Friday, April 30, 2010

My 28th April.

College again. =) but with some new faces this time.
Meet Dennis. =)
Shy and Lynnda
Shy seriously reminds me of Serena Adam from smksb. =)
Serena's twin! seriously.
the first time i met her i thought i saw serena. =)
serena serena i miss dancing with u.. =(
Ying. =)

Lol.. promoting some ESPRIT box? haha. i like this pictureee. =P
Kar Yan! i likey this pic too.. =)
Xin Ni!! =))
Chim! =) his from Africa
Xin Ni always laughs at everything i do. :(
My Law lecturer. Ms.Jackie Law
Chim's hair. =P
Pavitra,Hannah and Moi. =)
Us plus anastacia
Leng lui not? =)
Hannah Tamara Lee.
She's Chinese British from S'pore
Pavitra. =)
Kok Jin! calvin took this picture. calvin calvin u really dunno how to take pictures do u? =P
Then darl fetched me from the ktm stationnnn! =)
=) wira worr! x)
fish fish!
then we finally decided wht to makan after super long. ate at menjalara. =P
Burger and Sime came too.!
I like this shot. =)
hahaha jy looks so happy. xD
sime! Zombifieeeed! O.O! hahahaha. =P he's so gonna kill me. x)
Waaaa-CHAAAAAAAAA! Kung Fuu yo! xD
This is wht happens when ur with celine yap in the car and she's in the front seat and she's got a camera in her hand and ur driving and theres no way possible tht ur picture wont be taken. :D hahahahahahaha. poor ks. xDDD
me likey this pictureee. =)
kok sime stunned. thinking hw to park properly. HAHA.
Harrrrryyyy Yap Kok Sime. LOL!

then we went to Old town coz kok sime havent eat lunch and all the stalls at menjalara were already closed. =P
Burger. =)
FATT HAOOOO!!! =P hahahaahah..
He was trying to hide smth. =P
i wonder wht .. =D hahaa..

neways thats all the pictures from my 28th April.


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