Sunday, September 18, 2011


Do you really think its all because of the icecream?
do you really think that i'm all hard up to finish up a bucket of icecream?
If you do, then clearly, You dont understand me at all.

I know you've successfully manage to get her thinking that it IS all because of a pathetic tub of icecream. I mean, c'mon.. who u kidding? like she'd understand anything abt being sentimental?

i guess thats just too bad for me then.
Im the girl who is selfish calculative and hard up for icecream. OH YA. not forgetting the fact that i am a REAAALLLYYYY good actress. =D

Yipee for me!

Why isit so hard for me to have fun, to have a good day? too much to ask for?
Not going to let this ruin my Good day. Not this time.
Shoo. On you go. Go far far away.

And u noe, i realize the word "hurt" no longer exists in my vocabulary. not that i rmb of recently anyways. Bad? Good? Maybe too much hurt in the past that the word no longer carries any meaning or least tht applies to a few people. Oooh.. Building a brick of wall season? or built? numbed myself? no idea.

U know, this happens to me SOO FREQUENTLY!
i realize how hard it is for me to have a good day without something or someone coming along and ruining everything perfect about my day. I think its time I learn how to put my words into action. I decide how i want to end my day.

continue sulking.


Trash it, and sleep in peace.

Easier said than done. Believe me.
But i'm going to try to do this, this time. It happens to me so frequently, why not start now eyh? hehs.

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