Saturday, January 27, 2007

It Touched Me..

This Video..Somehow..Touched me.. And Made Me Smile..=)
It kinda reflects life..When ur down..
Ur striving so so hard..and life is just simply..
Black..and White..Till eventually..
Someone comes along..Someone who cares..
And Our life suddenly fills up with colours..
But just when we thought things were going well..
Theres always people there..standing by..
to bring us down to our weekest points..
However..The people around us that CARE..
Are stronger..and More in Number compared to the
People who Tries to Bring Us down..
They Support us ALL the way..And prove those
Who try to bring us down WRONG..
And because of them..Our Life Continues to Stay Colourful..
The word "Love" is a Very Simple Word..
But It can Mean So much More..
Beneath the message of love is the message of trust.
People will surprise you if you give them the chance

I'm seriously touched...

Friday, January 26, 2007


Saya Baru Meyakiti Hati Seseorang Dengan Teruk....
Maaf...Sighs..I Don't Find fun In doing this..=/
It sucks..But i just had to..Oh wells..
I guess it's better now then later..
Anyways Time for Me to Move on..

Wells..Didn't go to my friends hse today..Hmms..Still sick..So yeah..And i'm ain't gonna go to school tmr..Yesh..It's a Saturday and i have school because of replacements..But they're gonna have sukan tara..and i dun think i would survive standing in the padang and doing all sorts of sports especially in my condition right now..So yeah...

I received an sms from my dear bud Raymond just now..He's on the plane right now..Along with Kelsey and Kelly..And their gonna go to Australia and study in a boarding school there..Special Message To The 3 of You!!

Will really really miss you guys loads..The times we got to spend together in camps and in conferences were AWESOME!!! and truly unforgettable..WILL NEVER forget those times we spent together..Hey..! gettin to know you guys were simply just a blessing..ALL THE BEST in whatever you do!! Will always remember you guys in my prayers..NVR give up no matter what your going through because the Lord will always be right there waiting to catch you whenever u stumble..but he will NVR let you fall..For he's unfailling love for you guys is forever..

Hey girls! You both are awesome dancers i must say! Gettin to know u both in DYC & M.A.D was just wonderful..Will never forget those times..=) But hey..It was sad that we din get to meet up last year..

Heyy Man!! First of all..You play so awesomely well for the Lord with your electric guitar mann! Ur one heck of a guitarist! KEEP IT UP!! The times in M.A.D was just simply amazing..It was Great that i got to see you and the St.Petes dudes in PS CONFERENCE again!! But unfortunately we got to catch up very little because of my duties..But on top of that all..I'm glad we met up once again b4 you had to leave for Aussie..=)

Hey..Keep in touch aites! Hugs! Miss u All Loads!

Hmms..I hope they'll reach Aussie safely..
Alright..thats all for now..

Ta~! <3

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Weather Change!!

Hey There..Hehs..Saturday was alrite i guess?
Slacked the whole day if i could recall? =P
Well On sunday..As usual only left church only at 5.30pm..
Coz needed to worship lead for the childrens programme..
And after that went to Tebrau City..
Hwahaha..Walk here...Walk there...
And suddenly i thought of going to AL-iKhSaN..
To look for some jackets..=P
And OH how wonderful that i found one Adidas Jacket!
And the cherry on top of the cake was that..
From RM229.90 the price droped to RM89!!!
Because they wanted to clear off the stocks..
Coz of new jackets coming in..WHEEE~!
I was like telling myself..I SO GOT TO GET THIS!
Coz it's not everytime u get to find sumthin u like..
for a reasonable price right? =P So...
I bought it. AW YEAAAH MANNN!

Haha..It's been long since i've bought something that expensive for myself..=P Then Benory saw..and he liked it too..So he went and bought one too..but different colour thats all..hahax...So happyyy! But on the other hand..I should be saving that money...My handphone has totally went cant even ON! aikss...Used that friggin samsung for 5 years already..Hmm..I guess its time i bought myself a new one..But the jacket was a MUST! was the like the only dark blue left and the price was reasonable..hmmx..No more spending for me till i buy my new now using my dads company phone for the moment..i've made up my mind after some reasearching and all..I'm gonna save up to buy Sony Erricsson w810i..=)

Monday..normal day as usual..Tuesday..After school..Got a Sore Throat that leaded to a Flu and Now a Fever..Aiks...So on Wednesday when i went to school..I was like having fever..But i just simply cant Miss School lar..I dun wanna miss out on my studies..coz having to catch up and being left out from studies is like WORSE..I've experienced that last year..Heh..No more this year was like darn sick la..but could absorb whtever the teacher thought..Haha..Then the news tht i was sick travelled from my classmates to my form 4 and form 5 they came to my class and was like.."Ehhh! u ok anot?!" and whenever there was no teacher in the class i would be like lying down on my desk..suddenly got hands touching my forhead la..and all..haha... Then Another one was like.."Ehh...U cold anot? I go borrow jacket for u!" then after a while suddenly Rach put a jacket on me from the back..hahaha..Then the rest of them was like..want penadol anot? want this? want that? xD..Aww man..Thanks so much for your love and care guyss!!! Means alot to me..=) I appreaciate it loads!!!

TODAY! Wen Long or Chen Siang bought fishermans for me..Hahax..So cute..lolx..Thoughtful of them..=) Thank u guys! ILU~! Hugs! and although i had fever..the love that i received from my friends gave me the energy to go through the day..haha..And Oops..Sue Mei caught a fever from me too..but her fever was minor..Phew! thank God..shes alrite..Then Grace got so worked up over her prefect duties that she came back to the class weak and almost wanna pengsan like dat..I was like..Hey..Go Bilik Kesihatan..She keep saying dun wan,dun wan..Then suddenly she vomitted...I was like..Thats it man..Your going to the Bilik Kesihatan..and Dun u dare object..So I carried her 3 floors down and into the Bilik Kesihatan..Hehs..And after that..I started to feel dizzy myself..=/ I had forgotten that I too was having a carrying Grace all the way down and to the Bilik Kesihatan used up alot of my energy..But I was alright after a while..Though my fever rosed higher after that..=P Ah wells..She's my friend..So it's worth my energy..=) Hmms..The rest of the day was alrite..MAN..the weather is like crazy man..It's COLD,Then It's HOT,and COLD,Hot,COLD,HOT! now it's raining...=.=!! So stewpit la..Thats the reason why many are falling sick i guess..So u guyss better take good care ya..

Hmms..Decided to online today coz tomorrow..
I would be busy..Saturday have school and at Night..
Meng Chung and Yang will be coming to my hse..
Gotta Attend a Friends Party..Hmmx..
And Sunday..As usual..Out the whole day..
Therefore..Today It shall be..=P
Well hey U guys take care aites! Hugs!

Friday, January 19, 2007


Aloha yo...Its the end of the week again..This week have been..
Quite Interesting..haha..Well There was nth much on Monday..
Hmms..On tuesday..My spirits were kinda brought down
In school by a teacher..I feel like so dang annoyed la..
Theres this certain teacher that used to be close with me..
Till I found out her true colours..And now i'm no where near
Close to her..So i guess she just cant accept that fact..
And she goes round telling the whole school that i've
no respect for her and i ignore her and all those stuffs..
And she was like...She's turn from Good to those Bad Wanabe's.

And she asked all the teachers to blacklist me..What The Heck? Just because i dun go chit-chtting with her no more she does this? So alot of teachers didn't believe what she said and came to me one by one and asked me..Is it true? Bla bla bla bla..And they were like..I knew it..U couldn't possibly have turned into what that *teacher* said..Its good tht some teachers understands..Love U'all! Well anyways..HER BIG MOUTH caused some high rank teachers to blacklist me..and some other teachers were like...hey..go clear things out with her la..(tht teacher) I know ur not wht she said and all..Why dun u just go clear things out..Everybody is misunderstanding u because of what she told them..And i thought about it for a while..And i told the teacherss..i respect ur advice..but..i think talking to her wouldnt fix anything..Wht is done is done..I'll just let it be then...And they were like..But she's telling false stories abt u and bad rumours abt u to other teachers...

Hmms...I dun really care actually what them teachers BELIEVE all those crap *SHE* told long ppl who i love know me for who i am and not for how other ppl judge me then its ok..I felt really angry with her that day lar..coz...Who likes being judge for what others say? Especially when its all just crap..So anyways...I was quite down lar..and...My sweeet friends bought some chocolates for me and was like.."U want anot? " I was like...DUHHH! IT'S LIKE CHOCOLATE! and they were like "Nah..promise me u'll smile after i give U" hahaha...and all the rest were just cheerin me up and all...Hey..Love u guys tonx...Sniffx...Thx darlings!!!

After school Had Bowling Competition...and..I!!!!!! Aww Mannn! I went there with Cynthia...And later on..Wen Long,Zhe Ching,Chen Siang,Fu Qiang came to support us..haha...After teh competition..Went to the arcade and..MWAHAHHAA...Challenged Daytona with da guys! xD 1st round..I got 1st, the guys weren't happy coz they were beaten by a Gurl! So they treated me to the 2nd Round..I got 1st again..HAHHAHA! And they were reallly NoooT Satisfied and treated me to another game..And this time..They all gang up on me..Yerrr! So badddd! xD But ah well...It was great fun! =)!

Wednesday...Had to stayback..for PBSM meetin with The New Members..
All AJK's had to stayback and attend so hmms...
Thrusday..Stayed back again to do PC for the evening Sports.
And after that..Went out with Sue Mei to go buy Mei Jin A Present!!!
And went for her Bday party later on! =D!!!!
The party was the highlight of my day man...Coz like...
I got to see some really old friends that shifted school..
And it was just awesome..hahaha..Crazy Michael,Victor and Xiang
Made the parteh High man..Hahaha...There were just like ALOT of ppl There..
Untill we were all hanging out on the road..hahaha...Inside hse filled with ppl..
The Garden also filled with ppl..So we stood outside on the road..
Snapping pics and bein simply crazy..xD They are one Crazy bunch..
It was a great ending of the day..Despite the tiredness..haha...

TODAY...was the Cross-Country competition..Haha..The PBSM peeps were like..Eyy..Wanna be in pertolongan Cemas anot so u don't need to take part..I was like..Dun want lar...Wanna run..hahaha...Then they all came towards me and started testing my head temperature.."Ehh..Got fever ah?" lolx...NAH la...Its nice cross-country-ing lar..xD So well..Today...My goal was to Be the TOP TEN!!!! of runners...But unfortunately..I got number 14..Because..MR.FERDAUS wouldn't wanna give me the rubber band!!!!! (u need to collect all 4types of rubber band to show u din cheat..) ISH...He was like..HMMPH! dun wan give u..=P I was like..OYYYY! FASTERRRR! then he still playing with me..and 4 ppl ran past me..Darn it!!!!!! i was THIS close to being in the top-ten and owning myself a medal!!!! Gaaaaahhh....Everyone was like..Hey...U should be proud of urself man...being Number 14 out of thousand plus ppl is very GOOD ALREADY!!! But but...Ahhh...its the experience that counts lar...haha..Ahh well...Anyways after i reached the school..and run another 400meters around the school field and handing in all the rubber bands..I went to go chill la..And everyone i passed by was like...TOMATO!!!!! xD because my face was superly red...=P If u've seen how red my face can be..U'll understand..hahaha..I dunno why..But i become red very easily...

So well...Walked home with Leong and GG today..
and Now...I must be on my way to Taman pelangi..
For I'll be goin to Careen's hse after blogging this blog..
Conclusion of this week..It was awesome..=)
Though i did have some downs..But I'll always have Lots..
and lots...of Ups..For my friends are ALWAYS..right by my side..
Hugs! and Kisses to Ma LoveLy Darlings!
Take care Y'all!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Aloha LoveLy PwePLe!

Alrightyyy! Let me just start of with...
Hong's Cute DoggieS!!!!!
Well I like both of em..Both are cute...But..
I couldn't get any good shots of the BROWN ONE!!
So here is Teh Cutie White Doggie!!!!

Eyyyy...Don't take my PicTure!!! I Shyyyy!

OoOooOooo! Wats dat?? I see a Bright Light!!! I see An Angle!!

Good Bye my Lovely Owner Hong...Uek..*Hong: NOOOOOOO!!!!!*

HAHAHAHA! JUST JOKING!!! =P GOTCHAA!!!! NYAHAHAHAH! I still like so young could i possibly have "Uek"

BUT..Still dun wan let u take my pic..HMMPH!

BLUEK! Dun wannn! Hmmph!

Yer...Give up la...I dun wannn...

OK LAAAAR...THERE U GO! HAPPY? Ceh..I know i liek Cute right..*winks Winks* =D!

Haha..Sowee Lar..
I know u see also u'll be like..-_-'''!!!
But..With all the cute snap shots..
i just had to do wht i did above..=P
hehe..but CUTE RIGHTTT???!!!! =P *lalalala~!*
Ey Hong! Ur doggie a poser wei! Ahemx* Cough*
i wonder what u've been teachin it..=P hahaha...

Anyways had fun yesterday hanging out with U guys!!!! "BenJonAntHong" hahaha...Dinner time was darn funny la..xD Thx for e great night guys! <3!

Today..Woke Up like Extra Early..Dunno y..hahaha...Well anyways..JULIE JIE CAME BACK FROM UK ALREADY!!! So nicesh to see her again! =) Then had Mighty Kids..And after that..Dad had some stuffs to do in during that period of time..hehe..I decided to take some pics..Eyyy...I wass boreddd...=P

BB and Me outside da church..*AppLe! Seee! I'm wearing the 'ToMaTo' Necklace Ya gave me! I wear it everytime i go out! ^^

Went to Tebrau City and just slack and waste time..LoL...Mom needed to grab some groceries yeahh...and now i'm back home..Blogging..haha..and have to like go off in 5 minutes..Take care K! Hugs! God Bless!



Saturday, January 13, 2007


Aye...Had band prac right after band prac went over to Hong's Hse..Sweeet hse Hong..Nice deskstops...Flat screens..nice tv..nice HOUSE WEI...Hahah...hmms..using his chun com to blog now..hahah..and cute dogggies!!!!!!!! for the food for so darn long wei..hehs..and yehh...saw dang alot of veggies..xD those who were there would understand yeah..=P

His ohh so adorable doggies are like steppin all over the key board..=.= hard to typeeee... but they're totally cute wei..Anyways..dinner was great lar..quite ok wert..not to little not to much...just nice..=P BUT some of us is still like they like odered in the living room upstairs with ben,ant,mel,jon and ahha..Hong just said tht teh pizza has arrived..hahah..FULL already summore..gosh...

Aites..gtg now.Take cares y'all! Muacks! <33!

Friday, January 12, 2007

Nice to Be Back On..

AloHa pweple! =D! Its the end of the week..Again..Well i'm proud of myself coz i really got to stay off the computer for a week..=P But anyways..I shall start of ma week! Nyahaha! Well on Sunday..I waited...and Waited...for the clock to strike 12am Sharp! and why did i do tht? Becausee!!! *drumrolls!* i was waiting to call APPLE aka LIM KIEN BENG to wish her a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! *cheers!* So anyways..I called her at 11.45pm to make sure i was the first to wish her..=P hahaha..I know I know..Cheating..Who cares..=P *lalalala~* Well anyways It was Great talkin to her tht night..But course..We din get to chat long..hahaha..Reason.Its simple.I'm ThouGhtFul K! *ceh perasan..=.=!* yeah yeah...after wishing her talk abt 5 more mins and decided to give other ppl a chance to call her. Hahaha...

Hmms..The next day was darn tired..hahah..slept only like about 1am was fine..i guess..same old same old...studdy...studddy...studdddy...its not a bad just takes up time in our life..hahaha...At Night!!! Apple called Meee! It was awesome talkin to her tht night..hahaha..But whoa did time fly..but i had fun..=) Tuesday was..Just another special..haha..just did my part as a PMR candidate and studied the whole day. =P. Wednesday! had to stay back..=/ to do Pertolongan Cemas..coz sports practice started tht day..So now everytime theres a sports prac i'll have to stay back to make sure if any1 pengsan or almost die or whtever i'll be there to save them. hahaha..No lar..wun be untill THAAATT serious right..but then..if nth happen then no fun lar..=P *jahat..I know* hahas..But like tht day darn bored lar..just sit under the blazing HOT the school field..watchin them run..jump..etc..thats just ironic..because right after i reached started raining...BLERH.

Well...Thursday..It was still raining from wednesday night till thursday morning..and evening..and night...Raining superly duperly Heavy! Stayed back. AGAIN. Just coz i'm AJK tertinggi in PBSM so had to stay back for meeting. And yesterday everything seemed to be goin wrong for me and sue mei. Hehs..Hillarious..Sue Mei's mom was spose to fetch us to go Makan. But she nvr came. So we decided to go to the canteen to grab a bite. But the minute we reached the canteen..they shut the canteen door and close. We were like...*....speechless....* riggght...Just greeaat...So we went out the school to see if those Van's and Aunties tht always sell food outside my school was still there...

The minute we reached the outside gate..We stood the Van and Aunties drove away....T_T Me and sue mei walked to the foyer for the meeting hungry...Well after the meeting we waited for her mom. But she nvr came. so we decided to was drizzling. and as we guessed..When we were walkin half way..It started pouring Cats and Dogs! so we ran to the nearest shop lot...Hehs...we stood at the shop lot hungry and wet for like really long waiting for the rain to calm down..and as we waited there for a really long time..we were bored.Duh. So we started talking crab. hahaha...

A black Doggie happen to pass by..And Sue Mei..a person whose terrified of dogs was like..CELINE! Man..tht dog better not come over to us..I was like..Heh..and the doggie suddenly walked in our direction..I Laughed louder..while sue mei stood behind me terrified. xD suddenly a car almost knocked down the dog..but it din. Sue mei was like..Omg..thank goodness the dog din get run down..I was like..Even if it did..We would have something to do mar..We can go and check out the lungs and all its insides..And go like...OOOO! LUNGS! Bronchioles! xD *coz we're learning a chapter abt inner body parts now* =P

Hahahahaha...Heyy..i was bored..
i tend to start crabbin when i'm bored..
hahahaha..Everyone Do!

When the rain calmed down we continued walking..And suddenly we stop..And made an analization. I realise that one part of the place was not raining..and the further part was raining..if u get wht i was weird. hahaha...And suddenly we saw Sue Mei's Mom!!! YAYS!!! Her mom told us that mAny Many of our fwends called her hse to Find out whether we reached home yet.And when they found out we havent reached they were like.."Heyy...tell ur mom to go fetch ur sisterr!" Coz sue mei's lil sis picked up the phone..hahaha..Awww...U guys are just awesome..=) how thoughtful of them yeah? HUGS!!! Thx guyss! At night it continued to rain as heavy as ever till the next morning..Mom's room was like leaking all over...Aiks. TODAY! It was STILL raining superbly heavy..and school was fine. After school i had to walk..and it was rainin so heavilyy! It was gettin heavier by the minute..reached the Primary Schools Bus stop and decide to stop walkin. Coz it was seriously pourin like mad. Thank Goodness my bus passed by and so din had to walk another 3km. books..were soakin...wet! Aihs..Oh well..At night..haha..smsed with cynthia for like..3 hours! hahaa...6pm till 9pm+. That was long..xD

OH YEAH! when i was just sittin down on the couch downstairs..My mom started an interesting conversation..and it kinda made me realise reality..haha...

MoM: Goodness..the rain has been pourin non stop for days already..
Me: Yeah..*looks outside*
MoM: D'you know tht Muar,Segamat was flooded very badly yesterday? The water was 10 feet High! Ur dad found this research tht the winds are pushing all the Clouds from other places are above JB area.
Me: Whoa..Seriously?
MoM: Yeah..and Kota Tinggi flooded again...If the rain continues to pour like this for a few more
days we better go to KL and stay there for the mean while before the high ways get flooded and we'll be trap in JB and have no where to go..Besides..Ulu tiram *the taman next to my taman which is 5 minutes away* flooded also..But the water raised untill waist level only..
Me: Waaa...doesn't tht mean that almost everywhere kena flood alrdy except our taman?
MoM: Yeah..Sumtimes we have to expect the unexpected..U nvr know when the flood will hit this taman..Everyone may go like "aiyah..this taman nvr flooded b4 dun need to worry.." But look at Muar. it hasnt been hit by flood till this badly b4.
Me: Hmms..True..the water on the roads in this Taman is starting to rise to ankle lvl already...
MoM: Yeah..The bridge that we use to go to town area from this taman..The river rosed to the bridge lvl already..No cars can pass that bridge...
Me: Whaaattt!
MoM: Soon the river beside our house is going to overflow and flood the roads..
Me: Oh yeah Horrr! theres a river beside our hse...I totally forgotten about tht!
MoM: yeah..So if this taman kena Flood..We will be the first ones to suffer the consiquences.
Me: *thinks thinks thinks*
MoM: oh..If it continues to rain tonight..the river may just overflow and cover the bridge that we use to get out of this Taman.
Me: yeah...true...But dun worry..if the bridge kena we can use the other way..*theres one more way*
MoM: Haha..If the river there flood tht place how i ask u? Think lar kah may..*laughs*
Me: Yeah hor..Aiyak..
MoM: So i suggest this lar..If it continues to rain tonight till tmr then we'll leave for KL on Saturday or Sunday..And stay there for a while till the rain stops .
Me: But..But..I got school.....i need to go school...I cant miss school...i got PMR this year...
MoM: Ey..which one more important? ur life or ur exam?
Me: LOL. yeah..True..If i drown in the flood also i wun be able to sit for the exam.Worse.xD
MoM: Yeah..Understand? get my point?
Me: Yeah Lar..I get cha Mummy. =P

*Dad reaches home*

Me: Hmm...raining very heavily non stop..
Dad: Yeah..Muar and Kota Tinggi flooded...But u dun think we're very safe k.Just now i went to check out the river beside our hse..The river rised alot! and the current is very strong...if it rains summore tonight Habisla..The river will start to overflow..
MoM: Yeah..I was just talkin to Kah May abt this..
Me: Hehs..*looks at the pourin rain*

Hmms..I've nvr seen my mom so eager to go to KL before..She doesnt really like KL...No idea why...But she just don't. And today..She was just so so eager to go to KL. And she even say this.. "Next year Benson will be out of school..So left u and ur lil brother I'm thinkin of moving back to KL." I was like...O_O are u serious....? "Yeah. Ur uncle is movin out from ur grandmothers hse she'll be alone..So we can take care of her also.." *speechless* I nvr ever thought that my MOM would ever say that.Coz like i said..She doesnt like KL. I wonder if i'll really move back to KL...hmms...But if it means being there for my grandmother..I will. No second thoughts. I will. This is sumthin called Love. hehs...Alright..Gotta go Makan! =P Take care Y'all! Oh Yeah..


Yes..I may not have chat with you for quite a while already..But sumhow..I still remembered ur bday. Haha..If u've forgotten me its ok.But ur remembered. =)


Saturday, January 06, 2007


Sometimes we don't realise how precious something is till it's gone. I wonder why..We wait for it to be gone and then only realise how precious it was. Theres no use regreting..or wishing to turn back time..But instead look forward into the future and learn from our mistakes. Sometimes we allow the slightest things in life to affect our emotions and daily life. DONT! When u feel down or depress..think about what other people around the world are goin through right now.And u'll then learn to appreciate the life ur living and the fact that u are stil LIVING. Never ever take anything for granted..and always..Always appreciate what u have. Especially people. They have feelings. And being taken granted for is sumthing very hurtful to sum1. therefore..APPRECIATE others..And others Shall Appreciate YOU!
Hey there ma lovely blog readers..Well Today..Saturday..Hah..The pleasure of being able to wake up later than 5.30am every morning is awesome! woke up at 9am today..Some ppl would say.."Wake up so early for what?!" Well thats because..Every single second in Life is precious. And if i were to wake up later,I would be burning day light now wouldn't I? haha..Starting on Monday..I would be only coming online on weekends..coming online on WEEKDAYS are strictly Restricted! Well..I made that rule for myself. Haha..nth to do with my parents aight..=P Well i've had the pleasure of coming online alot for the whole first week of school. And now..i'm gonna put an end to it. haha..IT'S FOR MY OWN GOOD! =P Full Concentration & Self Dicipline this 2007!
Well anyways..I realise how almost EVERYONE is gettin so super stressed up about school. School..Is just another part of life. BUT theres more to life than just School darlings. Don't let whtever happened in School make u waste your Whole Day grumbling about it..or letting it affect ur mood for like the next few days. It's kinda like...Wasting ur time and ur LIFE. Why let a small thing tht happen in school bring us depression and all? Right?
Theres really more to life than tht friends..Whenever u feel like LIFE isn't being fair to u at the moment..Think of those who have to live in fear everyday because of war,Those who are the flood victims,those who are starving,hungry without any food,Those who have no Families And Friends to care and Love them. Yeah? Hugs! Chill aight? If u need to talk to me then feel free to let me know..=)
Alright..I guess thats enough for today.
Take care y'all! Hugs!
SELAH - pause and reflect, not look back, reflect.
*A dear friend reminded me abt this today.=)*
.Live Life to The Fullest.Appreciate.Nvr take anything for Granted.


Awrite man! Well well..This week of school wasn't tht bad i guess? Hmms..Oooo Yeah! theres like a New Hottie whose in my class..hahaha..just transfered to my school like erh yesterday? haha..then like alot of Kepo's all came passing by my class to see da new gurl..poor girl..she was like freaked out..hehs..Hmms..she's a nice girl..Pretty,tall..good figure..HOT BABE! haha..But hey..what a small world..She knows my friend and indirectly i know her to. So thats just..LOL. haha..
Well was quite alright to. Still kinda like busy in the bookshop..Blarh..Schools been going pretty well home..Was like tired..i just fell asleep sitting on the sis..she keeps urging me to change to Blogspot..haha..So she says.."Xanga is being very racist! wanna link other ppl cannot..other ppl wanna add comment cannot..EVERYTHING also must sign up with xanga xanga xanga!" hahahaha...but i must agree..that the stupid thing abt xanga is tht..other ppl who arent with xanga cant add comments or be thats the only two things tht sucks..hahaa..and oh yeah..xanga makes my com lag like mad..=.=!
ANYWAYS...Tonight..Was a great great friday night! =)! Went out with friends to a Korean BBQ place..haha..SO NICE TO GET TO SEE THEM AGAIN!!!! Miss them so much...And met Andrew Batlert..*not sure how to spell..butlert?* & Nicholas..Welcome to da crazy gang dudes..lolx..Haha..When u sum up all of us together..We're just one crazy bunch..xD i mean like the things we did tonight was just...Hahahaha...*homies..U know i know [Wink Wink] =P* Haha..And Andrew..lawl man! That fella..haha..Ben took like a some ice-cream and placed it on a plate..And suddenly he started shaping it into a volcano like shape..Then Andrew took the sambal and like..=.=! Ben made a hole in the middle and andrew poured the sambal in the hole and the rest flow out like konon-nyer "lava" and then ALL of em was like..STOP STOP..dun throw away..lets play a game..who ever kena needs to take one scoop of it..then Andrew went and take like small onions,Raisins and like just throw everything on the so called "volcano" I was like..Wadddaaaaaa! hahaha..But well anyways..In the end..every1 took one scoop of was just a crazy night really..We practically attracted everyones attention when we were there..haha...The Loud-Ness and Crazy-Ness of young people these days..NYAHAHAHAHHAHAH!
Well..I'm gonna miss u guys again..haha..and To Andrew and Nicholas..It was nice meeting u guys..=) I had a great time hangin out with u guys again today..LOVE Y'ALL TONX!!!!! MWAAHS!!! Well reached home about 12am..Its not everyday i get to do this..Especially this year..So it was wonderful..=) Alright! I gotta go...So y'all take cares!! Hugs!