?!! not like i asked for this.. =( I felt discouraged larh.. yesterday.. coz some people kept giving me the bu xuang face.. and the face tht says.. "OKAY LAAAA.. TIRED LAAA.." they just didn't have the heart to do this larh. BUT WHTEVER IT. its over!!! wheee! now.. intervensi 2 next week. O.O oh yeah.. i told myself tht i didn't wanna be incharge of any future class events edy. Zzz. i just wanna sit. and be part of the thing rather than i, leading the thing. BIG DIFFERENCE! so scold me if i ever tell u i'm being incharge of a class event next time. =P xD...... who knows.. =)
Will Post up the choir pictures.. and david archuleta's showcase videos plus the video i made for chi wing in the next entry hopefully! till then! wish me the best for my Intervensi 2 on Monday and My Public Speaking competition on the 25th of April! gotta go wait for the bus now. =( chemistry tuition. RAWR.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Birthdays! Oh Man!

Okay man! its April and SUPER ALOT OF BIRTHDAYS have been coming and going..
So Shoutouts to all you April Babies!! =)

I've already wished lydia and rachel. but happy birthday anyways! ^^

CAREEN WONG!! - 5th April :

ANDREW CARTER! - 7th April:
Hope U had a great birthday in Singapore!! =)

MELISSA YAP KAH LAI! - 12th April:
As usual.. me da first to wish u.. MWAHAHAHA.. =D Happy Birthday Jie. =) u know i love you. lolx.. See hw important i am. i not there u dun get good celebrations. xDDD jkjk. =PP MUACKS!

CHUA CHI WING-14th April:
Hey STARRY HUMAN! i hope u had the bestest birthday so far!! =) MASTER MIND HERE. =D and i made u cry. WAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I IS GG.PRO. x) xoxo!

And Today.. =)

CALVIN SIEW YI YUNG! - 15th April:
HAPPY BIRTHDAY OLD MAN!! hahahahaa.. Not the first to wish u this year.. Dun want too. =PP Sengaja one. hahahahaa.. (actually i still havent wish him and its 9.30pm nw.) =PP I have my reasons! hehe. For me to know and for you to find out! =)) Ur 18 already weih.. =D LEGAL! =P Hope u had a great day so far.. =) xoxo

Pictures and Videos coming up Soon! =)

David Archuleta's Showcase!

Hello! yes yes, i know i'm like zuper late!
but i've been so busy with school this week.. ahh.. =X
Okok i shall talk abt my bee-zzyyy-ness in the next post! =P

Alrighty. about David's showcase, 11.04.2009!
Woke up at 6.30am.. bro supposed to fetch me and boon sin to sunway..
but he wouldn't wake up! Baaah.. So i asked boon sin if he's okay with ktm..
and so his mum picked me up and suddenly decided to fetch us to sunway! =) yay.! reached the Elephant walk..
and there was already people lining up! at 8am! omg... =/ And i thought we were crazy. xD

Photobucket Photobucket
My CD! =)

The lyrics booklet tht came with it!!

And the tickets! =D

And the thing is.. we havent ate! hehs.. I just had some milo and biscuits. so boon sin walked all the way to the shops near city harvest and ta pao-ed some food.. By the time he came back, alot of people had already arrived and the people infront of us.. kept letting their friends who came late cut que and stand with them. so annoying! urgh. un-fair-ness! btw, me and boon sin were the 3rd group lining up. as in.. infront of us had 2 groups of friends/ppl. So yeah. when it was 9am.. ALOT of people started coming already.. and it started to get REALLY BLAZING HOT!

Nasib baik we brought umbrella.. If not. HMM.... =P

The crowd at 11am..!

The more people, the more heat produced!! it was stuffy..sweaty.. and just hot hot hot!


Team Archie from Singapore went around giving out fans with David Archuleta's Picture on it. =D if not for the fans i think alot of ppl pengsan edy. haha...by 11.30am, security people finally came because there were already alot of ppl queing up and its super unfair tht the people tht are more infront keep letting their friends cut que and stand with them! so they were really strict and didn't allow anyone to cut que. which was GOOD! =) made some new friends. =D


Paul Ling and Rachel. Taman Sea-ians.

a group of girls infront of us tht were from SMK TAMAN SEA.


And Priya, Amy and Elizabeth from Subang! forget wht college edy. x)

Hitz and Era Cruises

By 12.5pm, they finally started checking bags. coz they didn't allow any outside drinks or food! They checked my bag and said ok. tiba-tiba asked me to come back and took out the cookies i had in my bag! i totally forgotten about em! oh maaan.. i so sakit hati ya noe! i brought those cookies back from Jb.. its something like famous amos.. and they dispossed my cookies! new packet.. untouched!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhh~! and i was keeping em to eat and enjoy it slowly.. ahhh. =( they even asked boon sin to throw away his water bottle. WTH?!! SIAO. Unreasonable people. urgh.So after i finally got through.. RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN ALLLLLLL THE WAY to the amphitheatre which was SUPER far away from the gate they let us in.. It was like cross country i tell u!! by the time we reached the amphitheatre, everyone was sweating like craziee!! Me and Boon Sin got the front sit!! wohooo! =P


entrance to the amphitheatre


we weren't really RIGHT infront of the stage coz they reserved a whole lot of sits for the VIP's. UNFAIR! PFFT. So yeah la, we were in the centre.. and the first row of the Not VIP seats.

the board boon sin made! tht caught alot of the camera's attention! =P

The Fan from team archie!

we sat beside the PA system place and camera area..

we got in by 12.50pm and waited till 3pm!
the showcase suppose to start at 3pm but knowing MALAYSIAN TIME.. it only started at 4pm.. and David Archuleta only came out at 4.30pm! ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! the fans were becoming restless and crazyyy! PLUS they kept playing the same CD of songs over and over! they CD played about 5 times man! and there were like more than 10 songs in the cd. BORINGGG! So made friends with people beside.. behind and yeah.. people la! hahaha.. =P

Felina Kang.. sat beside us.. =D 17 as well. =)


Amy! hawtie. =)


I met roxanne there! =) mua cousin. =))

Trace! A super young at heart mummy! haha.

Edwin. Local theatre performer. Famous in msia. i think.

So at 4pm.. JJ and Ean started the show..
and "Hao Ren" from Astro Talent Star Quest performed.. 2 songs..
some akademi fantasia (i think) guy performed 2 songs..
and Daniel Lee from Malaysian Idol performed 2 songs..
I pity the malay dude from akademi fantasia. ppl boo-ed him and requested for david ! ahh.. embarassing.. but the crowd really welcomed and supported Daniel Lee. =) in the meanwhile, JJ and Ean gave out goodies and david's album! ppl had to sing.. or answer questions. and Ean kept coming to where we sat coz.. its the front row i guess..

Ahhh.. a handful of albums right infront of me!
PhotobucketPhotobucketGot interviewed by Hitz.Tv/Era and Hitz.Fm Morning crew. Omg. the hitz.tv interview was so memalukan!!!! I WAS SO CRAZZY AND HYPER!!! coz he interviewed me when david archuleta was about to come out! and i was GILA-ING! the interview went smth like this.. the hitz.tv one..
Suffian. The guy tht interviewed me. =D

Hitz: Excited?
Me: WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! i'm so excited! I cant believe David is actually HERE!!!!
Hitz: Whats ur favourite song?
Me: A little too not over you! ( actually i wanted to say Your Eyes Dont Lie)
Hitz: What are u hoping from the showcase after this?
Me: I really hope to meet him in person and take a picture with him! =P
Hitz: Alright..have fun! =) Make some noise!!!
Me: Whoooooooo! DAVID I LOVE YOU!!!!!!
Hitz: *shows thumbs up*

Oh maaaan! when i look back at the video i'm like...........=.=! thts so not me! thts some crazy fan! hahahahaha.. gosh.. hw i wish i did sumthing else on National tvvv! BLEHS.

FINALLY, David Archuleta came out and sang his first song! A little too not over you!
Then he sang Touch My Hand.
His 3rd song, Dont Let Go.
And supossedly last song, Crush.
He was only supposed to sing 4 songs, but when he left the stage after the song "crush" the crowd went crazy! and kept asking back for david! the wait was just TOO long and all of tht for just.. 4 songs?!!! so with some last minute plans, David came out again and performed 2 more songs for us! Wheee~! =) he sang a thousand miles and Angels while playing the keyboard! ahh.. mesmerizing! =P during the last song.. i just stopped singing along.. stopped screaming .. stopped focusing on recording and just enjoyed.. his last song for tht day. =) amaizing! =))

After the concert i finally got to meet up with Sharon aka My cousin! =) Wanted to meet up earlier but the hall was so pack tht .. i couldn't get to her from where i was. haha..

Sharon Jie. =) she works with astro too.! =D
Ean from Hitz.fm morning crew! =)
Natalie from Hitz.fm Drive Through! =)
Jamming out to the elephant walk..

It started to rain REALLY heavily and.. Sharon,Me,Jay(her collegue) and Boon Sin had to walk from the elephant walk all the way to Sunway pyramid!! Again, Nasib baik we brought umbrellas! rain or shine! we need it man! hahaha.. Reached Sunway Pyramid and Sharon jie belanja-ed us to DeliFrance! wheee! my first time eating there! hahaha.. =D
Sharon! Candid =)

Jay, Candid. =D

Boon Sin! Un-candid. xD

Her Egg Divine or smth. forgot the name. x)

My Bottomless Drink. =D

And mwa pasta and garlic bread! =P i know.. it looks.. not so nice.. hahaha.. but its nice! =)

So yes! That was My day. =) After Deli France Sharon and Jay sent us home. aww.. how nice.. =)) Died on the floor when i was waiting for the water in the bathroom to fill.. can u believe it?! i fell asleep on the floor.. hahahaha! and tht time alot of ppl sms-ing me.. i dunno why.. and i replied.. or not.. cant rmb.. x) funny la. hahahaha.. I was sleeping on the floor in the computer room while my brothers just kept on gaming. haha.. funny.. So yeah man. there u go. =D i was uploading videos to youtube but my com restarted. T_T nasib baik this post was saved. if not i'd be pretty mad! =PP

- A Day to Remember =) -