Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Do you mean what you say? Or do you say it just because it is pleasing to the ears? People nowadays forget the significance of words with meanings. Words nowadays come empty handed.

People nowadays talk without thinking..
say things they dont mean..
shoot out words and then tell u..
Oops sorry.. i didn't mean it..
then why even say it in the first place?

alot of people nowadays like to say things..
things and words that are pleasing to the ears..
u smile .. and some people.. like me..
take every word for word.
yes .. that is me.

i only say things i really mean..
and take wht people say seriously..
especially those who are close to me..
if you are close to me.. you would have already know this..
I dont say things if i dont mean it.
I take wht people who are close to me say,seriously.

i love you.
3 common words..
ppl say it almost everyday now..
but do you mean.. do you mean it when you say i love you?

I'm always here for you! ALWAYS!
do you mean it when you said so..?

I'm just a phone call away! or a sms away!
Do you mean it when you said so..?

No matter wht.. i will always be here for you.
No matter wht? do you mean it when you said so..?
Always. always its a very powerful word..
do you know the definition of always..?

I do. i mean every single word when i say it.. when i say so.. if u need me untill 6am.. i'll be there.. even if its only one hour of sleep i get.. or none at all. i'm there. i'll be there. i'd always try my best to be there.. maybe sometimes i cant be there for you physically.. coz of restrictions like rules in the house.. or rules of parents...but even if i'm sick. i'll be there. even if u call me at 4am.. and wake me up from my sleep. i'll be there. i'll be there if i told you i would be there if you needed me.. If i never said so to you. i wouldn't do so. coz i dont mean so. But if i did.. you know i'd be there. Some of you who are close to me knows tht already. dont you..?

Because i know now..recently..
that a number of people..
who always said so to me.
Do not mean it.

They only say it coz its pleasing to the ears..
it sounds nice.. makes ppl feel all close..
and makes ppl think like OMG MAN! thats my best friend right there!
he/she said always! they're always there for me!
no matter what! awwww.. weee.. yayyyyyy.. :D

but what for?
what for if you dont mean it?
what for if it just sounds nice?
what for its just for the moment?

it tears ur heart to pieces..
when reality hits u..
and ur fantasies vanished..
tht those were just white lies..
its hurts. really bad..
especially for people like me who take them words seriously.

but thats just things in life..
that we learn from.

but feeling pain.. being hurt..
its inevitable coz we're humans tht have feelings.. and emotions..
U would know.. for sure.. who means what they say and all..
you can tell. but sometimes.. we cant tell also..
sometimes we think we're too close and so close with someone..
and then u automatically over trust them fully..
and then one day u realize.. that.. u cant. =.=
or rather u cant take their word seriously..
and u get disappointed.
but like i said.

lessons in life.
so yeah lah.
thats all about words.

lately.. alot of these people..
whom i thought were people who would always be there for me as they said.. and all..
i found out. that i thought wrong. or maybe.. i didn't..
i dunno.. but for sure.. i know a few.. who for sure..
i really.. thought wrong.. some.. i think i thought wrong..
but i'm still thinking it what i thought i thought is wrong.. is really wrong..
=.=.. if u get wht i mean.

so anyways.. i'll end with asking you again..

Do you mean.. literally mean.. every single.. word.. you say..?
words. they're powerful. so cautious.. of how u use them.
because they can hurt someone real bad.

and i know how pain it can be.
i've felt it. i'm feeling it now even.
Again. yes. again.

Yeah something for you to think about...

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