Saturday, May 09, 2009

Kimberley came to Kepong!!

Things are sorta better now. Sort Of.
I hope things get better. =/

Mid Year in 2 days time. Go Me!

So, my darling twin came ALL THE WAY to kepong from SUNWAY just so she could tutor me in addmaths and a few other stuffs! oh maaaaaaaan... I really really appreciated it okay! it means alot to me. =) coz i did VERY BADLY in my previous exam for addmaths! ahhh.. =( So KIM TO THE RESCUE! hahaha.. =) awww it was SOOOOOOO nice seeing her again after such a long time kay! She took like Lrt and ktm and taxi and buses! O.O =/......

So we first went to the Chicken rice Shop coz kim didn't eat.. yet. x)

Then she taught me a lil and it got REALLY HOT and STUFFY!

So we went to the Arena.. the place i always burn time and study or wht nots while waiting for my tuition time. =D

Candid. =D

Serious teaching non-stop for like more than an hour okay! Kim also wanna mati edy. hahahah! i die-ed from absorbing. she die-ed from giving. xD both brains dehydrated. hahahaha.. So.. =) picture time!

ahhh.. addmaths..

Yesh teacher! i'm listening! x)


I so love you Kimberley! =)

Thank u so much for coming all the way really! it means alot alot alot to me. =) Stupid cab driver for ripping her off when she took a taxi to the ktm station. charged her rm7. urgh. i can like go to One Utama with tht price. blerh. Kim!! fast fast get ur license! hehe.. =))

A twin like no other. =)

PS: Am not satisfied with our meet up today! we need to meet up soon and do more FUN stuffs. hahaha! first time ever studying with you though. =) smth different! ILY!

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  1. wheee!

    i so had fun today!
    it is fun to depart knowledge ok :)