Saturday, March 31, 2007


LoL LoL LoL!
Okaysss..Went out just now with mum..
Shop untill we only had 2 ringgit left with us..
And we were dead we went to Giant..
And bought this Big packet of Soya Bean.
Haha..And it help us burn time..well 1 hour..=P
And yesh..we had to spend 2 more hours waiting for dad..
Without even a dollar..just 30 cents..=P
So we went windown shoppin!!! =D! haha..
And now..I know wht i wanna get from there edy..
Next time just bring money go there only..
Hahaha..=P me been looking for tht type of pants for sho lonng!
Finally found it..but was out of cash..blarhh..

So neways..Dad came with bros..
And then went to makan ice-kacang togetha getha..haha..=P
Then went to TESCO..the new one in Seri Alam.. many ppl there man..Flooded with ppl..
Then while i was walking into Tesco..This Pak Cik..
Whom i dunno..Who was with his wife and Kid..
Looked at me..and smile..And said..Amoi Amoi..=)
Then i like din layan him and quickly walk away..
His wife looked angry..blarh..of course..who wouldnt..
Especially when ur married and have a kid..and ur husband..
Is flirting with other younger girls..PErvertish..Ish!

Okay..TESCO right..Got some nice things lah..Got alot of Handphone shops side by side wey..So like..benson was in this shop looking at the handphones..then i went to the shop next to tht shop benson was in..and then the dude workin there was like Hello =) how can i help u..And suddenly benson called i went to the shop beside..and the dude was like..T_T.....hahah..funny lar.. then the other girls from tht shop was like laughing..coz i was at their shop..and got pulled away by my customer STOLD. xD! then on the way back home..

Funny funny funny..I was in the car..then traffic the car stopped..duh..=P then i was just looking outside the window..then saw this Wira Car..with 4 dudes inside..buat bodoh inside the i dun care..just look somewhere else..infront..tht Wira car was beside my dads car..then suddenly one of the dude like looked at me then told his friend dunno who cares wht..and then they wine down the window..and kept doing weird things to get attention..I..was there..trying so hard..not to laugh...then they two guys sitting infront pulak wine down their window..and started waving and all..I COULDN'T TAHAN!!!! I just started laughing...And looked away from the window..and the traffic light turned green..and the car moved..Thank God..haha..The agonyyy!!!!!!! Chiih..guys these days..

Okay la..I gtg now.
Church tmr. Hah.

PS: Turtle..when u read this entry..In anyway do NOT start with ur Most Fav topic.U noe wht i mean..And if u dun..then good..=P

I love Kimberley Ong aka Kimmy! aka My Darlynnn!!!!! =D! MWAHS!!!

In a Blink Of An Eye...

what can i say about it? can be the greatest thing tht ever happen to u..
But then again..Life could be taken away..
In an blink of an eye..Don't u agree?
And yeah..Theres cure for cancer..for all types of disease..
But theres no cure for death..
Theres nothing u can stop death..
It's simply God's decision and yeah..Theres nth we can do abt it..
God give us Life..but he can take it away from us too..
My greatest "-------" ..I'm sure..I know u'll always be rmbered..
People..Nvr take anyone around u for granted..
Coz u may nvr know when they'll leave you..
They may be healthy like crazy..but still..nvr take it for granted..
Yeahs? Ciaoz.

Friday, March 30, 2007



Okay...I got tagged by Isaac Leong Hin Loong =P haha..

So, what are the 6 things UNIQUE about me?

1. I seem to have a special liking towards tomato stuffs..LOL..
2. I'm born on the same date as My Sis and Bro. The "12th"
3. I turn red even when i'm simply just laughing..Tht explains my nickname..Tomato..=P
4. I only take 10minutes to bathe..=P (for a girl..thats kinda short) haha..
5. I take 5 minutes to get ready when i wake up for school..=P
6. I'm a choco-holic too!!! Haha..Hin Loong..Oh..I mean Isaac..=P Hi5 man! ^^

10 things you did not know about me:

1. I used to think wearing "tudungs" were cool when i was a kid..=P
2. I tot of changing my english name to Ray Anne when i was younger..
3. I LOVE the older version of Mickey Mouse! The black and white version..
4. I can cook..But i'm not a pro..=P
5. I grew from 4 feet to 5 feet plus when i was 12 to 13.Bwahaha..Shoot up 1 feet in a year!
6. I used to be 60kg!!!
7. Whenever i'm angry..I would go to my room and hug my teddyBears till i'm alright..haha..
8. I've already rared 12 dogs before..and sadly 11 died in really weird ways..=(
9. I love purple,green,black,white,navy blue!
10. I used to play football..but no more coz of factory workers disturbin me at the field..=(


1. Kimmy!
2. Turtle!
3. Yee Siang!
4. Bryan!
5. Di Sheng!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

It takes takes time...

Well heya ppl..
Tuesday..Had a mix up day..
LoL..Morning wasn't tht happy..
Coz of some stuffs...LoL! and i got 100% for Moral!
Aku budak bermoral wey! hahahaha..
When teacher gave out my paper..
She told the whole class tht i was the only one who scored 100.
And those guys from 3B6 who i din know..
Were like..OMG she got 100 wey! then they clap clap and WHoooo~!
Hahhaa..Funny...coz moral class..3B1 and 3B6 yeah..xD
Hmm..I was kinda angry abt sumthin..
But after tht i chilled lar..
Oh Yesh! At night..well at 6.30pm..
Went out with Shu xin and SUe Mei to Tebrau City.
Went to buy some prezies..coz alot of bday's comin up..
Then i went to teh toilet..for a while..
And when i came out..I found out tht They bought a card..
This really HUGE card that cost RM20...
When we all knew the price we were like..O_O!!!! the most shocked one..
Was me..Haha...Neways..Bought lotsa prezies..and me..
Bought some stuffs i wanted like really loong time ago..Then headed home.

WEDNESDAY! 28th March 2007! It was Zhe Ching's Bday!!! WooooT~! Gave him his prezie..Glad he liked it..=) coz i saw him wearing it in the evening when he droped by school for a while..Anyways..I stayed back tht have drama prac..and only like 6 ppl stayed me 7..the other 5 ppl dunno wht happen...Zzzz.. neways..They are not tht cooperative...Like..Hey..whats new..that happens every year..Blehh..But i won't give up..And i'll show them how determine Celine Yap is and they shall hopefully learn to give some coorperation..So neways..after drama prac..We gave Chwee Ting a suprise! =D! Like the HUGE card we bought was for her..So yeah..In the morning i had to go on the bus with tht gigantic card..which attracted many attentions..and they all went..Waaah..Wats big..I was like..LOL..=P here goes..Chwee ting is a person..Who doesn't cry easily..Who doens't get touched easily..and is e tough tough Kawad Commander..hahaha...But then i'm glad..coz me and a group of friends went to her singing and gave her the card..and she cried..Awww...Well..Girl u cant bluff me..I saw tht tear..=P haha..And i'm glad we managed to touch her...=) At night received this sms from her..

"Hey i really wanna thank you for whtever u did today..Actually I'm really touched..But i'm just shy to cry infront of u guys..=P The present i received from u guys today..Was really one of the best presents i've had for this pass 18 years of my life..I feel so happy about the present..and just feel like showing it off to the whole school! Thank you for all those memories and precious moments we had together in this secondary stage of my life. Your the best! Will nvr forget you!"

I just smiled as i read tht sms..=) I'm glad ur happy girl..^^ Hugs! Reached home at like erm..5.30pm..Then at 7pm till 12am i was here..infront of my com..writting the script for my drama competition..okay..I was really like..T_T coz was soo soo tired..hahaha..And it was like a never ending scirpt..hhahaha..Finally finished it at 12am and went to sleep..Haha..Jia Jie..he was like..Eh go sleep leh and all tht..Haha..Thx for the concern..xD Sorry for not replying though..haha..When i din reply him..he was like..Wei...dun this leh..I will sakit hati? lol? hahaha... was...really...really...TIred!!!! But had to stay back anyways..Had drama practice..Today school ended at 1.50pm..not drama prac started earlier..And TODAY..FINALLY had ALMOST everyone of the drama team memebers there...except for two tht was good..and TODAY..was the FIRST REAL practice we've had compared to the other days..So i'm really glad..Just tht i'm kinda loosing my voice..=/ Director..wht to do..gotta talk alot..Blerh...Then was kinda encouraged when some of my members told me they would go buy new clothes just coz of this yeah..=) i'm happy tht finally some coorperations coming in..=D! Nvr give up and u'll see wht hard work can do..=D haha..i'm glad..tht they saw my effort put in and they actually changed their mind sets..Cool =)


I already know wht to do for my History kerja kursus. And the title is "Adat Perkahwinan" But since i dun know much about chinese weddings and all..or rather i feel like malay weddings have more information to feel my kerja kursus with therefore tht explains my choice. So Anyways..I'll be doing "Adat perkahwinan Masyarakat Melayu" So if any of u have any nice pics..or good info or any of tht sort..Feel free to share..=D! Jangan kedekut ya..Hehe..=P

THX Y'ALL! Hugs!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Ahhhhh! Noooo...! i lay in my bed..
So cold and comfortable..
I realise sumthin..Hmms..
"eh? why feel like the sky so bright one..wht day is it?Hmm..Its..Monday..Yeah..OMG! IT'S MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!"
Then i woke up imeadietly and looked at the time..
It was 7am..i was like..OMG!
Then i woke up my mum..
And u know..Its sad..coz i missed the bus..xD
And like..Din wake up earlier coz the alarm clock went off..=.=!
And so..I woke up at 7am..thank God.. pretty late for me..
Coz i always wake up at 5.30am or 5.40am..
So yes..I had extra 1 hour plus of sleep..
Which was awesome..wakakakkaa..
But then..again..i missed my bus...=(

Rushed to get ready..couldn't believe i actually got ready in 10 minutes..and then woke up my brothers..THEY WOULDn'T BUDGE! they were like.."ehh..dun kacau lar..wanna sleep.." i was like WAKE UPPPPPPPPP! grrrrr! then FINALLY when we were all dad to fetch us to school..and was just on that was great..=D! Hmm..then our Science paper today..and everyone went mad,crazy,geram and some were just laughing their heads off. Okay. Reason.

It's coz my Science teacher marked our exam paper really unreasonably okay! LIKE..One example!

It shows a picture of a cylinder with water inside..and they ask..Where is the correct position to read the volume of the we drew at the spot we were sposed too..BUT everyone got it wrong..We ask her WHY?! Guess what she says? "Because Your Arrow is too Short." we were all like...WHAT THE @%*&*&##!!!!!!!! Arrow too short?! GRRRRRR! Mengeramkan! and theres other more examples but i guess i shouldn't get into them..coz..i guess i'll start gettin all geramed again and start typing real hard till my key board may spoil..=) LOL..Okay..Anyways! After school had extra class...So hmm..Hui Chee brought her camera..So we started taking pics like nonsense..but i dun have the pics nvm..shall not upload any..=P

After extra class..I had drama Practice..and all of a sudden..they make me like do almost everything..=.= okay..nvm..forget abt tht..i dun care anyways..bleh...used to it..Zzz..It went alright i guess..Hmm...Then glad tht "my friend" is alright..but just hope she doesn't get hurt badly again..and that she made the right choice..=/ No matter what i'll always be behind u supporting u! =) MR.Anonymous..Dun u dare hurt her..U hurt her again..ur so gonna get it from me k..Serious.No Joke.

K..To some ppl..STOP sms-ing me for the month..I'm outta credit..Tak boleh reply u..So dun go asking me..Why din reply me..And all that..Zzz..(U guys know who u are. =P)

Thats all for today i guess..
And yes..I agree with what someone said to me..
"Love can be wonderfull but it can suck so badly sumtimes."
Yesh..I agree. LoL..well..everything have their bads and goods yeah?


Saturday, March 24, 2007


Hur hur hur...T_T
Bored..Todayy...woke up..
Went to school..sat around..
then take awards...
Then go makan with weng chong..
Then balik rumah...Stone stone stone..
Then Chee Hau call me go Jam..
So jam jam jam..Untill i received an sms..
From an unknown number..
it went like this..
"I love you,Celine! I'm your biggest fan! =)"
I replied.."Who are you?"
"I'm your biggest fan! =D"
I replied.."LoL? who are u? if u dun say i wont reply edy.."
"Dont reply lor..then u'll nvr know who i am.."
I replied.."=.=! i know ur from KL.."
"Correct! okay..I'll be nice..Hi Tomato! =)"
I was like....klasjdakljdlakjd! U FRUIT!!!!!
hahaha..It appeared to be Beng..LIM KIEN BENG..
xD hahaa..Yay! finally using digi! wahahaha..
Cool..Digi user! welcome to the family babeh! xD

After that..Online..then bored of on9-ing..
Go shuffle...shuffle...shuffle..
Haha..and realized that shuffling actually helps me..
Helps me by releasing stress and all..
xD..i dunno how to explain just
Shuffle untill tired giler..
Then chit chat with mum untill i fell asleep..

And now here i am..blogging..Online again..haha..
what a wasted
I shall make the day a blast by going to the movies later at night..=P
Lalalala~! hahahaha...So hmms..
To the Movies i shall Go..=P
Wanna watch Stomp the Yard! Woot~!
Hopefully its out alrdy.. ;)
Well..thats all for today..

WOOOT~! Huggiex! =)

Friday, March 23, 2007


Yo ma PpL! How ya doin?!
Hahahaha..Alrighty man..
Exams over man..Over man..OVER!!!!!!
LOL..i'm making as if this exam was like PMR or sumthin..
Too bad..its just a plain old setara..xD
Well neways..WEDNESDAY!
I had Like erm Science and Geo?
Well Science paper 1 was like..EASYYY! hahaha..
Finished it in 25 minutes..well..when i just started..
I looked outside..and i saw my dad..i was like..Huh?
Whats he doing here? then he did some hand signs and dissapeared..
i was like..Whaaatt??? nvm..just continue doing..
Suddenly the Penolong Kanan come look for me..
Then he asked me to go out the class..
Then he said.."Eh..ur neck pain ah?"
I said.." " he was like.."U sure? really?"
I was like..Yesssss!!!! haha..then went back in class..
Then when i finish doing alrdy..just bored..
Sit there..suddenly my dad appear again..i was like..Huh?
Then he ask me go out..ok lor..
Went out..and he said..How long u want me to wait for u?
Ur neck pain right? U called me to come right?
I was like.."WHERE GOTTT?!!!!
Then my dad said..Hmm..OH! sorry..i think it was ur lil bro
who called me to come get him..then he went off..
and everyone in class was like looking at me when i went back in..
Coz obviously they overheard the whole conversation for..
exam times are quiet and my dad spoke pretty loud..
Hahaha...Funny...LoL...Science 2 was alrgiht..
And geo was alright too...ok study..good...can answer..

THURSDAY! well i had Maths 2 and erm wht was tht...KH? i think? xD oh man..thursday was like..yesterday..and i cant rmb..thts baddd..hahahahaha...yes yes..Maths 2 was okay..not hard..not easy..quite easy lar actually..haha..KH...alamak..EASY like dunno wht..=P hahaha...Erm thrusday..Ahhh..yes...after school..A girl named celine was walking down the stairs..when a group of idiotic indian guys were being plain childish and started pushing each other and all..and they kept pushing me..and one time i fell..but Wen Long caught me..=P And he got pretty annoyed and furious? coz they made me fall? hahahaha...but i din fall thx to wen long..=P hahaz..thank uu! =) and he went like.."OY! whats your problem?! Push push push..Childish like @#$%^& and toooooottt #$%^&*" hahaha..Then they said.."Wht the @#$% and bla blaaaaa blaaaaa" and then Wen Long pushed them back..and said.."Nah...i push u..Like it? U like anot i push u? F*#$ U.." Then those dudes went.."Ok la..sorry la.." LoL..i din expect Wen Long to react that..Erm..Big-ly? Hmmsh..Thanks for catching me anyways..=) hahaha..
TODAY...Ahmmm...Well...I received a phone call my sue mei yesterday...And i somehow..i just felt tht there was something wrong..Hmms..Then this morning..I found out..Tht problem..i was like..I KNEW IT! hmm..quite a..moody day today lar..coz of tht prob..The fren got problem..Aihhs...XIAN LAR.......All i can do is just go...Zzzzzz...Then had Moral,Siviks and Seni...Oh mann...I WAS BORED LIKE CRAZY...did moral in 10minutes..did siviks in 15minutes..and stone there for like 1 hour plus...Zzzzzz! bored like crazy...I just couldnt sit still..hahaha..=P and so..Seni was aight..I wanted to like paint..but found painting stuffs..were GONE?! Coz My LiL bro took em out to use em..=.= so i only had the paint and a sponge...But still i managed to finish my seni..=D! and i'm pretty please at my work though..Bwahahahahhaa..=P
After school..was keeping my stuffs..then suddenly realise..Sue Mei was gone..T_T she din wait for me...=( haha..nah lar..i dun blame her either for wanting to get out of school fast..I get cha sista! walked back with Grace,Weng Chong,Fu Chen and Rachel..Went to rachel's hse..then makan..after tht walked back to school to have drama discussion..and then i suddenly had the role of "Director" now i gotta direct the drama...blehhhh....anywayss..after tht..went to Grace's hse...stone there...Game there..Teach her piano..Chat chat chat...and then yeah..I went home..So thats abt it lor...Nth much..hahaha...
Hmms...tmr gotta go to school..
Because..I got duty to do..
And I would be receiving Award for Best Subject.
And its also PIBG meeting..Zzzzzzzz....
then after school..I dun care edy lar..
I watch alone..or with someone..
I wanna go Tebrau City lepak..
watch movie..relieve stress...=P
Hahahaha...Yes...A great way..
to enjoy urself..=P
alrights..enough of my daily ramblings.
Ciao y'all!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

It Ends today...=)

Hey PpL!!
Okayh..Today was...Alright i guess?
Feel sooo tired man..Aiks..
Well..Had BI1 and Maths 1 today..
Couldn't take BI2 coz like i had to go debate..
Yeah...BI of course easy..Maths1..=/
Difficult ler...T_T the whole class says so too!
Blerghs..neways..Me brought teh camera to school today..
Bwhahaha..stress reliever? Nahh..Debate competition..
But still..we had free times in class? =)!

My Darlynnn!!!! =)

LOL..Teh class of 3B1 during free times?

My dunggu Bestie(Kaw) and Khoo at the back! ^^

Sue Mei And Grace

US!!! =)

Hui Chee and Me!

Awww..How cute...=P

Bwahahaha.. =D!

Besties 4 Life!

Yan Bin & Me! Take 1! Aih..Shaky..Tsk tsk..
TAKE 2! Still Blur..=( Thx to Kaw lar..shaky hands...HMMPH!

And Sue mei to the rescue! TADAAAA! =D!

See No EVIL! Speak No EVIL! Hear No EVIL! xD

After snapping pics..haha..Went off to the com lab and uhh..suppose to help the 3 speakers out..but erm..They're done? So we all just went to youtube and listen to music..xD hahaha...Relaxx ourselves.....=P Soon our competitors arrived..debate started..i was like so tired..that i almost fell asleep..=/ And We were against SMK PERMAS JAYA. Well they're good competitiors really...for the first time in this 2 rounds we've gone through..There was actually a REAL competition going on this time..hahaha..And we lost...awww...but i'm kinda glad we did in a way..Coz yeah..No more staybacks for debate pracs! =D! and no more skipping classes! Wheee~! and NO more Skipping exams!!! And No More..No More...*Someone!* Whee~! xD hahaha...Alright..tmr i have more exams to tend to..C ya! =)


Monday, March 19, 2007


Yesterday..had church..
Hmm was back-up singer tht day..
For praise and worship..
Then yeah..was still sick..
So half way through felt like dizzy..
They tahaaaaannnn! untill come down..
Mmm..Its one could see i was sick..=)!
Except for some ppl..hahaha..
and Bryan said tht i was very pale..
lol...Other then one else realised i guess?

Neways after church..went makan with family and Bryan..Aiyor..we should be loyal to the restaurant we always go to lar..hmmph! go to the one opposite..then got stewpit..ANYWAY..went back church for Mighty Kids program..played the keyboard..Jolisa worship dat lor..Hahaha..My keyboard skills are improving..I think? =P theres like no chords u know..gotta figure out the chords myself there and then. Blarhh..menyusahkan..then erm after tht..we went to Tebrau City..and waited for Mel to finish work..She was at the Cashier at the CD roma she was rather went talk talk with her...then went off..go sit outside yamaha and study..then i finish edy..i was like..aiyo..cannot study properly lar...coz yamaha there so i went in..Rupa-rupanya it's my brother playing the drums and 2 other guys.One bassist and guitarist. Their good though. Hmm..Jam watch them jam a while..then i walk up...

Bum into some ppl...after Mel finished her work at like 7pm...We 4 siblings went to catch a movie together! =) awww...what a nice way to end the holidays..hahaha..=D! wathed "Bridge to Teribitha" quite nice show though..Touching..haha..Me and Benson liked it..Mel and Benroy didn't really like it..=/ Hmmph..So after watching..We walked out the cinema hall..HAHAH..Mel,Me,Benroy and Benson saw one door open..So Mel and Benroy went and Peek at wht show it was..untill some ppl came..then Mel and Benroy like me and benson also like ...Follow lar..hahaha...went home..then study study study till 12am then go sleep.

TODAY! woke up..tired lar...
Then yeah..when reached more...
Then after that started to feel dizzy again..=(
Dizzy untill reached class...haih...
But Exams all went welll!
BM 1 was like easyyy!
History was okay..normal..But it felt so looong!
haha....yeah...felt very loong..hmms...
But i could answer alot of questions! =P HISTORY!
Bwahahaha...BM2 easy also lar...
So thats abt it...Gtg now.Mmms..Take cares y'all!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Touched By a BreadMan Story.

Well hey guys...
Hmm..This past two days..
I've been having very high fever till..
i couldnt move around much..
And my fever was so high that i was boiling..
haha..benson came and touch my head and went..
"Ouch! her head can fry egg man.." was really very high..and hot..
Tht i was scared i may get brain damage or
my eyes get affected or sumthing..
Thank God nth of tht sort happen..
And thanks for the prayers y'all! =)
Means alot..haha..And i'm bloated with water lar..
The pass 2 days i've been drinking water water water only..
And whenever i tried to eat i would feel like puking..
So yeah..i'm filled with waterrrrrrrrrr...
But now can eat least...=/

wells..I think i should be able to continue studying today..=D! And hmm..once again..this certain "prob" has arise..again.........And it reminds me..Of the struggle me and my family went through last time..and felt really touch when i recalled this certain Breadman..The generosity in him..was just so...awesome..and that..its just..i dunno how to put it..just really overwhelming..and like..While we were staying in Sg.Buloh..We had not much $$ and was like in hunger? hehs..And we went to this certain shop to ask to owe for a loaft of bread..but he wouldnt want okay then..we went home..and this old uncle..who sells bread and buns on a motor passed by..and we ran out and asked whether we could owe till we had $$ to pay him back..And..He imediately said Yeah Sure..with that kind smile on his face...=) And he din even bother to record down what we took from him..He said..U record down whtever u take urself ...Whoa..That kind of trust..for a stranger..he nvr knew..Just awesome really..and he nvr once came and chase us for wht we owe him..Or even ask for tht matter..he'll just wait till we paid him..This old man..Was just simply so kind..generous..And i was truly touched and still am..And i so believe he was just simply sent by God..and..How awesome my god is..=)

This old man..Has really inspired me..and i really admire him so much..And so..i have promised myself..That whenever i'm ABLE to help someone..I wouldn't help them by saying.."Nah..I lent u this this much first.." No..If u wanna help someone..Be sincere abt it lar..i wouldn't lend..instead...I would give..Coz..i dunno..I'm just so blessed that..I just gotta share this blessing really..And being able to help someone rewards u with the greatest feeling ever..=)

Alright..time for me to study.
Take cares y'all! <3

Thursday, March 15, 2007


Okay...My setara..
This coming Monday..
which is in like 3 more days..
I try to study..
I try so hard..
But nth can absorb into my mind..
As time flies..My setara is coming nearer and nearer..
But i feel so helpless when i noe i should be studying..
I do..But it gives no benefit. Coz nth does go into this brain of mine!
Grrr...And i feel so frustrated when tht happens..
I can sit there studying for hours..
But nth goes in..Well maybe a tinsy bit..
But..overall..Nth. =.=
Nvm..i'll go try again later after blogging..
I must lar..i cant just sit around and rest anymore..
Feel so guilty..=/

Neways..I've come to realise..How GOD made all things in this world..Not being able to function without another thing. for example..A toaster is totally no use if there was no bread. The monitor of a computer is useless if not for the cpu. headphones are no use if not for music. cameras are no use if not for batteries. We cant clap if we only had ONE hand..we cant talk if we had no tongue. It just the same for people. I believe no one in this world could survive long..ALONE. All humans needs someone..a whtever..yeah..So true..=P

Well..I gtg noww..
PpL..Prayers i need!!!!
Thanks guys! =)

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I'm Overwhelmed with JOY =)

Hey there PpL! How Y'all doin?
Well Neways..Let me Startsss..
SATURDAY..Well..woke up late?
Haha..around 10am..=P
Then went to Church in the evening..
And after fetching carl and Bryan home..
Went to Giant to Shop? =P
Now i nice..Giant is a place..
For shopping! haha..Unexpected really..
Like..GIANT! haha..okok..anyways..
I saw Low Chee Hua!!!!! =D!
He's working in a Computer shop there..
After Giant went to Tebrau City..
and just hanged around TC till 11.30pm..
Coz yeah..waited for my sis to finish her work..
Then headed back Home...Tired i was! haha..

SUNDAY! yesh! went to church..GREAT worship that day! and went to makan with family,bryan and carl..and then went back to church for the childrens ministry programme. This week eunice was doing the worship..and she Cool! i only had to play the keyboard thats all..hahaha...The thing is...there was no chords or wht so ever..So i had to figure out the chords there and then..But it was okay lar..Hmm..=) After "Mighty Kids" Me,Bryan,Benson and Benroy Jammed together in church..hahaha..Was cool..But lame at the same time..xD So neways..fetched Carl and Bryan home..hahar...tht dunggu..EVERY SUNDAY...let me stress this word..EVERY sunday...he would just do the same thing..EVERy sunday..and that is.."Tickle" WHAT LARRR...U Know.."Boy boy ah..Dun play on the road lar..POLIS almost knocked into you!" ChiiiiH...I was like..POLIS! POLIS! he still over there..Hehe..trying to tickle me..ON THE ROAD..=.=!!!!!! aiyoh eh..hahaha...Bish*! After that went to makan steambot with me friends!!!! Actually this is a celebration for PBSM's victory in perbarisan! Though i wasn't in Perbarisan this year..but they called me to join yeah..Went to makan steambot beside "the store".

PICTURES!!!!!!!!! =D!

Somehow..Zi Yang was so annoying that day and getting on everyones me and Khoo Mei couldn't tahan and just...Just..BISH*!!!! HMMPH..serve u right wey! Blueks!

We had a totally awesome time! Haha! we played this game called "Zhong chi Min Ma" *dunno whether i spelled it right =/* but anyways..Whoever guessed the right number..had to eat the number of cups of ice cream based on how many rounds we played. So lets say if round 1,tht person eats one cup in 20 secs! round 2 tht person eats 2 cups and it goes on..hahahaha..In the end..we ended up eating 64 cups of ice cream!!!! @_@ haha..i had to eat 4cups that day..Poor Min Fang..she had to eat 10! hahaha..she was almost half dead already..And because we had to eat em in 20 seconds..alot of us got teeth pain..haha..COLD!

We left at like 10pm..Then went to the store..Saw Buan Fei!!!! =D! haha..he's working there in Kopitiam..and he was moping the floor..and then he stood infront of me..with the mop..and said.."U shall Not pass!" i was like..=.=!!!!!!!! hahaha..But was glad to see him..Miss him lots!

MONDAY!!! Woke up at 10am..
And went to ah Boon's hse..
like 3o ppl gathered at Ah Boon's Hse..
Because we planned to give Sim a Bday Suprise!
Actually he wanted to go to Red Box..
But i dunno got cancelled..
So we decided to suprise him..
So yeah..Whoa..30 ppl..hahaha..
we pakat with Sim's mom..
and told her we wanted to give him a suprise party..
So his mother cooked and all..
And we came in Sim's hse through the back door..
and stayed in the kitchen for a while..
While Sim's mother went and call him to come down..
Then we went out of the kitchen Singing happy bday
with teh oh so lovely chocolate cake! haha..
xD..wat lar..hahaha...then after he cut the cake and all..
We all sang a few songs for him..and he was trying very hard..
not to let that tear in his eye flow down..=P
ELEH..Buat Macho ajer..xD But really..
when all of us sang together..i was touched too..
Haha..the sound of 30ppl singing together..
Plus those meaningful songs...Awwwww...=)

After That..I went to Sue Mei's hse..and chat with her mom for a while...Then went to Tebrau City..with her mom and sisters..and of course Sue mei as well..Then we planned to catch a and sue mei..suddenly turn out..Zi yang came..and Kaw tooo..So it really gave a WRONG WRONG impression kkk...Coz like Sue Mei and Yang are together..Me and Kaw are best friends..Well I treat him as my best friend lar..He..Ahem..okay lets not get to tht..=P So on tht very Monday...ALOT of ppl from my school were roaming around Tebrau City..and went..OMG!!!! Kaw managed to get Her?! Their a couple now?! Yeaah rigghtttt...WE ARE NOT ok ppl..NOT...i repeat..NOT...So neways..we watched Norbit together...hahaha..Funny Movie lar! "How You Doin?" xD Poor husband..haha..Guys..make sure u dun get a wife tht over rules u and like u know..ORDERS u around like crazy..haha..

After teh movie..went to KFC to makan..Wat lar..Zi yang was we just went there lar..i said i din wanna eat..then he go buy two drinks..and two meals..And Said..ONE meal is for You and Kaw and The other meal is for me and sue mei..I was like... grrrrrrrrr! apa lar..then after tht went to take Neo print..Bwahahha..And reached home at 7pm..Had fun wey..haha...

Then at night..Onlined..
and was happy lar..
Coz i dunno..Was just hyper yesterday..=P
Then b4 i slept..Went to view one of my friends blog..
And found out tht i actually got to help her..=)
So i was like really glad..hahaha..
So when i was like on my bed..
I was just smilling only..
Untill i slept..=P
The feeling of being able to help someone..
Is really just awesome..well for me..=)
Hahaha..And Yeaaaa..Thank You Calvin..
For helping me do sumthing..Haha..
He was like abt to sleep..then i asked him for a favour..
Then yeah..THANK YOU!! =D! Hugs!
Well..I've been having Wonderful Days lately..
So Happy..Hahaa..Like the title of this blog..
I'm overwhelmed with Joy! =)

Friday, March 09, 2007

Only PpL who Are close to me are worth my tears.

Heya ppl..Well this week..
Has been..............okay....i guess...
Well on Monday..Extra classes started.
So now my school hours finish officially at 3pm.
How neways..monday was alrite i guess..
Tuesday..After recess..spent the rest of the day
In the computer lab practicing debate till after school..
Did the same thing on Wednesday too..
And yeah..Those two days..went home only at 6pm.
and the thing is...I HAD TO WALK HOME.
So tiring lar...On wednesday..Spent the WHOLE day in the
Computer lab practicing till 6pm also....
And on Thursday..Was the day of the debate competition..
Practice the whole day at computer lab till
and then left for SMK Johor Jaya 1.
Yesh..we're against JJ1. So neways..
While we were at the computer lab.
Sum1 there actually spoiled my mood. =(
A !@#$ Teacher! She kept bossing me around...
Do this,Do that,Help him,Help her,Run down to get this..
IT WAS SOOO OBVIOUS..!%#$% lar...
Ish...GERAM LIKE...haih...So i went to youtube..
AND kept listening to the song "PATIENCE"
By Take That..Thanks to D for introducing!
And Keep holding on by Avril. Grrrh...

Anyways,The quarranty room was so stuffy wey. terrible. opened the windows..then some chinese dudes from JJ1 was like..Xiao Jie..Can we come in? Why close the door leh? and bla bla bla...i didn't layan them anyways...And they were making alot of Ben went to the windows and shut the windows..The dudes were like..WALAOOO...why so fierce worr..xD then waah...lagi stuffy lar..goodness...summore we were in there for like an hour..then finally a prefect came to bring us to the bilik tayagan which was where the debate competition would be held. Haha..then the guys outside were,eh coming out already..i was like..*rolls eyes* then okay..the debate overall was okay lar..not as fun as the first one..Annndd...The results were...*drumrolls.....................................PIANG!*
WE WON AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND WE'LL BE going TO DISTRICT LEVEL!!!

=) congrats team! well done! the only prob is of our team members wanna redraw from the competition because yeah..our setara coming..and that she say she cant concentrate on her studies well..hmms..but we need a malay in the how.............So after the debate competition...left for home. To sum up my day on thursday..It had Ups and Downs too lar..Like..I was really hurt by a few close ppl to me..So i was kinda really sad and hurt lar..then onlined..and put this as my personal msg."If u think u can cheer me up then PM me..If not...Just forget about it." And 3 awesome guys PM-ed me...My 3 Wonderful people...=) First guy to PM me...My best friend..Kaw Meng Chung..=) Second guy..Jia Jie aka Digimon! =) and lastly..Anand...And this 3 ppl..just kept trying to cheer me up..and didn't stop although and hour passed...Kaw And Jia Jie kept chtting with me and finding all ways to cheer me up..Anand on the other hand..went looking for Jokes..and kept posting Jokes he found in our conversation..haha..Aww man..u guys are just awesome..=) i felt so touched..and u guys did managed to cheer me up! For me..its not whether u succeed in cheering me up or not..For me..It's always the THOUGHT that counts..Thank you..Very much..=) I love u guys!!! Huggs!!

Well today..Hmm..Okay lar..Normal day..then came home. and went back to school to jam with my school band. so thats all.ciao.

"Only PpL who are close to me are WORTH my tears.I'm not someone who cries easily or alot.But only the PpL who are close to me can hurt me the most and make me cry.That..i have learn"

I did not cry.Dun worry.=)

Sunday, March 04, 2007


Hmm..Today..woke up early..
coz church started early..
coz after church had AGM meeting..
So hmms..Yeah..Like dat lor..
After church went to Bryan's hse..
Then just chill there a while..
Then went back to church..
for the Childrens ministry program..
Bryan was suppose to be worship leader..
BUT he made me lead! HMMPH! u arrr...BISH*!
Yeah..Thats abt it lor..
Tmr monday..back to school again..Hmms..
And...*drumRolls* I'm MEL's HEIGHT!!! aka MY JIE JIE!
Or maybe i'm taller..=P WHEE~!!!! LALALa~!!!
And...omg...I just put my nickname in MSN as POKEMON.
For the fun of it..and now..PpL are calling me POKEMON...=.=!
And...some certain ppl used to call me kambing..or goat..
and now Mel who IS the culprit of starting that Kambing thing..
Said..Nahh..Lets not call her kambing or goat anymore..
Lets call her Mutton! =D!
GRRRRRR.......And now some ppl are goin..Eyh Mutton! LIKE....
And..MR.KMC dun so xiao qi. =P

Saturday, March 03, 2007


Darn it la..I'm gettin annoyed by my brothers.
Firstly Benroy just keeps shouting like crazy..
Calling me to go see something that i told him i dun wan to..
Secondly..Benson keeps fartting like crazy in the com room..
And i'm gettin so freaking frustrated!
WHAT THE~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!


Bout thursday..Went to danny boy's hse..
Ate alot of homemade cookies..
Omg..the chocolate chip want totally tasted like teh Famous Amos cookies!
Totally amaizezing! =D!
Then yesterday..Was in the KH bengkel the whole day..
Doing my porject (kerja kayu)
Aww man..Me so proud of the project i did.
SO SO happy that no where was senget-ed like last years one..
It was all just..Oh..! Perfect! hahaha..=P
So yes..the outcome was Mar-Ve-LL-oUs!
Then was like soooo tired..
After school ended..had jamming with the school Band.
The school band just formed up.
Me,Michael,Victor,Benson,Jeff and Jun Xian.
And the thing is..All of them are form5. makes me think..I'll be left alone next year..
hahaa..maaaan...T_T Guysssss..Mengapa this year only start?!
Well neways..Jamming was okay lar..the last song was nicesh..=)!

So it was raining..and me and ben had to walk home..
Coz dads car broke down in S'pore.
So I gave Benson my file to cover his head..
Coz he said he dun wanna fall sick. So ok lor..
I gave him my file to cover his head from the rain.
So me on the other hand..Got soaked..haha..
Ceh waaa..I'm such a good sister..=P
Then when we reached home..nth much lar..
Onlined..but was lazy to blog..
Then at night..Benson got a fever.
I thought..Hmm..He had my file covering his head..
While i didn't had anything to cover my head..
But he still fell sick..and I didn't..
hahaha..nah lar..Benson's weak.=P jkjk..

TODAY..woke some toot fella smsed me..
Then i read the msg..
"Somebody very sombong already lar..See old fren also dun wan say Hi lar.."
I was like..Chiih! Then went back to sleep..
Gosh..this guy is gettin on my nerves lar..
I was walking with Ben the other day and We passed by the Field.
He was in the field playing football.
I was very tired tht day and not so much in a good mood.
And He asked Ben..EYH! Ur girlfriend Ah??
Ben looked at me and said..YEAH.
Then i was like..LOL. Thx ben..=)
Then i guess he found out tht the girl beside ben..
the other day was me...Like.excuse me lar.
My fault i din say hi? U din even regconize me.
Beat tht.HmmpH! And furthermore..
I dun really like to talk to ppl like you..forgive me for saying this..
but u were really a

Neways...Slacked the whole day..
And managed to get all the rest i needed..
Bwahahaha..=D! and chatted with dad and mum alot today.
Mum..chatted bout other stuffs.=P
Dad..we started talking bout KL again.
He asked me to go to KL alone without the rest of em.
To take care of my grandma.Hmm..
I thought about it...Living there alone would be hard..
No transport...and going to church would be a prob.
But i don't mind really. just the transport thingy.
and T_T theres no computer thereeee..haha..yes yes..
I know theres sumthing called cyber cafe. but..
Having ur own com would be better now wouldnt it.=)
and it wouldn't cost u much compared to going to cc.
So neways..Most probally i would be in KL next year.
But I'll see how things go..Alright...
Thats All fer now. Ciaoz ppl!