Monday, April 30, 2007

Your arms are my castle,your heart is my Sky~!

Woo yeah! hahaha..
Sunday went to church..EARLY.
And yesh..The camera was in my bag..therefore..
Snapped pics like crazy yday..Wahahaha..=D
After church we had LOTSA free time..
So...I had the camera..andd..Yeah..
I guess u noe wht i did..=P
I shall let the pictures do the talking!

Okay..FINE! i was boredd..And i saw this shiny nice door..=P

At the stairs..Still waiting for the first service to finish.And I DID NOT cut my hair..I just tied my hair..thats all..Haha..I din cut lar penyu..

After service. Bryan,Careen,Me and Jef Fri! My Best Buds in Church! =) Mwahs!

We have dreams beyond ur imagination! =P

Bryann! =)

JEF FRI! =) with the "L" posee..xD!

YES! It's Time For Me and Mummy! hahaha..

Whee~! See lar jie..U not here to camwhore with me..See who take ur place? xD! It's our motherrrrr! hahahahahahahaha!


Therefore i shall pose with u too! =) haha..

I love u mummy! Muacks!

BB! My Baby brother..=) Eyh? Is he actin cute? =P

Nahh..He wasn't acting..He's cute naturally..=)

Me and daddy!!!!

After that..
We had Mighty Kids!
A childrens programme we have every Sunday!
And mwahahaha..We celebrated Bryan's Bday!
PICTURES!!!!!!!!!! =D!

Happy Birthday To You~~~! Haha..

Ting Li darlyn and me! My keyboardist! =)

Awww! How cute! Me and The Khoo Twins! Their soooo Adorable really!

And yesh..These are the Kids i hang out with every Sunday..=) Love u all!

Wheee~! "Reach For the Stars!" Haha..

Today..I woke up at 3am..
Now why is dat so?
Because when i was sleeping..
So nicely..
I suddenly felt drips of water droppin on my face..
I got up..but i was still half asleep..
And i shooked benson..
But he din wake up..So i also fell back on my pillow..
And was raining very heavily..
And my mom's room ceiling was leaking..
How convinient..Blarhhhh..
Then i again..asked myself..Eyhh..Why so wet one..
My face so cold geh..pillow wet wet..eeyerr..
Then i really woke up this time and came to my senses..
LEAKING~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So i threw all the Pillows on my mom..
xD..Sorry..=/ hahaa..Too panic..then i pushed Benson of the matress..
Oops? hahaha..He din wanna wake up or barge! Not my fault..=P
Then benson woke up..Mum woke up..and help me..
bring buckets to the leaking spots and bring the matress sumwhere else..
LoL..Veryy tiring...Tiriiingggggggg.......TIRED.

Mom came and woke me up in the morning at 5.30am for school. I was sleeping in my room..Yeah..the only reason i sleep in my mom's room is mainly for the aircon..=P Then i woke up..then i looked at the bathroom door..and stared at it..for a while..and then i asked myself..Eyh..What u doing ar? then i reply myself.."I dunno." BOM~! i fell back on my soft..soft..bed..hahahahahah! Then mom came again screaming. KAH MAY! WHAT TIME ALREADY STILL SLEEPING~!!!!!!!! then i woke up got dress..Took my phone..And sent TURTLE an sms!!! Aww man..Felt so what lar..I waited till 12am purposely too wish him and see..I FELL ASLEEP! T_T!!!!!!!!! Me and my sleepy..sleepy..head...Ahhh..Was so tired that dayy..Aiks..ANYWAYS.....Waited for bus.Bus din seem to appear. And we tot..he tot it was a holiday. LOL. suddenly he came. At 7am. Which was really....reallly...LATE. haha..benson was hoping the bus driver did not come..BOO YOUUU~!!! was alright..haha..nth special. xD. Boredmmmm!

Came home early today.How nice. I mean..early as in din have to stayback for anything.Hehe...Okay lar..thats all for today..I guess this entry is already pretty loong..=P Have a great Labour day ppl! =D! I know I'll be enjoyin mine..=) I'M GOIN OUT WITH KIM AND BRYAN!!!! hehehehe..SPIDEY! SPIDEY! HERE WE COME~!!!! xD


hahaha..Shall i go on? Nah..dun think so..Coz u've too much nicknames..and this entry would nvr end..=P Hugs! =)

Static........! =) Muacks! IWALU!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Life. Face it. Live It.

Well..26th and 27th of April were two baddy dayss..
But it's over now..So the pass is the pass.
But anyhow my feelings are rather still on the slightly.
Moody side at the moment..One problems solved..
Now the other? Its out of my reach. So i'll just wait?
Aye..yesterday had Opening Day.
Boring. Zzz. But we still took some pics! =)
*aww..The pic thing isnt workin.How sad.Next time then!*

Ahaa..Yeah..Now u have a chance..
to see the ugliest tie ever made..=X.
I meannn..LOOOK AT ITTT! lol...
Hmm..After tht..Grace's mum fetched me,ben and mum home.
Thank you! =) Then i came on..
And started blogging tht emo entry..
And totally lost track of time and forgotten tht.
I had a meeting at 1.30!
Untill Sue mei called me and say..
EY WHERE ARE YOU? Need to me to fetch u to meeting?
Then I was like..SHYYTTTT! then i look at the time..
It was 1.45..quickly offed the com..
Changed in 2 mins and sue mei already reached my hse..
Ahhhs..then it started raining heavily..

After meeting..Which ended about 5pm. Started teaching them dance. Dance untill hyper giler..Felt so carefree..forgotten abt every probs and shows that!


hahaha..then came back home..came online..Felt miserable again..Coz new porbs came up..Felt dang..crappy..I thank God for Calvin and Di sheng really..They were the ones who actually were there at tht most crappiest moment. Though Calvin had his own sets of problems to solve. Thank You..=) I love you.

Then went offline at 1am..Took the big big teddy bear Grace and Rachel bought me for my Bday last year..Brought it downstairs..And i just sat on the sofa and hugged the bear..How nicesh..That bears hug can almost compete with a real humans hug..But of course..Hugging a real someone would be better..LoL..Just sat there..untill 2.30 am hugging the bear..Yeah..i know..I have issues. =P Yes..I sat there for 1 hour and a half doing nth but simply hugging the bear. hehs. Gosh..Thats why i really love bears..Their hugs can actually comfort u in a way..RACHEL AND GRACE! THANKS SO MUCH FOR THAT BIGGY BEAR! =) I love it alots! <3 This wasnt the only time my bears got to comfort..practically everytime i'm down i'd just go to my room and hug all my bears till i'm feelin beta..or rather till i fall asleep. haha..Slept at 3am.

Todaayy...Woke up at 8am..Coz Benson woke me by accident? lol..Then Hwaaah...WHOLE BODY ACHING LIKE...!@@#$%! Coz on Thursday..Which was a holiday..I practiced breakdance and sprained my leg. Summore yesterday taught them dancing. OUchhhhhhh! Arghs. Anyways...benson and Bryan is working right now..At Bandar Osman its du'll nvr believe wht their workin as.............! Their being BAT MAN and SPIDER MAN. Yes! U heared me alright..Bat man and Spider man! hahahahaha.. Benson's bat man and bryan's spiderman! xD their in those TIGHT. FITTING. SUITS right now..HAHA..And its so totally HOT right now..Awww poor dudes..But they just gotta be in those suits for 6 hours..walk around..take pictures..let them kids whack the heck out of them..xD and they get RM100. Aww how nice..hahaha..I wanted to go support them and have a picture taken with them..But Benson sms-ed me and said..

"Lol, don't come, there are frequent electricity cuts and theres not much to do here. Plus its VERY HOT and its quite far away from where u live..."

Haha..Okay then ben..listen to u..Hmms..poor guys..hope their doin alright..But u know..having the thought of BAT MAN holding a nokia phone and smsing me..Is kinda a funny Sight..xD! Haha..And oh did i mention? MEL CAN DRIVE ALRDY! Wahahahahah! its time..FOR ME...TO BE DRIVEN AROUND BY MEL....! xD nah lar..dun worry jie..i wont take advantage of u..*evil laughter* hehes..=) hahaha..Yeps..

MAY 1st = Labour Day = Outing with darlyn Kim Jiex! = SPIDER MAN 3!!!!!

YIPEEEEE! hahahahahahahha..Cant wait!!! Hope it works out! Ehehs.. =) Me love you too my darlyn darlyn god sister! hahaha..=) Aye..Now..ITS TIME..DO THE TAG..Kim Jiex gave me like super looooong time ago!

6 Things that are Unique About Me.
  1. I turn red VERY easily.
  2. I laugh easily! therefore I SMILE alots too..=)
  3. Almost 90% of the whole school knows me. (dun reli like tht) =X
  4. When I'm Serious,I'm dead serious. u cant even see a smile on my face.=P
  5. When I'm Happy..I go all hyper and u'd think i'm crazy. xD
  6. I have the Most amaizing Family and the BEST friends in this whole..Wide..WORLD.

YUPS! There u go..
And I really meant the Last line aka Number 6!
Really do have a phenomenal Family..
And the greatest friends anyone could ask for.
-H e A r t S-

Friday, April 27, 2007

What Happened..? I guess i thought wrong? Or is it just Me?

Damn i hate it when things like this happens..
really..really..hate it..
a few days ago..I just only type in my blog..
That u guys just simply change my gloomy days to happy days..
And..One reason why u guys could do tht..
Is because..U guys SHOWED me..
That how strong your friendships were..
You guys..Looked so totally Unbreakable..
Like nothing in the world could tear u guys apart..
Coz of that..I felt so..happy..being with u guys..
Coz i could just feel the love the trust..and simply just..
The TRUE..REAL..meaning of friendship.

BUT....right now......everything i looked up and thought of you guys..
Just isn't there anymore...What happen?
WHY let a small small MISUNDERSTANDING..
Bring u guys down..tear u guys apart..
yes...i tell u guys...its a MISUNDERSTANDING..
Did u hear me? a MISUNDERSTANDING.
Why let it affect ur YEARS of friendship?
Why cant either one of you just let it go..
And forget abt it..YES..maybe another side..
Was a lil too sensitive at tht moment..
BUT still..a simple "sorry" from either side could settle this.
Couldn't it? And yes..At first it was a joke..
But later on..his emotions caught up with him..
But still..u gotta understand that sumtimes ppl do make mistakes.
Thats just normal. Its just the way HUMAN BEINGS ARE.
We're Not PERFECT. We're Not GOD.
I'm not taking anyones side..I'm just saying that..
HUMANS all make mistakes..Both sides are at fault if u ask me.

And how do i feel with all this happening?
Yeah..A part of me feels like shyt..for making things worse.
For being to good to people and gaining their trust so fast.
So fast that it over powered the trust u have for them &
years of friendships u had with them.
another part of me is just plain dissapointed.
Dissapointed,that the happiness...
The love and trust that i saw between u guys..
Is..Gone. vanished. dissapeared.
What happen? Thats just my

I can't help but just feel i'm at fault.
U'all may say..No..u got nth to do with this..its not ur fault.
The fact is..I feel that I..ME..
I came in between u guys..
I feel like..I'm one of the reason..
u guys arent talking anymore..
The one..who Seperated u guys..
The one who..made it seem as if me,a girl..
Was more important then the YEARS of friendship u guys had.
Don't try to console me and tell me that its not my fault.
Coz this is what I feel..
And theres nth u can do to change how i feel.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

And I'm gonna miss u like the child misses their blanket.

Morning pweple! =)
In the morning..I was like so blur and tired..
And i was alrdy all dressed up for school..
In my uniform..And i was drinking my milo..
And..and..and...i guess u can guess wht happened next yeah?
Yesh..I Spilt the milo..all over my uniform...............................
i know..very the "Swts" right..hahahaha..
I also dunno how it happened! Gaaaaah..
Suddenly just spill..=/ My mum was like..
"Ohh! Ohh! Ohhhhhhhhh! KAH MAY!!!!!!" (my chinese name)
hahaha..And i was likke.."Eheh...*innocent smiles* Oops?"
xD! then mum was like..FASTER CHANGE! Ur bus coming!
hahaha..then went to school..studyyy..studyyy..studyy.

During recess..I din had to go to the bookshop to do duty..coz i'm off on wednesdays and thursdays! wheee~! haha..It's been sooo loooong since i've recess for 20 minutes without doing anything and just relaxing..hahaha..And the nicer thing is..The minute i went to the canteen..Rachel gave me a packet of Milo ice and Sue mei gave me a hot dog bun..And Awww..Sue mei cooked hot dogs yday! nice of her..=)) So like..i practically din have to buy anything..hahaha..i had a packet of milo ice and things to eat..Aww yesh! =) Thanks guys! me lovey u! hahaha..=) Then b4 school ended..we had to stack all our tables and chairs to the like its normal for other ppl to be coming in to my class..hahahahaha...form 5ss, Form4ss form 3ss and form 2ss..yesh..i dunno why but alot of ppl like to come to my class..hahaha..then i got changed into my PBSM shirt and tracks..den i was just standing there..among my friends..chtting..laughing..then i just cant help it lar..=P i started shuffling a lil..move here and there sikit sikit..

suddenly da xiang saw..and he was like "Fu-Yoo! Celine shuffling!" xD then i stopped. hahaha..Suddenly he asked me to breakdance..i was like..whaaaattt...dun waann larrr..Then everyone there was us one move lar..pls pls pls!!!!! then i started giving all sorts of lame the end i did some moves..and they kept asking for more. =.=! Then i did a bit..then suddenly Pei Li and Shu Xin came..they saw me coming down from my freeze..then they said..EHHH I DIN C! DO AGAINNNN! Wah .....................hahah...then dun wan do alrdy..xD then da xiang wanted to learn baby freeze from i taught him..hahaha..U ALMOST GOT IT RIGHT LER! Try harder yeah! =) Jia You! hahax..Then Yang was like..EHH! i also wanna learn! Teach mee tooo! then the bell rang...xD! next time lar kay? hahaha..

After school..Stayed back..Coz had PBSM stuffs..
The kawad trainer from Cabang Johor Bahru came. =X!!!!
So at first..all of us AJK's were like..nervousss..nanti buat salah kena marah kau kau..hahaha..So in the end everything went well..Then when i was in the car with sue mei..we were on this straight road..on the way to my hse..and like..we could clearly see tht infront,up was raining really heavily..but the place we were at was plain dry. hahaha..funny how tht happens sumtimes yeah? =P Went home..super tired..reallly tired..haha..

TODAY! woke up at 8am..started studying till 10am..then went to cook breakfast for family..hahaha..Yays! i cook JUST enough for EVERYONE to eat! Whee~! ahaha...and Mel was like.."No more edy ar? =( " LOL..hmm..and now..I'm here! hahaha..blogging...Yesh..Glad its a hol today..lalala~~! but anyhow..i must still study..=P Time. is. Preciouzzz. =P
Aites! Take caress!

Truly.Really.Honestly.Over Max. =) *Mwahs!*

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

And you Nvr Fail To Make Me Smile..=)

Aloha me ppls! hahaha..
Okay..Well let me see..
Sunday yes? Was confirmation day..
So ALOT ALOT of ppl in church..
haha..Bishop Lim and Aunt Amy came to me church too!
Had a great chat with them..Haha..
After that..Stayed back in church..
Till abt 3pm then had mighty kids..
LOL..AGAIN i was put on the spot to lead worship..
Actually i spose to play bass one..=(
Haha..nvms..Theres always next time..
Anywaysss..after everything. Went home straight!

No MCA ppl came to look for me..
Wahahahs...Happy happy! =P
Monday..kena bully kau kau..yer..
What lar..why everyday surely kena bully geh?
Haha..Yang lar,sue mei,kaw,ben ISH..Actually whole class..
And alamaks alot of ppl..hahahaha..
Apa lar..they say i'm a fun person to bully.. =.=!
Then another one said.."Coz everytime when we bully u..Your face turns red,then look cute!"
hahaha wht larrrrrrrr........

Then after school..It started raining superbly heavy..Thenn..after reaching home abt 3pm+ bathe,got changed and went out with sue mei to check some prices for a few things we need to buy for the PBSM camp. Wah..Tiring..Then reached home..And started preparing my oral articles and all..Prepare untill 12am plus and slept at 1am. Ahhhhs!

TODAY ler..Went to school..then school was aite lar..I DIN BRING ANY WATER TO SCHOOL! NooOoOOOOoooo! I cant last in school without water lar..Especiallly when i'm dead tired! i need teh oxygen to help my brain continue to function! Gaaah..So was like damn thirsty lerr..T_T after tht..During Oral time..the teacher called me.."Celine! come here." So i went there..then she said.."You don't need to do your oral because u already took part in the drama competition and other events therefore u straight away get A." Hwah..........I was happy......But...BUt...At the same time kinda dissapointed..COZ I STAYED UP ALL NIGHT PREPARING FOR MY ORAL!!!! T_T and me wanted to talk about chocolate niaa...xD! =P hahaha..

Anyways..Grace suddenly comes up to me and told me tht.."HEY! I just spoke to Pn.Ayza! She said that the Handphone case is now a POLICE CASE. And the MCA have redrawed from this case. So the police may come and find us both anytime they want." What theeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yerrr..Now the case became a BIGGER case then before. Aiks..Whtever lar..=P Dun wanna think abt it,dun wanna care abt it. Ahakz..No care,no care. hehehe...Then erms wht else? Oh rigghhhttt...Lately..A few teachers have been treating me like superbly good..? Like today..when the Guru Penolong Ko-Ku was walking pass me..I wanted to greet him..and suddenly..He greeted me first and bowed his head..I was like...*LOL* then my friend was like..WHAT the opposite wey..Not u greet teacher..the teacher greet you! xD lol lol lol! Then another i was sooo tired and i had no during the two last periods i slept in class by accident? After BM,after teacher finished teaching us..She said.."Now u can do your own stuffs" So okay lor..I just lay my head on the table..And without knowing..I suddenly heard the school bell ring and my friend asked me to wake up. I was like WHOA...........I SLEPT?! what the?!!! Then i ask..EYH! you all din greet teacher or say thank you meh?

Then my friend said..yeah..We all stood up and thanked teacher and greeted the other teacher that came in..u were the only one sleeping. I was like WHAAAT! why din wake me up?!!! Then my friend said.. Because the teacher said.."Don't disturb her.She's very tired." good weyy...hahaha..Awww..then when i was at the bus stop..a teacher in a car passed by the bus stop and then he saw me..Suddenly he waved at me..and smiled. I was like...*Dots* and every1 at the bus stop looked at me. LOL...Alamaks...Face turn red? ahakz..So the malu..hahaha..Yes..It feels weird when a teacher treats u soo goood...hahaha...oh wells...Good thing? hahaha..I dunno..hmms..

Then came home..and suddenly felt like cooking pancakes! hehe..=P So loong din cook pancake liao wor! hahaha..So yeps! spent the whole day cooking pancakes..hahaha..cooked alot wey..downstairs still got summore! Who wants?! hahahaha..=P Alrights..time for me to do my Folio.

And i just want to say one last thing..
To some of my shuffle,singing,joker and awesome kakilangs! xD!
After knowing u guys..
And meeting u guys..
I'm really glad..and reallly really super blessed..
To have met u guys. =)
U'all brighten up my gloomy days..
And seriously and honestly..
And truly..Did change my life.
Thanks yo. Hugs! C u guys in May!
=) I'm looking forward to it!
Much loves! Mwahs!

We truly are. =) [Secretz] 4 life.
-H e A r t s-

Sunday, April 22, 2007

New Bloggy Song.=)

Aww this song is Just Simply. B E A U T I F U L indeed! =)

Trading Yesterday - Beautiful

And time stands still beneath the air of waiting hours
To touch, just to feel a love that seems to overpower me
She's all I'll ever need
And you know her love just hypnotizes me
'Til All I see is beautiful

At night I dream that you were sent to me from heaven
My Life, it seems so lonely here without your presence
You could change my everyday
And I could never think of love without your name
As you remain---

Beautiful--- like the summer rain to wash away the winter stain
Beautiful--- like the morning sun inviting the dawn to break
Beautiful--- like the joy that comes when the love you've longed for has just begun
Beautiful--- making everything brand new
Beautiful you

And all this time you're changing me to something better
A love so high that everyday that we're together
I will leave the world below
Until your heart becomes the only thing I know
All I know is---

Beautiful--- like the summer rain to wash away the winter stain
Beautiful--- like the morning sun inviting the dawn to break
Beautiful--- like the joy that comes when the love you've longed for has just begun
Beautiful--- making everything brand new
Beautiful you

Saturday, April 21, 2007

I Love My Fwenssss!!!!

Yupsh..Thats the piece of the newspaper..
Green shirt is teh student..White shirt..
Is the Head Of MCA.Yesh.
Okay..On Friday..The MCA peeps came..
But Police came too..
So now everythings really messed up..
So they din get to call me..Coz erm..
One is i was not in class most of the time..
So no one knew where i was..
And second..The police was interviewing a teacher..
So yepsh..Monday i guess..Pfft..
Happy they din interview me on Friday..haha..
And hmms..Some of the guy's friends..
Went and Scold Chinn Wei and Grace.
WTH...Think wat? Scolding them can make them lie for you?
Dream on lar..Sheeesh..What kind of gentlements are u..
Threatenin girls..Ish..Stop it or you'll be sorry..

Now..Friday! A day of..
Well..nth lar..normal..I guess..
Only thing was every teacher i passed by..Went sumthin like dis.
"HEY! Celine Yap! Ur involve in the thing to right?"
I'll be like..How u noe? and they went..
"Of course every1 knows! its the hottest news in school now"
I went.." =.= " And they went " And every1's talkin bout u."
I went.." Whaaaaaaatttt................."

Then Like..Super super touched lar..Coz like..On friday..and even today..Alot of my friends went like.."If any of those guys dare touch u or do anything to you make sure u tell me.I'll be there imeadietly." Awwws...Thanks alot ler...=) I have such awesome friends...^^ So after school..Went to Zi yang's aunt's hse..Makan..Then went back to school for PBSM meeting. This was the first time i was super quiet and i could hardly understand Half of what they were saying..=.=! I guess i was tooo superbly tired..hehs..Went home..I think i slept? xD..tired lar..=P

Today ar..Hmm..woke up..makan..use com..Suddenly Poof! electric went off..for abt 1 hour..=.=! summore i was feeling so hot! gaaaahhh! then had a superbly long time chtting with mum..hahahaa...The designing for the PBSM badge is done! Wheee~!! =)! Now gotta fix teh timetable and all..

Yesh..I also do realise that..lately..There has been more and more happening..and i've been the middle person in ALL of these probs. And i guess i've learnt to accept the fact tht theres a reason to tht..=) A good friend of mine reminded me ..that.."Everything Happens for a Reason" (u know who u are.=P) I've suddenly started to miss KL like super alot..hehs...Cant wait for MAY hollies to come..and i'll be back in KL! =) lalala~!

And i shall conclude this entry..
By saying..this..
AND TO ALL MY DARLINGS..(Again,u know who u guys are!)
ANd Blessed to have the greatest friends..
Anyone could ever have..=)
I love You Darlingsss!! <3!>

Thursday, April 19, 2007

I got a BIG problem to solve..Why Me?

This day..Was going all so wonderfully..
I was so touched coz..Grace helped me pay..
For the class money i lost..or rather the class money..
That got stolen..Thank you soo much..Really am..Touched..
More touching thing is..Sue Mei..also wanted to help me pay..
So did Zi yang..And ahhhs..So touched really..
Thank u guys soo much..I really love y'all..<3 style="background-color: rgb(0, 0, 0);">That was the great part of today.. And..
everything just bad.

I shall explain..Wht happened..

On the 11th of April..Which was one day before my drama competition that was on the 12th..I was in the Bilik Bahasa doing the backgrounds..helping me was Ling wei..Rachel...Grace and Chin wei. Cik rozi had english class.. So she brought 3B5 into the bilik bahasa to teach them. Suddenly En.Zainuddin came in and went to this group of guys. He KNEW tht one of them had a Handphone. He saw tht guy with the handphone in the morning. So he came to take the handphone. Suddenly tht guy threw the handphone to Ling Wei..She was sitting on the floor near tht guy..Ling wei is this form 5 girl from 5 science and she's a prefect. So helping a student keep a handphone is a total wrong thing to do. But she was like shock and dunno wht to she just kept it lor..and when the teacher went out..she quickly threw back the handphone to tht guy..Suddenly En.Zainuddin came in again. And then he saw the handphone. So he just like Touch tht guys slap lar..but not hard at all..very lightly only..Then..tht guy..He kena Buang because he lawan the Pengetua..aka the Headmaster of my school. He wanted his handphone back, but the headmaster only said tht he could get it back at the end of the year. Thats my school's rules. So he like lawan the the headmaster say ok..fine..u want it..take it..but u'll kena buang. Then tht guy said.."Buang then Buang Lah!" so yeah he kena buang.

Today..Madam Low told us tht the guy..Made a report to the MCA and this thing came out in the Chinese News papers today or rather yesterday. In the news paper in stated tht En.Zainuddin slapped tht guy VERY HARD untill his ears got Problem. THAT IS SOO NOT TRUE! the school found out about this. And was soo not happy especially En.Zainuddin. DUH! being accused for the WRONG thing and something he did NOT do. So i was like wat lar..Small prob..make so big. So Suddenlly when i was in class..Suddenly the WHOLE CLASS of 3B5 came looking for me. I was like..Ok...............then i went out of class and ask why. Suddenly they said.. " We want you to be Our witness that En.Zainuddin DID slap the guy very HARD!" I was just standing there...dunno wht to say..Then they asked Grace,Ling wei and Chinn Wei to be witness also. So..we told them to leave us alone first. Then the 4 of us just like talked it out.The thing i'm very angry about is that dunno who told the teacher that ling wei help the guy keep the HP. So most probaly she will kena Pecat from being a prefect..and may have to change school. And like..En.Zainuddin is one of those good teachers in my school. Aihhhs..I just dun wan him to get Fired..dang it.. And suddenly..THE HEAD OF MCA (Malaysia Chinese Association) came to see the four of us. We were like..OMG..then at the back of him was the whole class of 3B5 and also En.Zainuddin. Then tht MCA guy asked us..Wht happen..Did he slap Hard or soft. We say Got slap..But not hard..

So he said..NVM..tomorrow We the MCA is going to interview the 4 of you. The guy's parents would be coming. And the headmaster wants to see us. We were like...*speechless* and Grace was squeezing my hand so tightly..then like..Tht MCA guy said.."Don't worry..We will make sure the four of you are safe. As in Like..The Teachers or the Guy won't do anything. We just want the WHOLE REAL TRUTH from you 4. And that we will ensure your safety. If anyone comes and threaten u to help them, u can make a police report. Your safety is ensured by the MCA."

Right..I dont get..Why Problems..are popping out..One after another..I'm very sure all of you readers are bored of reading my blogs already coz theres just simply problems of mine everyday..And..Aihs..I just..I dunno lar..How did i ended up being part of this? Why did i ended up in this mess? And WHY is AM I ALWAYS THE MIDDLE PERSON IN EVERYTHING....I'm Just..Simply..Caught Up,In the Middle. I don't want anything tht i say to get En.Zainuddin fired...neither do i want to lie..I'll just tell the whole truth. Nth but the truth. Well..We'll see how things go tomorrow..Complicated day tmr? Surely. Anyways after school..I left for SMK AGAMA JOHOR JAYA to collect my District debate certificate. But..Everything only ended at 6.30pm. And i only reached home at 7pm. I was so eyes turn red. And I guess i'm just caught up with TOO much stuffs. I got meeting tmr after school till 5pm. It'll be a loong day. Loong loong day..I hope..i would be able to get through tmr morning.

God I need ur help.
I need u so badly..
Be with me tmr morning alrights?
Be right by my side...=/
Tell me wht to say.
Teach me wht to do.

Haihs..I just want me huggies now..
So badly..I want my friendss with mee..
right noww....Just wanna hug someone..
Ahhhh...Huggies anyone? =/
I gotta be strong weih.
Ahh..Too MUCH happenings in one month.
Or rather..week..
Dang..more like BAD happenings. =(
Great day.Ended up.The opposite.

Bryan..If you're reading this and its still 19th April.
I'm so sorry for making u read this kinda entry..
Especially when its your birthday..=(


I need my rest.My eyes are red.
And i have Panda Eyes.
Oh right..How wonderful..I just rmbered.
I have a letter to type.
Am i Busy?
Simply Too much.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Are we Going Up? Or just going Down?

Ahoyy ppl..!
Tuesday..Gosh..Wht happened on tuesday..
Erhhhh..I went to school yes..
And erm..LOL..I CANT RMB..Gaaah..
So blur right now..xD I guess school was alright..
LOL? Haha..And like..Had to wear tht tie..=/
So the ugly lar..hahaha..Most ironic thing is..
When my friends saw me wear the tie..
They said..Eyh.."Sumthins not rite..When Celine wears the tie it looks good on her..But the tie is like..Uglyyyyy...=/" xD! LOL..wht lar..haha..
Agreed tht the tie is ugly..haha..
Then i went to Form 4 PSV to look for a teacher..
Then when i went into the class..Suddenly a few guys came up to me..
"Hey can i have ur numm?" LOL..Eyh abit weird right..
Like..If i'm from another school i can understand..
i've been in this school for 3 years and ..
Theres guys asking for my num? Swts........Funnyyyyy....

Anyways..After school..not extra class..
Sho nice..Got to go back early..And wht did i do?
xD Oh right..I fell asleep on the couch till 6pm plus..
HAHA..=P really tired weih..just slept..and slept..
Then..Came on..was lazy to blog..=P
So did my stufffs...wrote letter for the headmaster..
then like do the PBSM camp jadual or sumthin..
Ahhh..busy busy me..=/

TODAY....haha..Looong story to tell..
Well actually not really..
Morning had PJK..So like..
Theres this room for girls to change..
Then like i left my wallet in my uniform..
I like put it soo super inside..
GUESS WHAT? After recess..when i wanted to give Cik Sabariah the class money..
I open my wallet..And there was no money AT ALL..
I stoned there for a while..I was like..
Wait..wheres the money?! Did i give it to her already?
Or did i put it in my bag or sumthin?!
Then i just like dunggu blur face over there..
Cik Sabariah was like..Heyyy? U okay?
I was like.."It's gone..Hilang..Missing..LOST!"
She was like..EH! howw?! then i was like..
Super not happy and no mood..So i told her brb..
xD no la..I told her i'll talk to her later..
So left the bilik guru..Went to my class..
First person i saw was Grace..Told her..
Then told sue Mei..3 of us went to the second class..
And ask them who was in tht room while we were PJ-ing.
They said PEralihan girls aka Remove class girls..
Then ok..we go find those girls..They said..
Only 4 indian girls went in..the rest went to toilet to change.
Ok fine. I went back up and found out tht not only MY money got stolen.
Ashley,Kama,Fifah were also victims.
Grrr...if me alone nvm la..I'll just let it go..

So i like wrote all their names on a paper and make them sign it..and the amount of money they lost..Took tht paper..Went to see Pn. Ayza aka the dicipline teacher in my school..She was like having a baaddd day okayyy..And her mood super down..and she was super tired..could see it in her i told her..and i was like...yer so sorry to give u more work ler..then she was like..Nvm..its okay...Ohhh..I was like.."Melts." xD...then she went to The Remove Classes..and called En.Syaiffudin (omg..i forgotten how to spell his name..xD) Another nice teacher in the school..=) Then they went in. Suddenly they Shouted. ALL THE INDIAN GIRLS IN THIS CLASS BRING ALL YOUR BAGS AND THINGS OUTSIDE RIGHT NOWWWW!!!!!! I was likee..FUHHH..Shocked! suddenly they shout..I was like..O_O! Then they check everywhere and nth..So k lor..go to the next remove class.. Pn.Ayza was damn pissed..Coz she saw all of em sleeping without any books on their table and one guy had a handphone..Fuhhhh! tht guy dead gone. xD. Especially when she's in this mood. LOL. Then En.Syaiffudin shouted.. U! U! U! GET OUT RIGHT NOW! the indian girls came out..check check one indian girl..she looked like super Kan Ciong and Nervous..LoL..I din just stand there k..I observe their faces..U do sumthing wrong of course worried right..LOL..

Anyways..En.Syaiffudin ask tht girl who was nervous.."Wheres your Wallet?!" Then she say.."I...I...Din bring." Then he like dun believe..check summore..then pn.Ayza like super fierce..suddenly she say.."Erm..i ..Erm..Someone stole my wallet." Pn.Ayza became suspicious..she said..Then why just now say Din bring?! Then she just smile..i was like..WTH!!!! Gaaaahhh..then Pn.Ayza said..Why din report to teacher? She just stood there and started goyang here and there..i was like...WTH WTH WTH! then check her..Couldn't find anything. But i knew for sure it was tht girl who stole. So obvious. Just no prove. So Bo Pian..Can't do anything..In the end..din get back my money..Then After Pn.Ayza scold all of em..She came out..look at me and said.. "Heyy sorry i cant help you..=(" I was Like..Omg..*melting + Touched* She tired..summore like treat me so good..En. Syaifudin also..Ahhhs..After tht my heart like so the touched..So i said..nvm..its okay..THANK YOU! haha..Then i like..forget abt it lar..Hmms..PN.AYZA LOVE U DARN MUCH LAR! <3! style="background-color: rgb(40, 24, 24);">
So in the end..i ended up with no money..and now gotta pay the class money back..Ahakz..How "cool" is dat..=P And I'm so super BROKE right now.. Celine..Is thinking how to cari duitnya..xD aihs..Oh wells..After school..Sue Mei's mom like packed food for me..Aww man..I so love my friends..Ahhhh...=) LOvE LOVE LoVE!!! Then like..Had PBSM today after extra classes..So train my juniors in kawat that just only started. So yepsh..thats abt it i guess...Had a kinda bad day..But u know..Thinking abt it all over again..It wasn't that bad after all..=) Coz i've got my friends..and ppl who cares like Pn.Ayza and En.Syaifuddin..I'm So super alright..=)

I'm where i am today.
And i'm who i am today.
All because of God,My family and my Friends.
Love Always. =) <3 style="background-color: rgb(40, 24, 24);">

And and...T_T i needa and wannna Chocolates!!! *droolls*

Monday, April 16, 2007

"Sometimes The One Who Needs The Most Help Are the Richer PpL And Not the Poor."

And i just love this pic..and the person who sent it to me..<3

Okay..the monitors and assistant monitors have to like..
Wear this friggin ugly ugly neck tie.. first i thought they were gonna make..
the tie..dark green..turn out..
they made it light green! WAD THE.....
Those green as in U KNOW PETRONAS STATION?
So malu-fied to wear that tie..gaaaah...
Ugliest tie ever

After school..walked home with sue mei..and ben..
Reached home..then after mandi and all..
Went to the JB Sultan ismail library to get some reference.
Ahakz..Yes..When we went there..Sue mei couldnt go in..
Because they wouldnt let her go in..
And why din they let her go in?
Coz she was wearing sleeveless....
!@#%!!! Oh yesh..I guess we forgot tht we were livin..
In MALAYSIA. pfft. So went to borrow erm..
her aunt's friend's jacket..and then went in..
LoL..their rules at the library is so pathethic..
No MP3 allowed..No sun glasses..erh..cant rmb anymore..
Too pathethic to
The minute i step foot in tht library..
I felt depressed and stressed up..xD i reli dun know why..
Maybe because i was surrounded my like ALOT of books..

So search search search then photostat some stuffs and ciao-ed..After that..went to the POS office..Reached there RIGHT ON 6pm! And they close at 6PM! Dunggguuuu! gaaaaaaah...They din wanna let us in...FINE lar..ish! then i went opposite to POS LAJU! Mwahs i love them..xD they close at 6.30pm..wahahhaa..Although it would cost more..But it's more reliable and more okays..Post-ed sumthing to some1.. Haha..Okay lar..erm..after tht..came home lor. HMMS...Projects? Well KH DONE! Whee~! Sejarah ALMOST DONE! and GEO.......Well erm..Eheh..Not even started. =.= Anyways..I dun like it when both my besties aren't on talking terms..Aihhhsss...Depressinggg...=( Dun like that lar u two..Pleash? =( Andd...I dun like being the middle person...WHY am i ALWAYS the middle person in everything..So wht weih..I hate gettin caught up in these kinda situations. Blarhs.

Anyways..Just wanna list out again..THE APRIL BABIESS!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU GUYS AITE!

1st April : Greg! Stella! Chern Hau!
2nd April : Ah Beh!
3rd April : Su Hui!
4th April : Kah Wai
5th April : Debby! Careen Wong!
7th April : Kok Chin,Emelia!
9th April : Mathen!
10th April : Wei Xun!
12th April : Melissa aka Jie! =)
13th April : Shu Xin!
15th April : Calvin Siew!!! =)
17th April : Chang Xin!
18th April : Xing Ying!
19th April : Bryan Yong! Michelle Wong! Wesley! Bernice!
20th April : Sebastian!! Frederick! Ellora! Audrey!
21th April : Marhanis!
28th April : Jon!

Well..there u go! All the April Babies..
haha..Alot yes? Yesh..alot indeed..
Well anyways..I guess..I hope..
This week would be... well..Alright..
And then all probs could be resolve..
Not only my friendss..but mine as well. =/
Hope time would heal this wound.
And that my broken heart would be mended.
I guess its starting to mend alrdy..I guess...
I just hope that..when i'm healed or gonna be fully healed..
Someone doesnt come along again stabbing me..
Coz if it does happen..I guess i would not be able to bare it..
Hin loong thanks loads kay....=) Hugs!
Love ya muchs!

I want my hugiesss...=(

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sorry For the inconvenience i've caused u.

Sorry if this post is stupidly emo and sensitive..
Or whtever..but this just wht i'm feeling right now..
Dun like it..dun read it..

Hmms..Sorry for the inconvenience and crap
i've wasted ur time on..
Yea..Maybe ur right..
Maybe i AM emo and sensitive right now..
Coz of alot of things that has been happening lately..
But the thing is..I sat there..telling u my feelings..
Coz ur sum1 very close to me..And i just feel comfortable..
Sharing out my feelings and just ismply pouring everything out..
Suddenly..U say.."U may not realise it,But ur a gossip queen urself."
I was just..Lost for words..well..if pouring out my feelings is gossip..
Then i shall pour out NO MORE.
Even if my friends said tht i wouldn't bother much. came from u..some1 whose closer then a friend..
I tot i'm okay already..I thought..that i've recovered..
From the hurt on Friday..And i was okay.. feelings just stabbed right through my heart again..
And i just........."ouch."
I bet u dun even know that u hurt me on Friday.
Hurt After hearing wht u said from some1.
And i tried to forget abt it.
And i did. I was okay. I was alright.
But thank you for saying wht u said today.
Coz it just brought back that pain.
Sorry for making u hear all the crap i said today.
I'll not toture ur ears further with those craps.
This doens't mean i wont be talking to you anymore..
Or that i don't love you anymore..U know i still love u heck loads..
but i guess. i just wont be sharing tht much anymore.
For the moment..or mean time..i dunno la..
Am i hurt? Yeah..I'm damn hurt. Not only coz of today.
But coz of Friday's Hurt. Adding it all up together..
I'm damn hurt. I'm broken Hearted.
And btw..Dun bother finding out why i was so damn hurt by you on Friday.
Full Stop.

Friday, April 13, 2007

I'm Happy..Ur Happy..=)

WOOOT~! Okay first..
Let me just talk abt wednesday..
After recess practised again..
and after school..i found out that..
One of my props thaT I am going to use for my drama..
WASN'T READY! they havent even started doing the thing..
@#$%!!!! Gaaaah..So i stayed back together with..
Grace,faridah,sue mei and ashikin to finish it..
Was tired like crazy after finishing the "Cottage" we made and paint.

THURSDAY! aka 12th April! aka Mel's Bday! aka DRAMA COMPETITION DAY! 12am..Went to giv mel a huggy and wish her happy bday and gave her a song! Then..after getting everything ready..and making sure i din have anymore unfinished stuffs..i went to sleep. Woke up the next ready for drama..and got all dressed up..ahakz! Then..went to school..everybody was like..OMG! Suai Ge! xD then some were like..OMG so cuteee..hahaha..wat la...i felt so old wearing tht suit..=P neways..coz the teachers wanna save like money and dun wanna rent the bus..we had to go there in they folded the "cottage" that we took so long to do..which was NOT meant to be folded..they even LIKE DISMENTAL IT..COME ON! How can u dismental a cottage made out of cardboards?! surely rosak one! ISH.......i was like...Dotsssss...Dun care la..Then...reach everything ready..tried to make the cottage stand..but it couldn't..coz they totally ruined EVERYTHING! Grrr..wasted time..wasted energy..wasted paint..and wasted cardboards..Dang..grr..After tht i became a lil cranky..coz raja surian left his crown and cape in Mr.Ferdaus car..and Mr.Ferdaus had gone back to our school..Adding up to my geram-ness...LKSJALKSJLKAJLKAJS!!!!!!!! aihsss...Then tried to get everything together..went to draw number 5..THE LAST perform for the day..

So during our break time..We went down..and..Like..the boys there..are! Jakon like crazy! LIKE NVR SEE GIRLS IN THEIR WHOLE LIFE BEFORE! i mean come's not like their school is a all boys school..its coet..and..=.=!!!! Like all of one big bunch.."Can i hav ur num? can i have ur num? can i have ur nummm?" SO DAMN ANNOYING...............wanna ask..ask properly..u'all ask like dat..u guys dun need to get any numbers from any girls in future edy..Ish..i go toilet..come out from the toilet..they still waiting there..WTH...Swts..ANYWAYS..when i went back up..I saw this group of guys..pointing at me..then they asked the girl to like do sumthing..suddenly she came to me..and ask..Are you Celine? I say yaa..Why? Then she wait ah..Then she went back to those guys..and took sumthing..Suddenly she gave me this letter..and a key chain..this really nice purple star key chain..then she said..someone wanted to give this to u..

Then i was like..Owh...Okay..........then i went back in the class room where my drama team was..then all of them were like..WHOOOO~! Celine got secret admireee!!!!! =.=!!!!! then i just kept the thing in my back first..then anyways..after tht..our turn to started acting..then yeah..we did awesome! =) was so happy..guys i'm so proud of y'all! After acting..i went and open the letter..and it was all in chinese wordings..=.= and i can read only like A Bit of speak..can listen..but can read a lil bit..haha..So..i asked rachel to help me read the letter..xD i shall not reveal wat was in tht letter..But anyways i know whose the one who gave me the letter and key chain..=) hahaz..I smart one lar..=P LOL...Anywaysss...We won 3rd and Won for Best performance of the day! But i guess we lost marks in props wise..its time for...

Me and Rachel!

Break time!

<3 style="font-weight: bold;">

After drama..went back to school..
coz it was still 12pm plus..
Then went into class without books..and was wearing..
The super hot suit..blerh...
After tht..i din feel like staying back for extra class..
So i went home..haha..i've not used the bus..
For like months..coz i'm always going back..
Late...and either i walk home..or my friends fetch me..
So felt kinda weird using the bus again..haha..

Came home..super hot and tired..went to mandi..and ON9!!!! xD after tht..yesh..i was making calls and smsing like crazy to confirm sumthing. Now..Wats that sumthing ur wonderin? WELL..IT IS MEL's BIRTHDAY AIN'T IT?! Ahakz! YESH! It's a Suprise Party I planned for Mel!!! I planned it for like a MONTH! LOL..I called a few ppl..but some couldn't make it..ANYWAYS..THIS WAS THE PLAN...

Alven and Wanda makes an appointment with Mel in vivo. Then when they're already Sitting in the restaurant..We ppl outside..come budging in with the cake and singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU~~!!

Hahaha..yesh..That was the neways..Mel called home while it was like abt 4pm..she said.."Hey,i'm coming back late today coz alven and wanda wants to treat me to dinner.." I was like YESH! the plans working! WOOOT~! hahaha..Then waited for yen fah to come pick me and ben up. Then we went a bought teh cake..and headed for Jusco Tebrau city! Wheee~! Then i was like smsing alven and called him a few times. FINALLY when they were already sitting inside..We went to a bench nearby vivo and lit the candles! And everyone was like smilling and looking..hahaha...And when we went into Vivo singing Happy Birthday..Mel was like...O...M....G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHAKZ! PRICELESSS MAN HER EXPRESION!!!!! LOLOLOLOL! ROFL Lmaooo! =P and she was like really happy i also..Like happy..coz i made her happy..ahah..=) Then she was so happy tht she fell off the couch..or rather the sofa she was sitting on..LOL...hahaha..well all went well...exactly like what i planned! =) thanks for helping me out guys! haha..Then me and Yen fah got Mel a Bass Effect thingy..glad she loved it..hahaha..<3 Picturesss!

She's admiring the cake..but dei! the candles melting lar...=P

Finally she decides to blow the candles..haha..

And finally she cuts the cake..


After that..Sue,Brad and Anand had to leave..So me,ben,fah,mel,alven,wanda went walking around...hahaha..And after Wanda and Alven left.. we went to the arcade and had a game of Daytona!!! =P and then while waiting for Benson to finish his stuff at yamaha..we cam whored...=P Wat more is there to say? PICTURES SHALL DO THE TALKING...=)

Dont Mess with us! =P

Mel went to toilet and then we all fell asleep on the chair coz she took such a long time. And she took this shot of us. NAHHH..JK..xD this is called..POSSSINGGG! =D! so natural right..=P lalalala~! hahahaa...


Now hey hey..
Did u think that there'll be THAT
little pics of us sistas?
NO WAYYY....! Hahaha...=)

And the Love grows more and more everyday..=)

I'm glad everything went well..=)
I hope this was one the best bday u've had ever jie..=P
Know why? Coz i planned it. =P ahakz!
Mwahs! Love u muchs darling!