Sunday, September 18, 2011

He's always watching over me.

You know, i've been having quite a rough 2 days. well, past 2 days.
And with Kim so far away.. i honestly felt really down yday.
i didn't know who to turn to.. i didn't know who to talk to..
I know that theres alot of friends out there.. ever ready.
but i guess, not all of them would understand why i feel how i felt.
Because Kim and I go way back.

So yeah.. I sat in my car, in a parking lot for 1 hour.. thinking..
Was even on the verge of bursting into tears..
Till a phone call came.

Every single time i feel as if I've no one to turn to..
He always sends me reminders.. to prove me wrong.
What Greater Love is There, Than This?


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