Monday, September 19, 2011

Rainy Morning.

Hey all.. sorry for the recent emo entry.
This is where i do express myself anyways..

ANYWAYS. guess wht guess wht?!
i'm really proud of myself. =))) u know why?
Because yday, i had a really good day, till i had a bad night..
and usually i'd let it get the better of me..but this time..
i didn't! =) i trashed it! trashed the bad night far far awaaaay~!
its so sad how its so difficult to have a perfect nice good day and with one snap, ur good day can easily turn into a bad day. just like that.

i really think its something i ought to change about myself..
I guess this is just Life. things happen unexpectedly..
and if i am going to allow every single detail to easily ruin a good day..
What kind of life would i lead eh?
its sad how it takes so much to make us happy and so little to make us angry, sad, etc.
likewise, when people fight or argue.. the good things are forgotten in a blink of an eye..
but all the bad things come flooding like some tsunami.

I wonder if i'd be able to change my view of things from this moment forth.
it is definitely easier said than done. for all i know, it may take years till i can finally and proudly say that my perspective of things have changed. but i guess its worth the try.

sometimes, after a fight, or an argument, i reflect and realize how stupid sometimes humans can get. Is fighting over things of the earth that will not last worth the broken relationship? sometimes i ask myself where my priority is. Sometimes we all get too caught up with the things of the world. And me? Being the sentimental person i am, I hold on dearly to many things of the world. Things given by people and so forth. And sometimes, they become too important. more important than the human beings in my life.

And with the busy life i lead?
Sometimes i become too busy for God as well.

Again, i ask myself, what is my priority in Life ?
Then again, It is always easier said than done.

But its choices we have to make. And decisions we choose to stand firm on.
Today, i had a very early start of the day. And i parked really far from my college building. And it was raining.. Good thing i had an umbrella with me... wouldn't wanna be all drenched in class. But it was a very nice morning walk. Usually, i dislike rainy mornings when i've to walk or go to school or class.. coz i really dont like soaked socks. but it was so different today. I took my own sweet time, to get to my coll. and appreciated the rain and cool morning as i walked to coll. it felt like such a great start. i was even surprised about my change of perspective towards rainy mornings. Tho, it was soooo nice to sleep and the cold airconditioning did not help one bit..hahahaa.. SO SLEEPY IN CLASS! @.@

But it was good. I enjoyed the long walk. =)
Thanks for all your concerns dear friends.. u know it means alot to me.
I guess, problems will keep coming.. its just a matter of time.
But i'm holding up pretty.. alright so far. i think. =D?


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