Sunday, September 18, 2011

Nice day. =)

You know what i feel like doing now? Its a sunday. all my activities are officially over for the day.. dance was so good.. Wonder what i'd be doing if dance didn't exist as part of my Life.. ahh.. =) Anyways! u know what i feel like doing now? I just feel like being all cuddled up on the sofa, and watch smallville, with maybe a hot cup of Milo. =))))))))))))) the rain is making the day even nicer..what a nice chill day.. *inhales the smell of the rain in the wind* =))))))))) Love that smell!

And guess wht?! i never thought whitney was thaaaaat good looking or hot. UP TILL THIS SCENE! when he was at his dad's funeral.. dunno why suddenly he look so hawt like that.. hehe.. =PPP *blush*

and ohhhh! guess wht? i went to this cafe in my church today. its called M & M. and oh myyyy! i fell in love with the place. really.. =) the setting all so nice.. and the music they play makes me *melt!* and makes me wanna stay there for hours.. hahahaa..

Smallville time! *loveeeeeesssss!*

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