Thursday, September 28, 2006

Waaa Waaa..

Wows..It's erm..thursday already..Okays..Anyways my week has been fine..I guess? Tuesday was..Ok..I guess? I cant really recall..heh...Wednesday Was Kaw Meng Chung's Bday! One of my bestie..Anyways..Happy Belated Bday yeahs? Huh..Had a terrible stomache on that day too..Ouches..
Today..RIGHT...a very 'KEWL' day..School was fine lar..It's just that after school i had to attend this meeting..At first..I thought it was just us and the teachers..But suddenly it turned out to be a meeting where The Head Master and the PK HEM too were involved in..Omg.....I could almost fall Asleep La! Sit there for dunno like how many hours..Yes yes..Its a privillage to have meeting in the Bilik Gerakan..Nice place..But dang was the meeting long..Gaah...And there were only 5 students there...Me & Sue Mei for the lower Sec and 3 other ppl for the higher forms..Uhh..There were only 5 of us because we are the so called holds the highest position? AJK tertinggi another words..
But it was overall ok la..Quite cool in a way tht i actually got to suggest a few changes and the Head Master and the PK HEM had to take my suggestions..xD! it's like..Ordering to do this and change that..ETC...So tht part was kinda pleasing..=P Yes lar..I know Lar...Great power is great responsibility..So yes i'm NOT menyalah guna-ing it kays..I'm simply..Doing what i should..Blehhh! Got back..Real real tired..after tht so "make me wanna sleep" meeting..And daddy gave me this real real loong loong and alot of pages thing to read..It was his idea about the Childrens Ministry in my church..Gaaah..I had to read the pages one by one..And the fonts were super super small..And like..coz of tht..I saw also was at first lazy to read la..But i did anyways..And it was not bad la..Its just the FONT..make me wanna sleep tiny..Give me this lazy feeling..hahahaha...
Hmms..Dance..Next week..Would be teaching a group of ppl a dance..Coz they requested it..So hmms...Then next weeks already PMR..Wow..Thats fast..Okays lah..I have nothing much to say..Take cares! Adios!
All the Best to All You PMR candidates out there!!!
Do your Best! And believe In yourself! And you Sure can do it! Just do your best! Thats all Thats Matters! =) No Matter What results u will get..As long as u know u DID your BEST!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Aiyak Aiyak!

Hmms...Today Monday..Was a holiday for me..And the whole JB..i think? Why ah u ask? because yesterday puasa..And it was a public hol..But Sunday memang they ganti it with today lor..Hmms..Anyways on Saturday..And sunday was out the Whole daaay..
Anyways..Today..Hmmms...wht i did? erh..Was Choreographing a dance the whole day..untill legs got like..tons of blisters..Walk like grandma now..=P * I seriously doubted that i could choreograph a did..lolx! * then 6pm walked out to the shop..To erh do sum stuffs..And then reach home 6.30..Started training breakdance..Got more blisters! xD!!! hmms..And now..Here i am..Aiyak..I forgot to get sum1 a bday present on Sunday..Dang..Now have to firgure ways to get tit..tomorrow back to school...Yada yada yada...
Hmms..Lazy to type lar..K lahs..I ciao la..TiReD!

Friday, September 22, 2006


Wow..In a blink..Another week has passed..Well well well..My week? There was ups,downs,normal..There was everything! heh..Ended with a simply *HIGH* mood..xD! Anyways..Tuesday..Sue mei Brought StrawBerries! Yum Yum! or was it on Monday? Anywaysss! My folio's down! Whee! hehs...Yesh...I'm Happy that my headstand is improving day by day..hahaha..U know wht...I really just came to realise this..Practice wouldn't be as easy if weren't for GOD and yes my bro..I'm sooo Happy that my younger bro Benroy is also interested in Breakdancing! Sumtimes i would juz be u know..Lazy to practice..coz of a very tiring day..He would be like..Wei...6pm alrdy! Time for prac! Get ur Butt Here and Start Warm UP! hahahaha..He's really very Semangated! So am i..But ppl tend to slack..But juz coz i have sum1 with me..That doesn't happen...hahaha...And i thannk god for him! Muacks! love u BB! hahaha...I do realise that if it weren't for him..I wouldn't have gone as far as i have gone rite now..We prac like totally EVERYDAY! hahahaha..Except on Sats and Suns juz coz i'm not arnd! hahaha...
Well...I guess my parents have gotten used to seeing me and my bro brprac eakdance everyday..Usually last time they would be becareful ah..And so on..But now..Mom just look and smile than walk away...hahahaha...Had PBSM jamuan on wednesday..then after the jamuan..A few of us went to Chen Siang aka Da Xiang's hse to visit him..Coz he broke his leg..*Playing Basketball* So kelian lar he...then he have to go to the Hospital everday to get 2 injections!!! @_@!!! reli kesian...Heh..Then he gotta drink this yucky thingy..Ueks...
Today ems..ITS FRIDAY! hahaha..Boring la..Just in school..Singing away..Like no ones business...hahahah..Erh..Dunno wht to type lar today..Blank...OH YEAH! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DANIEL!!! xD! k lah..Tc! Ciaoz!

Monday, September 18, 2006


Hello!!!! Okays! Nights of Fire was Great! hhahahaha..Met alot of ppl there! Those ppl whom i've not seen a great long time! Anyways since we were crew..we had to go there earlier...So reached there at like 7pm? haha..So kewl lar...Anyways...Got some instructions and all...And than had to go greet the ppl tht came...make sure they get sitted in the hall..And ETC! then the concert started! Wohoooo! First all da crew went infront of the crowd and made a loooong line...To make sure they dun go to close to the stage...Then after tht..The crowd at the back wasn't that high..and not jumping..some only..the front EVERYONE JUMPING!!! hahahah..the back...Not reli all the crew spread up and went and mix with the crowd and encouraged them to jump! thats was difficult! and tiring! but got some too do so lar...
hahas...after that collect offertory and all..And did alot of stuffs la! hardly sat down for dunno how many hours..haaaa...Jump to much liao man...Untill leg pain ah! hahaha...Anyways there was this guy..He was like lookin at if he knew trying to recall..then suddenly he came..then he said.." Hi...have we met b4? u seem awful familliar.." I was like..."wads ur name.." then he said barcus or marcus..DUNNO LAH! TOOO LOUD! CANNOT HEAR! then i was on duty i said..Hey catch ya later k? hahaha..but i din..NO TIME! too busy! I got duty to do..So i shall do it..erm...Resposibly..? haha..=P home really late kays...So tired..argh...But it was great...
The next day..Saturday...ALAMAK! LEG SOOO PAIN! din sleep well either le...My BOTH legs got cramp rite after one another..OUCHES! then couldn't walk properly..but after that ok alrdy la...Then had to go for Josiah's Bday Party! then went there liao..after that...Went to Singah Selalu with family,Jolisa and Josiah. It's a really nice place le..Hope to go there one day with sum ppls...Hhahahaha....Blekx! then went Tebrau City..Jalan Jalan..and went home...
Sunday morning..Went to church...erh..Received alot of weird questions that..hahahahaha...And all of a sudden..On that day..Alot of ppl was like asking me the same same question....I HAVE NO IDEA WHY???!!!! And wads the questions ur wondering.."Do u have a bf alrdy?" Not only my friends ask..but aunty uncle also..Wad??? I was like...Wokaaay...Then ask why...they answer same weird is this har? their answer..."Cause u getting prettier nowadays.." >.<......................Get prettier means got bf Meh..? Gahhh...after that got choir went erm..well i guess...Then went home...And after dinner went for a nice nice dinner! That place i a really really nice place,Nice FOOD! Nice service! And Price is REASONABLE! SERIOUSLY! hahahaha...Hope to go there again...hahax...
Today...Back to school..Aiyak...It was fine..Haha...I think? was tired la as usual..haha..Hmms...Okaysss lar

Thursday, September 14, 2006


Hehs...Isn't time juz flyin..its alrdy thursday and soon to be friday in another few hours..It juz seemed as if i juz came back from Banting..But it's been a week alrdy...Thats...FAST...anyways..My whole week has been pretty okay..Not so much downs..Nor Ups...So...Its been normal lar...Except that i got to eat loads of chocolates this week! hehehe! And dear careen just told me she bought some for me..Awww...How sweet..She bought juz coz she knew i liked it...Huggiex! And oh yesh..Found out sum stuffs and had sum misunderstandings..But overall it was aite..
Ems..Other then school..My bodys aching..a bit...And got sum bluebags here and there..hahahaha...Why ah? because i've been practicing breakdancing on my own at home! Muahahahahhaa..Like i said b4 lar..My parents dun let me go for classes..It wun stop me from learning it ok! hahahaa..So now..Almost can do Headstand liao...Need more practise to stable myself..hahaha..So happy lar...That even without classes i can at least do sumthing..So..Becoz i could almost do headstand in 1 day..I believe that i can do much much more! hahaa..Of course all need pracs and all lor...Sum ppl ask me..."Eh..not pain meh?" My answer is....YESH! of course its pain la..But if u are 'that' determine to learn then nth matters...If u have a strong will to learn..Then how pain also..It doesnt matter..haha..So yeps..
Tomorrow Nights Of Fire! so after school maybe i goin to visit my friend..His leg patah..hahaha..Because of basketball..lols...then after tht..get rdy and go to the hall earlier..lols..coz would be helpin out at for me to gooooo! Nitex!
Angel One-Hold Me Tonight

Hold me tonight,
Like an angel in the sky,
Hold me so tight,
'Cause in your arms I feel so high.
You broke my heart right from the start, I never let you go,
Hold me tonight, 'Cause I need you.

Tonight I am all mean to close my eyes,
To warm you and kiss you so tender,
I'm waiting inside for your sign of delight and surrender.
I hope that one day you will understand what I'm feeling for you,
Right now I just know I don't wanna go on without you.

Hold me tonight,
Like an angel in the sky,
Hold me so tight,
'Cause in your arms I feel so high.
You broke my heart right from the start, I never let you go,
Hold me tonight, 'Cause Ineed you.

You take me to places I've never gone
I'm longing to hold you forever,
Sometimes I think I wake up and it was just a dream.
So don't be afraid, I am waiting for you,
though I'm playing with you My heart is wide open
so come and kiss me to heaven.

Hold me tonight,
Like an angel inthe sky,
Hold me so tight,
'Cause in your armsI feel so high.
You broke my heart right from thestart, I never let you go,
Hold me tonight,
'Cause I need you.
Hold me tonight. (x2)

I'm so in love with the song..*Hold Me Tonight!!!* hahaha..dunno y..xD!

Monday, September 11, 2006

I'm BaCk BaBeh!!

WoHooo! Man was Banting fun..hahahahaha..Anyways..On friday slept kinda late..doin sum stuffs..then on Saturday morning..woke up like at 6am..but then sum of em woke up left a lil late...Reached Banting,Selangor at about 12pm..Then Pastor Chris Long brought us to Grace Family Sanctuary..the place we will be staying...
After that we went for lunch at then We help a childrens "Kids Alive" programe...Usually only abt 80+ children would come..but on that day 120+ children came! WOW! hahahaha..It was great mixing with those kids...=)

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Kids Alive Outreach! =)

After the outreach at Kids Alive..We went to wash up and get ready because at night we would be going to Jenjarum.Oh yes...When we reached G.F.S...Saw Hin Loong and Johnny! Met em in PS Conference! Anyways...Daniel and Ray's parents brought us to Dinner...

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Rachel,RayHel,Me & Small LiL Chloe!

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After dinner we went to Jenjarum! din catch much pics there..Well at Jenjarum..the people there are all from the east malaysia...Example like From sabah and sarawak there...Was incharge at the kids area..WoW are they kinda difficult controllin them! i mean..The room got so congested that a kid vomitted...Ahhuuuu! then had to Jaga..and make sure the kids don't run down and distract the adult session going on downstairs...So while Mel was teachin or sumthin...I had to Go do security..when it was my turn..Benson tooked my place at security..Okaysss...Alot of children were like..."Kakak...Nak pergi tandas!" as in...I wanna go toilet! so had to bring them..Erm...I tot that was it..Suddenly they asked me too help them take off their pants and undies and carry them onto the toilet..I was like..wokaysssss......Then there was one kid..Gosh was she heavy...I almost couldn't lift her..coz i was her weight..Aiyak!!! But i got to..So...Thank God! hahhaa...Anyways..We were there untill like really really late..So we got back..And slept at about 12am plus...Was soooo tired! Anyways had a good sleep! hahahaha...

The next morning our band was playing Worship for Sunday Service at G.F.S! It was great! All went smoothly..hahaha..Hmms..Banting was cool...Met loadsa new peeps...Okayss...Now for sum Pics!!!

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Pastor Chris Long and Me! hahaha...

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Eunice Cousin*sry..din rely talk wit her..haha..Jonathan,Mel,Johnny and Me!

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Mel,Hin Loong And Me!

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Daniel,Me And Nath!

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Johnny And Me!

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Wei How and Me!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Johnny doin Silly Faces,Jonathan..Look blur blur..hahahahhaa...And me..

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Daniel,RayHel at the Back..And me..

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Tabita,RayHel,Me,Rachel and Daniel in the 1st pic!

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The Team That Went to Banting!

Oh yes...If u do realise a medal hanging around my neck..Yesh...Was given that by G.F.S...hahahahaha...Anyways..After Makan-ing lunch..We left..But me and family went to KL to visit my grandma! and cousins and other family in KL..Yeps..Reached home at like about 1am plus...Slept only at 3am..Couldn't sleep! not my fault! hahaha..So woke up real real tired! school was okay..was just tired..thats all..hahaha..Anyways..Banting was great! and met nice ppl..See u guys in PS conference ya? hahahaha...Okays la...GtG...God Bless! Take Cares!


Thursday, September 07, 2006


Wokays..Today was pretty fine..i guess..LoLs..It's Thursday alrdy..Gosh...Thats fast...Well..Haha..For quite a while i have been doin this..and its not erm good...I sleep late one night...Then after i came back from school the next day..I slept in the evening..therefore..i can't sleep at night i slept late again..And so it goes on..And this is erm...not reli a good habbit? hahaa..Dunno laa...So anyways today is Gao Di & Eunice Tan May Hsia's Bday!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GUYS! HUGS!! Ok..yesterday..i couldn't sleep coz i slept in the was just downstairs with my parents..watchin tv...then i went to the it..took out orange juice and close it back..Suddenly i thought i saw sumthing! but i thought i was just illusing..hahaha..Then i open the refrigerator again..I SAW CHOCOLATES! OMOGOSH! SO HAPPEEEE! Then i was like so high! i shouted WOHOOOOO! my parents was like...Wadd? Then i said...THERES CHOCOLATES IN THE FRIDGE! Then they just laughed..hahahaha.. Then mom was like...U ar....Better dun eat now..later u two high cannot sleep even more...wht lar u...Last to Sleep but First to wake up for school in the morning...xD!
Okayss...This morning woke up tired..coz i obviously slept late...Then went ta school...And was just HIGH! hahahaha...Then i dunno why...Me and Sue Mei just practically Laughed the whole day..Coz of silly stuffs we did and said..hahahaha..U dun wanna know..=P then Suddenly one of my class mate..He told me his bro just started goin for breakdance classes at this dance studio i wanted to go to..Then he told me all the details..bla bla...Hahahaha..I AM really dance crazy right now man..I cant help it...Juz am...Then i just kept talkin bout it..alot..hahaha..Then suddenly 5 of my friends said.."Eh..Man..Ur sooo contages..U've contaged me into wanting to learn also laaa!" hahaha..then they were just like..oh man..i really wanna learn oso lar..Then they were like..come lar..we go learn togetha..Haaa...Sad things is...I made em high bout wantin to learn breakdance..BUT...I'm not allowed to do so...It's sooo fustrating..I juz cant get over it..My Passion is more in dancin compared to musical instruments and all..Sighs...First of all..Dad says its dangerous...wht isnt? secondly..He says it's more for guys...Gurls too can laaa...Thirdly..He just prefers me to Master FULLY the instruments i can play...=.=....Yes i can play the piano,bass,guitar and lil of drums..But i play bits of every..Meanin..i'm not like pro in all lar...I can play lil of every...Hurramph..he wants me to FULLY MASTER it...
Like i said b4...I prefer to dance...I always have..Since young...But i was not given the chance to go learn...Urggh...I'm so gonna let my fuends down..Coz..They wouldn't wanna go learn if i'm not goin..Goshhhh! Feel so bad lar...Aiyor...YES! i DO appreciate my gifts..but..My gift is also Part of DANCING! Not just musical Instruments and singing ler...Sobss...I'm sure he understands that...I'm so SURE he does..But he for sum reasons..Just...Don't wanna let me go...Aihs...Hmmm...In my family..all of em are v interested in musical instruments..My dad supports that like a fulll 100%...Only mee......I prefer...sumthin else...i like...sumthin else...My in sumthin else..diff from my other sibs...Dancing....Darn...I wan it so badly...Aiks...I know....Everything happens for a reason..yes yes i know...I also noe if theres a will theres a way...Anyways...For me..."No Pain..No Gain.." Hmms...I sound so despo lar now..Aiseh...Hmms..Nvm..No matter wad...I wanna make this goal...I will master breakdancin..No matter wht it takes..Learnin on my own or wadeva...I will...* determine...>.<*
Anyways...After school...came said eunice's mum was comin soon to fetch us to her bday partae..I had no clue bout this..So rush to bathe!!!! was there untill 6 sumthin...Nice cake..Muahaha...Then went to Tebrau City for a while..Got to buy wht i needed..So thts gud..Hmms..I wanna get myself a basketball jersey ...lols...Will go make one for myself when i have the time...confirm will use da number 12! wheepee! hahaha..Theres reasons to tht..Hmms..Tomorrrow friday alrdy..then off to banting or rather selangor....Okays lar...Shouldn't blog too loong oso...Hmms...

Monday, September 04, 2006


Ey There! Okays...Sunday...It was a pretty Busy Day..hahaha...Woke up..Went ta church...then after church went to makan..With The Tweeds! OH YEH! It was Jolisa's Bday Too! hahahaha..Yays! lol...Then went back ta church for choir prac..after choir came pick us up..Then we went ta the only A&W in JB coz benroy was craving for the waffle..hahaha...Then went to Makro..Coz mummy wanted to eat the Ice-Kacang there..apparently it's the best..hahahaha...I ate cendol! muhahahaha...After dats..went in to Makro..Jalan jalan..Then was like TIRED! So wanted to go home..So when we reach the front gate of my hse ony..My mom was like..."eh..hungry..lets go eat dinner lah..Wait for me i go toilet first.." So yeah..It WAS dinner time already..And i was lazy to i just stayed in the car..then Slowly by by one left the car untill I was the only one left in there..I lazy to MoVe! So waited for them for like 30minutes! Than only they came back into the car! lols...
So went to makan at this nice restaurant..i love the kacang there wei..xD! and dad ordered sooo Much nice FOOOD! YUMMY! hahahahhaa....3rd September..the day my parents got registered to be Husband and wife..18th Sept the day they got married! hahahahaha...It would be their 18th Anniversary! Wheee! hahahahaa... Sum Pics! WHeee~!

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After Dinner we went to Jusco..To go walk around..Dad wanted to bring mum to c if she wanted to shop for anything..hahahaha..TIRED! I reached home like 11pm sumthing..Mandi..Check my bag..LATE! hahahaha..Though i went to figure out how to play a song on the keyboard first b4 i went to sleep..hahaha...
ThiS MORNING! woke up...TIRED AHHH! hahahaha...Then Sum1 Just Made My Day! hahahaha...Received a call in da mornin! hahahaha...Then went ta school..Man! So HIGH LA WEI! Did sooo much Silly stuff! hahahahahha....AWW MAN! I cant stop laughing when this happen..Ok..It went like this..Kaw was chattin with us at my place...then teacher said..BALIK TEMPAT MASING-MASING! then Grace...Whose sittin infront of me..She was on her way back to her place..She din know kaw wanted to sit at her place..So she go and Slip through and sat on her chair..Kaw not knowing she slip through and alrdy sat on her chair..SAT DOWN! But Grace was like...AHHHHHHHH! And pushing him away...So Hahahah! XD! Kaw literally almost sat on her..and she literally molested him! XD! OMG! SO DARN FUNNY! Laugh like dunno wht untill my face became SOOOOOoOoOooo RED!
Then This Guy...Tht day sue mei go ask his name..then today rite! hahahah! He came to the BookShop..Then just stand outside and smile and walked away..After a while he came back and bought sumthing..Then After school rite..He came to our class and wait for me and sue mei to walk out and he followed us behind..then he just walked beside us untill we went out of school..SO WEEIRD LAA! i was chttin with sue mei bout sum stuffs...Then he was like just walkin rite beside us as if he was our friend or sumthing..hahah! i guess he was hopin we would layan him and talk to him! LOLS! So darn weird but funny! hahahahhaa...
Okays la..Today wasn't such a bad day eh...hahahaha...okays la..I should go mandi alrdy..Take cares y'all!

Saturday, September 02, 2006


AHah....Thursday..Merdeka...'whee'...hmms...Boring boring day...i feel like...Its no more a big thing alrdy..Nobody really does care...In JB tht is..Aiyar...i dunno lar..Anyways it was just a boring day for me...
Friday...Yesterday...1st Sept...At 12am sharp...I went to my bro's room...(benroy,lil bro) Jump on his bed and started hugging him shouting HAPPY BIRTHDAY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! ITS 12AM! 1St SEPTS ALRDY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! WOOT! hahaha...I know...i v bad...go wake him just coz of tht..Then gave him a kiss! MUACKS! hahahahaha...
Woke up for school...erm it was k la..haha..Just tired havin the thought tht today i would have to go to school..On a STILL slept late..Like i always do on fridays! One reason is oso coz daddy bought back a cake...CHOCOLATE cake i may add...Muahahahaha....I was craving for chocolate! WHEEE!!! Then yeps yeps...LiL bro...11 alrdy...Awwws! I know i'm late on day bloggin...HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY LIL BRO! aka BaBy! BB! AND BAN HO! hahahahah....And u ask me.."when will u stop callin me baby and bb?" My answer is NVR! xD! I have my reasons..hahaha...
Today...I so din feel like going for i know it would be a total waste of my time..But..Aihs...I alrdy told my other friends i would go..So they oso decided to go..If i dun...they too won't...So went lor...Dead bored lar...No teacher came in..Teacher din care whtever we did..My friend bought potato chips..then after recess..I ponteng duty..dun feel like goin tugas la..Then after recess in class..We took out the chips..then ask teacher u want? teacher was like..dun wan la...u eat lor..then we are like...reli? OKAY! hahaha..Then ate in class and do whteva la...Like i said..teacher din giv a care whtever we did..So like before recess...I just finished all my hw...And studied for a while...Untill Sue Mei came and pull me away from my books and asked me to play chinese chess with her........
So sum of them brought games lar...then like alot of ppl from other classes kept comin into my class..teacher also dun care lor..Then after school...xD! theres this guy...who wants ta know sue mei..So we were like dead I sue mei..."Eh go intro urself lor..xian lar...wanna see his reaction.." HAHAHHAHA! SHE DID! then he was like shocked at first...She went like...Hey! wads ya name? then he answered...actually we alrdy know..hahahaa..Then when i saw his reaction i kenot tahan lar..Laugh like dunno wad man..Then my bus came..Sue mei left alrdy..I went up my bus pass the bus stop...i saw him there..Standing at the bus stop..Lookin so happy and like look like fatt mong lidat! hahaha...He had this 'day-dream' look on his face...leanin on the wall..lookin dunno where..the sky or sumthin....xD! LAUGH AGAIN LIKE MAD! Funny lar......
Then reached tired...Went to bathe...makan..then BK came to fetch..Went to Tebrau City..had a discussion abt the mission trip this coming Saturday,9th Sept. Would be going to Banting,Selangor. It's er after the F1 sepang there fyi...Yups...Coming back on Sunday Afternoon...So Sat mornin would be goin...WHEEPEEE! i have excuse not to go to school next sat...Happy Me! hahaha...Aih...Tomorrow sunday...then monday alrdy...back to school...Ish...time flyin to fast..Faster fly to October la! hahahaa...Then November! yays! and December! Christmas! hahahaa...
Anyways...TQ Beng Girl aka ApPLe for da songs! Lurve ya loads! Hugs!