Saturday, May 31, 2008

Bummped out!

Gaaaaaah.. did nth exciting the whole day except going to tuition..finally washed my school shoes.. =P and some clothes hanging and washing..Blerhhhh.. what a saturday.. boring nyer... AND i didn't get to go to CHC with ben today.. and HE just called me! and he asked me wht cluster i was from.. blarhhhh.. the heck.. their having cluster reunion or sumthing now.. and they all seemed super the hyped up.. T_T whyyyy?!!!!!!!!! I super dislike my tuition time for bio larh.. its on a saturday and its neither morning or night.. its like in the middle of the day.. 4-5pm! Ahhhhh!!!!!!! so if i wanna go out.. it either i rush back b4 its 4pm.. or i go out after 5pm.. which would obviously be so late.. T_T... whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy... stupid timing larh. ishk. i nvr thought i'd be using "Oh sorry.. i have tuition.. =( " punya excuses ever.. but now! it happens.. every sat.. mon.. and tuesday.. =( wht a bummer larh.. i wanna be where Ben is now.. but theres no one to fetch me.. I wanna drive.. =( ..
sighs. nvm.. i'll just go cheer myself up by goin pasar malam later..
kay larh. nth much. i guess..
and i've no more credit plus it expired.
so i'm soooooo sorry to those who msg me but i cant reply! =(
i miss it.
its nvr the same without it..

Friday, May 30, 2008

Cutest Apple around =)

(xD check out the aunty behind. she's also smiling for the camera.LOL)

Yups yups yups..
Todays entry would be about my day out with Apple.. =)
So anyways.. i got back home from Kajang at like 1am on thursday..
Actually.. abt transport .. i asked my aunt..2days b4 thurs.. but didn't get any reply..
asked benson whether he'd be goin to UTAR by bus..
Coz he'd pass by ou.. =) but in the end my aunt was fetching him..
hahaa.. and he fell asleep! while i was waiting for his sms.. =.=
so when i got back, i din know whether my aunt could drop me off at ou..
coz if she's using the LDP way..should be passing by lorh..
and in the morning i found out tht she's taking another road..
so i took a bus alone.. without ben.. =( sniffx..

anyhoo.. Left da house at 8am and waited at the bus stop.
from my tmn.. took a bus to Kepong Jusco..
and then waited for the U86 bus tht heads for ou..
friggin bus came after 1 hour.. T_T.. and they call themselves RAPID KL..
Rapid my butt.. Pfffftttt...not rapid enough..hmmph..
reached ou at abt 11am..
can u believe it... i took friggin 2 hours just to reach ou..
WTH.....?! ^%$%##$%! blerhs..
i'd only take a bus to ou for really important ppl larh..

so anyways, the stupid 2 hours was worth waiting la..
well of course. i got to meet Apple after tht.. haha..
so yup.. thats why it was worth it..
met up with her at 12 noon i think?
we did alot of catching up and all..
and we watched SUPERHERO movie.
tht movie is sooooo lame,funny and stupid. lol...
got larh funny.. but the rest.. was just lame and stupid. =.=
me and beng was like.. "we wasted our money."
hahaha.. yeah larh.. we should've watched iron man instead.
i SO totally wanna watch "Once." i've read abt it..
dunno hw the movie would be..

Anyways.. after the movie we jalan.. and jalan .. and after tht had cake =) at secret recipe! wheee~! didn't makan their cake for so long.. hahaha..and after tht.. we headed for MPH. =D our favourite place to ambik gambar.. xD

She actually read the book she suddenly just took out..

and she was enjoying it.. hahaa...
SAT? Lawl.. The nerdy side of apple.. xD jk. =)
It kinda started to rain heavily..suddenly it became so cold.. Brrr.. Both of us had flu somemore.. hahaa..
There was this cinema fest or sumthin goin on in ou..
there was spidey,the predator,dunno wht robot and hell boy.
oooh! and the some wht counter strike guy. lol..
took pic with the counter strike dude.. =)
didn't like the others.. =P blehhh..
Benson came after that.. and Beng had to leave.. coz she had to cook. =) awws.. i wanna try.. hahaha... so me and ben went home together.. by bus.. took us 2 hours to get home.. sheesh.. busses.. and that was my thursday. =) i had fun.. but i was REALLY tired.. hahaha.. tired from the Travelling from Kajang i guess.. and the bus ride.. Ugggh..
Dad may be coming down tmr..
so should be going down to JB on sunday i guess?
Hmm.. am pretty tired..
So... Goooooood Night! =)
So mengada....tak boleh tahan. Ish.!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Things Change as Time goes By..

Hello! i'm back! haha.. well.. been away for 3 days due to an outreach in Kajang Anglican Church. There was a camp going on there.. So some of us from AFC helped out in the camp as dance trainers for 3 days. =) morning session and night also! =) their training sessions punya time was pretty unusual larh.. but it was okay i guess.. hahaa.. morning 10am till 12pm and night 9pm till 11pm. And because the camp was ALL in chinese.. we decided to like morning go.. then come back to whoever's hse to rest and at night go again to KAJANG. First day.. it was pretty alright i guess.. still didn't really got to know the campers.. felt abit kaku lah.. hahaha..

The next day, we were early by an hour! so .. this is the result.. of being an hour early...

ZzZzZzz....... everyone was sooooooo tired .. especially our two beloved Adrian and Erin who drove us.. Wht bout sugin? ahh.. he's always tired one larh. xD hahaa.. jkjk..

The pracs were alright.. i was in charge of shackles and so you would come. and the campers were kinda seperated into 2 groups. so obviously.. i'm closer with my shackles peeps.. hahaha.. each prac we had was just so fun.. and we as a team became closer day by day.. ahhh.. miss them already.. =/

My group aka Shackles and So U would come ppl after prac! (Day2)

haha.. and u know what.. they thought i was 19-22. T_T tht old mehhh... =.= Anyways! they did really great on performance night! so proud of u guys! =) who's in the hse ppl too! =) at least u guys had fun right.. hahaa.. after everything was over.. they still so bersemangat and dance who's in the hse and shackles again just for us dance trainers to see.. =) hahas..

My Group after performance.. =D *whispers*(u guys did awesome!) ^^

Though i spent only 3 days with them, it was really nice getting to know all of em. =)
Keep on dancin guys! and dun forget wht we taught u guys! haha.. Bring it back to where u come from and reach out to others. =D

like what the title of this entry says, things can change as time goes by. Lotsa friendships can get stronger as time goes by. =) and sadly, it happens vice versa. but anyhoo! its life.. =) ppl dun stay the same forever.. they change as time goes by too.. no one can stay the same forever.. except God. =D

Ooooh ya! =D LYDIA and ADRIAN were really nice.. =) as i've mentioned in my previous entry.. i stayed over at their hse. hahaa.. Lydia's bed is comfy! and Adrian's pillow is super hugable! They were good host. hahaha.. =D well.. thats abt it! i'm really really tired and YESH! i went out with Beng today.. =) shall blog abt tht tmr. =D

I cant treat u the way i used to anymore.
ur just like a stranger thats no longer in my heart.
at least for now, only time will tell..

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Floor Combat!~

Today went to CHC! =)
Ah sun Jie followed and fetched us there..
at first me and ben tot we had to take KTM..
Ahhh.. and who came to the rescue?
Ah sun jie. x) so anyways..
it was great to be back there again after so long..
the last time i was there was during EMERGE 07.
had dance competition there. xD
the church service was awesome. =)
The sermon was LAGI awesome. hahaha..
very funny larh pastor kelvin.. =)

Saw Nikki again!! =D
been ages since i last saw him..
so we makan together after church together with Kin Theen.
After lunch , went to cineleisure for floor combat!
Wheee~!!!! ah sun jie belanja-ed empress cafe punya pizza..
it was niceeeeeeeeeeeeee! =P
the breakers and bboys at combat floor were not bad larh..
some were really talented.. where as some were like.....=.=
They tried to be all "black-punya-attitude" as in..
when they were competing against the other team..
they'd boo them or mock them..
it was so.... i dunno larh. it was lame really.
i dun get it.. they wanna make themselves feel better..
by doing tht? hahaha.. whtever lah. Show-offs they are.
some cant break well and mocked the other team..
who were awesome! wht logic is tht.. sheesh..

Just to remind u.. i'm having a Kajang outreach..
and i'd be staying in Adrian and Lydia Miller's hse.
tonight, they'll come fetch me.. and i'll stay there till Wed.
Wed night after performance, i'll be back in amma's hse.
late. so! anything.. can call me larh..
erhhh.. oh ya! there'll be two training sessions..
morning and night. so in the middle..
i'll be hanging out with the team.

And i'll be going out with Beng on thursday! =)
wheee~!!!!!! her brother might be fetching us..
i think. okies! i gotta pack.

PS: celine thanks yee siang for the credit. =D haha..

Fate?I dun believe in fate.
I believe in God. =)

Friday, May 23, 2008

Teacher's Day

Heys. Due to exams.. teachers day celebration was postponed to today.. yups.. my school celebrated teachers day today. Anyhoo! i finally have pictures to post up.. =) brought camera to school today.. So! the very first person i see in the morning before going to school.. and the one who i walk with to school everyday is..

Tadaaa~! Yap Mun Yi! =) my cousin.
if only the friggin back gate was open, walking to school would be so much easier.. pfft..

So anyways, the "ketibaan" of the teachers was pretty different from the other teacher's day i've seen. hahas.. guess wht? This year in SMKSB.. ALL the teachers went into the Bas Sekolah.. the bas drove into the school.. it kinda stopped at a paticular spot.. where the so called "grand entrance" is.. hahaa.. and they come down the bas one by one.. Hmm.. interesting.. xD
at first it seemed pretty.. Funny? x) and then the emcee said sumthin like this "Ketibaan guru-guru dalam bas sekolah menunjukkan bahawa guru-guru juga tahu dan rasai apa murid-murid rasa." or sumthing like dat.. xD they're trying to imply tht the teachers understand and went through wht the students go through.. i guess. =P

Marilyn and Desmond! The emcees of da day..=)

The turn out was not bad afterall.. =)
Definitely better than my previous school..heh. =P
Like always, there'd be performances from both teachers and students.
Teachers singing..Oooh.. btw.. the one in my Headmistress.(>.<) she's a nice lady larh. =)
There was the "Gu Zhen" performance..

and singing by students. =)

Leong Han,Marilyn,*the pianist*,Pak Sheng. u guys did great! =)
Now for some random pictures.. =D
mwahaha..the Ketua Pengawas for the girls in my school. =)
Raquel! ^^ she's very nice.. hahaha..
Oooh.. the precious KORG keyboard.. =D
Marilyn and I. =) ppl say we look alike. Do we? haha..maybe coz we share some same similarities in character.. we're both hyper active in school.. x) and our chinese arent tht awesome. =P
Leong Han and I. =) he's a superb singer really! he's range is good.. from High to low also boleh.. haha.. Cheers!* ^^ (he's also very good in sports mann..) talented fella ;)
Pak Sheng! i call him Parkson. hahaha.. he's another talented guy! he can dance really well though he never learnt (i lovee his poppin skills. =D ) , he can sing! play the guitar and piano.. =)
well i guess thats all for now.
i miss my old hairstyle! T_T

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Champion League!

Wooot~! Manchester United against Chelsea
2am thursday morning! mwahhahahahaa..
i'm sooooo gonna stay up to watch the match..
since exams are over and all..
Ah wheeee~!!!!!! MU shall own Chelsea.! =D

when the alarm clock rang today..
i felt like.. "ahhhh.. dun wanna go schoo.. "
then again, i may get my exam papers..
therefore i went. and wht did we do? we just lepak in class..
the WHOLE day. hw sien..
i felt like i baru habis PMR or something.. sheesh..
tht boredm feeling.. what a waste of time larh..
dun go school better.. xD
i'm thinking whether i wanna go tmr anot..
Zzz.. and get wasted again.. hahas..

aww mann.. i miss my old hair.. T_T
the one during AFC .. gaaaahs..
my hair quite *dunnowhttosay* now..
T_T.......... i was just looking at some pictures..
hahaha.. thats why the topic abt hair suddenly came up..
x) .. all the club pictures,scouts and all are out..
Ahhhhh.. i look kinda bald and no hair as in like..
look like i loosing hair in the basketball pic..
T_T Gaaaaaaaah... *Sniffx*
i'm gonna spend abot RM13.20 just on buying..
those few pics.. Ahh.. its for memory sick.. =)
so k larh.. it doesnt happen everyday..

AND NOW! I shall dedicate this side of the entry..

Hwhahahahaha.. ur finally 21! =D
Sorry for not replying ur sms!
i'm so totally out of credit.. T_T
well he's probaly having dinner with his friends now.. =)
Hope u have fun! ^^
Well shawn here. i've realised tht..
we've known each other for actually quite some time d hor?
hahahas.. he and turtle used to be gelar my tong sampahs..
x) heyyy.. i didn't giv ur guys tht nickname one kay..
i dunno how it came around.. =P
coz they'd always be there listening to me..
letting it all out.. xD Good friends they are indeed. =)
THAAANKKK you shawn and turtle! =)
It will linger on ~ ..

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

FREE! for only 2 months. =.=

hahaha.. so potong steam right..
like FREE!!!! then suddenly only for 2months. x)
chemistry today was like.........
okay la. i think. hahah! =P
i admit! chemistry i didn't get to study much.

Sat went back to JB! woooh yeh!
reached on sunday 12am.
went to church again in JB.. hehe..
was back-up singer again.. =)
once again. aw. heee~ and jie was worship leader.
anyways it was very nice larh..
because BB was on the drums..
Benson was on the guitar..
Me and jie singing.. =D
got la keyboardist and bassis too..
but the main point is.. All 4 of us were together tht day! =D

nice nice.. then went Tebrau City after tht..
went to visit my ex-work place.
roxy and quiks. =D so nice to see siti they all again..
hahaha.. and latif wasnt there. how nice. =D
ppl i didn't like wasnt there tht day.. teee heex~! ^^
Bwahahha.. they said i lost weight! Yaayyyy!
but they also said i looked pale. =/ tired gua...?

It was soo nice la.. to be back..
though it was only for like a day..
Monday morning ate breakfast with mum and dad at Oasis.
The rest were sleeping. =P
some quality parents and daughter time. hahaha..
mummy bought me a jeans skirt too!
wahahaahaha.. finallyyyy! =D and a cardigan.

left JB kinda late.. reached back KL at 11 something..
at studied abit.. ahhhs. *guilty* =X
Holidays are near!!! AND OH YEAHHH!
Benson didn't leave with dad this time. =D
he's here for UTAR. WHee~!
so likee.. i got teman d. muahahhaha..!
So hyper today. xD the poor boy hasnt got a car tho..
he's kinda like waiting for a taxi right now..
so he can get back home.. Awwws.. =(

I MISSSS my family back in JB already!
Owh yeah! it was so nice jamming together..
with all the 4 sibs together.. haha..
shooo niceeesh.. =) PASAR MALAM nite.!
and Benson's here! and exams are over! ^^
me gonna start training dance again like crazzieee.. =D
I'll be back in JB soon! 1st june i think? =)
So bummped out i couldn't join ryn and kim for movies. =(
i didn't get to meet up too.. blehhhhs..
NVM! i'm coming back soon!!! ^^
Counting down. =)

Misses and Kisses!
Mwahs! :)

Friday, May 16, 2008

I'll never forget.. =)

I was just scrolling through my HP inbox..
coz i dont delete my smses.. hahaa..
it became a habit.. lazy to delete..
therefore it accumulated till 600 plus..
haha.. yeah.. well anyways..

i like to readback all those smses..
it makes me smile.. it makes me happy..
if i cant sleep at night..i'd read my whole inbox..
till i fall asleep.. its like my bedtime story.. hahax.. =)

sad to say.. some people who i used to contact so much..
some of them.. are now kinda mia.

Yee siang.. i still keep those jokes..
u sms me before my pmr..
those jokes tht u smsed everyday..
just to help me release stress.. =)
i still keep them. this shows tht i appreciate em.
I still keep those sms after pmr..
when i was working.. u'd sms me every night after work..
or rather during work.. encouraging me.
some times i felt so tired..but u was there encouraging me.. =)
all the time.. and nvr failed to do so.
even when most of the time i had no credit..
and did not reply u.. you still smsed.. =)
ur smses always asking hw was my day..
ur smses always reminding me to drink more water..
hahaha.. and in the end i got a nickname from u..
"worker-drone." x)

Yi Soon... =)
last year especially..most of the times..
when i was down.. u was always there..
u could cheer me up with just a few smses..
i dunno how or what u do.. but it works. =)
A natural cheerer i would say.. haha..
seriously.. ur really the pro in cheering people up..
u was one of the people who somehow popped
out of no where.. when i'm down.
u'd always somehow be there.. when i needed someone..
The friendship was so strong. =)
but its fading slowly especially come 2008..
u were one of those people who could really make me smile..
=) but ur slowly dissapearing.. =/

Jia Jie.. =)
Another friend who pops out when i'm down..
hahaa.. they have right timings.. =)
i still keep the letter and purple star keychain u gave me..
Its so funny when i think back at the time when..
i was suddenly pokemon and u were digimon.. xD
thats just so funny larh. hahahaa.. wht weih.. =P
ur such a super smart dude.. hahas..
especially before pmr.. ur always there encouraging me.
xD i'm sorry i never got to giv u tht Bm tuition..
tht i promised.. hahaha.. heyy i wanted to..
but u suddenly couldn't come.. remember? =P
Even this year.. when we like suddenly stopped comunicating
4 a while.. when my coach passed away..
and when i was on late , sad-ing and emo-ing..
u suddenly came on and tried to cheer me up.. =)

Boo Chong.. =)
Hahas.. we both sama sama there for each other..
balance lah.. =) we stopped communicating for a while..
but i'm glad we're communicating again.. =)
ur smses all gone in the other old phone =(
but i still remember most of em anyways..
=) singing kaki's for life lah.. ^^

Its like.. when u suddenly loose contact with the people who u were so close to.. its kinda sad larh.. sumtimes u keep thinking.. wht happened.. why suddenly terjadi like this.. hahas.. hmm.. but the 4 people up there.. at the moment.. i'm only like in contact most with Boo lorh.. the other 3.. =( aiks. sometimes i think.. like.. did this happen because i was busy or din take the effort to keep the strong friendships.. did i let go.. without realising.. from time to time.. we still keep in touch.. but we're not as close as before.. sad stories. =/ Friendships like this.. should be cherished and really dijaga.. and try ur best not to loose this friendships.. coz once its gone.. its really hard to get em back.. or rather it takes a long long time.. You may even never get it back in the end.. I'm sorry.. if i've not been the friend i should've been.. i'm sorry if i wasn't there as much as u were there for me.. just wanna let u guys remember that.. i still remember every single thing u've done for me.. and i wanna thank you.. for all you've done.. i'm blessed really to have people like you guys around.
Penang outreach changed dates. 30th till 1st.
therefore i'd be going down to JB tomorrow. =)
Famiwee here i comeeee! *hearts*
h e a r t s.


well, well, What do ya know?

He asked me for a birthday present.
Heres ur present.! hehe.. special shoutout to u ah. =)
What can i say about hin loong hmm?
He's Getting older. =P
He's such a sweet talker. hahaha..
(HL dun u disagree. =P)
met him during planet shakers 05. =)
He LAUGHS alot!
seriously.. at almost every end of his sentence. xD
he..... Can be a good bodyguard! xD
Dun get me wrong, Hin Loongs not a buffed up guy. =P
Hehehe.. but he can be fierce if he wants. ;)
Good friend. =) Caring !
Apa lagi ahh..? He's So totally Hin Loong. =)!
xD. happy birthday hin loong!
[nah ur present. x) ]

Hey hey. its been such a tough week..
physics was so hard.. add maths was hard...
Bio paper 2 was hard. =( ahhs..
i just hope i dont fail.. T_T ..
i'm finally getting the taste of form 4. heh..
sides tht.. been studying till late nights larh..
so got panda eyes. hehe.. chemistry left to go.

PENANG! =) its tommorrow! wheee~!
never been there before. wahahahaa..
my exam stress semakin berkurang. =D
coz left one paper.. hehee..
the results? i dun wanna think about it ! =/

i encountered some stuff this week..
tht kinda made me sad. mad.
like Mel would say.. i was smad. =(
but i dun wanna say wht happened. =X
So dun ask kay? =D
WHATEVER happened. I'm still here now aren't i? =)
Means i'm pushing through. which is a good thing i guess.
Long story short. its been a real long week.

and someone who loves purple like i do..
who is just so alike with me..
brightened my day with encouraging smses in the morning.
now isnt tht such a great way to start the day? =)
she called when i was down. and was there for me.
miss kimberley i loveee loveee loveee u! =) xoxo

Actually. i kinda lost my trust in a few people d..
haihs. wht a sad thing to say. but it did happen anyways.
at one point. i felt like i couldn't trust anyone around me anymore.
except God. who was and is always there for me.
Through happiness, sadness, tough times.. He's always there.
He never fails me. and i'm so glad I have someone like Him..
in my life. i'd be lost if it were not for Him.
thank you Lord.

i sometimes felt like.. if i could see Him..
If He was right infront of me..
i'd hug Him so tight and never let go..
Coz my pillows and teddy bears dont hug back. =(

the weeks over now! =)
its a new week.. start a new!
I got a niceesh niceesh black SHINY spaghetti stripe from Ah Sun Jie this week. =) thank youuuuu...! and just now i had to go to the bank..
And Chan wan gor was so nice.. He fetched me to the bank..
and back from the bank. =) He's my hero of the day. hehe.. =D


hope you enjoyed ur day!

(yeh, i still had exam tho it was teachers day. =.=)
i got panda eyes.
but nvm! my cells have mitochondrian.
it'll give me the energy i need. =D
[Science students should understand. x) ]

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Donuts! :)

Dinner yesterday was okay larh..
actually right...honestly?
some part of my heart kinda felt sad lah..
why? because i'm not with my family..
especially my mummy.. and its mothers day..
aihhss.. i miss her! i miss themm!
its just not the same without you guys..


Had outreach today!
everything went well.. =)
except tht i gotta prac more for so you would come.
=/ aiks. i feel bad not giving my best in tht song today.
Grr. and and some of the youths there kinda shy?
lolxx.. had fun anyways.. =)
reminds me of outreaches during camp.. =)
i miss those times.

somehow.. camps do bring very good memories..
Its something you'd never forget..
for the rest of ur life.
the things u did there.. and the people u met. :)
its awesome really.

Ahaaha! i just makan-ed Big Apple donuts!
wheee~! its been so long..
the last time i ate donuts were..
during new year! when dad bought J Co's! =)

and i didn't get to go watch Speed racer coz..
i have exam and need to company my books.
=( booooo........ *breathes in*
OKAY! a new week is here again!
another week of exams!
Physics,Add Maths,EST,Bio!
I so gotta jia you! =D pray for me ppl! hehe. tq!

study time!

you've no idea how much imu. =)

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mother's Day!

Heyys! its a saturday!
hahaha.. hmm..
The week went pretty well..
AFC prac yesterday night.. =)
outreach soon! excited really..!
anyways.. its mothers day tomorrow!

so tonight we gonna have mothers day dinner..
got some astro singer stuff that'll be there..
hmm celebrating mothers day with grandma and aunts
this year.. not like every other year..
always with my mummy and family one..

got my haircut today. finally.
after soooo long. hahas...
my hair was like super long dy.. and bushy!
really lah.. my hair very thick one..
so when i went there.. i told her trim it..
shorter bit and thinner abit..
but don wan so thin.. and i was like omg!
when i saw my hair.. hahaha.. no lah..
suddenly at the back so short and thin..
then after a while i realize its okay larh..
not tht short nor thin.. just nice.
satisfied. hehe. =)

so i wanted to study physics today..
but i teman grandma go perm her hair..
and i went to get a haircut as well..
so by the time we went home its like 2.3opm..
makan.. washing this and tht..
housework. then i came to the laptop.
hahahaha.. =P coz yesterday..
i grab ALOT of songs from Joseph. =D
alot of really nice soundtracks and songs!
thank you joseph!!!! =D

aihs. everyone punya personal on msn..
all emo lah.. sad larh.. stress lah..
what happen to the joy man. geez.

exams maybe?
i cant believe we get so stressed up over just...
reading a book and trying to memorise em..
its like.. so =.=! but yeah its hard sometimes.
heh. pressure gua.

aiks. theres someone..
whose getting on my nerves really..
i try so hard to tahan.. but i think..
i'm gonna expload soon.. or sumthin..
ur so self-centered..and always think about urself..
always ask ppl do stuff but u pulak nvr do..
like the pot calling the cattle black only..
ur ALWAYS right now arent you?
ur EGO is so so so so so BIG..
with the capital E.! sheesh.
u never care about others safety one.
all u think is about me me, i , my.
how 'thoughtful.' i solute lah.

anyways, mummy! SHOUT OUT TO U!!!
Happy mothers day ma! i loveeeeeee you so so so much! thank you for being the BEST mother anyone in the world could ever have! ur not only lovely on ur appearance but SUPER lovely in heart as well.! ur always so hardworking and do ur best and give ur all for ur children! Melissa,Benson,Me and BB are the most fortunate children on earth! I miss u sooo much!
Mummy ur my superwoman! :)

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Leave the light on ~

hey peeps. maths,bm,bi and history!
their over! haha... =) history went quite well today..
:D paper 1 was easy.. coz i studied. heh. =P
and paper 2.. well.. it was okay larh.
my essay for history.. gosh.. i used up 12 pages!
O.O hmm.. some i dunno.. so i wrote..
according to what i thought was logic. xD!
hahahaha.. yehhh.. wrote quite alot of "fei hua"
xDDD nah la.. for the few questions i din noe.
but over all. it seems to be goin well.. =)
ahhh.. now u see.. thats the beauty of studying..

u wont feel so bad during exam time..
even if u cant answer.. u noe ur trying ur best!
maths paper 2.. i couldnt solve a few questions..
i just left it blank.. so after doing all..
i tried and tried and never stopped..
hey! guess wht? i got the answers in the end. =)
it takes ur patience. ^^ it takes ur will..
to keep on trying and dont give up. =)

cey. i feel like some motivational speaker or sumthin.
tmr got PJK and SIVIKs. thats why i'm online. eheh..
but ya lah.. i should study and revise next week stuff..
PJK.. Zzz.. that also wanna exam.. wht is this..
ahh yes. besides everything else.
i've been pretty alright. i guess the books..
are making me so busy tht i dont realise..
or care much about anything else.
do u know! the night before maths..
i studied till 12am i think.. when i slept..
the things i revised kept replaying in my head..
till i woke up. omgosh..! i felt as if..
i didn't sleep at all.. ishk. when i woke up..
my head and whole face felt so hot..
tht kind of feeling like u had no sleep..

i guess.. when it comes to maths..
i get very nervous and worried..
coz i failed maths in form 2 once.
i never failed before.. lol..
that was the first and i hope the last..
hahahha.. =P we see la how the results..
alot ppl say first time mid term in form 4 sure got fail..
i hope not! =/ ...

sometimes when i study till like very late..
my baby cousin is in the next room..
watching cartoons and movies..
especially transformer.. gosh..
he watches it everyday.. =.=!
so like.. sometimes i feel like..
aiks.. how i wish i can go back to when..
i was care free.. no school.. no study..
just fun whole day.. hahha..
but then again.. when we were small..
we wished so much to grow up..
anyways i'm glad i din stay as a baby..
i'm glad i grew up.. =)

benson! i hope u come kl stay with me.. =)
then got ppl teman me d.. hehe.. ^^

imu. =)

Sunday, May 04, 2008


Ahhh.. i've really been stressing over mid term..
i just stopped studying.. its close to 1am..
@_@ panda eyes d. aiks. just sooooo..
like.. worried. lol.. maybe coz its like..
first real format of form4 and 5 exam?
and all those bio and physics and chem and add maths..
just hope it goes well next week.. ahhh..
oh wait. its sunday already. THIS week..
=/ i rmb this feeling when PMR was coming..
blerghs. its not a very friendly feeling i must say..


and chi wing.. i some what agree to what u say..
when like some people.. who well u call friends..
when they had no one.. u were there for them and all..
but once they got bf / gf they like chuck u aside..
or like.. when u need them.. their just not there anymore?
yeah i so understand what ur going through now.
believe me. i know it sucks real bad.
oh wells. what to do. i guess their "Blinded" by love?
heh. anyways its good also lah this kinda stuff happens..
u know. its then , that u know who ur real friends are.
i'm not saying all people in love do that.
its those few % over a 100% that do.
and those few %.. BOO YOU. Pfffft!
shame on u. hmmph.

anyways. people like dat.
dont even deserve the title 'friend'.
their just some stranger who..
unfortunately, u trusted. wasted time on.
yeah.. u wasted time on them.
i'm really so against these kinda ppl at the moment.
so people! noe who ur real friends are. =)
or u may end up gettin hurt in da end.


Friday, May 02, 2008

Tags. Fineee..

Kays kays.. I'm finally doing my delayed tags. =.=
i've been tagged (same exact tag) by 3 people. LOL.
Charlotte, Dan, And Rachel.
here goes...

5 things I doing 10 years ago : 1st May 1998??
-wishing i could wear tudungs ( i used to think it was cool) =.=!
-playing with the family of cats that stayed in my cupboard or something. really! there was from nenek moyang to youngest niece and nephew of cats! xD
-Playing with the hen that treated the broom as her nest. and sat there all day long on her egg. (the kinda killed it in the end anyway. she tried to roll it down the stairs. stupidity) *rolls eyes*
-Walked to school every morning with mum and an ang moh guy called Jacob. LAWL! i still rmb tht boys name. haaaa.. we used to hold hands and walked to school together while our mums walked behind. (how cute. =P )

5 things on my to-do list today
-Dance Prac
-Wake up early. But u noe.. its like 2.30am now. (like tht will happen) =P
-housework. Zzz.

5 Snacks I enjoy
-Pizza! considered a snack? heheh.
-CHocolates! wheee~! Love!
-ToMaTo Twisties!
-Those sweet sour onion pringles! *yum!*
-French Fries!

5 Things I would do if I were a billionaire
-like go to a dance school xD
-Get a nice nice house with a dance studio
-Get a nice car with those Sexaayy stereo stuffs =D (melikeblastmusic =D )
-My family shall have luxury. =D
-Save. Charity. I'd shop like michael jackson. xD! he goes into a shop and like (I want this, tht, this) wooooh!

5 of my bad habits
-can get pretty lazy
-can online and dont sleep.
-dun take care of health. =/
-Sometimes give in to others too much i get hurt.
-Sometimes i dunno how to say No. bleh.

5 places I have lived
-Subang Jaya
-Sungai Buloh
-Sri petaling,Bukit Jailil
-Johor Bahru

5 jobs I've had
-waitress in dads restaurant. (Vista Komanwel)
-Delivery girl for dad. (i get tips. =D )
-Sales girl in Roxy
-Sales girl in Quiksilver
-Paste glue on those burger box and boxes (those home jobs)

5 people I tag
- No one.

it must stop! it must pupus. lol.
Dan.. i support ur F.A.T collation.
whee~ thumbs up!
mayb i'd do other tags in future
if i find it interesting.
or.. i'm just simply too bored. lawl.

Labour day

Hey.. went to see uncle wong yesterday..
hmm.. its the second time in my life..
being at a funeral.. ahhs... sigh.
it was too sudden larh.
dun wanna talk abt this d.
i'm recovering.

Neways.. been studying my butt off..
mid terms are like here! so fast.. =/
its gonna last for 3 friggin weeks.. Zzz..
sometimes.. i feel like i'm not hardworking enough..
or rather.. i feel like.. i dont meet the expectations..
of the ones around me.. its really hard..
when people have OVER too high hopes on you..
its like.. some people wish tht others would have the slightest hope and believe in them.. and there are many others who just hate it coz ppl have too high hopes in them..
isnt that just a really big contrast? heh.
i dont hate it tht they have high expectations on me.
but then.. i'm still human. =/ ya know?
hmm.. i moved to KL starting 2008.
in my family.. i've always been the one scoring better in studies.
well.. thats my family and relatives punya thinking of me.

Therefore! if my grades shall drop this mid term..
manyak org will say i come KL and merosot.
Blehrs. =( and its not trueeeee..
and i shall make sure they dont have tht mind set.
besides.. form 3 and form 4 are really two different forms.
obviously form 4 comes with new stuffs..
and harder ones.. ! so how can they compare.... T_T
thats why i've been studyin my butt off..
ahhhh.. u know what..

yes~! i study for me, myself and i.
not to defend hw other people think of me..
or rather study coz i dun wan ppl to start talking..
NO. i study coz i wan a better future..
and its for myself and my benefit..
and i dont need to prove myself..
i just need to remember whats right..
and what my responsibility is..
and what should be done.
yups. its all about that. =D

hmm.. it was labour day..
it was a hol.. i was ajak-ed to go out..
but i said no. and gave my hol to my books.
haaa.. not bad larh.. every year labour day..
i'd be out. but this year i stayed at home studying. =)
tmr got anugerah cemerlang in my school..
since i'm a new student here..
obviously theres nth to do with me..
so its another hol for me.
BUT! i've promised myself.. to wake up early..
as if it was a school day.. and study.. =D

Ahh.. u know.. sometimes my alarm clock doesnt ring..
and i get so pissed off when i'm late.. Zzz..
its like.. at night before going to sleep..
i make sure i press the button so it goes up..
and when it rings.. it'll only stop if i press it down..
so today.. i woke up at 6.20am.. coz of my hp alarm..
and i got up.. and offed it.. i wanted to wake at 7.30am..
coz had chemistry replacement tuition..
and i woke up at 9am.. and got so angry when i realised i was late.
and when i checked the clock.. the button was pressed down.
sometimes i wonder.. "did i press the button thingy wrongly at night?"
or did i wake up unconciously and press down the button?
but but i really have no memory of hearing the alarm or pressin it!

so i was late for tuition by an hour..
blerhhhh.. i'm tired.
sleeeeep! got"SMK celine" tmr. xD

PS: happy birthday justin seow. =)

sometimes we shouldn't care too much
of what others think or say.