Saturday, May 02, 2009

Work It Sista~! x)

OKAY! i've been M.I.A-ing for so long! x) i know its only been like a week but my blog feels so dead. =.=! SO ANYWAYS. i've been pretty happy.. hehe.. =) but tired still.. =/ So finished exams on wed.. last paper was chemistry.. and .. guess wht? in a weeks time i have to sit for my finals for 1st semester. Nooooooooo! =( just finish exam then exam again. STRESS I TELL YOU. :( no time to rest or relax. gaaah. Been so busy i had not much time to upload pics! =P so here are some pics from last time. =D

Hmm.. Coconut tree?

NOT. its my hair! my oh-so-kesian hair. x) Marilyn and Kin Jun just loveeeeeeees to play with my hair. they've been doing tht since last year! xD the did.. lagi teruk punya hairstyle but this was the one tht made the whole class look and laugh and get amused and stuff. =.=!!!!!


This Ish not my Tie. =PP

Lyn Yie. =D

and some pictures from the Choir competition! =)

Mdm Lim, Me and Marilyn. =D
No.1! woot~! x)

Best English teacher. =D

Boon Sin and Moi.
Taken by Mdm Lim. hehe. =D

Khai Yein. =))


Random earth hour glow in the dark wrist band. hahaha.. quite cool actually. =)

And Recently...

I started wearing these kinda school shoes! hahaha.. i've never worn such shoes before. i usually wear those converse type. but.. Doreen aka Bryan's sister gave it to me. coz it was too big for her. lol! And guess wht?! its pretty nice to wear! haha. =)) i kinda like them shoes now. easy to wear and take out. =P plus it looks like ballay shoes. well.. alot of ppl asked me if they were even school shoes. HAHA.

A super cute small-ish book from Andy. xD
Supposedly suppose to finish this book in a week. says andy la.
But aku sangat busyyyyyyyyyyyy! but the book so small and cute. hahaha.. reminds me of one bible keychain i once had. the contents and all were correct but they were SUPER TINY!

Went Desa Parkcity with Aunt and brothers on the 26th of april. =)
and heres a super dark silly vid. haha.

So yesterday on 30th April.. Shook Peng called and asked if i wanted to go Desa Parkcity with them to fly kites! =) and grandma allowed.. hehee.. Had so much fun weih! =) BTW! ALL THE PICTURES WERE TAKEN WITH MY PHONE. hehe. quality not so good but not that bad i would say! ;)

Shook Peng

Zhong Hao

Then La Ba and Pei Ru came. and they brought their super cute doggies!

Meet Terry! it kept licking my leg. omg. ticklish. haha.. sho cute.. =P

NICE weather man. =)

Shook Peng's one.

Mine. =) see the string? =P

3 small dots in the sky. our kites. hehe. =)

Hehe. i let go of the string till its end! imagine how long we took to roll back the string. O.O the un-fun part of flying kites. haha..

Loved the sky tht day. it gets better!


Awwwh.. b-e-a-utiful!

Zhong Hao. Me

Nice right the sky?!

=) Beauty of God's creation. =D

Check out the clouds and the kite. wht e great combination! hahaha.. =)

LOL! the kite i was flying. =D mermaid!

See! like got a heart shape there. haha. =)

I brought two kites. and this paticular kite.. couldn't fly. well, it flew a while then lands super funny-ly by spinning round and round and round!. =P but when i recorded it didn't wanna fall! urgh.

The kites got tangled up! =/

When we were about to leave. haha. =P

Had a super nicesh time tht day. =) wht a relaxing time. hahaha. flying kites are relaxing! =) btw i got two exam papers edy. Maths - 80 and History - 84 both A1. =D

Had AFC again today! wooot~! after so long! hahaha.. and we had a sweaty working out session man! pure training on core strength today. =P And went to OU with aunt just now.. and bumped into a few old friends. haha.. brian soon.. Jun liang.. Dunno wats his name edy.. then there was Calvin, Kok how, Chee Hau, Wei Lim and Chee Huang. x) OU is a bumping into old friends place. xD

alrighty! i should sleep. its zuper late edy. =P



  1. omg i love that kite
    MERMAID. beautiful

  2. yeaaaaaaaah! hahahaha.. so cute right! x)