Saturday, September 24, 2011

My September. =)

Hey all.. =) So the start of my september has been a very busy one. And right now, i'm just trying to chill as much as i can.. So most of the saturdays now, i just try to stay at home and rest. PLUS.. the fact that i've been feeling unwell this whole week.. all i wanna do is just stay home.. rest.. and not go anywhere. but i think staying indoors too long is bad for me as well.. hahaa felt so suffocated today.. i miss the parks.. =( and i realize how i've been trying to avoid shopping malls lately. I just love the outdoors alot lah.. so yeah, current state? Sneezing like crazyyyy! my nose feels like some mucus tap that wouldn't stop running. Hahaha i slept till 2.30pm today weih! its been a very long time since i've last slept so much! and i've been drowning myself in vitamin Cs. SO ANYWAYS! the long awaited pictures.. =)

- 1st September -

Karaoke with Yin Kuen!  =P =D
See! i proved u wrong ! hahaa.. karaoke is sooo fun ok! =)

It was also B's birthday.. So Shan,Chester,Kim and I celebrated his Birthday at 1u's Chilis! =) we treated him to dinner.. 

Shan Li ! =) Kim's lil bro.


Hahaha bday boy! =) 

Okay.. my Baskin robbin's 'cake' totally failed k! gaaah! =( when it came, it was melted.. was so bumped out about it. but nvm.. he enjoyed his 'cake' anyways.. =))) See B! u better appreciate me kay.. hahaha..always sayang u so much. 


And the second surprise at home.. =) how can let u end ur bday without a proper cake la? =D

- 2nd September -

Went out with my cousin, Mun Yi! =))) hahahahaa.. RM0.99 sushi k! so cool! there was a promotion going on and she went all crazyyyy! hahahahaha..

=) Marshmallows and gummy bears in the cinema! 

& Say Hello to My new friend, ELMO! =D!

Ahhh... So love this shirt.. =)))))! been looking for it since, ages ago!

- 3rd September -

Dear ryn came to KL! so managed to hang out with her and i brought her to IKEA to makan meatballs! hahahaa.. the oh-so-famous meatballs! if u've not tried it, GO NAAAAAO. u've no idea wht u're missing! =) *ikea should totally pay me for advertising * =P

Then i had Hands Foot Mouth disease the next day. =(
So alot of awaited plans had to be canceled. ahhh... i-city.. =(((((
But nvm. now that i'm btr, i-city must happen the next round k?! :)

- 7th September -


She's only 2months old..


I want a picture with her too.. =(((

The sight of her just melts my heart la.. =))))))) ahhhhh~! *cuddles!*

The all of a sudden! She just suddenly ran out of battery and slept like a log! hahahaa.. we poke poke move her play with her tail also she dont want wake up! hahahahaa... SO CUTEEEE!


Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! =)))))))))))))))))

Awww.. i miss these two people alots alots alots! =(

And the stayovers begun!

Hee.. =) Kim and I got the same shirt at cotton on! =D

And yup! we wore the same shirt to uni together! hahaa.. =))
I realize how alot of people nowadays dont do such things anymore. coz they shyyy.. hahaaa.. we steady ni la. ;) 

And at night we went to Nic's hse to get the SAT's past year questions for ryn.. ahhh.. i miss this silly boy la.. Havent seen him in such a long time.. =))) Missed ur hugs u foofoo! was so nice seeing you again tht night.. =))) *huggggs!!*

Then Kim and I went to watch The ioi.
Its so cute! but.. i fell asleep! HAHAHAHA. ahhhh! its just tht i had a superrrrr LONG day.. and i cant believe i fell asleep la! hahahahaa..I TRIED SO HARD TO STAY AWAKE! serious!

And chester made us mooncake! ahhh! so sweet of him.. =) first guy or rather, first person to have ever made mooncake for me..=D thanks chester!

I miss you.

Lil bro and I after dance. =)!

Tadaaaa! Turqoise! =D =)

hahahaa.. Miss Messy! =PPPP 


Miss Rynnie!


Love u girls! =))))))

I like some small girl. HAHAHA.

So let me story you about this night, where we call it, the "Fail Night!"
We wanted to eat Sushi because Kim wanted to celebrate birthday with me before she ciao. a 1 month early birthday. =) coz it ws the 12th of September. BUT. By the time we reached ioi, and walked in, the guy went "Sorry miss, but the chef just called the last call." So we were like MAAAN! nvm, we went Wendy's. THEN, we wanted to watch a movie, BUT! guess wht?! The cinema was CLOSED! and it was only 11pm! HAHA. WAT IS THIS LAH?! D: last year, on my birthday, i rmb kim and i wanted to watch movie, and it was closed also. AND. it was 11pm like tht also. AHHH. SUPER FAIL. hahaha.. but nvm, we had fun anyways. and we went home and watch smallville in the end. =P 

I love this picture! ahhhh~! =))))!

Hahaha she had to bend down..SO LOW. 

Guess what we had for dinner?! jengjengjengjeng!

haha. actually i'm not a DIE DIE SUSHI LOVER! i just happen to really like INARI! =D =D =D!
hahaa.. it was so funny..! when this big tray came, everyone got their chopsticks ready, and said, on 3! grab the one u like and want! everyone grabbed some expensive one and was like fighting for the same sushi. but i went for my inari peacefully without anyone to fight with! HAHAHAA. SO FUNNY LAH! it was like 3! and i went for my inari.. *looks around* HAHHAHAHA! aihhh..u people and ur salmon prawn and all. PFFT! =P

As we were taking these shots, kim was sumwhere on the phone. and we're like.. "Kim sure go.. AHHH WHERE WAS I?!" when she see these pictures.. hahahaa.. but...

She ran and came just in time to be in the picture with us.. *FAIL!* hahahaa.. =P no la no la.. ur the star of the picture twin. =)

Hee! ryn in the other mirror. SAY HELLO! =D

meet Ee! aka YIK YEE. =)

hahaha.. tomato me.. =)))

Ryn: STOP TAKING PICTURES! i wanna eat my smelly taofoo!

yer.. not nice also lor.. =/

It was me and Kim's first time trying it!

She stayed in this position for like a whole minute!

Then karyn just took her piece and stuffed into kim's mouth right away! HAHAHAA. first. =.=!

Yeeeeeeeeeeee! SUPER NOT NICE.
Dislikes! x 100!

What a fun last night ! =) hahaha.. i'll upload our pretty girl rock video soon la girls! or not.. ? Ee is gonna kill me if i do.. HAHAHAHAHAA... but its so fun! =)

That night, Kim and I stayed up till 5.30am packing..and getting all her stuffs ready.. she slept for an hour the minute we got back though.. hahaha.. she's such a sleepy head! sure sleep first one lor.. hahahaa..Memorable last night before u went UK wasn't it? =) *hugggs!*

I love this shot! Thanks ryn! =)))))!

And we couldn't sleep in even though we slept very late. coz Lee tat came in the morning with Mc D's breakfast for us! Ahhh.. thanks so much lee tat! =)) all of them such a sweetheart la! =))
then pack pack pack.. and finally, left the hse..

Kim chose Pan mee to be her last meal in malaysia till she comes back nxt year.. =)
AND GUESS WHAT?! i had a very pleasant welcome from the pan mee lorh! pfft..
i chose chili pan me.. when i got mine, so happy.. mix mix mix.. then the minute i took the mee with my chopsticks, it slipped out and the chili thing shot straight into my eyes! AHHHHHHHHHHH! SUMMORE IT WAS SO HOT! so for a moment, i had HOT AND SPICY! in my eyes.. ahhh! pain k! =(

Neways, i was feeling REALLY TIRED. so on the way to KLIA, i had a nap. =)

Shan and Kim. =)

Ryn and Kim! =)

Kim's mum and chester.. 

Us.. =)

Shan so tall. =.=! cant believe he is only like.. 15?!

checking in.

then Jie Kath had to leave..

Then we sat at secret recipe for half an hour.. and slowly and one by one.. Kim's friends came out to surprise her! hahahaa.. IM SO GOOD AT KEEPING A SECRET LA AREN'T I?! Mwahahahaha! xD i love successful surprises! =D

See how loved and blessed you are kimberley ong jing ling? =)

And finally.. it was time to say goodbye..

AND.. i cried. =.=! hahaha..

I really thought i wasn't going to cry edy.. but i did in the end.. Ahhh... =(

Kim and Kar wei =) i think i should thank him. He bought us all more time with her. =) coz she ws waiting for him to come. hahaha..

This is not Goodbye. More like..
See U soon! =D till next time! hahaha..

Ahhh.. =) so glad ur safe in London now.

So yeah. after the busy start, all i wanted to do was stay at home and rest and chill. seriously. I've only went out once.. like to hang out eversince she left. went for movie with Kok Sime..watched Nasi lemak 2.0 =D

And i finally got to skype with Mei.. =)
it was sooo good chatting with u mei! its been ages! hahahaa.. our laughing moments still stuck in my head la.. u made me so shy.. =P! NOTTY!

And it has been great! i've been pretty alright with Kim being in London because we've texted and she calls..and we skype! so yeah.. =) all of a sudden she feels so much closer..! 


So yeah..there you go! my busy busy september! haha.. i really cant believe that september is already coming to an end in 6 days! thats just crazy! U know.. eventhough i feel like.. MAAN! Kim has only been gone for a week plus.. just 1 week plus! but it feels like it has been AGES! yet.. i feel as if the year is coming to an end wayyyy too fast! Its gonna be deepavali soon! they started setting up tents for the deepavali festival infront my coll.. and when i saw it.. i was like.. O.O?! what? its deepavali already?! hehs.

the funny thing about time. =)

I'm missing alot of people. but my health condition and classes have not allowed me to meet so many other people.. i hope u understand! Please dont ever say or think that you're forgotten kay? =) U are not. Hope to meet and catch up with you guys soon!

i can already feel the bulk of my law degree.
and it is just the start.
and for sure, I know i cant get through this degree without You,God.

Please lead me and guide me. Please help me to have good time management.
and in the whole journey of my degree, please Lord, help me not forget the important things in Life. Help me not neglect these things. In Jesus's name I pray,Amen.