Sunday, June 28, 2009

We Can Pray For Sunny Weather, But that Wont Stop The Rain

My week?
the only good thing i remembered about my week was when khai yein,kok sime and boon sin came over to my hse to teach me addmaths. heh. i cant rmb much.

Open day. Bro took report card for me. well.. i went to school earlier to arrange the tables and chairs and to sweep the class clean. may suet and yee chin came to help.. so did khai yein chun ying and chi wing. thx guys. =)

well i got number 16/38 with a percentage of 71.20%. yeh.
anyways, b4 i headed to tuition.. grandma showed me smth she bought for my lil cousins.

OMG! the umbrella so cute right?! haha. i mean. i've seen it in movies like bruce almighty and all but i've nvr wore one b4. =P so i JUST had to take a pic! haha.


Then got ready for tuition and had some free time sho.. i took my specs and just.. wore it for fun. i hardly wear my specs anymore. well.. i used to wear it during class.. but very seldomly. and now? i dun even wear it anymore. i think. hahaha. and guess wht?! MY POWER DECREASED. ;) anyways. there was smth wrong with the light and my phone so i look like freak. hahaha. this is Celine in Specs. =P

Waited for the stupid bus for 1 and a half hour la! Zz. i ate joo rapidkl buses!! rawr.! anyways. some lala ppl came. and people.. whats this kinda fashion going on nowadays where girls wear super super short shorts and long t-shirts till u cant see anything?! lol. For example..

Yeah. u know.. ? like.. PUT ON SOME PANTS GIRL! x) u wanna wear shorts and shirt k la. nth wrong with tht. but but but.. whats with the hiding shorts nowadays? as if u were wearing nth underneath? Yer. anyways. i know i know. i curi ambik her gambar. but i was bored! PLUS! she wanted people to stare at her coz she make untill like she not wearing pants. so like wht they always say.. "Take a picture. it'll last longer." =P

stupid bus finally came after tht .. and i SERIOUSLY ALMOST MISSED THE BUS! i'd be so friggin pissed if i missed it after waitin for so long. coz i got hungry and felt un well. so i went to buy bread across the road. ahh. =/ when going back.. waited AGAIN for 1 hour plus. omg omg omgggggggg la. kok sime had to roam around my house area for half an hour coz i was late. i'm sorry! =/ blame the bus! so yes. went Desa Parkcity to jog after tuition with kok sime and zhong hao. =D DE-STRESS! xD i had fun. =) especially feeding the fish and chtting. hahaa. =)

Aunt fetch me to and from tuition. started tuition at 9.30am coz had replacement classes. imagine. 4 hours straight of tuition. TIRING! and.. brain dehydrating. T_T yeah. class ended at.. 2.30pm.. and yes.. i missed Canteen Day. still dunno how it went. tho i know some idiots cari pasal with one of my best friends in school. @#$%^&* u childish noobs la. hopefully the police track them down and send them to those houses for budak budak nakal. SHEESH. Anyhoo.. =D

TRANSFORMERS~!!!!!!!!! bwahahahahahha! yes yes yes. i watched transformers on saturday night in OU. wooot~! watch transformers must wear transformers shirt also! nyahahaha. =P

Yeah. see la. see how much sleep i need to catch up on. cis. =P

it was niceeeee. =) tho i prefer the first! coz the 2nd one too over action pack plus i suddenly felt like .. robots were part of our world all of a sudden. coz there were too much robots everywhere .. suddenly like.. nth special edy. =.=! but thats just me. =)
btw! megan fox's acting was like.. no man. out. OUTTT. she's hawwwwt tho. but her crying was just so fake. =P but the movie was nice la. =D


Church. and it was HIGH TEA at SWISS GARDEN after tht! =D

i loveeeeeeed the strawberries. they were so sweet! =)

There were more food but i was too busy eating. =P
at least got a few pictures right right?. haha. =P

FINALLY got to play L4D again after such a loooooong time. DE-STRESSSS~! x) it was fun. CC sessions are always fun! i think. hahahaa coz i hardly go. =P nw i realize how u can forget time when ur gaming. 3 hours just passed like tht. I STILL DUN LIKE TF2 THO! its boringgggggggg. funny la. but it gets boring. =P

=) I've been dreaming alot lately.

Friday, June 26, 2009

We're looking at the same night sky, and keep pretending the sun will not rise~

Wats with songs nowadays.
80% of em are all about love/ baru break up or whtsoever.
Zzz. WE WANT FRESH MUSIC. lol. =.=

anyways.. before i go on..

Aaron! Pereira~
tho Digi jammed my connection was still one of the early ones to wish you. like last year. haha. =) have a great day ahead k u? *hugs*

okay. bout my week. hmm.
Theres this new rule in school.


my point of view? .. no comment. zz.
intentions are good but.. i dunno larh. i dun even care anyways.
so far no cili padi case in morning session but noon session.. accordin to my bro, they took cili padi and rubbed it on those poor poor unfortunate children.

besides that..i dunno. felt quite sien-ed up about a few things..
dunno wats wrong with me this week la..
Mixed emotions.

happy but sad.. and those kinda stuffs..been pretty stressed up lately tho mid year is over. i just wanna use every second i have in school to the fullest.. i'm trying my best to make the best out of my everyday. and score my best in my trials and spm. 58 days till trials (excluding sundays) and 123 days till Spm. yeah. i count. lol. i dunno. this whole week just.. went by..? been really busy in school this week tht i didn't notice how time passed so quickly.

btw. report card day today. or rather later. in school. gotta go early to arrange tables and clean the class coz i forgot to remind the class to do together yesterday. My bad. and Canteen Day on saturday but i wont be able to make it coz i've got 2 replacement classes for addmaths and physics. so if i dont go.. i'll be missing 4 classes.. sakit hati if dont go. one class , rm10. can say so larh. so yeah. music club doing those song request thingy. and i wont be there to help them. so Parkson have to take over... thank God for friends like fish and chi wing.. they helping out too. all i can do is help them and get some stuff settled before tht day...

there is this matriculation thing tht i wasn't sure of. whether to apply or not. the form cost rm10.60. not much for many. but alot to me. at this point of time. so yeah. i wanna make sure that if i apply.. IF i do get it.. i'll do smth about it. but after talking to 2 matriculation students today.. i.. made up my mind to not apply for it. because i don't have any interest in furthering my studies in Medic or accounts. nonono. so yeah. wht i wanna do after spm? pretty confused at the moment. but ahhh.. dun wanna care ... yet. i just wanna concentrate on SPM first.

sides that.. all these H1M1 thingy.. Zzz la.
call me heart of stone. lol but my mood now is just.. Zzz..
so anyways.. i feel like.. those tht are suppose to leave this world.. and their time is up.. no matter how much they try to prevent it.. they may or may not get it. whtever la. but God plans our life.. he starts it.. he also ends it. it has already reached the schools in KL. my school? one dude maybe have kena-ed..

accordin to a friend la. his parents came back from aus or whtever.

people in school.. have already started wearing those mask. well, some of them la.
hmm. how come i dont really pay heed to all of this stuffs huh? like. i dont bother to buy a mask and.. u know.. take precaution.. =/ i feel so.. ...................................

ahhh. i dunno la. somethings wrong with moi.
maybe i just feel like dat now. maybe i'll be better after watching transformers. or after jogging tmr. lol...u know wht. i should stop. lol. the emo-ness is just. Zzz. I'm not emo-ing la.. i'm just moody-ing. lol. ITS NOT THE SAME. lol.

stop spamming my poll with LALA and EMO VOTES.

save me from myself. =.=!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

What I Did on Fathers Day

Went to church, helped out in serving the fathers and went to PIZZA HUT in MP with brothers, uncle's family and grandma. =D then we headed to OU for a game of bowling. ;)

only played a game. Benson belanja-ed. =)
Then the kids got restless and wanted ice cream.. and we were thirsty.. so...


Some random pictures of my cousins. =)

See my youngest cousin. So young but start window shopping d! hahaha. wrong clothes selection tho. Kar Joon! ur a boyyyy, no girl, no girl! x) or maybe an imaginary friend? =X scary. Haha. reminded me of "confessions of a shopper holic" when the manequins would come to life. pfft. =P

so after they left. we went to PADINI coz benson liked my shades. so we went to see if the promotion was still on. =P
and guess what?

He bought the exactly same shades i bought. except that he bought the one with white frames! =P i wanted white frames but they were sold out in JB. Now both of us can share. =D nyahaha.


had a nice fathers day. tho, spendng this day with my own father would've been picture perfect. =)


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day Daddy!

Dear Papa,
Honestly? Not much words here can describe the load of things u have done for me and the family.. But anyways.. =)

Thank you pa, for supporting me in most of the things that i wanted to do.. Thank you for allowing me to dance.. and for supporting me to dance by coming to most of my performances. Sometimes u and ma would even come all the way from JB to KL just to watch me perform. Not many parents would do that! and i am truly blessed to have such supportive parents as u and ma. =)

Thank you, for being with us every christmas and not being away on jobs or being occupied with work like most dads or some dads nowadays. it may seem like a small thing. but every little thing in life counts.

Thank you for being such a loving husband and a loving dad. Because of u and ma, we your children have learnt to love and care in return.. because of how u and ma brought us up.. we are, what we are today.

Thank you for bringing me and mummy to malacca for a tour! =)

Thank you for bringing us to eat dim sums! =P

Thank you for bringing me go gai gai EVERYWHERE!

Thank you for bringing me to JCO's Donuts!

Thank you for buying me awesome shoes!

Thank you for bringing me to eat my favourite~ PIZZA!!

Thank you for bringing me to TGIF coz i've never been there before!

Thank you for always being there whenever i needed to rant out. for being my friend and my dad at the same time. =)

Thank you for buying me the remote Helicopter and Racing Car back in JB!

Thank u so so much for fetching me EVERYWHERE! to go out with my friends.. to go for a walk.. to eat something i was craving for.. for buying flour early in the morning just coz i craved for pancakes.. for buying cereals, orange juice, vitagen, ice cream and everything nice in the fridge just because we went back for the holidays!

Thank you for always pushing me to go further in my studies and choices for the better future of mine. Thank you for buying all those exercise books and reference books for me to practise and revise on. thank you for buying a sewing machine last time because i liked sewing. thank you for working so hard in the restaurant back in Vista to make ends meet. thank you for giving us a really really good life.. thank you for allowing us to experience and be exposed to alot of activities.. communities.. and everything!

Thank you for bringing me go eat durian! =D i remember how u used to buy 2 or 3 whole baskets or durians home. @_@ =/

Thank you pa, for accompanying me in PADINI when i was choosing my shades!

because u and mummy had taught us to try new things in life. i have been a cheerleader before, a handballer, a dancer, a netballer, a marcher, a basketballer , a top student, a head prefect, a lead actress in a drama when i was 10 and the list goes on. because of the courage and support the both of you gave, i now am a worship leader from a back-up singer. A friend to many. Because u and mummy let me live my life the way i wanted it, i have been blessed with tremendously beautiful lovely friends than i could ever ask for. thank you mummy and daddy for letting me have birthday parties eversince i was really really young. Both of u would wake up early to cook for my birthday party.. to prepare everything.. clean the house.. and just try to give me the best birthday party every single time. and u both did. =) even up till now. till i left for KL. haha. =P but still! every single time i go back to JB, it feels as if i were a princess. hahaha! and i know, i am your princess. nyahahahahahaha. =P u and ma have both gone through struggles , deepest darkest momments but yet put us first in everything u do. thank you ma and pa for not being career parents that were never at home because u work day and night. thank you for being at home and spending time with us. thank you for being there always. Like i've mention a million gazillion billion times before. I have the best parents i could ever ask for and i am.. Truly.. a Blessed Daughter,Girl,Person. also, thank you for passing your brains and beauty to me like u said in the mornin when i called u. hahahaa.

Pa, I love you very much and happy fathers day!
*ps: you've lost weight! =P*
haha. its true. =) becoming more and more leng zhai la u. haahhahaa. =P

I miss you and ma very much.
Thank you for everything. Seriously everything.

Sincerely and yours truly.
your daughter. =)