Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Awww! =)

awww mansss! i take back what i said about feeling how i felt when i had sore eyes man! I've such loving and crazie friends larh.. they know im sick and contagious and yet they are so eager to come visit me and all. I feel so loveeeed! =')

and and and did i ever mention how awesome my bestfriend is?
She totally turned my night 360 degrees from sad to all smiles!

Ily ily ily isly KOJL!
I cant wait for wednesday! ahhh =))))))

God is amazing. =)
I've not many extra spots. and i've no ulcers. so thts good. =)
hope i have a speedy recovery! i cant wait to be back on track.

and a Golden retriever called Mindy just stole my heart! ahhhhhhhhhhhh~!
i want a golden retriever nowwwww! wish i had one.. Ahhhh..
terus melt the minute i saw her!
Mixed feelings now! Feel like cuddling and hugging her terus on wed. Boo.. =(
but nvm, at least i get to c her on wed mwahahahaa.. twin! hug her kao kao for me kays?!
jealous! i'll take good pictures for you.


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