Sunday, May 03, 2009


My printer hasnt got any ink left. So i had to print the praise and worship lyrics i've prepared outside.. and so to make things faster, i printed it at some shop new my tuition centre.. usually.. normally it'll be like 20cents or smth.. benson can get it for 10cents.. but guess wht? the stupid shop charged me RM 1 for 1 PAPER! WALAO EH?! and i told her to print two copies of each. nasib baik i ask her the price when she was already printing the first set. if not i GG. OMG! she printed extras and asked me for RM9! did i pay? OF COURSE NOT! i paid RM6 for the 4 sets and THATS also very sakit hati okay! i can like eat one McD meal with tht money. =( sniffx.

After tuition.. MrBoring temaned me eat McDs. =)
To burn time .. coz benroy was hanging out with his friends..
and i had to wait for benson to come pick us up and go to Band Prac..
so 2 hours flew pass just like tht.. at McDs.. McDs was SUPER packed okay. everyone wants the before 3pm promotion. xD i got there before 3pm and guess wht? they gave me a large set and charged me the Mc Value price. nyahahahahaha. =P since there was no bus.. we walked back to Jusco.. omg.. walked back to jusco from McDs! actually it wasnt tht far la.. quite okay.. hahaha.. =D benson FINALLY arrived at 5pm when he was supposed to arrive at 4.30pm.. and so we were late! sorry Julin! =( on the way there, i saw smth interesting! ;)

Super.. obvious shape of the cloud in the sky. haha. hmm. looks like.. ice cream? or .. rather.. it kinda looks like a middle finger. =.= sort of? LOL. whtever. hahaha.

Had prac till 7pm! =S it was good practise though. =) jammed a while and went home.

View from the church window.. =D the place where we had our band prac.

Have been taking alot of pictures with my phone lately. havent been using my camera much.. didn't have the time to look for the 2 batteries tht are hidden in idunnowhich bag and yeah.. no time to charge. or rather i was lazy to charge. hahaa. =P but nt bad also la my phone. hehe. =D gt standard. =PPP Went CC with brothers and cousin just now.. saw Ken Wei aka Turtle after a super long time.. played L4D for a while and then played TF2.. and i ciao-ed first. had to get tmr's praise and worship slides done. =/ played a while ni. its enough though. =) save money! LOL.

imma sleep. ;)
Good night! xoxo

Signal Fire~~