Friday, April 17, 2009

A Lil of Whats Been Happening!

Hello! A lil of whats been happening! ON Sunday, aka EASTER! wohoo! we went to CHC to see their Easter Production as we missed the sunrise service at St Pauls. =/ And guess wht? after a whole day of lining up on Saturday.. on Sunday..
We had to line up to get into church!!! rawr. queing up is so un-fun. Pfffffft. There were loads of ppl..! and the production was good.. =) the cruxification part was really touching.. and i must say.. the make up and all was very good. =)
So after church, brothers and i went to Sunway pyramid to chill.. and i went looking for shops tht printed shirts! in the end couldn't find any.. oh YA! one of the toilets there were.. weird. =.=
First i saw the toilet bowl. why like.. so weird one.. =.=.. then when i was flushing the toilet i saw this sign above the flush button.

BUANG AIR JANGAN DUDUK. .......... =.=?
W E I R D.!


Took our class picture. =) this is from Leb's camera. so.. yeah.. angles abit off. haha.. await z ori one! ^^
I ran round the school on Monday..taking videos of certain ppl wishing chi wing happy birthday! yesh. i planned a birthday suprise for chi wing. =) Made sure the t-shirt gets done.. cake gets collected and all! ahh.. and when i went home.. I edit a video for him! omgggggg... I headache in the end of the day. hahahaa..Marilyn like went all the way t central market to make the shirt for him.. well.. my idea was to take one of his ART (his a very good artist) and print it on a shirt for him. can u believe it! we actually did all these stuff in A DAY! crazy i tell u. hahaha.. so the outcome!
What did i tell u? His good isnt he?! =))

Bought a donut to trick him. =D

So after school.. i told him i had a small treat for him..and so the donut was his "cake" or SO HE THOUGHT! hahahahahahahhaa.. and then i distracted him by taking pictures with him.. and of him..
*see me pushing marilyn? yes i'm signalling her to call the rest out with the cake! =)*

Photobucket Photobucket
CLASSIC CHESE CAKE FROM SECRET RECIPE! =D yummmy!! it really taste good. ^^
Nyahahaha.. Happy Birthday Starry Human aka Chua Chi Wing. =)

And then i showed him the video i made for him.. and i made him CRY! =X nyahahahahahahahaa... i is GG.PRO! x) i'll upload the video to youtube when i'm more free! =/ SUPER tight week ahead!

OH YEAH. On the 13th of April i appeared in STAR TWO. nyahahahahhaa. =)
Spot me?

Still cant spot me?
Tadaaaaaaaa~! x)
Right infront. hahaha. like i said. The board boon sin made caught alot of the camera's attention. =P

Went back late the whole week man! Coz had choir practise for a choir competition which was today. At first.. they decided to sing "I have a dream" by Westlife. we tried.. and it was pretty dead. =/ So we changed to stand by me medley with beautiful girls! =) ALL THANKS TO MDM LIM tht inspired us by showing us the video of "Boys Dont Sing"! they were awesome really! so we did tht.. and guess wht?
nyahahaha. from nothing to champions. x)
MDM LIM! u made this happen. ;)
It wasnt easy getting the choir together.. =( But i guess everything paid off in the end? hehs. Whenever i asked them to stay back or practise they give the "Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh......" feedback. =( i know.. i also tired.. but for our class's sake! not everyone were like dat larh.. most of them.. well.. half of them were really co-operative. =) And the other half..... hmm... No comment. Actually felt pretty down yesterday.. coz.. like.. haihs.. i keep asking myself.. WHY IN THE WORLD R U CONDUCTING THIS CHOIR CELINE?! why youuuu?!! not like i asked for this.. =( I felt discouraged larh.. yesterday.. coz some people kept giving me the bu xuang face.. and the face tht says.. "OKAY LAAAA.. TIRED LAAA.." they just didn't have the heart to do this larh. BUT WHTEVER IT. its over!!! wheee! now.. intervensi 2 next week. O.O oh yeah.. i told myself tht i didn't wanna be incharge of any future class events edy. Zzz. i just wanna sit. and be part of the thing rather than i, leading the thing. BIG DIFFERENCE! so scold me if i ever tell u i'm being incharge of a class event next time. =P xD...... who knows.. =)
Will Post up the choir pictures.. and david archuleta's showcase videos plus the video i made for chi wing in the next entry hopefully! till then! wish me the best for my Intervensi 2 on Monday and My Public Speaking competition on the 25th of April! gotta go wait for the bus now. =( chemistry tuition. RAWR.

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