Wednesday, April 28, 2010


had a great day today..
had law class.. had lunch with my old mates.. =)
ate with Lyn..Fish..Sime and burger!
then played badminton with brothers and the 4 of em!
and after badminton nt enough..
so we went desa parkcity to jog.. =)
only me fish and bb jogged tho..
lyn,sime,benson lazy bums. =P

then went to Aman Puri to have ice creaaam at mc Ds!
haha.. had a great day.. had so much funn.. =)

and the MOON.!
it was so big and pretty.. =) just like a torchlight..
and the sky was so clear today.. it was so starry.. =)

i keep listening to Ryan Conferido's Memory Rain nw..
its so beautiful.. calms me down.. hmm..

i took alot of pictures today..
but a sudden change of mood to blog..
oh wells.. nxt entry kay? =)

i waited. and waited.
wht i waited for happened..
but in a split second it was gone..
it came..and left.. just like that.
If that is what you want. then okayy..
I get it. You wont be hearing from me anytime soon.
So long.