Thursday, September 15, 2011

And the 14th came, Just like that.

Hello all..

i've been very busy for the past few weeks because i've been spending heaps of time with my bestfriend. If you dont already know, she got a scholarship to King's College for 2 years! and so, yesterday, on the 14th of September, she flew off to London.

I've been staying over at her place for the past week to just, spend time with her. Be there for her if she needs any help and all. It was quite a difficult process for me, preparing myself for her departure to UK for a whole year till i'd see her next. You see, we are not the ordinary friends who are close and update each other once in a while. We're practically like family, and we talk almost everyday,we tell each other almost everything and we're just very very close. By God's grace, we've been able to spend heaps of time together for the past 2 years! sometimes we see each other almost everyday because of college or sleepovers, etc. Before this, for some reason, we are ALWAYS so far apart. But that's the reason why this friendship is so amazing. =) no matter how far the distance, we constantly grew closer and closer, each day. so yeah, You can imagine how difficult it was, to prepare from this momentary separation. She has always been the only person i really confide in, in almost every matter. And vice versa for her. and that's why when the 14th drew nearer, truckloads of questions like " Who am i going to turn to when i cannot turn to her? " Last time she was just a phone call or sms away, but now, she's miles away and skype would have to do, for now. so thoughts like these have been running through my head eversince august.. it has been a whole month of thoughts about to future. anyways, i got fed up of worrying and thinking so much about the future. because its something i have no control over. But i wont deny that such questions still pops into my head, even at this very moment.

lol so yeah, tried to spend as much time. Helped her pack, get ready, etc.

If you knew me, you'd know that it takes alot for me to cry.
i hardly cry, especially in public.
i've never experience crying after watching a movie. the closest i got to, was only teary eyes for a while and then i'd be completely fine after that. hahaha.. "Heart of Stone", my aunt usually calls me that. LOL. because quite alot of times when we watch super touching movies, she'd be crying but i wouldn't even have teary eyes. i dunno why la.. i just dont cry that easily.

On the day of departure, everyone asked me if i'd cry when she was leaving. hahaha honestly? I HAD NO IDEA! i really did not .. But yea la, i cried at the very last moment. =P I've never cried when departing from someone before at the airport. hahaa so twin! be honored la. =) i really thought i wasn't going to cry because my eyes were completely dry,while everyone else was crying and hugging and all. ahahah..but when she was giving her last goodbye hugs.. as i watched her hug the rest, this feeling started developing in my chest. u know, that feeling u get in your chest when u had the worst day ever, or when u just feel REALLY sad and u just need a long and silent hug? yeah, i started getting that, plus a very heavy heart. and the question " who am i going to turn to? who am i going to turn to? who am i going to turn to?" kept playing in my head like a broken record. So when it was finally my turn, i hugged her so tightly,hoping that feeling would go away.. and she was going on and saying stuffs like "you take care and... etc" the minute i answered her and the tighter i hugged her, suddenly, tears flooded my eyes and it was streaming down my face like some tsunami! HAHAHA. OH MAAAAAAAN...  sighs. and Kim went, "OMGOSH U're CRYING!" hahahahahahahahaha...aiseh ... and she was like, MY TWIN CRIED FOR ME!! hahahaha.. =) thats how much i'm going to miss you, you silly girl.

so yup, crazy tiring day yesterday la.. and my eyes were so puffy and dry..
but everyone, her family and her friends were really nice to me..and caring.
everyone kept asking if i was okay and all because they knew how hard it was for us to part,seeing how crazy close we are. =)

Twin, To Our Next Phase. =)
i love you very very much!
remember what i said about twilling ah!
if not i'd really go to UK and kidnap all your books then you know. *serious stare!*

I.. SLY!

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