Thursday, April 09, 2009

No Life-Ers

i know i said tht i wouldnt bother abt the stupid topic anymore. but here are a few feedbacks from me.

To XxxX: U memang no balls wht. Only a coward would go undercover. and YOU should be the one watching ur language. Go curse and swear somewhere else. And i'm human if ur blind. Not a "female dog" kthxbye.

To Chew:

"when teacher call the monitor come out & scold him u will aly stay behind. But if teacher praise us u will the first 1 go foward !"
:Give me an example of me being the first to go forward. teacher call the MONITOR right? Not the Assistant Monitor. So wht u wan me to do? Go there kepo?

"u r the ass .moniter ,when teacher scold monitor u oso have the responsible to share wif our monitor ! ! ! ! ! ! !"
:So ur saying u wan me to go up to teacher when she's scolding the monitor and do what exactly?

"tat day puan polin scoid us i can c u smile at there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
:So its a crime to smile now? D'you even noe why i smiled? So ur a mind reader now?

"u oso can hear tat she call us to clean up the window NOW ! ! ! And if we did't clean it up the person tat puan polin scold is HT & not u! ! ! ! "
:Yeah. I heard. and I WIPED THE DAMN WINDOW. My window wasnt clean. Everyone heard me Say, If he scared pn pauline scold When or IF teacher comes back I WILL GO ANSWER TO HER. So dare u say i will let pn pauline scold him for wht i didn't do?

To Davil Chin:
"Making Hwee Teong afraid of her or let people know that she is not the yellowbelly? Oh, I know. She is just “sharing” her stories XD"
:Since when i make hwee teong afraid of me? If i wanted i could've threatened him and told him to watch out if not i'll call people go whack him. BUT DID I? NO. its my right to share stuffs with my friends. AS IF HWEE TEONG DIDN'T SHARE HE'S. Do u noe? Of course u dont. So dun Judge a one side cover.

"And why I don’t talk to Celine personally? Because I don’t think she is my friend."
: Yes, Thats right. We were never friends. We never talked eversince i shifted here. Unless necessary.

In conclusion to all this shit..
Whats this crap about whose right and whose wrong? Whats fair and whats not? WHATS THE PROBLEM NOW? Wht do u want from all this ranting in the end? all this pointing and all. Huh? What? What u wanna prove? What u wanna see happen?

Another fight and hwee teong ftw?
or what?

Sighs. Do urselves and everyone a favour. MOVE ON.
And stop wasting ur time & my time and everyone elses.


  1. i duno wad ht told ky during that day that leads to this huge misunderstanding, hope that ht is nt saying fakes things to purposely harm celine ....

    u guys thinking i was helping celine, but why dont u all wont think that celine is actually worth helping?..

    do u guys REALLY understand the situation n understand celine? y so hate celine ...once, just once put into her shoe .... .


    celine its not chew n ky fault for misunderstanding, anybody that duno the situation n judge a book wif its cover will simply say the same things too ....sad that they dont even hear wad i explain

    somehow i pity u celine, being flamed by them for no reason n they dont even give u a chance for explaining or wanna give a damn why u will be that angry ...


  2. Yeah. i dont blame them for their thinking. Maybe coz i pour out everything in my blog. So they only see wht i say and my rants about him. but they hear nth from ht maybe. i dunno larh. But on tht very same day i actually asked a few people Ht's side of the story. and found out he has been pretty much ranting abt me as i was abt him. Some of them even said.. "My window also nt clean ar, i wipe one side only but he din scold me. " conclusion is obvious.

  3. dear dear....chill wish can hug u!!! HUGZ!

  4. Ignorant fools.
    what to do?

  5. Sheryl! i miss u! =( *hugsssssss!*

    D: totally. =(