Saturday, April 25, 2009

Real Learning Happens Outside a Classroom..

Hello. i didn't make it for the public speaking competition.. was up against 88 competitors.. AND ALL OF THEM WERE REALLY GOOD SPEAKERS! i'm serious. there were pro debators.. state champions.. and all.. their english were just superb. So.. went to Sunway Coll with avin and the noon counsellor by taxi. the stupid taxi driver make one big round by passing by midvalley then only go to fedral highway. Dumb! urgh. not my money anyways. So reached there.. me and avin had our breakfast and headed to the Auditorium..

there were already a lot of students there.. and the MC played songs like.. "love in this club" "forever" "Benny Benassi-Satisfaction" and all just to help us relax. xD when satisfaction played we were like..........???? O.O and the emcee asked us to dance and suff. so it was cool la.. at least it wasnt boring.. waiting...So anyways, coz there were like 88 competitors it'll take all day to finish if everyone spoke one by one.. so they seperated the students into certain groups.. and different rooms.. my room had 7 contestants.. apparently we would only be presenting for one judge and a time keeper for the prepared speech.. i'd prefer performing to an audience tho! less pressure. xD for me tht is. So my prepared speech was alright.. when improm 2 came.. (which i think was my down fall) i didn't do good. usually improm 2 would be same titles for everyone. but it was not! w drew the topics.. and guess wht? i got the hardest one. T_T..
there were topics like.. "Money makes the world go round" "Television is a time waster" "Manners Matter" "Beauty, What is more" "being young" and i got..
"Real Learning Happens outside a classroom" T_T how i wished i got the other topics. PLUS i was the 1st speaker. so. aih. i only had like 2 points? =( quite unfair. we should've got the same topics. but anyways.. out of the 88 ppl 12 semi finalist were chosen.. then they battled it out on another improm 2 speech entitled " Human qualities we need more of" this time round all of them got the same topic. which was good la. and People like Jasmine.. Keefe.. Kiana.. They were really Good. =)
So after the 12 ppl presented.. 6 finalist were chosen and they will go to finals on 20th June. So yeah. some of the improm 2s were hillarious really.. haha..So i made new friends.. alot of new friends tht spoke fluent english. =) but only got 2 pics here. the rest are in their cameras! i wan em! hahaa.. will post them up when i've got them. =D
Meet Rachel Chiang from SMK Sri Permata

Keefe Chan from SMK DJ.
kesian him, everyone kept pronouncing his name as Kee-Fy but its actually pronounced as Keith. but with a f sound instead of a T. x)
So the both of them were the same group as me. =D Keefe got into the 12 finalist but not e 6. all of us expected him to be one of the 6 finalist tho. =/ Coz his real good. =) His the district champion or smth. =P so it was a really good experience larh. =) it was so cool yet freaky to be in a room filled with awesome public speakers and debators. =P Took a taxi back the way we went. At tht time.. Marilyn had her confirmation pracs and youth pracs so.. i went home.. for a while.. wanted to eat but.. i hate eating alone. =(.. and Mar would only be home by abt 6pm.. i got back at 3pm.. So kind kind hearted Shook Peng drove me and Zhong Hao to menjalara to eat! nyahaha =D and Zhong Hao belanja-ed! TQ so muccccch! =))) and then shook peng wanted to eat Mc.Ds so we went...
Zhong Hao camera shy coz his face got alot of ................... xD
and after tht.. they took me to Desa Parkcity! wohoo! i've always wanted to go to the lake and see hw it is and all but i nvr had the time or nvr got the chance! i know la.. i very Jakon. xD but yeah! it was so cool man!..
its like.. REALLY a family park. U see people flying kites, playing remote cars, feeding fishes from small to reli huge ones! Jogging, cycling, walking their oh-so-cute and expensive dogs.. Dogs tht wore t-shirts and Shoes! and so many other stuffs. just looking at the kites.. or looking at the lake really gave me tht peaceful feeling. =) i suddenly missed flying a kite! its been so long now. eversince i was in JB! then we went into the shopping complex in Desa Parkcity.. walked around.. and all. i really felt .. enlightened! haha.. =) didn't feel so sad abt the public speaking thing already. =D so yeah man! thanks Shook Peng and Zhong Hao for giving me such a great time! ^^ So they fetched me back.. i packed my stuffs and Mar and her mum picked me up and off i went to sleep over at Marilyns hse. hey, its freaky being in the house alone kay. =( feel so emo-fied and lonely and.. eyer.. scary. xD especially at night. so had a nice time with Mar and we slept at 2am when she had her comfirmation the next day! =X hahaha.. =) thx for having me Mar! =)
Daniel fetched me to church today.. =)
and coz dan had bible study.. hang out with Sugin and Andy untill their bible study was done.. Hung out at Sugin's hse.. but before tht.. i stole some stuffs from andy's place to munch on just to isi perut. =PP
watched Andy play L4D.. lepak here and there and Stoneeeee!

I was really tired. @_@.. see Sugin sleep so nicely..I just HAD to kacau him. hehe. =P See his funny hand gesture when sleeping. O.o

Hehe. Woke him up. =P

So Sugin,Andy and I waited for them to finish..SUPER HUNGRY..finally when they finished.. Sugin tak boleh tahan go eat dunno wht.. so only Andy and I went to makan with them. sugin ffk! =( haha.. hmm.. so yeah.. tht was my 2 days .. weekend.. alone.. haha.. family still not back yet tho. dunno wht time they left. so am alone still at home. but its daylight. so.. okay la. not so scary. hehs. i wanna go swimming! daniel asked if sugin,andy and jovenne and i wanted to go swimming. Dunno whether later we're really going to Dan's house. It'll be nice tho! its been so so HOT today. PLUS i've no school tmr. mwahahahhaa. =P okay la. imma nap for a while.!


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