Friday, April 30, 2010

8tv, pretty efficient eyy! =)

Heya guys.
Havent been feeling quite alright lately..
was not well this morning so i didn't go college..
had malaysian studies today..
and Mr.Ramesh gave us topics last week..
and said he'd choose like 1 group out of 9 groups..
to present.. and in my group i'm the one who suppose to present.
hahah coz all the info's with me. =P
but i could feel tht theres a big possibility tht i wont go coll..
so i asked Pavi to standby haha.. incase i dun go coll..
and if we're even chosen for the matter..
and guess wht?! my group really got chosen!
hahaha.. poor poor group members!
kar yan called me and was like.. CELINE! WHERE R U?!

haha. so sorry guys. =(
at least u guys had Pavi. hehe. =D

yeah and i made a complaint to 8tv..
coz i won WOLFMAN passes from 8tv Quickie..
but by the time they gave me the 8 passes to wolfman..
it was already off cinemas. zzz.. so swt right?
lol. i was really upset.. and i sent an email..
to the producer.. and cc-ed to the ceo,brand manager and General manager. =P

hahaha i know right? abit the geng and over ? haha..
but really larh.. if they wanna improve..
complaints are good for them.. =)
so yeah from my email.. u could tell tht..
i was really upset and kinda pissed in a way.. ahaha..
i left my hp no. there.
and dude they are efficient yo!
either some ppl would just delete.. and leave it be..
or delay it for like few days? but no man!
the Producer of quickie imediately called me after 2 hours!
after 2 hours the email was sent.. hahhaha.. cool yo! =)
so yeah im really happy with how efficient 8tv is.. =D
thumbs up to u guys! or maybe coz i cc-ed the most POWDERFUL
people in 8tv. Nyahahahaha. =P =X
but yeah.. He called me and apologized and all..
and asked me to come over to 8tv whenever i wanted..
and they'd give me 8 tickets to any movie i wanted..
except iron man 2 coz its sold out. =D

hahaa.. awesomeee....
my email actually worked this time! xD
coz complaints i've done to like.. cathay cineplax..
and to my school and whtever all kena ignored! boo them!!
pffft! hahahaha.. weeee.

still thinking wht movie to watch.
but i'll probably ask for IP MAN 2 tickets! wee! =)
but i havent even watch IP MAN yet. O.O
=) so yeah man! pretty awesome. =D

and i didn't go AFC today. =/
need to rest alot..
i did actually. hehe. feeling btr..
but still unwell. =(

Sleep + Water! loads of both!
haha. i sleep untill i'm tired of sleeping edy.. T_T
xD kay ler. hmm thts abt it.
till nxt time. =)


My 28th April.

College again. =) but with some new faces this time.
Meet Dennis. =)
Shy and Lynnda
Shy seriously reminds me of Serena Adam from smksb. =)
Serena's twin! seriously.
the first time i met her i thought i saw serena. =)
serena serena i miss dancing with u.. =(
Ying. =)

Lol.. promoting some ESPRIT box? haha. i like this pictureee. =P
Kar Yan! i likey this pic too.. =)
Xin Ni!! =))
Chim! =) his from Africa
Xin Ni always laughs at everything i do. :(
My Law lecturer. Ms.Jackie Law
Chim's hair. =P
Pavitra,Hannah and Moi. =)
Us plus anastacia
Leng lui not? =)
Hannah Tamara Lee.
She's Chinese British from S'pore
Pavitra. =)
Kok Jin! calvin took this picture. calvin calvin u really dunno how to take pictures do u? =P
Then darl fetched me from the ktm stationnnn! =)
=) wira worr! x)
fish fish!
then we finally decided wht to makan after super long. ate at menjalara. =P
Burger and Sime came too.!
I like this shot. =)
hahaha jy looks so happy. xD
sime! Zombifieeeed! O.O! hahahaha. =P he's so gonna kill me. x)
Waaaa-CHAAAAAAAAA! Kung Fuu yo! xD
This is wht happens when ur with celine yap in the car and she's in the front seat and she's got a camera in her hand and ur driving and theres no way possible tht ur picture wont be taken. :D hahahahahahaha. poor ks. xDDD
me likey this pictureee. =)
kok sime stunned. thinking hw to park properly. HAHA.
Harrrrryyyy Yap Kok Sime. LOL!

then we went to Old town coz kok sime havent eat lunch and all the stalls at menjalara were already closed. =P
Burger. =)
FATT HAOOOO!!! =P hahahaahah..
He was trying to hide smth. =P
i wonder wht .. =D hahaa..

neways thats all the pictures from my 28th April.



Chi Wing :

OI GILER U! *hugs* hmmm u may have a crappy week... but God is still here know? ppl say nvr put hopes on humans, but on Him alone. humans fall short, all the time... dun put ur trust in friends, and not all on family. maybe it's time to look to Great-daddy-in-heaven you know? get ok soon aites? sms me soon2~ [ct xpired T^T] *biggiehugs!*

a very meaningful msg to me. =)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Prayer answered.

I just had the crappiest day ever. =(
the one thing tht made my day all the more worse..
was tht.. i got stranded at the ktm station..

im not well..
at the edge of falling sick any moment nw..
today was the crappiest ktm ride ever..
i was sweating like crazy..
i had no oxygen to breathe coz im too short.
some lady was chocking me with her hand..
coz she super inconsiderate..
and in tht situation i was desperately looking for a friend..
to save me from being stranded..

reached the ktm.
either some of them were in cheras, the mines.. somewhere far..
or they just didn't reply my smses..
or didnt respond to my calls..
at tht point of time.. i reached the kepong ktm d..
and i just sat on the chair..
tot of taking the bus home.. and walk a lil..
coz need to walk a distance if were to take the bus..
and the rain started to pour..
and it became heavier and heavier by the second..
and lightning could be seen in all parts of the sky..
striking like no ones business..
still.. i had no one tht could fetch me..
i prayed.. for a solution..

i asked everyone tht stayed near me.. or sorta in the kepong area..
everyone seemed to have disappeared at tht time..
when i needed someone's help the most..
i had to ask Lyn Yie.. tho he stayed damn far..
like in bandar sri damansara..
and in the end his mum didn't let him fetch me..
coz raining so heavy n he just got his license..
so i just sat there.. tired of calling anyone anymore..
and stared into the pouring rain..
and just.. stare.

then God answered my prayer.
Lyn sudd called me and told me his mum is on the way to the ktm station to fetch me..and that she is gonna reach edy.. i was so.. shock..

i hardly barely knows his mum, i've nvr talked to her before, i've only seen her once bt tht was like two years ago.. and the thing was.. lyn wasn't even gonna be in the car! O.O its just me and his mum. and i was shock really. i didn't know wht to say.. who'd want to fetch u in such heavy rain? especially someone u dunno? thats too much to be a coincidence.. =/ i felt relief.. but anxious in a way. didn't noe wht to feel actually.. my head was spinning.. my stomache was sick.. then i saw this kancil infront.. and i called his mum's hp.. to confirm if it was her.

Lyn's Mum: hello? celine? is tht u infront?
Me: yes yes its me.. ur in tht kancil right?
Lyn's Mum: yes yes do u have an umbrella?
Me: no i dont. i'll run to the car..
Lyn's mum: no no its okay. i'll bring you to the car with the umbrella. im coming down to get you..
Me: its okay really! i can run! i dun wan u to get wet coz of me.. =(
Lyn's mum: no no. stay there. u'll be soaked. wait for me.
Me: okay.. =/

I felt really bad.. for making her drive here to fetch me.. even worse for getting her wet coz i had no umbrella and she had to come down to get me.. she came down .. got all wet.. brought me under the umbrella and into the car.. the rain was seriously heavy.. =( and the wind was so strong.. i felt bad.. but i felt.. touched. really really touched. tho it was kinda awkward coz i barely noe her.. but yea.. i was seriously touched..

so yeah we had a conversation in the car and all.. and i just kept thanking her really. i really didn't noe wht else to say.. for me this isn't a small thing but a really big thing. not many people would do this for you.. for a stranger especially.. T_T i feel so blessed.. Thanks so much darl.. wonder wht will happen if you hadn't asked ur mum whether u can fetch me.. =')

When i felt like i was stranded.. all alone.. hopeless.. lost.. and no one to turn to.. God helped me and answered my prayer in the weirdest and strangest way ever! a way i'd never ever think of.. seriously.. i guess.. this thing tht God did for me.. i'm gonna hold on to it.. and get me through the day.. despite the crappy day i had.. smth so good.. and out of my mind happened to me.. for me.

I was saved by a friend's mummy whom i never met before.
My hero of the day.
Thanks alot auntie. u've no idea how much it meant to me.

on the way home the lightning was so scary..
u could hardly see through the windscreen..
the traffic lights were damaged by the heavy rain..
and all the lightning.. it was so.. scary. the lightning was blinding.
thts hw bad it was.. =(

ahh. im really thankful.
Thank You Lord.

the only sentence tht kept playing in my head the whole day was..
If u think carefully and look back..

I actually have no one.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


had a great day today..
had law class.. had lunch with my old mates.. =)
ate with Lyn..Fish..Sime and burger!
then played badminton with brothers and the 4 of em!
and after badminton nt enough..
so we went desa parkcity to jog.. =)
only me fish and bb jogged tho..
lyn,sime,benson lazy bums. =P

then went to Aman Puri to have ice creaaam at mc Ds!
haha.. had a great day.. had so much funn.. =)

and the MOON.!
it was so big and pretty.. =) just like a torchlight..
and the sky was so clear today.. it was so starry.. =)

i keep listening to Ryan Conferido's Memory Rain nw..
its so beautiful.. calms me down.. hmm..

i took alot of pictures today..
but a sudden change of mood to blog..
oh wells.. nxt entry kay? =)

i waited. and waited.
wht i waited for happened..
but in a split second it was gone..
it came..and left.. just like that.
If that is what you want. then okayy..
I get it. You wont be hearing from me anytime soon.
So long.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Pictures from my new baby. =)

Hello everyone! =P hehe. my first picture taken with my new baby!!! :D
here are the recent events and pictures i took with my new camera. hehe. =) but first! lemme show u two people that made this camera mine!!
Kim baby!! =)) she was the one who helped me look for alternatives even when i didn't ask her to. =) ily kimmy!
haha random shot of me by kim. =P
if he hadn't lend me the lil portion of money i didn't have.. i wouldn't have got this camera.. =) and such a good deal! hahaha.. he's my senior in college.. already studying law in 1st year of degree. =)
haha.. sweetie.. =)
What would i do without you twin? =)
then on wednesday i went to mid valley! and i saw this!
zomg! its actually a super nice blue-ish purple! ahh.. fell in love with it the minute i saw it! its darn comfortable too! but sadly i dun reli like the silver design plus its rm260 more ex than the nike one in my wishlist! im so gonna get myself the nike one. =P just wait and see! hehehe..
reason i was at Mid V?
Cheung k with boon sin! hehe.. =)
before he left for kajang. he's gonna stay there now. D:
i had fun! thanks for treating me to Mc Ds and also to karaoke!! =))
I always loved karaoke-ing with you boon sin! hahaahah.. especially when we sing the super high and powderful songs! =P yeah we sang from 3pm till 7.30pm! imagine tht! HAHAHA. singing kaki la this one. =)
FRIDAY! awww.. my dumb dumbs.. hehehe.. =)
yuppie! these two workaholics finally stopped working and spent time with me!!! =)))
I missed u guys sho much! D:
marilyn.. =))
Chi Wing! hahaa.. noobie!
thanks for treating me to movie "when in rome" and mcflurry!!!! =))))
squirrel? hahahaa..
=) *hugs*
SEE OUR SHIRTS! hahahahaha...
WE FIT TOGETHER~!! =) super cute right? hehehe.. =P
When in rome was awesome! the company was awesome! =) i had a blast! ^^
Ahhh.. our first picture in my cammy! looks like we're flying faster than time! hahahaha.. =))
My Dii.. =))
always suprises me no matter how hard i try not to kena tipu! hahahaa.. he always has his ways.. =))
hahahaa.. stoopid didi vibrating!!!!! xDDDDD!!!
the affter effect of him vibrating. =P
Blur picture + Red faces! hahaha..
ahhh havent camwho with u for so lonngggggg!! was so happy on friday.. =) finally got to spend time with you and not just see you.. =) been a while since we had tht yeah? haha.. =) *hugssss!*
Dii act cute! =P
XD. His idea! and he laughed like crazieee after seeing this picture. =.=! he kept laughing at miee! haha. theres a picture that i took after this shot of us.. laughing like maddd.. hahaha.. but i ter din upload it. =( and i cant move the pictures after uploading. dunno why. aihs. oh well.. so yeah.. next time perhaps. hahaha.. i really like tht picture tho! =P
I said i dont want to walk this earth if i gotta do it..~~ SOLO! x)
First attempt at puppy faces? =P
and NICK PHAILSSS!!! hahahahahahaa.
Sugin! i actually like this shot. =) looks nicesh. hehe..
Janning! =) she copy me wear same colour. always like dat one lorh! hahahaa.. =P
Benroy and Qian!
Benroy and Janning! =)

i really loved friday. i had an awesomeee awesomeee time!
seriously. hahaa.. =)
TGIF. =)

thats all for nw! hehe.
dont u just love the quality of the pictures?! i know i do! hehe.. =)
now, for my economic homework/assignment to be done!