Sunday, September 11, 2011

How was Life before facebook and msn?

Hey all! have you ever wondered how life was before facebook,friendster and msn came about? before ICQ even.. if u even know what ICQ is.. hahahaa..

i've no idea why but i've been thinking alot today.. about so many things.
so many random questions keep flooding my mind!

Lets start with facebook.
Have u noticed how facebook has impacted our lives? how it has affected so many people in so many ways? i guess we're all well aware of the pros of facebooks.. but have u noticed its cons? Society has learnt to be more and more open about things, including malaysians. we all used to be pretty closed minded once. And i personally think that some people over share sometimes. dont you think so? They over share their personal life with the whole world till sometimes conflicts arise coz of the info overload. i know and understand that this generation is one that express alot compared to other generations. But i guess, sometimes, some things are meant to be kept private? Its really saddening to see the amount of friendship conflicts, relationship break-ups occuring all because of conflicts arising from facebook. petty things. REALLY petty things like..

BF/ GF.  :

-Post up a picture of him/her with another guy/girl. = jelousy
-Changes profile picture to a solo picture or a picture with another person = argue.
-Guy posting alot on ur gf's wall. = U confront. = argue..

i mean all of this is so dumb la. seriously. =.=
U may deny this, but if you observe, many couples argue coz of facebook related things. And some couples just feel a need to publicize their lovey dovey mushy. Dont get me wrong, i dont see anything wrong with that. it is after all your profile and your life. But the problem sets in when they bf/gf stops being so mushy and sweet and lovey online.. and suddenly one party starts to feel like u love him/her less. at that point, i smack my forehead and go AIYOH.! or rather other people starts to worry because u guys are not as sweet online anymore. or someone who likes ur bf/gf feels super hurt when they see ur lovey dovey-ness. or people start gossiping and talking behind ur back because they dont like what they see and all that jazz la. but then again, whether u want to care about wht people think is up to you.

i guess the main point is that, it is sad to see so many friendships and relationships and peoples lives revolving SO MUCH around facebook that they forget how to appreciate the other beautiful things in life. sometimes i feel that facebook is becoming too overrated and is taking up SO MUCH of my time that i feel like completely shutting down my fb account. but of course, that hasn't happen just yet. i dont know la, facebook is like such a big part in most of our lives nowadays that i sometimes try to recall Life before facebook. How was it like? what did i do with my time instead? hehs. we're always so excited or always wondering, " eh did anyone comment on my status or pictures or videos? did xyz reply my wall post? " and u just spend so much time looking at other people's statuses.. what they're doing now, what they did, where they are, their point of view on something.. hahaha dunno la. no right or wrong. and sometimes, it actually kills conversations in real life with your friends because when you're about to tell them something, they go " Oh yeah i know. i saw your facebook status. " then u go.. okay... *looks around* LOL.

but anyways, i gotta give it up for the advance in communication. i guess its pretty useful if we know what should be our priority prior to facebook and all these network stuffs. and if we know that we should set such boundaries. And oh ya! u know, come to think of it, what if facebook and blogger never existed? then friends around wouldn't have the pleasure of updating themselves on your current situation. If so, do you think FB and blogger have discouraged friends and family to make effort to actually ask you how you are, meet up with you, and all? because information is everywhere! its like they're being spoon fed with truckloads of information.. do you think these networking stuffs has robbed us from spending more quality time with our friends and family because they feel that, oh, so this and this is going on with her.. and because u already know, u dont have to ask or i dunno... talk to them? they just read and go " I see.. " LIKE U ALL LA. hahaha .. u all who come and read my blog without saying a word! Hmmph! Come and go like the wind. >=(

so yeah loads of questions lah.
but anyways i've decided to try and cut down my time spent on facebook.
Sometimes i even wonder why i still have facebook la.
so many eyes watching me. sometimes its so scary because the people u least expect to know your latest up to date happenings actually knows every single thing.  *shivers*

and i was also going all crazy on the questions on usage of words by today's generation. hahaa.. seriously.. but i'll save that discussion for the next entry. gotta sleep early tonight! first Criminal Law class tomorrow! =) want to be alert! =P and attentive. hahaa.. so i'll just share with you some of my statuses and questions posted. Leave you to do your thinking for now. =)


You know, i realize how this generation likes to sum up a whole sentence into just 1 word. Or rather likes expressing themselves with just 1 word. ie: Chillax ! Emo ! F***! FML ! =.=... We're not very expressive with words huh?
And i dont get this : " OMGOSH! I've a pimple on my nose! FML ! " =.=........seriously?

Its just that, i see all of these going around.. small thing ni, FML.. fml fml fml.. =.=..... Thats a pretty sad life wei.. every lil thing impacts ur life THAT greatly.. or rather affects ur life THAT easily..
lol tht ws just an example to show hw lil a pimple is and yet they go ohhh fml ! hahaa so annoying la.. no offence. i just think people should appreciate and treasure life so much more. in other words right, when their nails get chipped off, or when they get a pimple they go Screw my life.. To me, thts like saying.. Screw my life, my life is over because I've a pimple. =.=........... 

Why do people curse when they get angry? Why do YOU feel like cursing when you are angry? How does profanity make us feel better?

‎"Swearing is such a common response to pain that there has to be an underlying reason why we do it " - Richard Stephens. My exact same question.

u know, i actually think that sentences like IM FURIOUS dont have that much impact compared to swear words like F**! because this generation fails to appreciate the weight each spoken word carries. No?

like the word damn. last time, in olden days, if u use the word "Damn!" its like the way we feel about the F word now. But nowadays, "Damn" has been fitted into our vocabulary so often that it becomes an Okay word to say or to use. i guess the power of words are taken to lightly nowadays that we use or say words without thinking. haha. like, the word damn actually means to condemn someone to doom, or as bad, worthless.. but we always go.. Its so damn hot today.. " Did you see that girl dancing?! she's damn good!" hahaa.. maaaaaan.. *guilty*

Hahaha.. Interesting fact! Words like Swag and Dope's original definition has totally nothing to do with dance.. But because of the way these words are used in present times, They have therefore, an Urban Dictionary explaining its meaning, Now. Heh,its funny hw the way people use words can alter its original meaning.

Dope Smoker.

Original Meaning : drugged smoker.

Present meaning : Cool smoker.

maaan.. hahaa..

So yeah! i know its quite random and messy but, there you are.. hahaa.. i actually googled some of my questions and the answers i found were pretty interesting.. =) more on this soon!

Have a great week! =)

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