Saturday, April 17, 2010

ROCK! Just Dance Championship!

HELLO PEOPLE! YES! today was THE day! it was competition day! finally! after so long. hahaha. woke up early and went to Janning's house coz we'd car pool with her and she'd fetch me and brothers to KLANG PARADE! where the competition was held!
we left TTDI at 10.45am like tht? and reaced klang parade at 11.45 or 12pm like tht. ITS SO FAR AWAY AHHHH! Good thing Daniel knew how to go! we kinda got lost and benson called dan for directions. hehe. =) so yeah. got there 1 hour earlier. Phewh! i felt to happy when we finally reached! got that sigh of relief! =)
Jann and Benson!
BB! =)
Coz we were early.. i got to eat! mwahahah! we got to eat. we ate at KFC. haha. i felt really happy u noe. being early. and not on time.. or worse.. LATE! T_T. so yeah.. it was good ler i was early! hahaha.. i felt so happy.. and like.. dunno how to explain. when i saw the stage and everything at least i have time to digest everything. haha! like.. calm myself down and all.. =P if were to reach on time and had to perform edy i'd be like. omg. i just came. omg. the stage so weird. omg. so many ppl! HAHAHAHAH. but tht didn't happen. CELINE YAP STEADY ONLY AHH! hahahahahahahah! =PPPP but yes it was very nice to be early. i love itt! =)
So after kfc went back to klang parade..and got changed.. and JANNING helped me make up! =)
there was a syphur..siphur..? dunno hw to spell. hahaha. going on. as in ppl all in a circle and just start showing off. HAHA. yes. showing off doesn't sound nice does it? =P keke. but thats the truth ok! =P
BB! =)
Janning! =) she my make up artist ahhh! xD
Sheryl dear! =)
Benson! =)

YES. I WORE PURPLE! PURPLE AHHH! I WAS SO PURPLE TODAY! haha. purple shirt. purple hair band. purple shoes! purple make up! PURPLE BOTTLE! PURPLE IPOD! PURPLE CAP! PURPLE EVERYTHING!!! XD. okok. i'll stop. =P
so yes the judges came and see see! the blue headed guy? that raymond! see he smiling at the camera. HAHA.
first group! sorry darlings. but let me tell you smth i found out today. CLOTHES. costumes. and all.. can be really deceiving!!! ur clothes may or can be awesome. but definitely doesn't mean u can dance tho. =/ i was deceived! =S
omg! loved this boy! HE IS SO SEXAAAAAAAY! so yes. this group consisted 2 girls and 2 guys. their routine all britney spears kinda song. omg man! this blue shirt boy can shake it and hit it and everything it like some HOT MAMA OKAY! hotter than the girls ahhh! xD
lovelaaay facial expressions boy! but yes i dun reli encourage it tho. =S but anyhoo in dance wise, he DANCE LIKE A HOT MAMA yo! =D
head spin! unbreakable did awesomeeeeeeee! =) i think they're gonna win. =D
so yes there were many styles. breaking. hip hop. new jazz. shuffle. and all. tho i reli cannot tahan the xiao mei mei's tht tried to do sexy dances. T_T anyhoo! here are pictures of the groups. =)
xiao mei mei's. T_T doing 'sexy'

oooh they did sexy too but they were GOOD. =D I think? xD

these girls were good!
again,clothes can be deceiving. =(

JAI HOU! thts wht they dance to. =) they were good!
so yup! we were number 19! second last man! i mean.. no.19 to perform. hahaha. so waited very long. then finally did our thaaaang on stage! =) dun have pics of us dancing yet as they're with sheryl. hahaa. but soon! =) so yeah after performance there was a break.. =)

a girl taking picture of us. haha. dunno whose tht.


then they announced the 6 teams who got into finals.
LOL. the uncle damn funny!
the 6 finalist!
PHILEO did not get in to the finals sadly. =/ BUT ITS ALRIGHT! =) we did our best. and most importantly, we enjoyed ourselves! =) didn't we girls? haha. *hugs*
so after that we ciao-ed.. din eat bak kut teh! coz it was still very early.. so yup.. we headed to one utama! i fell asleep in the car. the next moment.. i opened my eyes and we magically teleported into one utama's car park! haha! so yeah. we hung out at one utama and ate dinner! played pool! and AGAIN. GIRL POWER PWNED GUY power. =D hehehehe! =P wanted to go to TTDI's park but it was raining so tak Jadi. =( Oh yeah! guess who i bumped into at 1u?

haha. i bumped into Shawn..! =) yeah.. Shawn Lee.! havent seen him in ages! and awww.. so honoured he rmbered me. =P haha. i was coming down the escalator.. din see him and he was like. eh! hello!. =)

and OH YA! there was like some.. car design panting whtever. hahaa. i wasnt interested in the cars but the DJ'S MUSIC! yeah! he was playing with his whtever u call it. and i found it really cool. =) no one bothered bout him! damn bad ler. all look at the car ni. dun care the guy. haha.. then i shouted from above.. and went.. WOOOOOO~!!!!!!!! xD Janning was like. OMG MAN I DUNNO YOU! hahahahahahah! then we went down. i sat right infront of him. HAHA. and admired his music. =D then other people started to notice and appreciate his music too. =D wee. i felt happy. hehe. =)
All in all! i had a really really GOOD DAY! altho we didn't make it into the finals.. but i suprisingly did not feel sad or disappointed even by a bit! yeah really. dunno why. maybe because we clarified and made it clear tht our main priority was to get exposure. =) so i was prepared. haha. and i am happy with PHILEO! AND i am proud of Us! Sheryl and Andrea! thank you for all the cooperation u both gave despite the tiredness.. and the long hours.. thank u for just making today happen! =) it wouldn't have been the way it was today if it weren't for you both! i very semangated now! haha. SUNGAI WANG COME LETS GO! =D serious one.. =)

haha. so yeah. i really had a great day lerh.
anyways.. i really want to thank all of you who texted me to give me support.. and those who prayed for us.. and especially.. ESPECIALLY.. special many super thank yous to the ones who came to support us today! =)

thank you so much for fetching me ALL the way to KLANG PARADE! tht is friggin far okay! and i am really happy and i really appreciate the fact tht u fetched me all the way there..and made sure i was early.. and came to support us as well! thank you for doing my make up too! hehe. and most importantly, thank you for just being there. and coming today. it meant alot to me whtever u did for me today. =) *hugs!*

Benson and BB thank u so much for coming too! =) i really appreciate it alot! alot alot alot! =) bb thank u for skipping ur friend's birthday party just to come support us. =) benson thank u for waking up early and made sure i wasnt late! hehe. and for coming too. =)

My day wouldn't have ended the way it is ending now if it weren't for each and every single one of you!

Goodnight now. =)
i shall go to bed tonight with a smile on my face. :)


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  2. Hahaha dear! It's spelled as CYPHER! Haha and it's more of a sharing session than off a show-off session. It's always better to learn from a cypher. After a cypher, and you find something that you wanna learn, just approach the person and the person will usually teach you willingly.. Join more cypher sessions is my goal! Haha!

    Also, I am very proud of us too! I will let you know whether we got into the sungai Wang thing or not k? and you should've come today! It was wayyyyyy better than yesterday! All crews did well =) I also got to know some of the crews better!

    Let's jiayou jiayou together ok? *hugs dear* I love you!!! ♥