Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Day to Rmber.!

Okay, first of all! David Archuleta's Showcase has passed!
A quick update.
i was there.. and it rawked.! =) the waiting and all..
was.. just.. crazy.. i've seriously nvr done something SO CRAZY..
for ONE person in my life before! oh maan!..
i cant believe i could be THAT crazy.. x)
Reached Sunway Elephant walk at 8AM! the showcase was spose to start only at 3PM. And guess wht? there were already ppl lining up! me and Boon sin were the third group in the line. at 9am.. more and more ppl started to come. by 11pm the line went alllll the way back.. allll the way behind.. and it started to become BLAZING HOT! anyways will blog more bout it next time more detail-ly with pictures and videos! =) i'm dead tired right now! u'll feel my tired-ness when u read my detailed entry. haha.

Anyways, the reason of this entry.. is to reply Hwee Teong actually.

Honestly, when i opened my blog, after such a great day, i thought i'd hv to go see a polluted chat box again.. tht MAY ruin the awesome day. So i prepared myself for it. But no, wht i saw actually made me relieve.. and really happy.. really am. It was the cherry on top of the cake. it was the best ending to such a great day. I hope the person in the chat box is REALLY you.

"Enough la! I cannot take it anymore! If I keep argue this won't finish! Everybody just shut up ok? I use my name already la ok!!!!??? I won't hide ade la!"
:I couldn't take it anymore too. I was really FED UP with this topic. I'm really proud and happy of you tht you actually stepped forward.

"Celine, i am sorry. what i did is wrong but you also go do wrong things. we both got wrong ok so pls just stop this stupid topic. i'm sorry ok? i"
: I accept ur apology. and I'm sorry too. i noe i did wrong in certain ways too. i noe. if u read back my previous replies in the chat box, i really wanted to end this dumb topic. but some ppl just kept on going and going and going on abt it.. i'm glad u finally acknowledge it urself to end this once and for all.

"i know im not a good ketua and i will try to be even more good than before but i need people to tell me the wrong i doing so i can improve. i'm sorry ok!"
:Everyone is not perfect. We're all humans. So i dont expect u to be perfect. i guess tht is one of the reasons why i didn't tell u wht wrong u have been doing coz i didn't want to discourage u. So i keep it in for so long untill tht day i finally blow up. I'm the assistant monitor. i also got my problems.. and so i understand tht we cant always be perfect. even i am not perfect. So i'm really happy tht u humbled urself.. i'm really proud of u. thts the ketua we all need to look up too. so thank you and i appreciate wht u've done to end this Zzz topic. hopefully we will be a good class monitor and assistant monitor for the class this year.


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