Monday, April 26, 2010

Pictures from my new baby. =)

Hello everyone! =P hehe. my first picture taken with my new baby!!! :D
here are the recent events and pictures i took with my new camera. hehe. =) but first! lemme show u two people that made this camera mine!!
Kim baby!! =)) she was the one who helped me look for alternatives even when i didn't ask her to. =) ily kimmy!
haha random shot of me by kim. =P
if he hadn't lend me the lil portion of money i didn't have.. i wouldn't have got this camera.. =) and such a good deal! hahaha.. he's my senior in college.. already studying law in 1st year of degree. =)
haha.. sweetie.. =)
What would i do without you twin? =)
then on wednesday i went to mid valley! and i saw this!
zomg! its actually a super nice blue-ish purple! ahh.. fell in love with it the minute i saw it! its darn comfortable too! but sadly i dun reli like the silver design plus its rm260 more ex than the nike one in my wishlist! im so gonna get myself the nike one. =P just wait and see! hehehe..
reason i was at Mid V?
Cheung k with boon sin! hehe.. =)
before he left for kajang. he's gonna stay there now. D:
i had fun! thanks for treating me to Mc Ds and also to karaoke!! =))
I always loved karaoke-ing with you boon sin! hahaahah.. especially when we sing the super high and powderful songs! =P yeah we sang from 3pm till 7.30pm! imagine tht! HAHAHA. singing kaki la this one. =)
FRIDAY! awww.. my dumb dumbs.. hehehe.. =)
yuppie! these two workaholics finally stopped working and spent time with me!!! =)))
I missed u guys sho much! D:
marilyn.. =))
Chi Wing! hahaa.. noobie!
thanks for treating me to movie "when in rome" and mcflurry!!!! =))))
squirrel? hahahaa..
=) *hugs*
SEE OUR SHIRTS! hahahahaha...
WE FIT TOGETHER~!! =) super cute right? hehehe.. =P
When in rome was awesome! the company was awesome! =) i had a blast! ^^
Ahhh.. our first picture in my cammy! looks like we're flying faster than time! hahahaha.. =))
My Dii.. =))
always suprises me no matter how hard i try not to kena tipu! hahahaa.. he always has his ways.. =))
hahahaa.. stoopid didi vibrating!!!!! xDDDDD!!!
the affter effect of him vibrating. =P
Blur picture + Red faces! hahaha..
ahhh havent camwho with u for so lonngggggg!! was so happy on friday.. =) finally got to spend time with you and not just see you.. =) been a while since we had tht yeah? haha.. =) *hugssss!*
Dii act cute! =P
XD. His idea! and he laughed like crazieee after seeing this picture. =.=! he kept laughing at miee! haha. theres a picture that i took after this shot of us.. laughing like maddd.. hahaha.. but i ter din upload it. =( and i cant move the pictures after uploading. dunno why. aihs. oh well.. so yeah.. next time perhaps. hahaha.. i really like tht picture tho! =P
I said i dont want to walk this earth if i gotta do it..~~ SOLO! x)
First attempt at puppy faces? =P
and NICK PHAILSSS!!! hahahahahahaa.
Sugin! i actually like this shot. =) looks nicesh. hehe..
Janning! =) she copy me wear same colour. always like dat one lorh! hahahaa.. =P
Benroy and Qian!
Benroy and Janning! =)

i really loved friday. i had an awesomeee awesomeee time!
seriously. hahaa.. =)
TGIF. =)

thats all for nw! hehe.
dont u just love the quality of the pictures?! i know i do! hehe.. =)
now, for my economic homework/assignment to be done!

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