Friday, September 02, 2011

A Day Of Feelings, Words cannot seem to express.

Today, i had a really good day.
Though, i've been feeling so weird the whole day..
its like, one of those days where u feel u cannot catch up with time. As if time is waaaaay ahead of you.. and everything that is happening, Is on fast forward mode. And everything is just moving so fast! before you know it, everything is done and over with and the day has come to an end. But i still feel as if i'm still stuck somewhere in the middle of the day..

It is so hard to describe the feelings that i am feeling right now. Somehow, the right words cant seem to fall into place. Heh..But seriously, the feeling i've been feeling the whole day, is something like this.

You, standing in the middle of a busy and crowded train station or shopping mall. Ur the only stagnant one, but everyone else is moving SOOO FASST around you.

that kind of feeling.
i didn't have a bad day, in fact, it was a good one.
But, everything just moved so fast today.
And the reason why i'm feeling so .. weird, is because, in my mind, whatever that happened today, keeps on playing over and over again in fast forward mode in my head. haha u know what? i should prolly stop trying to explain what i'm feeling right now. I think its pointless. LOL.

But yeah, its cause i'm feeling this way, i feel happy that i made people happy today. I See them, Happy. But the weird thing is, Today, i cant seem to share that happiness with them. I want to, but i just dont feel it too? But i covered it all with a smile. =) because tht is how i want to feel. But somehow, my smiles today all felt so.. empty. An Empty Smile. hehh.. Hope tomorrow i will be back to normal.
All of this is just plain weird.
And recently, my mind has been flooded with thoughts.
And now new questions of, "Whats wrong with me? Whats going on with me?" is cramping into my mind. hahaa.. AIYOHHHHHHHHHHHH! GAAAH.

Anyways happy birthday baby brother! HAPPY SEXY SIXTEEN! ;)
i hope you had a good day today! i hope you're happy.
Love you loads.. =)

PS: I got a kiss from my lil brother today. Awww.. =)


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