Sunday, May 31, 2009

Caleb's 17th Birthday Bash!

Had tuition in the morning. after tuition.. as i was waiting for the human traffic light to turn green, i witness a car and a motorcycle collide. there were a malay couple on the motorcycle. their motor fell.. and the car stopped.. this ah beng came out of the car.. Gold coloured hair.. blaming the motorcyclist. not quite sure whose fault it was. but it was definitely shocking. =/ my jaw dropped when the motor and car collided. i was like.. O_O and looked till i realized tht my human traffic light had turn green! so yeah. quickly ran across.. waited for the bus for an hour. goodnessss me! by the time i got back.. it was abt.. 3.40pm or so.. i finish tuition at 2.30pm.. =( yeah...was SUPER TIRED.. and didn't want to take the bus to Gasoline later on.. So Kah Fai offered to give me a lift! =)

6.30pm Kah Fai came, picked me up and we headed to Gasoline at Metro Prima. =D

The birthday boy and his GF, Su En. =D
*she accepted him tht very day. awww.. shh.. =X*

it was really dark. and i had to use flash for ALL the pictures. BOOO.. =( i dun like using flash. blehhhh... so i ..being very.. mischevious maybe.. went and open this door near us.. xD and it opened! lol! and there was light and air. nyahahahaa. its called being adventurous! =P ;) hee.

chi wing

Parkson and Kah Fai

the table. Not baaad! =)

Lyn and Tc.


it got hot and boring. coz most of them haven't arrive. so i pulled jia yi and chi wing to ambik gambar. =D

Gimme sum Bollywood hunnayy! xD

then Di shen and Mey Eun arrived.

Chi wing and I continued taking gila pictures. =D

I grew so tall that i can't even stand up straight anymore! xDD =P

A lil sumthing for leb. =)

There were so many of these menu on the table infrot of me but everyone kept asking..

Yai Ya Yi! =D

Mai Yun!! =D

I dunno bout you, but i like this picture. =) its naturally sweet. haha. =D

Caleb Ong Yan Weng! Ur seventeen! =)

Yap Su En! xiao wu yng! haha. =P


Burger and Fishy!

Work it sista~!

Wee kee! =)




Kah Fai~!

We stole them glasses! =D

Lyn Yie. =)

Xiu Yong aka burger! =D


Di Shen~! =)


M i n e !

M i n e m i n e !

Chi wing's!

it wasnt easy finish the whole thing! super filling weih! it tasted good tho. yuuuumm~! =D

We all know wht happened. xD
shhhhhhhhhhh. =P

Celine: Jian! strike a pose!
Jian: *did whtevr he did in the picture*
Celine: *Ka Chiak!* Snapped. =)

Di Shen lost some game and had to torture himself by jumping on those rocks. poor guy. lol!

Maggie! =)

Wai King~!

Now, let me show u why pictures without flash are cooler than pictures with flash.


Not so anymore. Ey? =PP

I took a video when the cake and all came out. so i dun have good pictures of him with the cake. Its with Jia yi. Sorry! =/

YESH. OUR leb. =)


Lok Sin~! =D

The 2 Emo Fellas. =.=

Time to take some cool pictures! =P
figure who is who urself. =D

I dunno why but i like this picture! very cool pic for me. =D Hey hey Hey Jian. those gym stuffs are paying off now aint it. ;)


The picture rotated itself. =.=!
I heart jooo~! =)


kkkkkk~! enough of those non-smiley pictures. Celine looks better smilling. nyahahahaha. =D

C e l i n e ;)
love this shot. =D

Waiting for our rides and settling transport.

Last picture of the day......................

With the Birthday Boy of course. =)

Happy Seventeen Birthday Dear Leb.! =)
U know we love you. Hope u had a blast!