Saturday, May 09, 2009

Dear Mummy...!

Thank you for always being my best friend...

For sharing every single moment of my life with me whether Rain or Shine..

For being my shoulder to cry on in times of sadness..

For comforting me and calling me whenever i miss u or whenever i feel stressed up..

For doing almost EVERYTHING for me whenever ur around me..

For waking up early to make me breakfast and walking me to school every morning when ur in KL even though i told u not to! =P

For standing 8 hours or more everyday just to make ends meat..

You do this everyday just for US eventhough ur legs starts hurtin.. ur back starts hurtin.. ur voice gets all dried up.. and u feel so so tired everyday..

You never give up and continue to persevere no matter how low or down u feel sometimes when sales are bad.

And lastly, Thank you for always showering me with clothes and gifts and lovely beautiful things even without me asking! Thank you for always thinking for me no matter where u are! U always.. ALWAYS put ur children first .. and that shows us how much u love us.. =)

Souvenier from Club Med ( Cherating) #1

Souvenier # 2! =) made out of REAL sea shells. =)

Souvenier #3 Hand Picked Shells by Mummy Herself. =) PRECIOUS STUFF I TELL U! cant buy this anywhere in the world. =) coz its picked specially by my own beloved mother. =)

I love u so so much Ma!
Thank u for always being so thoughtful and caring and loving and kind hearted and funny and simply just.. the BEST MOTHER i could EVER EVER wish for in the Whole Wide World! You pour over flowing love on all of us.. on me! Just by hearing ur voice over the phone could make my day. thats how much i miss you and really really love you. No other could replace ur position in my heart. No words could express how much i appreciate and love you.


And as i've said a hundread over times! U are.. My SuperWoman. =)
Forever and Always!