Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Turn the lights off in this place ~

WOOT! i'm going for countdown later.
nyahahaha! wohooooooooo~!
Pua gonna fetch me arnd 6 or 7pm later..
hopefully the jam wont start by tht time..
if nt .. ho ho ho.. =P

but theres a catch.
i've gotta bring my lil bro along. =.=
coz yeah. he wants to come. lol.

woot woot~! i hope i'll have a blast ..
to close this chapter of 2008. : )
and welcome 2009 with e super happy heart. hehe.
my down countdowns are soon to be changed!
Nyahahahahaha.. =)

Tonight determines it all!


Tuesday, December 30, 2008

In a Sea of people, There was Only You.

super old pic. haha. durin Kajang outreach.

ITS MEEEEE! Hewooo! x)
hmm.. parents went home edy.. =(
so fast. but the good news is!
i THINK i'm allowed to go for countdown.
wohoooooooo~! : ) wheee~! hahahaha..
i think. =P i cant believe this is like..
the last week of my hols man!
and a new year.. new form begins!
my very last year in school begins!
like whoaaaaaaaaaa.. ~! haha.
i wonder hw my last year is gonna be.
i wanna do well. but at the same time..
i wanna make my last year in highschool a memorable one..
Sho yeah man! hahas.. its like..
theres so many things tht are gonna be going on next year!

i so totally wanna be a part of it.
but the question is whether i should. =P
with spm going on and all. ahhhhhhhh.. =/
i wanna dance. i wanna go for wht sheryl plans to do.
but yeah. if pracs becomes more than once a week..
then.. aiyai yaiiiiiii.. =(
and EMERGE POS 2009! i wanna join again also..
haihhh.. bodoh punya spm.
i NEED to do well. have to. =/
its for my own good of course. not to please anyone. AT ALL. =P
its for God too. =D

sho yeah.
lets all get ready for the new year ahead man!
2 more days! Whats ur 2009 resolution? =D


Monday, December 29, 2008

Cause Its Harder To Hold On

Heya peeps!
went to church in z morning with mum,dad,bb,benson.
it was good. =) it always is! haha.. ;)
sho anyways.. ate at Rock Cafe..
the place me and ben always makan at after service..

Mummy. =)
Bro. =.= i was trying to take shots..*nt of him* and he kept blocking me.urgh.
hecanbesoannoyingsometimes. rawr! =X
Watermelon. ♥ As always. =)
lil bro. =) laughing? lol.

Sho after that.. we went to Jaya 33. for a while.
then headed to OU.. and i met up with aaron. =)

its been a while ey aaron? =P
tht bongok.. secretly reads my blog..and NEVER ever leave a piece of himself on ma bloggie. tsk tsk tsk. teruknyerrrrrrr..

And yes. thats my handphone. What he doin with my phone arh?! x)

saya punya. ♥
itu limau + asam. x)
Dia punya.
itu mango somthing. xD
emo poser. =P
Long lost sesat friend tht went to australia. =P
nt my fault ur face got chopped half way. =P

Ahh. Picture of the day. : )
thx for tht prezzie from ausie yeah. =D
tho i dun reli use those stuff.. =P BUT since u bought it for me.. i'll use em. =) dun wry! it wun collect dust! hahaha.. =) promise promise. =D

i just gt back like.. 1 hour ago. =P
watched YES MAN with mummy.
woot~!!!! =D YES MAN YES MAN! x)
Dun go being a NO MAN now. =P
it was nice larh. =) funny. hahas..
hmm.. certain scene in the movie were just so sweet. =P

i like. ♥

parents leaving tmr. =(
awwwwww. i wish they could stay just a lil longer. pfft.
new year is gonna be like in.. 3 days time?
I wanna go countdown at the curve weih!
since its nearer.. compared to sunway or KLCC. =)
i wanna go i wanna go!!
wht cha be doing on new year's eve? ;)

[ Hush keep quiet and hear me say.. ]

Sunday, December 28, 2008

And I'm gonna miss you so

So many people are leaving for NS! =(
Some already left.. some are leaving tomorrow..
Gaaaaah..! =( Jovenne darlyn left today!
=( .. and My twin! my darlyn twin! i'm so gonna miss you ler miss kimberley ong!!!!!! nt seeing u is hard enough! nt being able to cht or sms?!!!!! or like noe hw ur doing? coz ur blog is gonna be as dead as fish! =(
and yee siang is leaving tmr too!
Awwwwwwws.. and i cant like cht wit em..
or smth for 3 months! awww maaaaan.. =(
unless they find a cc or smth.. hehs..
I'M GONNA MISS YOU GUYS! Take care okay!!
xoxo! ♥

On the 26th of Dec..!
A day after christmas..
as i was still in my pyjamas.. with a super messy hair!
my dad suddenly called out my name.. "CELINE!!"
I was like. omg. he doesnt call me celine unless my friend is here or smth.
coz my friends calls me celine. lol. most of them.
then he said.. "BOON SIN IS HERE"!
i was like.. OMGGGG?! Wht is he doing hereeee?!!!
So i rushed in and quickly got dressed properly and ran down. x)
And guess what?! i saw him.. Boon sin.. standing at my gate..
with a nicesh plastic bag in his hands.. with a smile on his face..
hahaha when i reached the gate.. he gave me the plastic bag.
and said.. Merry christmas! =)
I was like omggggggggg....???! thts like so sweet of him kaaay!
Ahhhhh! thank you so much boon sin!
you really made my daay!!! =) it was so frigin HOT..
and he walked to my hse. =/ thx for helpin me check if the bookshop was still open too. i appreciate it loads boon sin! =)

awww maaan! can see the effort he put into making the card. =) THANK YOUU!
nyahahah. nt bad. dec still gettin bday prezies. =P
LOOKIE LOOKIE! check out tht cutie !
I loveeeeeeeeee it! thx alot boon sin!!!=)

after buying books and all..
i kinda started to feel a bit shitty..
till at night.. =/ i din noe why! till just nw! i found out my twin was havin a bad day. =( darlyn. we're forever. =)
me,lil bro and parents was spose to attend e open hse dinner..
but tak jadi. so we went to SS2 to makan. =D
after tht.. we went to cineleisure to watch movie! =)
wheee~! we watched "Bedtime Stories!"
it was supposed to only come out on screens on the 31st of dec!
but it was out already! nyahahahah!
i've not watch a movie with my parents in such a long time weih!
so while waiting for our movie to start.. we took some pictures! =)
and just hung out! wohoo! ^^

Black and White. ♥
aww... sho sweet.. =)
Not Mr. & Mrs. Smith.
Mr. & Mrs. YaP! hahaha..
iloveyouboth! =)
=) iloveumummy!

The movie was okay ler.
i sorta expected it to be more adventerous.
but it was alright larh. funny at some parts. =)
thx for the movie treat daddy! =)
sho that was my day after christmas.
more happening than my christmas day i would say. =P

went to Lydia's mum's memorial today at st pauls..
after tht.. i stoned at home for a while..
and like.. organized my books and all.. i cant believe school's reopening in a weeks time! gosssssh. =X too fast yo.
then i went jogging with Mum and Aunt. =)
it felt so nice sweating it all out.. ;)
burn those fats baby! hahahaha..
then went to pasar malam with mum..
till super late! 10pm i think... =)
it was so nice spending time with mummy..
parents goin back to JB on monday.. =(
so fassst.. haix... K ler. tmr got church...
and meeting up with aaron ong tmr. =)
goodnight sweeties. xoxo

[ i'm glad i came to my senses before i drowned in that pile of toxic again. ]

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas Darlings! =)

and its gonna end in like 1 and a half hours time. =P
Fast fast fast.
somehow i felt that this year's christmas went by too fast..
especially church service on christmas eve at night..
before i know it.. it was alrdy 12am.. and its christmas..
and didn't take much pictures this year..
coz everyone was rushing to go sumwhere else!
so was my dad.. he was rushing to go home..
so like.. yeah.. =( wanted to stay longer and go yumcha wit them..
but ah wells.. =/ got home arnd 2am plus i think.
slept at 4am. =P

I honestly had more fun during service compared to last years one. =)
went to St.Pauls again this year..
guess what? the 3 long lost brothers had a reunion too!
hahaha.. calvin.. arvind.. and aaron!
and the coolest thing was tht.. they nvr contacted each other..
all of them came and coincidencely met up.. O.O!
hahas.. sho yeaah.. =) sat with them..
And they are just jokers larh.. =P
Calvin came to christmas eve service weih! =)
Thx for e great time guys! ♥

Aaron & Celine =)
The three brothers united! =P
Calvin & Celine =)
BB and Me!
Von & Celine =)
Calvin . Celine . Aaron. =)
Jo Ong & Me =)
Jovenne & celine! =)
Natasha N Celine! =)
JJ! =)
JJ and Qian!

Elvi =)
Mummy and Me. =)
Brothers and Mummy
Brothers =)
BB and Me =)
My camwho partner for tht night. x)

AFC - ians Annual Picture!! =)

Sho.. today.. went to Seremban to spend christmas with my mum's side of the family. =)
got stuck in a jam on the way there. Zzz.. my christmas was quite.. the.. unhappening larh.. hehs.. =P but the starting of christmas was pretty awesome. =P


thx for coming weih! =) i had a great time. ♥ xoxo